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This is a list of file formats organized by type, as can be found on computers. Filename extensions are usually noted in parentheses if they differ from the format name or abbreviation. In theory, using the English alphabet (A–Z) and a three character extension, the number of combinations amounts to 17,576 (26³). If other acceptable characters are included, the maximum number of combinations is 195,112 (26+31)³. Unix-like systems don't have extensions, and Microsoft Windows NT, 95, 98, and Me don't have a three character limit on extensions for 32-bit or 64-bit applications on file systems other than pre-Windows 95/Windows NT 3.5 versions of the FAT file system, so some file system types are given extensions longer than three characters.


Archive and compressed

  • .?Q? — files compressed by the SQ program.
  • 7z — 7-Zip compressed file
  • ace - ACE compressed file
  • ALZ — Alzip compressed file
  • AT3 - Sony's UMD Data compression
  • .bke - Data compression
  • ARC
  • ARJ - ARJ compressed file
  • BA - Scifer Archive (.ba), Scifer External Archive Type
  • big Special file compression format used by Electronic Arts for compressing the data for many of EA's games
  • BIK (.bik) — Bink Video file. A video compression system developed by RAD Game Tools
  • BKF (.bkf) — Microsoft backup created by NTBACKUP.EXE
  • bzip2 (.bz2)
  • bmp (paint)
  • c4 - JEDMICS image files, a DOD system
  • cab — Microsoft Cabinet
  • cals - JEDMICS image files, a DOD system
  • cpt/sea — Compact Pro (Macintosh)
  • DAA — Closed-format, Windows-only compressed disk image
  • deb — Debian Linux install package
  • DMG — an Apple compressed/encrypted format
  • EEA — An encrypted CAB, ostensibly for protecting e-mail attachments
  • .egg - Alzip Egg Edition compressed file
  • EGT (.egt) EGT Universal Document also used to create compressed cabinet files replaces .ecab
  • ECAB (.ECAB, .ezip) EGT Compressed Folder used in advanced systems to compress entire system folders, replaced by EGT Universal Document
  • ESS (.ess) EGT SmartSense File, detects files compressed using the EGT compression system.
  • GHO (.gho, .ghs) — Norton Ghost
  • gzip (.gz) — Compressed file
  • IPG (.ipg) Format in which Apple Inc. packages their iPod games. can be extracted through Winrar
  • jar — ZIP file with manifest for use with Java applications.
  • LBR — Library file
  • LQR — LBR Library file compressed by the SQ program.
  • LHA (.lzh) - Lempel, Ziv, Huffman
  • lzo
  • lzma
  • lzx
  • MPQ Archives (.mpq) - Used by Blizzard games
  • MacBinary (.bin)
  • PAK — Enhanced type of .ARC archive
  • Parchive (.par, .par2)
  • Quake 3 archive (.pk3) (See note on Doom³)
  • Doom³ archive (.pk4) (Opens similarly to a zip archive.)
  • RAR Rar Archive (.rar), for multiple file archive (rar to .r01-.r99 to s01 and so on)
  • SEN Scifer Archive (.sen), Scifer Internal Archive Type
  • sit/sitx — StuffIt (Macintosh)
  • tar
  • .tar.gz, .tgz (gzipped tar file)
  • TB (.tb) — Tabbery Virtual Desktop Tab file
  • TIB (.tib) — Acronis True Image backup
  • uha (Ultra High Archive Compression)
  • VOL - unknown archive
  • VSA — Altiris Virtual Software Archive
  • Z — Unix compress file
  • zoo
  • zip

Physical recordable media archiving

-Iso images indicate write directives, while .bin files that usually accompany such files contain the actual data.

  • ADZ - The GZip-compressed version of ADF.
  • DMS - Disk Masher System, a disk-archiving system native to the Amiga.
  • DSK - For archiving floppy disks from a number of other platforms, including the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC.
  • D64 - An archive of a Commodore 64 floppy disk.
  • SDI - System Deployment Image, used for archiving and providing "virtual disk" functionality.
  • MDS - DAEMON tools native disc image file format used for making images from optical CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc. It comes together with MDF file and can be mounted with DAEMON Tools or Alcohol 120% software.
  • MDX - New DAEMON Tools file format that allows to get one MDX disc image file instead of two (MDF and MDS).
  • DMG - Macintosh disk image files

(MPEG-1 is found in a .DAT file on a video CD.


