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This list of fictional gynoids and female cyborgs is sorted by media genre and alphabetised by character name. Gynoids appearing in both anime and manga are listed in the animation category. Gynoids have other synonyms in fictional work, particularly in Japanese media, examples being cyberdoll, marionette, sexaroid, (female) boomer, and persocom, although the latter is the word for personal computers in Japanese.


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In music/miscellaneous

  • Black Velveteen, from song of the same name on Lenny Kravitz's album 5 (1998).
  • Electric Barbarella, from the Duran Duran album Medazzaland, a tribute to the movie Barbarella whose video featured bandmates interacting with a robotic sex doll.
  • Gynoid hand depicted on the cover of Autograph's album Sign In Please. A larger, clearer image of the same gynoid appeared on the album That's The Stuff. It also appeared in the music video for the song, Turn Up The Radio (1984, 1985).
  • Metropolis-style silver robot being bitten by a vampire on the cover of Y&T's album Down for the Count (1985).
  • Sorayama-style gynoid from the cover of Aerosmith's album Just Push Play (2001).

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