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This is a complete list of all people who previously served in the United States Senate.

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Senator Years State Party
Joseph Carter Abbott 1868–1872 North Carolina Republican
James Abdnor 1981–1987 South Dakota Republican
Hazel Abel 1954 Nebraska Republican
James Abourezk 1973–1979 South Dakota Democratic
Spencer Abraham 1995–2001 Michigan Republican
John Adair 1805–1806 Kentucky Democratic-Republican
Alva B. Adams 1923–1924,
Colorado Democratic
Brock Adams 1987–1993 Washington Democratic
John Quincy Adams 1803–1808 Massachusetts Federalist
Robert H. Adams 1830 Mississippi Democratic
Stephen Adams 1852–1857 Mississippi Democratic
George D. Aiken 1941–1975 Vermont Republican
James L. Alcorn 1871–1877 Mississippi Republican
Nelson W. Aldrich 1881–1911 Rhode Island Republican
Russell A. Alger 1902–1907 Michigan Republican
Wayne Allard 1997–2009 Colorado Republican
J. Frank Allee 1903–1907 Delaware Republican
George Allen 2001–2007 Virginia Republican
Henry Justin Allen 1929–1930 Kansas Republican
James B. Allen 1969–1978 Alabama Democratic
John B. Allen 1889–1893,
Washington Republican
Maryon Pittman Allen 1978 Alabama Democratic
Philip Allen 1853–1859 Rhode Island Democratic
William Allen 1837–1849 Ohio Democratic
William V. Allen 1893–1899,
Nebraska Populist
William B. Allison 1873–1908 Iowa Republican
Gordon L. Allott 1955–1973 Colorado Republican
Adelbert Ames 1870–1874 Mississippi Republican
Alexander O. Anderson 1840–1841 Tennessee Democratic
Clinton P. Anderson 1949–1973 New Mexico Democratic
Joseph Anderson 1797–1815 Tennessee Democratic-Republican
Wendell Anderson 1976–1978 Minnesota Democratic
Charles O. Andrews 1936–1946 Florida Democratic
Mark Andrews 1981–1987 North Dakota Republican
Levi Ankeny 1903–1909 Washington Republican
Henry B. Anthony 1859–1884 Rhode Island Republican
William S. Archer 1841–1847 Virginia Whig
David H. Armstrong 1877–1879 Missouri Democratic
John Armstrong, Jr. 1800–1802,
New York Democratic-Republican
William L. Armstrong 1979–1991 Colorado Republican
Samuel G. Arnold 1862–1863 Rhode Island Republican
John Ashcroft 1995–2001 Missouri Republican
Chester Ashley 1844–1848 Arkansas Democratic
Eli P. Ashmun 1816–1818 Massachusetts Federalist
Henry F. Ashurst 1912–1941 Arizona Democratic
David Rice Atchison 1843–1855 Missouri Democratic
Charles G. Atherton 1843–1849,
New Hampshire Democratic
Warren Austin 1931–1946 Vermont Republican


Senator Years State Party
Nathan L. Bachman 1933–1937 Tennessee Democratic
Augustus O. Bacon 1895–1914 Georgia Democratic
George E. Badger 1846–1855 North Carolina Whig
Arthur P. Bagby 1841–1848 Alabama Democratic
James E. Bailey 1877–1881 Tennessee Democratic
Joseph W. Bailey 1901–1913 Texas Democratic
Josiah W. Bailey 1931–1946 North Carolina Democratic
Theodorus Bailey 1803–1804 New York Democratic-Republican
David Baird 1918–1919 New Jersey Republican
David Baird, Jr. 1929–1930 New Jersey Republican
David J. Baker 1830 Illinois Democratic
Edward D. Baker 1860–1861 Oregon Republican
Howard Baker, Jr. 1967–1985 Tennessee Republican
Lucien Baker 1895–1901 Kansas Republican
Abraham Baldwin 1799–1807 Georgia Democratic-Republican
Henry P. Baldwin 1879–1881 Michigan Republican