Computer-aided is a prefix for several categories of tools (ie. design, manufacture, engineering) which assist professionals in their respective fields (ie. machining, architecture, schematics).

Computer-aided design (CAD)

Computer-aided design (CAD) software assists engineers, architects and other design professionals in project design.

Electronic design automation (EDA)

Electronic design automation (EDA), or electronic computer-aided design (ECAD), is specific to the field of electrical engineering.

Test technology

Files output from Automatic Test Equipment or post-processed from such.


  • ACCDB — Microsoft Database (Microsoft Office Access 2007)
  • ADT — Advantage Database Server (ADS)
  • APR — Lotus Approach data entry & reports
  • BOX — Lotus Notes Post Office mail routing database
  • CHML - Krasbit Technologies Encrypted database file for 1 click integration between contact management software and the chameleon(tm) line of imaging workflow solutions
  • DAF - Digital Anchor data file
  • DAT - DOS Basic
  • DB — Paradox
  • DBF — db/dbase II,III,IV and V, Clipper, Harbour/xHarbour, Fox/FoxPro, Oracle
  • EGT - EGT Universal Document, used to compress sql databases to smaller files, may contain original EGT database style.
  • ESS - EGT SmartSense is a database of files and its compression style. Specific to EGT SmartSense
  • EAP — Enterprise Architect Project
  • FDB — Firebird Databases
  • FDB - Navision database file
  • FP, FP3, FP5, and FP7 — FileMaker Pro
  • FRM — MySQL table definition
  • GDB — Borland InterBase Databases
  • KEXI — Kexi database file (SQLite-based)
  • KEXIC — shortcut to a database connection for a Kexi databases on a server
  • LDB - Temporary database file, only existing when database is open
  • MDB (.mdb, .ldb) — Microsoft Database (Access)
  • ADP — Microsoft Access project (used for accessing databases on a server)
  • MDE — Compiled Microsoft Database (Access)
  • MDF — Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • MYD — MySQL MyISAM table data
  • MYI — MySQL MyISAM table index
  • NCF — Lotus Notes configuration file
  • NSF — Lotus Notes database
  • NTF — Lotus Notes database design template
  • ODB — Base
  • ORA — Oracle tablespace files sometimes get this extension (also used for configuration files)
  • PDB — Palm OS Database
  • PDI — Portable Database Image
  • PDX — Corel Paradox database management
  • PRC — Palm OS resource database
  • SQL — bundled SQL queries
  • REL — Sage Retrieve 4GL data file
  • RIN — Sage Retrieve 4GL index file
  • SDB — StarOffice's StarBase
  • UDL — Universal Data Link
  • WDB — Microsoft Works Database

Desktop Publishing


These files store formatted text and plain text.

Font file

Geographic information system

  • APR (ESRI ArcView 3.3 and earlier project file)
  • DEM (USGS DEM file format)
  • E00 (ARC/INFO interchange file format)
  • GeoTIFF (Geographically located raster data)
  • GPX (XML-based interchange format)
  • MXD (ESRI ArcGIS project file, 8.0 and higher)
  • SHP (ESRI shapefile)
  • World TIFF (Geographically located raster data: text file giving corner coordinate, raster cells per unit, and rotation)
  • DTED (Digital Terrain Elevation Data)
  • KML (Keyhole Markup Language, XML-based)

Graphical information organizers

  • 3DT3D Topicscape The database in which the meta-data of a 3D Topicscape is held. A 3D Topicscape is a form of 3D concept map (like a 3D mind-map) used to organize ideas, information and computer files.
  • ATY3D Topicscape file, produced when an association type is exported by 3D Topicscape. Used to permit round-trip (export Topicscape, change files and folders as desired, re-import them to 3D Topicscape).
  • CAG - Linear Reference System.
  • FES3D Topicscape file, produced when a fileless occurrence in 3D Topicscape is exported to Windows. Used to permit round-trip (export Topicscape, change files and folders as desired, re-import them to 3D Topicscape).
  • MMFreeMind mind map file (XML).
  • MMPMind Manager mind map file.
  • TPC3D Topicscape file, produced when an inter-Topicscape topic link file is exported to Windows. Used to permit round-trip (export Topicscape, change files and folders as desired, re-import them to 3D Topicscape).


Raster graphics

Raster (or Bitmap) files store images as a group of pixels.

