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Finance studies and addresses the ways in which individuals, businesses and organizations raise, allocate and use monetary resources over time, taking into account the risks entailed in their projects.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to finance:


Essence of finance

The term finance may incorporate any of the following:

Fundamental financial concepts

History of finance

Finance terms, by field

Accounting (financial record keeping)

Main articles: Accounting and List of accounting topics


Corporate finance

Investment management

Personal finance

Public finance


Economics and finance

Mathematics and finance

Time value of money

Financial mathematics

Mathematical tools
Derivatives pricing
Main article: Derivatives pricing

Constraint finance

Virtual finance

Financial markets

Market and instruments

Equity market

Equity valuation

Investment theory

Bond market

Money market

Commodity market

Derivatives market

Forward markets and contracts

Futures markets and contracts

Option markets and contracts

Swap markets and contracts

see: w:Swap (finance)

Derivative markets by underlyings

Equity derivatives
  • Accelerated Market Participation Securities (AMPS)
  • Accelerated Return Equity Securities (ARES)
  • Asset Return Obligation Securities (ASTROS)
  • Automatic Common Exchange Securities (ACES)
  • Basket Adjusting Structured Equity Securities (BASES)
  • Basket Opportunity Exchangeable Securities (BOXES)
  • Bifurcated Option Note Unit Securities (BONUSES)
  • Broad Index Guarded Equity-Linked Securities (BRIDGES)
  • Canadian Originated Preferred Securities (COPrS)
  • Closed-end fund
  • Commodity-Indexed Preferred Securities (ComPS)
  • Common-Linked Higher Income Participation Securities (CHIPS)
  • Common stock
  • Contract for difference (CFD)
  • Convertible Contingent Debt Securities (CODES)
  • Corporate-Backed Trust Securities (CorTS)
  • Corporate Obligation Basket Listed Trust Securities (COBALTS)
  • Currency Protected Notes (CPNS), (SPNS)
  • Currency Protected Securities (CPS)
  • Customized Upside Basket Securities (CUBS)
  • Debt Exchangeable for Common Stock (DECS)
  • Equity Growth Long-Term Strategy (EGLS)
  • Enhanced Equity-Linked Debt Securities (ELKS)
  • Enhanced Income Securities (EISs)
  • Enhanced Stock Index Growth Notes (E-SIGNS)
  • Equity Providing Preferred Income Convertible Securities (EPPICS)
  • Exchange Preferred Income Cumulative Shares (EPICS)
  • Exchange-traded fund (ETF)
  • Exchangeable Capital Units (ExCaps)
  • Foreign Currency Return Notes (FORENS)
  • Global Bond Linked Securities (GLOBELS)
  • Hybrid Income Securities Units (HITS)
  • Inverted Action Nullification (IAN)
  • Income Deposit Securities (IDS)
  • Inverse exchange-traded fund
  • Leading Stockmarket Return Securities (LASERS)
  • Leveraged Upside Indexed Accelerated Return Securities (LUNARS)
  • Liquid Yield Option Notes (Zero Cupon) (LYONS)
  • Mandatorily Exchangeable Debt Securities (MEDS)
  • Mandatory Adjustable Redeemable Convertible Securities (MARCS)
  • Market Index Target Term Securities (MITTS)
  • Market Participation Securities (MPS)
  • Medium Term Equity Related Investment Securities (MERITS)
  • Monthly Income Debt Securities (MIDS)
  • Monthly Income Preferred Securities (MIPS)
  • Participating Index Notes (PINS)
  • Performance Equity-Linked Redemption Quarterly Pay Securities (PERQS)
  • Performance Equity-Return Linked Securities (PERKS)
  • Performance Leveraged Upside Securities (PLUS)
  • Principal Accruing Enhanced Return Securities (PACERS)
  • Preferred Equity Redemption Cumulative Stock (PERCS)
  • Preferred Income Equity Redeemable Shares (PIERS)
  • Preferred Redeemable Increased Dividend Equity Securities (PRIDES)
  • Preferred stock
  • Premium Equity Participating Securities (PEPS)
  • Premium Income Equity Securities (PIES)
  • Protected Exchangeable Equity-Linked Securities (PEEQS)
  • Protected Growth Securities (ProGroS)
  • Protected Performance Equity Linked Securities (PROPELS)
  • Public Credit & Repackaged Securities (PCARS)
  • Public Income Notes (PINES)
  • Putable Automatic Rate Reset Securities (PARRS)
  • Quarterly Income Capital Securities (QUICS)
  • Quarterly Income Debt Securities (QUIDS)
  • Quarterly Income Preferred Securities (QUIPS)
  • Quarterly Interest Bond (QUIB)
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
  • Reset Put Securities (REPS)
  • Return Enhanced Convertible Securities (RECONS)
  • Rights
  • Risk Adjusting Equity Range Securities (RANGERS)
  • Secure Principal Energy Receipts (SPERS)
  • Select Equity Indexed Notes (SEQUINS)
  • Senior Quarterly Income Debt Securities (SQUIDS)
  • Shared Preference Redeemable Securities (SpuRS)
  • Shares of Beneficial Interest (SBI)
  • Step-Up Increasing Redeemable Equity Notes (SIRENS)
  • Step-Up REIT Securities (StREITs)
  • Stock Appreciation Income-Linked Securities (SAILS)
  • Stock market Annual Reset Term (Notes) (SMART)
  • Stock Participation Accreting Redemption Quarterly-pay Securities (SPARQS)
  • Stock Return Income Debt Securities (STRIDES)
  • Stock Upside Note Securities (SUNS)
  • Structured Asset Trust Unit Repackaging (SATURNS)
  • Structured Repackaged Asset-Backed Trust Securities (STRATS)
  • Structured Yield Product Exchangeable for Common Stock (STRYPES)
  • Subordinated Capital Income Securities (SKIS)
  • Target Return Investment Growth Securities (TRIGGERS)
  • Targeted Efficient Equity Securities (TEES)
  • Targeted Growth Enhanced Terms Securities (TARGETS)
  • Term Convertible Securities (TECONS)
  • Threshold Appreciation Price Securities (TAPS)
  • Trust Automatic Common Exchange Securities (TRACES)
  • Trust Certificate (TRUC)
  • Trust Investment Enhanced Return Securities (TIERS)
  • Trust Issued Mandatory Exchange Securities (TIMES)
  • Trust Originated Preferred Securities (TOPrS)
  • Trust Preferred Stock (TruPs)
  • Trust Units Exchangeable for Preference Shares (TrUEPrS)
  • Warrants
  • Warrants & Income Redeemable Equity Securities (WIRES)
  • Yield Enhanced Equity-Linked Debt Securities (YEELDS)
  • Yield Enhanced Stock (YES)
Interest rate derivatives
Credit derivatives
Foreign exchange derivative

Financial regulation

Designations and accreditation


Industry bodies

Regulatory bodies

United Kingdom

European Union

United States

United States legislation

Actuarial topics

Asset types

Raising capital


Discounted cash flow valuation

Relative valuation

Contingent claim valuation

See derivatives pricing below.

Financial software tools

Financial institutions

Financial institutions

Persons influential in the field of finance

  • List of corporate leaders

Finance-related lists

See also

External links

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