Raymond E. Baldwin 1946–1949 Connecticut Republican
Roger S. Baldwin 1847–1851 Connecticut Whig
Joseph H. Ball 1940–1942,
Minnesota Republican
L. Heisler Ball 1903–1905,
Delaware Republican
John H. Bankhead 1907–1920 Alabama Democratic
John H. Bankhead II 1931–1946 Alabama Democratic
James Barbour 1815–1825 Virginia Democratic-Republican
John S. Barbour, Jr. 1889–1892 Virginia Democratic
W. Warren Barbour 1931–1937,
New Jersey Republican
Thomas R. Bard 1900–1905 California Republican
Alben W. Barkley 1927–1949,
Kentucky Democratic
Dean Barkley 2002–2003 Minnesota Independence
Isaac D. Barnard 1827–1831 Pennsylvania Democratic
William H. Barnum 1876–1879 Connecticut Democratic
Robert W. Barnwell 1850 South Carolina Democratic
Frank A. Barrett 1953–1959 Wyoming Republican
Alexander Barrow 1841–1846 Louisiana Whig
Middleton P. Barrow 1882–1883 Georgia Democratic
Alexander G. Barry 1938–1939 Oregon Republican
William T. Barry 1814–1816 Kentucky Democratic-Republican
Bob Bartlett 1959–1968 Alaska Democratic
Dewey F. Bartlett 1973–1979 Oklahoma Republican
David Barton 1821–1824 Missouri Democratic-Republican
1824–1831 National Republican
Ross Bass 1964–1967 Tennessee Democratic
Richard Bassett 1789–1793 Delaware Federalist
William B. Bate 1887–1905 Tennessee Democratic
Ephraim Bateman 1826–1829 New Jersey National Republican
Isaac C. Bates 1841–1845 Massachusetts Whig
Martin W. Bates 1857–1859 Delaware Democratic
James A. Bayard, Jr. 1851–1864,
Delaware Democratic
James A. Bayard, Sr. 1804–1813 Delaware Federalist
Richard H. Bayard 1836–1839,
Delaware Whig
Thomas F. Bayard, Jr. 1922–1929 Delaware Democratic
Thomas F. Bayard, Sr. 1869–1885 Delaware Democratic
Birch Bayh 1963–1981 Indiana Democratic
James Glenn Beall 1953–1965 Maryland Republican
John Glenn Beall, Jr. 1971–1977 Maryland Republican
James B. Beck 1877–1890 Kentucky Democratic
J. C. W. Beckham 1915–1921 Kentucky Democratic
Asahel C. Beckwith 1893 Wyoming Democratic
Charles H. Bell 1879 New Hampshire Republican
James Bell 1855–1856 New Hampshire Whig
1856–1857 Republican
John Bell 1847–1853,
Tennessee Whig
1856–1859 American
Samuel Bell 1823–1824 New Hampshire Democratic-Republican
1824–1835 National Republican
Henry Bellmon 1969–1981 Oklahoma Republican
George H. Bender 1954–1957 Ohio Republican
Christie Benet 1918 South Carolina Democratic
Judah P. Benjamin 1853–1856 Louisiana Whig
1856–1861 Democratic
Wallace F. Bennett 1951–1974 Utah Republican
Alfred W. Benson 1906–1907 Kansas Republican
Elmer Austin Benson 1935–1936 Minnesota Farmer-Laborite
Thomas Hart Benton 1821–1824 Missouri Democratic-Republican
1824–1851 Democratic
William Benton 1949–1953 Connecticut Democratic
Lloyd Bentsen 1971–1993 Texas Democratic
John M. Berrien 1825–1829 Georgia Democratic
George L. Berry 1937–1938 Tennessee Democratic
James H. Berry 1885–1907 Arkansas Democratic
Thaddeus Betts 1839–1840 Connecticut Whig
Albert J. Beveridge 1899–1911 Indiana Republican
George M. Bibb 1811–1814 Kentucky Democratic-Republican
1829–1835 Democratic
William W. Bibb 1813–1816 Georgia Democratic-Republican
Alan Bible 1954–1974 Nevada Democratic
Joe Biden 1973–2009 Delaware Democratic
Asa Biggs 1855–1858 North Carolina Democratic
William Bigler 1856–1861 Pennsylvania Democratic