  • ACT — Adobe Color Table. Contains a raw color palette and usually consists of 256 24-bit RGB colour values.
  • ARTAmerica Online proprietary format
  • BMPMicrosoft Windows Bitmap formatted image
  • BLPBlizzard Entertainment proprietary texture format
  • CIT — Intergraph is a monochrome bitmap format
  • CPT — Corel PHOTO-PAINT image
  • CUT — Dr. Halo image file
  • DDS — DirectX texture file
  • DIB — Device-Independent Bitmap graphic
  • DjVu — DjVu for scanned documents
  • EGT - EGT Universal Document, used in EGT SmartSense to compress *.png to yet a smaller file
  • Exif — Exchangeable image file format (Exif) is a specification for the image file format used by digital cameras
  • GIFCompuServe's Graphics Interchange Format
  • ICNS — file format use for icons in Mac OS X. Contains bitmap images at multiple resolutions and bitdepths with alpha channel.
  • ICO — a file format used for icons in Microsoft Windows. Contains small bitmap images at multiple resolutions and sizes.
  • IFF (.iff, .ilbm, .lbm) — ILBM
  • JNG — a single-frame MNG using JPEG compression and possibly an alpha channel.
  • JPEG, JFIF (.jpg or .jpeg) — a lossy image format widely used to display photographic images.
  • JP2 — JPEG2000
  • LBM — Deluxe Paint image file
  • MAX — ScanSoft PaperPort document
  • MIFF — ImageMagick's native file format
  • MNG — Multiple Network Graphics, the animated version of PNG
  • MSP — a file format used by old versions of Microsoft Paint. Replaced with BMP in Microsoft Windows 3.0
  • NITF — A U.S. Government standard commonly used in Intelligence systems
  • OTA bitmap (Over The Air bitmap) — a specification designed by Nokia for black and white images for mobile phones
  • PBM — Portable bitmap
  • PC1 — Low resolution, compressed Degas picture file
  • PC2 — Medium resolution, compressed Degas picture file
  • PC3 — High resolution, compressed Degas picture file
  • PCF — Pixel Coordination Format
  • PCX — a lossless format used by ZSoft's PC Paint, popular at one time on DOS systems.

Vector graphics

Vector graphics use geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and polygons to represent images.

  • AWG — Ability Draw
  • AIAdobe Illustrator Document
  • EPS — Encapsulated Postscript
  • CGM — Computer Graphics Metafile an ISO Standard
  • CDR — CorelDRAW vector image
  • CMX — CorelDRAW vector image
  • DXF — ASCII Drawing Interchange file Format, used in AutoCAD and other CAD-programs
  • E2D — 2-dimensional vector graphics used by the editor which is included in JFire
  • EGT — EGT Universal Document, EGT Vector Draw images are used to draw vector to a website
  • SVG — Scalable Vector Graphics, employs XML
  • Scene description languages (3D vector image formats)
    • RenderMan
    • STL Stereo Lithographic data format (see STL (file format)) used by various CAD systems and stereo lithographic printing machines. See above.
    • VRML Uses .wrl extension — Virtual Reality Modeling Language, for the creation of 3D viewable web images.
    • X3D
  • V2D — voucher design used by the voucher management included in JFire
  • WMF — Windows Meta File
  • EMF — Enhanced (Windows) MetaFile, an extension to WMF
  • ART — Xara — Drawing (superseded by XAR)
  • XAR — Xara — Drawing

3D graphics

3D graphics are 3D models that allow you to build models in real-time or non real-time 3D rendering.

Object code, executable files, shared and dynamically-linked libraries

Object Extensions

  • .VBX — Visual Basic Extensions
  • .OCX — Object Control Extensions
  • .TLB — Windows Type Library


Page description language

Personal Information Manager


Project Management Software

Scientific data formats (data exchange)

  • FITS Flexible Image Transport format — Standard data format for astronomy [2]
  • Silo a storage format for visualization developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • SPC (Spectroscopic data)
  • EAS3 - EAS3 binary file format for structured data
  • OST - Open Spatio-Temporal. Extendable, mainly images with related data, or just pure data. Meant as an open alternative for microscope images



  • GRIB - Grid In Binary, WMO format for weather model data
  • BUFR - WMO format for weather observation data
  • PP - UK Met Office format for weather model data
  • NASA-Ames - Simple text format for observation data. First used in aircraft studies of the atmosphere.



