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This is a list of Fighter aircraft, sorted by the general design principles of the era that they were produced. It uses the concept of "generations" of jet fighter aircraft, a modern grouping that is largely based on claims of a "fifth generation" of fighter aircraft. The assignment of any given aircraft to a group is often contentious, and different sources may assign the same aircraft to different groupings.


World War I aircraft

Interwar period aircraft

World War II aircraft

Post-World War II piston-engine and hybrid propulsion fighters

First generation jet fighters

The early aircraft of this group entered production during the closing years of World War II with planform similar to their piston counterparts. Later transonic aircraft, such as the MiG-15, are sometimes referred to as a "second generation" and the end of this generation is very loose.

Second generation jet fighters

The beginning of this generation is blurry, but aircraft that were designed for missile armament and supersonic speed are generally considered to be at least second generation.

Third generation jet fighters

Third generation aircraft were based on the wrong assumption that air to air missiles would replace dogfighting, and many were initially built without internal gun armament.

Fourth generation jet fighters

Fourth generation fighters had a renewed focus on maneuverability and many were again designed with an internal gun armament.

4.5th generation jet fighters

This "half generation" is a term defined by the United States Government as fourth generation aircraft that have vastly improved avionics (digital fly-by-wire), sensors (Active Electronically Scanned Array radars), high speed data links and the ability to carry the latest weapons.[4] Some sources refer to some members of this group as fourth or 4++ generation aircraft instead.

In Development

Technology demonstrators

Fifth generation jet fighters

These aircraft are, as of 2010, the current state of the art. Many are still in the design stage and only the F-22 Raptor is currently in service.

In Service

Under Development

Technology demonstrators

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