Theodore G. Bilbo 1935–1947 Mississippi Democratic
Hiram Bingham 1924–1933 Connecticut Republican
Kinsley S. Bingham 1859–1861 Michigan Republican
William Bingham 1795–1801 Pennsylvania Federalist
Hugo Black 1927–1937 Alabama Democratic
John Black 1832–1833 Mississippi Democratic
1833–1836 National Republican
1836–1838 Whig
Joseph C. S. Blackburn 1885–1897,
Kentucky Democratic
James G. Blaine 1876–1881 Maine Republican
John J. Blaine 1927–1933 Wisconsin Republican
Francis P. Blair, Jr. 1871–1873 Missouri Democratic
Henry W. Blair 1879–1885,
New Hampshire Republican
William A. Blakley 1957,
Texas Democratic
Newton C. Blanchard 1894–1897 Louisiana Democratic
Coleman L. Blease 1925–1931 South Carolina Democratic
Jesse Bledsoe 1813–1814 Kentucky Democratic-Republican
Rufus Blodgett 1887–1893 New Jersey Democratic
Timothy Bloodworth 1795–1801 North Carolina Democratic-Republican
William Blount 1796–1797 Tennessee Democratic-Republican
Elijah Boardman 1821–1823 Connecticut Democratic-Republican
J. Caleb Boggs 1961–1973 Delaware Republican
Lewis V. Bogy 1873–1877 Missouri Democratic
Homer Bone 1933–1944 Washington Democratic
Newton Booth 1875–1881 California Anti-Monopolist
William E. Borah 1907–1940 Idaho Republican
Arthur I. Boreman 1869–1875 West Virginia Republican
David L. Boren 1979–1994 Oklahoma Democratic
Solon Borland 1848–1853 Arkansas Democratic
Rudy Boschwitz 1979–1991 Minnesota Republican
Joseph H. Bottum 1962–1963 South Dakota Republican
Charles D. J. Bouligny 1824–1829 Louisiana National Republican
Jonathan Bourne, Jr. 1907–1913 Oregon Republican
George S. Boutwell 1873–1877 Massachusetts Republican
Lemuel J. Bowden 1863–1864 Virginia Unionist
Thomas M. Bowen 1883–1889 Colorado Republican
Eva Bowring 1954 Nebraska Republican
James W. Bradbury 1847–1853 Maine Democratic
William Bradford 1793–1797 Rhode Island Federalist
Bill Bradley 1979–1997 New Jersey Democratic
Stephen R. Bradley 1791–1795,
Vermont Democratic-Republican
William O. Bradley 1909–1914 Kentucky Republican
James H. Brady 1913–1918 Idaho Republican
Nicholas F. Brady 1982 New Jersey Republican
Thomas Bragg 1859–1861 North Carolina Democratic
Lawrence Brainerd 1854–1855 Vermont Free Soiler
John Branch 1823–1829 North Carolina Democratic
Frank B. Brandegee 1905–1924 Connecticut Republican
Sam G. Bratton 1925–1933 New Mexico Democratic
John Breaux 1987–2005 Louisiana Democratic
John Breckinridge 1801–1805 Kentucky Democratic-Republican
John C. Breckinridge 1861 Kentucky Democratic
Sidney Breese 1843–1849 Illinois Democratic
Richard Brent 1809–1814 Virginia Democratic-Republican
Daniel B. Brewster 1963–1969 Maryland Democratic
Owen Brewster 1941–1952 Maine Republican
Calvin S. Brice 1891–1897 Ohio Democratic
John W. Bricker 1947–1959 Ohio Republican
Styles Bridges 1937–1961 New Hampshire Republican
Frank O. Briggs 1907–1913 New Jersey Republican
Frank P. Briggs 1945–1947 Missouri Democratic
Jesse D. Bright 1845–1862 Indiana Democratic
Joseph L. Bristow 1909–1915 Kansas Republican
Bill Brock 1971–1977 Tennessee Republican
William E. Brock 1929–1931 Tennessee Democratic
David C. Broderick 1857–1859 California Democratic
Richard Brodhead 1851–1857 Pennsylvania Democratic
Edward Brooke 1967–1979 Massachusetts Republican
Walker Brooke 1852–1853 Mississippi Whig