Biomedical Imaging

Biomedical Signals (Time Series)

  • ACQ — AcqKnowledge File Format for Windows/PC from Biopac Systems Inc., Goleta, CA, USA.
  • BCI2000 — The BCI2000 project, Albany, NY, USA.
  • BDF — BioSemi data format from BioSemi B.V. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • BKR — The EEG data format developed at the University of Technology Graz, Austria.
  • CFWB — Chart Data File Format from ADInstruments Pty Ltd, Bella Vista NSW, Australia.
  • DICOM — Waveform An extension of Dicom for storing waveform data
  • ecgML — A markup language for electrocardiogram data acquisition and analysis.
  • EDF/EDF+ — European Data Format.
  • FEF — File Exchange Format for Vital signs, CEN TS 14271.
  • GDF v1.x — The General Data Format for biomedical signals - Version 1.x.
  • GDF v2.x — The General Data Format for biomedical signals - Version 2.x.
  • HL7aECG — Health Level 7 v3 annotated ECG.
  • MFER — Medical waveform Format Encoding Rules ISO/TS 11073-92001:2007.
  • OpenXDF — Open Exchange Data Format from Neurotronics, Inc. Gainesville, FL, USA.
  • SCP-ECG — Standard Communication Protocol for Computer assisted electrocardiography EN1064:2007, ISO 11073-91064:2009.
  • SIGIF — A digital SIGnal Interchange Format with application in neurophysiology.
  • WFDB — Format of Physiobank

An overview of more formats (including vendors with their own formats) can be found here and here


Signal data formats (non-audio)

  • ACQ — AcqKnowledge File Format for Windows/PC from Biopac
  • BKR — The EEG data format developed at the University of Technology Graz
  • BDF — BioSemi data format — similar to EDF but 24bit
  • CFWB — Chart Data File Format from ADInstruments
  • EDF — European data format
  • FEF — File Exchange Format for Vital signs
  • GDF — General data formats for biomedical signals
  • GMS — Gesture And Motion Signal format
  • IROCK — intelliRock Sensor Data File Format
  • MFER — Medical waveform Format Encoding Rules
  • SCP-ECG — Standard Communication Protocol for Computer assisted electrocardiography
  • SEG YReflection seismology data format
  • SIGIF — SIGnal Interchange Format
  • and many others [9]

Sound and music

Lossless audio

Lossy audio

Other music formats

Playlist formats

Audio Editing & Music Production formats

  • AUP — Audacity project file
  • BAND — GarageBand project file
  • CEL — Adobe Audition loop file (Cool Edit Loop)
  • CPR — Steinberg Cubase project file
  • NPR — Steinberg Nuendo project file
  • CWP — Cakewalk Sonar project file
  • DRM — Steinberg Cubase drum file
  • OMF — cross-application format Open Media Framework application-exchange bundled format
  • SES — Adobe Audition multitrack session file
  • STF — StudioFactory project file. It contains all necessary patches, samples, tracks and settings to play the file.
  • SYN — SynFactory project file. It contains all necessary patches, samples, tracks and settings to play the file.
  • SND - Akai MPC sound file

Source code for computer programs

(see also: Script)

