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The following list summarizes the first ascents of mountains and peaks around the world, in chronological order.

Peak Height Range Country Climber Nationality Year
Mount Fuji 3,776 m  Japan anonymous  Japan 663
Table Mountain 1,086 m  South Africa António de Saldanha  Portugal 1503
Corno Grande 2,912 m Apennines  Italy Francesco De Marchi  Italy 1573
Mount Washington 1,917 m Appalachians  United States Darby Field  United States 1642
Ben Nevis 1,334 m Grampian Range  Scotland James Robertson (first recorded ascent)  United Kingdom 1771
Mont Blanc 4,808 m Alps  France Jacques Balmat and Michel Paccard  France 1786
Klyuchevskaya Sopka 4,750 m Kamchatka  Russia Daniel Gauss and two others  ? 1788
Großglockner 3,797 m Alps  Austria F. Horrasch, Martin Klotz and Sepp Klotz  Austria 1800
Ortler 3,905 m Alps  Italy Josef Pichler and two others 1804
Mount Katahdin 1,608 m Appalachians  United States Charles Turner, Jr., William Howe and Amos Patten  United States 1804
Jungfrau 4,158 m Alps  Switzerland J. Meyer, H. Meyer and others  Switzerland 1811
Zugspitze 2,962 m Alps  Germany /  Austria J. Naus and others  Germany 1820
Pikes Peak 4,302 m Rockies  United States Edwin James and two others 1820
Mount Elbrus 5,642 m Caucasus  Russia Killar Kashirov (expedition led by Lenz)  Russia 1829
Gerlachovský štít 2,655 m Carpathian Mountains  Slovakia Ján Still  Slovakia 1834
Rysy 2,503 m Carpathian Mountains  Slovakia /  Poland Eduard Blásy, Ján Ruman Driečny Sr.  Slovakia 1840
Aneto 3,404 m Pyrenees  Spain P. de Tchihatcheff (Chikhachev)
five others
Citlaltépetl 5,700 m Sierra Madre Oriental  Mexico Alexander Doignon  France 1851
Mount St. Helens 2,550 m Cascade Range  United States Thomas J. Dryer  United States 1853
Mount Cameroon 4,070 m  Cameroon Gustav Mann (Germany) and Richard Francis Burton  United Kingdom 1861
Matterhorn 4,478 m Alps  Switzerland /  Italy Edward Whymper and others  United Kingdom 1865
Aiguille Verte 4,121 m Alps  France Edward Whymper
Christian Almer
Franz Biner
 United Kingdom
 United Kingdom
Longs Peak 4,345 m Rockies  United States John Wesley Powell  United States 1868
Grand Teton 4,197 m Rockies  United States N. Langford/Owens and Spalding  United States 1872/1893
Meije 3,983 m Alps  France E. Boileau de Castelnau, father and son Pierre Gaspard  France 1877
Mount Ruapehu 2,797 m Taupo Volcanic Zone  New Zealand George Beetham, Joseph Prime Maxwell  New Zealand 1879
Chimborazo 6,267 m Andes  Ecuador Edward Whymper  United Kingdom 1880
Kibo 5,895 m Kilimanjaro  Tanzania Hans Meyer
Ludwig Purtscheller
Aoraki/Mount Cook 3,754 m Southern Alps  New Zealand T. Fyfe, G. Graham, J. Clarke 1894
Aconcagua 6,959 m Andes  Argentina Matthias Zurbriggen  Switzerland 1897
Mount Saint Elias 5,489 m Saint Elias Mountains  Canada /  United States Luigi Amedeo  Italy 1897
Batian 5,199 m Mount Kenya Massif  Kenya Halford Mackinder, Cesar Ollier and Joseph Brocherel  United Kingdom 1899
Margherita Peak 5,109 m Ruwenzori Mountains  Democratic Republic of the Congo /  Uganda Ludwig Amadeus von Savoyen  Italy 1906
Mount Erebus 3,794 m Transantarctic Mountains  Antarctica Tannatt William Edgeworth David and others  United Kingdom 1908
Huascaran N. 6,645 m Andes  Peru Annie Peck, R. Taugwalder  United States 1908
Denali N. Peak 5,935 m Alaska Range  United States Tom Lloyd  United States 1910
Mount McKinley 6,198 m Alaska Range  United States Hudson Stuck and others 1913
Mount Robson 3,954 m Canadian Rockies  Canada Kain and McCarty (Canada) and others 1913
Mount Logan 5,959 m Saint Elias Mountains  Canada A.H. MacCarthy et al.  ? 1925
Mount Russell 4,296 m Sierra Nevada  United States Norman Clyde  United States 1926
Huascaran S. 6,768 m Andes  Peru Bernard, Borchers  Austria 1932
Devils Tower 1,558 m Rockies  United States Rogers, Willard, (Wiessner)  United States 1893, 1934
Annapurna 8,091 m Himalayas Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal M. Herzog and L. Lachenal  France 1950
Mount Everest 8,848 m Himalaya Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal /  China Tenzing Norgay
Edmund Hillary
Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal
 New Zealand
Nanga Parbat 8,126 m Himalaya  Pakistan Hermann Buhl  Austria 1953
K2 8,611 m Karakorum  Pakistan Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli  Italy 1954
Kangchenjunga 8,586 m Himalayas Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal /  India George Band and Joe Brown  United Kingdom 1955
Lhotse 8,516 m Himalaya Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal F. Luchsinger and E. Reiß  Switzerland 1956
Broad Peak 8,047 m Karakoram  Pakistan Fritz Wintersteller, Marcus Schmuck, Kurt Diemberger and Hermann Buhl  Austria 1957
Mount Vinson 4,897 m Sentinel Range  Antarctica Nicholas Clinch and others  United States 1966
Chogolisa 7,665 m Karakoram  Pakistan Fred Pressl and Gustav Ammerer  Austria 1975
Batura Sar 7,795 m Karakoram  Pakistan Hubert Bleicher and Herbert Oberhofer 1976
Changtse 7,580 m Himalaya  China Johan Taks 1982
Cho Polu 6,735 m Himalaya Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal Olaf Rieck, Dieter Rülker, Markus Walter and Günter Jung  Germany 1999
Num Ri 6,677 m Himalaya Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal Olaf Rieck, Lydia Schubert und Carsten Schmidt  Germany 2002

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