Smith W. Brookhart 1922–1926,
Iowa Republican
Charles W. Brooks 1940–1949 Illinois Republican
J. Melville Broughton 1948–1949 North Carolina Democratic
Edwin S. Broussard 1921–1933 Louisiana Democratic
Robert F. Broussard 1915–1918 Louisiana Democratic
Albert G. Brown 1854–1861 Mississippi Democratic
Arthur Brown 1896–1897 Utah Republican
Bedford Brown 1829–1840 North Carolina Democratic
B. Gratz Brown 1863–1867 Missouri Republican
Ernest S. Brown 1954 Nevada Republican
Ethan A. Brown 1822–1824 Ohio Democratic-Republican
1824–1825 National Republican
Fred H. Brown 1933–1939 New Hampshire Democratic
Hank Brown 1991–1997 Colorado Republican
James Brown 1813–1817,
Louisiana Democratic-Republican
John Brown 1792–1805 Kentucky Democratic-Republican
Joseph E. Brown 1880–1891 Georgia Democratic
Norris Brown 1907–1913 Nebraska Republican
Prentiss M. Brown 1936–1943 Michigan Democratic
Orville H. Browning 1861–1863 Illinois Republican
William G. Brownlow 1869–1875 Tennessee Republican
Jim Broyhill 1986 North Carolina Republican
Blanche Bruce 1875–1881 Mississippi Republican
William C. Bruce 1923–1929 Maryland Democratic
C. Norman Brunsdale 1959–1960 North Dakota Republican
Nathan P. Bryan 1911–1917 Florida Democratic
Richard Bryan 1989–2001 Nevada Democratic
William James Bryan 1907–1908 Florida Democratic
James Buchanan 1834–1845 Pennsylvania Democratic
C. Douglass Buck 1943–1949 Delaware Republican
Charles R. Buckalew 1863–1869 Pennsylvania Democratic
William A. Buckingham 1869–1875 Connecticut Republican
James L. Buckley 1971–1977 New York Conservative
Alexander Buckner 1831–1833 Missouri Democratic
Morgan G. Bulkeley 1905–1911 Connecticut Republican
Robert J. Bulkley 1930–1939 Ohio Democratic
William B. Bulloch 1813 Georgia Democratic-Republican
William J. Bulow 1931–1943 South Dakota Democratic
Dale Bumpers 1975–1999 Arkansas Democratic
Berkeley L. Bunker 1940–1942 Nevada Democratic
Thomas G. Burch 1946 Virginia Democratic
Jocelyn Birch Burdick 1992 North Dakota Democratic
Quentin N. Burdick 1961–1992 North Dakota Democratic
Edward R. Burke 1935–1941 Nebraska Democratic
Thomas A. Burke 1953–1954 Ohio Democratic
Elmer Burkett 1905–1911 Nebraska Republican
Edwin C. Burleigh 1913–1916 Maine Republican
Jacob Burnet 1828–1831 Ohio National Republican
Henry E. Burnham 1901–1913 New Hampshire Republican
Conrad Burns 1989–2007 Montana Republican
Ambrose Burnside 1875–1881 Rhode Island Republican
Aaron Burr 1791–1797 New York Democratic-Republican
James Burrill, Jr. 1817–1820 Rhode Island Federalist
Julius C. Burrows 1895–1911 Michigan Republican
Holm O. Bursum 1921–1925 New Mexico Republican
Harold H. Burton 1941–1945 Ohio Republican
Joseph R. Burton 1901–1906 Kansas Republican
Theodore E. Burton 1909–1915,
Ohio Republican
Prescott Bush 1953–1963 Connecticut Republican
Harlan J. Bushfield 1943–1948 South Dakota Republican
Vera C. Bushfield 1948 South Dakota Republican
Andrew Butler 1846–1857 South Carolina Democratic
Hugh A. Butler 1941–1954 Nebraska Republican
John M. Butler 1951–1963 Maryland Republican
Marion Butler 1895–1901 North Carolina Populist
Matthew Butler 1877–1895 South Carolina Democratic
Pierce Butler 1789–1795 South Carolina Federalist
William M. Butler 1924–1926 Massachusetts Republican
Harry F. Byrd, Jr. 1965–1970 Virginia Democratic