  • ADA, ADB, 2.ADA — Ada (body) source
  • ADS, 1.ADA — Ada (specification) source
  • ASM, S — Assembly Language source
  • BAS — BASIC, Visual Basic module
  • BB — Blitz3D
  • BMX — BlitzMax
  • C — C source
  • CLS — Visual Basic class
  • COB, CBL — Cobol source
  • CPP, CC, CXX, C — C++ source
  • CS — C# source
  • CSPROJ — C# project (Visual Studio .NET)
  • D — D source
  • E — Eiffel source
  • EFS — EGT Forever Source File
  • EGT — EGT Asterisk Source File, could be J, C#,, EF 2.0 (EGT Forever)
  • EL - Emacs Lisp source
  • FOR, FTN, F, F77, F90 — Fortran source
  • FRM — Visual Basic form
  • FRX — Visual Basic form stash file (binary form file)
  • GED — Game Maker Extension Editable file as of version 7.0
  • GM6 — Game Maker Editable file as of version 6.x
  • GMD — Game Maker Editable file up to version 5.x
  • GMK — Game Maker Editable file as of version 7.0
  • GML — Game Maker Language script file
  • H — C/C++ header file
  • HPP, HXX — C++ header file
  • HS - Haskell source
  • INC — Turbo Pascal included source
  • JAVA — Java source
  • L — Lex source
  • LISP - Common Lisp source
  • M — Objective-C source
  • M — MATLAB
  • M — Mathematica
  • M4 — m4 source
  • ML — Standard ML / Objective CAML source
  • N — Nemerle source
  • PAS, PP, P — Pascal source (DPR for projects)
  • P — Parser source
  • PHP, PHP3, PHP4, PHP5, PHPS, Phtml — PHP source
  • PIV — Pivot stickfigure animator
  • PL, PM — Perl
  • PRG — db, clipper, Microsoft FoxPro, harbour and Xbase
  • PY — Python programming language source
  • RESX — Resource file for .NET applications
  • RC, RC2 — Resource script files to generate resources for .NET applications
  • SCI, SCE - Scilab
  • SCM - Scheme source
  • SKB, SKC — Sage Retrieve 4GL Common Area (Main and Amended backup)
  • SKD — Sage Retrieve 4GL Database
  • SKF, SKG — Sage Retrieve 4GL File Layouts (Main and Amended backup)
  • SKI — Sage Retrieve 4GL Instructions
  • SKK — Sage Retrieve 4GL Report Generator
  • SKM — Sage Retrieve 4GL Menu
  • SKO — Sage Retrieve 4GL Program
  • SKP, SKQ — Sage Retrieve 4GL Print Layouts (Main and Amended backup)
  • SKS, SKT — Sage Retrieve 4GL Screen Layouts (Main and Amended backup)
  • SKZ — Sage Retrieve 4GL Security File
  • SLN - Visual Studio solution
  • SPIN — Spin source (for Parallax Propeller microcontrollers)
  • STK — Stickfigure file for Pivot stickfigure animator
  • VAP — Visual Studio Analyzer project
  • VB — Visual Basic.NET source
  • VBP, VIP — Visual Basic project
  • VBG - Visual Studio compatible project group
  • VBPROJ — Visual Basic.NET project
  • VCPROJ — Visual C++ project
  • VDPROJ — Visual Studio deployment project
  • Y — YACC source


Tabulated data


  • AAF — (mostly intended to hold edit decisions and rendering information, but can also contain compressed media essence)
  • 3GP — (the most common video format for cell phones)
  • GIF — Animated GIF (simple animation; until recently often avoided because of patent problems)
  • ASF — container (enables any form of compression to be used; MPEG-4 is common; video in ASF-containers is also called Windows Media Video (WMV))
  • AVCHD — Advanced Video Codec High Definition
  • AVI — container (a shell, which enables any form of compression to be used)
  • CAMaMSN webcam log file
  • DAT — video standard data file (automatically created when we attempted to burn as video file on the CD)
  • DSH
  • FLV — Flash video (encoded to run in a flash animation)
  • M1V MPEG-1 — Video
  • M2V MPEG-2 — Video
  • FLA — Macromedia Flash (for producing)
  • FLR — (text file which contains scripts extracted from SWF by a free ActionScript decompiler named FLARE)
  • SOL — Adobe Flash shared object ("Flash cookie")
  • M4V — (file format for videos for iPods and PlayStation Portables developed by Apple)
  • Matroska (*.mkv) (Matroska is a container format, which enables any video format such as MPEG-4 ASP or AVC to be used along with other content such as subtitles and detailed meta information)
  • WRAP — MediaForge (*.wrap)
  • MNG (mainly simple animation containing PNG and JPEG objects, often somewhat more complex than animated GIF)
  • QuickTime (.mov) — (container which enables any form of compression to be used; Sorenson codec is the most common; QTCH is the filetype for cached video and audio streams)
  • MPEG (.mpeg, .mpg, .mpe)
  • MXF — Material Exchange Format (standardized wrapper format for audio/visual material developed by SMPTE)
  • ROQ — used by Quake 3
  • NSV — Nullsoft Streaming Video (media container designed for streaming video content over the Internet)
  • Ogg — container, multimedia
  • RM — RealMedia
  • SVI — Samsung video format for portable players
  • SMI — SAMI Caption file (HTML like subtitle for movie files)
  • SWF — Macromedia Flash (for viewing)
  • WMV — Windows Media Video (See ASF)

Video Editing & Production formats

Video game data

List of common file formats of data for video games on systems that support filesystems, most commonly PC games.

  • HALO Engine - File formats used by games based on the Halo engine.
    • MAP - A Level, User Interface, or Sounds
    • TAG - An Object
    • SAV - A saved game
    • LEV - A HALO ZERO Level
  • DOOM Engine — File formats used by games based on the DOOM engine.
    • DEH — DeHackEd files to mutate the game executable (not officially part of the DOOM engine)
    • DSG — Saved game
    • LMP - A lump is an entry in a DOOM wad.
    • LMP — Saved demo recording
    • MUS — Music file (usually contained within a WAD file)
    • WAD — Data storage (contains music, maps, and textures)
  • Quake Engine — File formats used by games based on the Quake engine.
  • Unreal Engine — File formats used by games based on the Unreal engine.
    • U — Unreal script format
    • UAX — Animations format for Unreal Engine 2
    • UMX — Map format for Unreal Tournament
    • UMX — Music format for Unreal Engine 1
    • UNR — Map format for Unreal
    • UPK — Package format for cooked content in Unreal Engine 3
    • USX — Sound format for Unreal Engine 1 and Unreal Engine 2
    • UT2 — Map format for Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004
    • UT3 — Map format for Unreal Tournament 3
    • UTX — Music format for Unreal Engine 1 and Unreal Engine 2
    • UXX — Cache format. These are files that client downloaded from server (which can be converted to regular formats)
  • Duke Nukem 3D Engine — File formats used by games based on the Duke Nukem 3D engine.
    • DMO — Save game
    • GRP — Data storage
    • MAP — Map (usually constructed with BUILD.EXE)
  • Other Formats
    • B — used for Grand Theft Auto saved game files
    • BOL — used for levels on Poing!PC
    • DBPF — The Sims 2, DBPF, Package
    • GCF — format used by the Steam content management system for file archives.
    • IMG - format used by Renderware-based Grand Theft Auto games for data storage
    • MAP — format used by Halo: Combat Evolved for archive compression, Doom³, and various other games
    • POD — format used by Terminal Reality
    • REP — used by Blizzard Entertainment for scenario replays in StarCraft.
    • Simcity 4, DBPF (.dat, .SC4Lot, .SC4Model) (All game plugins use this format, commonly with different file extensions)
    • SMZIP - auto extractor for Stepmania songs, themes and announcer packs.

Video game storage media

List of the most common filename extensions used when a game's ROM image or storage medium is copied from an original ROM device to an external memory such as hard disk for back up purposes or for making the game playable with an emulator. In the case of cartridge-based software, if the platform specific extension is not used then filename extensions ".rom" or ".bin" are usually used to clarify that the file contains a copy of a content of a ROM. ROM, disk or tape images usually do not consist of a single file or ROM, rather an entire file or ROM structure contained within a single file on the backup medium.

  • N64, V64, Z64, U64, USA, JAP, PAL, EUR, BIN — Nintendo 64 (.n64, .v64, .z64, .u64, .usa, .jap, .pal, .eur, .bin)
  • FIG — Super Famicom (Japanese releases are rarely .fig, above extensions are more common)
  • SRM — Super NES Saved Data Files (.srm)
  • ZST — ZSNES Save States (.zst, .zs1-.zs9)
  • FRZ — Snes9X Save States (.frz)
  • TAP (for tape images without copy protection)
  • Z80,SNA — (for snapshots of the emulator RAM)
  • DSK — (for disk images)
  • TAP — Commodore 64 (.tap) (for tape images including copy protection)
  • T64 — (for tape images without copy protection, considerably smaller than .tap files)
  • D64 — (for disk images)
  • CRT — (for cartridge images)
  • ADF — Amiga (.adf) (for 880K diskette images)
  • ADZ - GZip-compressed version of the above.
  • DMS - Disk Masher System, previously used as a disk-archiving system native to the Amiga, also supported by emulators.