1970–1983 Independent
Harry F. Byrd, Sr. 1933–1965 Virginia Democratic
James F. Byrnes 1931–1941 South Carolina Democratic


Senator Years State Party
George Cabot 1791–1796 Massachusetts Federalist
Donelson Caffery 1892–1901 Louisiana Democratic
Harry P. Cain 1946–1953 Washington Republican
William M. Calder 1917–1923 New York Republican
Alexander Caldwell 1871–1873 Kansas Republican
John C. Calhoun 1832–1837 South Carolina Nullifier
Wilkinson Call 1879–1897 Florida Democratic
Johnson N. Camden 1881–1887,
West Virginia Democratic
Johnson N. Camden, Jr. 1914–1915 Kentucky Democratic
Angus Cameron 1875–1881,
Wisconsin Republican
J. Donald Cameron 1877–1897 Pennsylvania Republican
Ralph H. Cameron 1921–1927 Arizona Republican
Simon Cameron 1845–1849 Pennsylvania Democratic
Alexander Campbell 1809–1813 Ohio Democratic-Republican
Ben Nighthorse Campbell 1993–1995 Colorado Democratic
1995–2005 Republican
George W. Campbell 1811–1814,
Tennessee Democratic-Republican
Frank J. Cannon 1896–1899 Utah Silver Republican
Howard W. Cannon 1959–1983 Nevada Democratic
Homer E. Capehart 1945–1963 Indiana Republican
Allen T. Caperton 1875–1876 West Virginia Democratic
Arthur Capper 1919–1949 Kansas Republican
Hattie Caraway 1931–1945 Arkansas Democratic
Thaddeus H. Caraway 1921–1931 Arkansas Democratic
Joseph M. Carey 1890–1895 Wyoming Republican
Robert D. Carey 1930–1937 Wyoming Republican
John S. Carlile 1861–1865 Virginia Unionist
John Griffin Carlisle 1890–1893 Kentucky Democratic
Frank Carlson 1950–1969 Kansas Republican
Edward W. Carmack 1901–1907 Tennessee Democratic
Jean Carnahan 2001–2002 Missouri Democratic
Matthew H. Carpenter 1869–1875,
Wisconsin Republican
Charles Carroll of Carrollton 1789–1792 Maryland Federalist
John A. Carroll 1957–1963 Colorado Democratic
Thomas Henry Carter 1895–1901,
Montana Republican
Edward P. Carville 1945–1947 Nevada Democratic
Clifford P. Case 1955–1979 New Jersey Republican
Francis H. Case 1951–1962 South Dakota Republican
Lyman R. Casey 1889–1893 North Dakota Republican
Lewis Cass 1845–1848,
Michigan Democratic
Eugene Casserly 1869–1873 California Democratic
Charles W. Cathcart 1852–1853 Indiana Democratic
Thomas B. Catron 1912–1917 New Mexico Republican
Alexander G. Cattell 1866–1871 New Jersey Republican
Jonathan Chace 1885–1889 Rhode Island Republican
John Chafee 1976–1999 Rhode Island Republican
Lincoln Chafee 1999–2007 Rhode Island Republican
Jerome B. Chaffee 1876–1879 Colorado Republican
Joseph W. Chalmers 1845–1847 Mississippi Democratic
George E. Chamberlain 1909–1921 Oregon Democratic
Ezekiel F. Chambers 1826–1834 Maryland National Republican
Henry H. Chambers 1825–1826 Alabama Democratic
Christopher G. Champlin 1809–1811 Rhode Island Federalist
A. B. "Happy" Chandler I 1939–1945 Kentucky Democratic
John Chandler 1820–1824 Maine Democratic-Republican
1824–1829 Democratic
William E. Chandler 1887–1889,
New Hampshire Republican
Zachariah Chandler 1857–1875,
Michigan Republican
Virgil Chapman 1949–1951 Kentucky Democratic
Robert M. Charlton 1852–1853 Georgia Democratic
Dudley Chase 1813–1817 Vermont Democratic-Republican
1825–1831 National Republican
Salmon P. Chase 1849–1855 Ohio Free Soiler
1861 Republican
Dennis Chavez 1935–1962 New Mexico Democratic
Person C. Cheney 1886–1887 New Hampshire Republican
James Chestnut, Jr. 1858–1860 South Carolina Democratic
George M. Chilcott 1882–1883 Colorado Republican
Lawton Chiles 1971–1989 Florida Democratic
Horace Chilton 1891–1892,
Texas Democratic
William E. Chilton 1911–1917 West Virginia Democratic
Nathaniel Chipman 1797–1803 Vermont Federalist
Rufus Choate 1841–1845 Massachusetts Whig
Isaac P. Christiancy 1875–1879 Michigan Republican
Frank Church 1957–1981 Idaho Democratic
Joseph Cilley 1846–1847 New Hampshire Liberty
William C.C. Claiborne 1817 Louisiana Democratic-Republican
Moses E. Clapp 1901–1917 Minnesota Republican
Bennett Champ Clark 1933–1945 Missouri Democratic
Clarence D. Clark 1895–1917 Wyoming Republican
Daniel Clark 1857–1866 New Hampshire Republican
D. Worth Clark 1939–1945 Idaho Democratic
Dick Clark 1973–1979 Iowa Democratic
Joseph S. Clark 1957–1969 Pennsylvania Democratic
William A. Clark 1899–1900,
Montana Democratic
James P. Clarke 1903–1916 Arkansas Democratic
John Hopkins Clarke 1847–1853 Rhode Island Whig
Alexander S. Clay 1897–1910 Georgia Democratic
Clement Claiborne Clay 1853–1861 Alabama Democratic
Clement Comer Clay 1837–1841 Alabama Democratic
Henry Clay 1806–1807,
Kentucky Democratic-Republican
1831–1832 National Republican
Henry D. Clayton 1913 Alabama Democratic
John M. Clayton 1829–1836 Delaware National Republican
1855–1856 Oppositionist
Joshua Clayton 1798 Delaware Federalist
Powell Clayton 1871–1877 Arkansas Republican
Thomas Clayton 1824–1825 Delaware Federalist
1825–1827 National Republican
1837–1847 Whig
Max Cleland 1997–2003 Georgia Democratic
Jeremiah Clemens 1849–1853 Alabama Democratic
Earle C. Clements 1950–1957 Kentucky Democratic
Thomas L. Clingman 1858–1861 North Carolina Democratic
DeWitt Clinton 1802–1803 New York Democratic-Republican
Hillary Rodham Clinton 2001–2009 New York Democratic
Daniel R. Coats 1989–1999 Indiana Republican
Thomas W. Cobb 1824–1828 Georgia Democratic
William Cocke 1796–1797,
Tennessee Democratic-Republican
Francis M. Cockrell 1875–1905 Missouri Democratic
John S. Cohen 1932–1933 Georgia Democratic
William S. Cohen 1979–1997 Maine Republican
Richard Coke 1877–1895 Texas Democratic
Cornelius Cole 1867–1873 California Republican
Norm Coleman 2003–2009 Minnesota Republican
John E. Colhoun 1801–1802 South Carolina Democratic-Republican
Jacob Collamer 1855–1857 Vermont Oppositionist
1857–1865 Republican
Alfred H. Colquitt 1883–1894 Georgia Democratic
Walter T. Colquitt 1843–1848 Georgia Democratic
LeBaron B. Colt 1913–1924 Rhode Island Republican
Joseph P. Comegys 1856–1857 Delaware Oppositionist
B. B. Comer 1920 Alabama Democratic
John Condit 1803–1809,
New Jersey Democratic-Republican
Omar D. Conger 1881–1887 Michigan Republican
Roscoe Conkling 1867–1881 New York Republican
Tom Connally 1929–1953 Texas Democratic
John Conness 1863–1869 California Republican
Simon B. Conover 1873–1879 Florida Republican
Charles M. Conrad 1842–1843 Louisiana Whig
Marlow Cook 1968–1974 Kentucky Republican
Marcus A. Coolidge 1931–1937 Massachusetts Democratic
Henry Cooper 1871–1877 Tennessee Democratic
James Cooper 1849–1855 Pennsylvania Whig
John Sherman Cooper 1946–1949,
Kentucky Republican
Royal S. Copeland 1923–1938 New York Democratic
Henry W. Corbett 1867–1873,
Oregon Republican