Virtual Machines

Microsoft Virtual PC/Virtual Server

See [10]

  • VFD — Virtual Floppy Disk (.vfd)
  • VHD — Virtual Hard Disk (.vhd)
  • VUD — Virtual Undo Disk (.vud)
  • VMC — Virtual Machine Configuration (.vmc)
  • VSV — Virtual Machine Saved State (.vsv)

EMC VMware ESX/GSX/Workstation/Player

See [11]

  • LOG — Virtual Machine Logfile (.log)
  • VMDK, DSK — Virtual Machine Disk (.vmdk, .dsk)
  • NVRAM — Virtual Machine BIOS (.nvram)
  • VMEM — Virtual Machine paging file (.vmem)
  • VMSD — Virtual Machine snapshot metadata (.vmsd)
  • VMSN — Virtual Machine snapshot (.vmsn)
  • VMSS,STD — Virtual Machine suspended state (.vmss, .std)
  • VMTM — Virtual Machine team data (.vmtm)
  • VMX,CFG — Virtual Machine configuration (.vmx, .cfg)
  • VMXF — Virtual Machine team configuration (.vmxf)


See [12] Virtual drive format used by Sun Microsystems xVM VirtualBox, an open-source desktop virtualization program; can be mounted as a hard disk on Mac, Windows, and Unix platforms; allows users to run programs written for different operating systems in a high-speed virtual environment.

  • VDI - VirtualBox Virtual Disk Image (.vdi)

Parallels Workstation

  • HDD — Virtual Machine hard disk (.hdd)
  • PVS — Virtual Machine preferences/configuration (.pvs)
  • SAV — Virtual Machine saved state (.sav)


  • Static
    • HTML — (.html, .htm) — HyperText Markup Language
    • XHTML — (.xhtml, .xht) — eXtensible HyperText Markup Language
    • XML — (.xml)
    • MHTML — (.mht, .mhtml) — Archived HTML, store all data on one web page (text, images, etc) in one big file
  • Dynamically generated
    • ASP — (.asp) — Microsoft Active Server Page
    • ASPX — (.aspx) — Microsoft Active Server Page. NET
    • ADP — AOLserver Dynamic Page
    • BML — (.bml) — Better Markup Language (templating)
    • CFM — (.cfm) — ColdFusion
    • CGI — (.cgi)
    • iHTML — (.ihtml) — Inline HTML
    • JSP — (.jsp) JavaServer Pages
    • Lasso — (.las, .lasso, .lassoapp)
    • PL — Perl (.pl)
    • PHP — (.php, .php?, .phtml) — ? is version number (previously abbreviated Personal Home Page, later changed to PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor)
    • SSI — (.shtml) — HTML with Server Side Includes
    • SSI — (.stm) — HTML with Server Side Includes

XML, markup language and other web standards-based file formats

  • Atom — (.atom, .xml) — Another syndication file format
  • EML — (.eml) — File format used by several desktop email clients
  • Metalink — (.metalink, .met) — A file format for listing metadata about downloads, such as mirrors, checksums, and other information.
  • RSS — (.rss, .xml) — Syndication file format


  • AXD — cookie extensions found in temporary internet folder
  • AXX — encrypted file, created with Axcrypt
  • BAK - backup file
  • CREDX — CredX Dat File
  • DUPX - DuupeCheck database management tool project file
  • GA3 — Graphical Analysis 3
  • GED — GEDCOM, (GEnealogical Data COMmunication) file format for exchanging genealogical data between different genealogy software.
  • HLP — Windows help file
  • IGC — flight tracks downloaded from GPS devices in the FAI's prescribed format
  • INI file - used by many applications to store configuration
  • INF — similar file format to INI; used to install device drivers under Windows, inter alia.
  • KMC — tests made with KatzReview's MegaCrammer
  • LNK — Binary format file, stores shortcuts under MS Windows 95 and later
  • LSM - LSMaker script file (program using layered .jpg to create special effects; specifically designed to render lightsabers from the Star Wars universe) (.lsm)
  • PIF — Used for running MS-DOS programs under Windows
  • POR — So called "portable" SPSS files, readable by PSPP
  • PXZ — Compressed file to exchange media elements with PSALMO
  • RISE — File containing RISE generated information model evolution
  • TOPC — TopicCrunch SEO Project file holding keywords, domain and search engine settings (ASCII);
  • TOS — Character file from The Only Sheet
  • TMP — Temporary file
  • URL — INI format file, used by Internet Explorer to save Favorites
  • ZED - My Heritage Family Tree


  • ANI — Animated Cursor
  • CUR — Cursor Files

Financial Records

  • TAXTurboTax File
  • YNAB - YNAB File
  • MYO - MYOB Limited (Windows) File
  • MYOB - MYOB Limited (Mac) File

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