Guy Cordon 1944–1955 Oregon Republican
Thomas Corwin 1845–1850 Ohio Whig
Jon Corzine 2001–2006 New Jersey Democratic
Edward P. Costigan 1931–1937 Colorado Democratic
Norris Cotton 1954–1974,
New Hampshire Republican
James J. Couzens 1922–1936 Michigan Republican
Paul Coverdell 1993–2000 Georgia Republican
Edgar Cowan 1861–1867 Pennsylvania Republican
Samuel C. Crafts 1842–1843 Vermont Whig
Aaron H. Cragin 1865–1877 New Hampshire Republican
Larry Craig 1991–2009 Idaho Republican
Winthrop Murray Crane 1904–1913 Massachusetts Republican
Alan Cranston 1969–1993 California Democratic
Coe I. Crawford 1909–1915 South Dakota Republican
William H. Crawford 1807–1813 Georgia Democratic-Republican
John A. J. Creswell 1865–1867 Maryland Republican
Edward D. Crippa 1954 Wyoming Republican
John J. Crittenden 1817–1819 Kentucky Democratic-Republican
1855–1861 American
William E. Crow 1921–1922 Pennsylvania Republican
Robert Crozier 1873–1874 Kansas Republican
Charles Allen Culberson 1899–1923 Texas Democratic
Shelby Moore Cullom 1883–1913 Illinois Republican
John Culver 1975–1981 Iowa Democratic
Albert B. Cummins 1908–1926 Iowa Republican
Carl T. Curtis 1955–1979 Nebraska Republican
Charles Curtis 1907–1913,
Kansas Republican
Alfred Cuthbert 1835–1843 Georgia Democratic
Bronson M. Cutting 1927–1928,
New Mexico Republican
Charles Cutts 1810–1813 New Hampshire Democratic-Republican


Senator Years State Party
Alfonse M. D'Amato 1981–1999 New York Republican
David Daggett 1813–1819 Connecticut Federalist
Porter H. Dale 1923–1933 Vermont Republican
George M. Dallas 1831–1833 Pennsylvania Democratic
Tristram Dalton 1789–1791 Massachusetts Federalist
Judah Dana 1836–1837 Maine Democratic
Samuel W. Dana 1810–1821 Connecticut Federalist
John A. Danaher 1939–1945 Connecticut Republican
John C. Danforth 1977–1995 Missouri Republican
Charles E. Daniel 1954 South Carolina Democratic
John W. Daniel 1887–1910 Virginia Democratic
Price Daniel 1953–1957 Texas Democratic
Harry Darby 1949–1950 Kansas Republican
Tom Daschle 1987–2005 South Dakota Democratic
Franklin Davenport 1798–1799 New Jersey Federalist
Cushman Davis 1887–1900 Minnesota Republican
David Davis 1877–1883 Illinois Independent
Garrett Davis 1861–1872 Kentucky Democratic
Henry G. Davis 1871–1883 West Virginia Democratic
James J. Davis 1930–1945 Pennsylvania Republican
Jeff Davis 1907–1913 Arkansas Democratic
Jefferson Davis 1847–1851,
Mississippi Democratic
John Davis 1835–1836 Massachusetts National Republican
Henry L. Dawes 1875–1893 Massachusetts Republican
William C. Dawson 1849–1855 Georgia Whig
Mark Dayton 2001–2007 Minnesota Democratic
Jonathan Dayton 1799–1805 New Jersey Federalist
William L. Dayton 1842–1851 New Jersey Whig
James De Wolf 1821–1824 Rhode Island Democratic-Republican
1824–1825 Democratic
William J. Deboe 1897–1903 Kentucky Republican
Dennis DeConcini 1977–1995 Arizona Democratic
Charles S. Deneen 1925–1931 Illinois Republican
George R. Dennis 1873–1879 Maryland Democratic
Jeremiah Denton 1981–1987 Alabama Republican
Chauncey Depew 1899–1911 New York Republican
William F. DeSaussure 1852–1853 South Carolina Democratic
Jean N. Destrehan 1812 Louisiana Democratic-Republican
Mike DeWine 1995–2007 Ohio Republican
Samuel Dexter 1799–1800 Massachusetts Federalist
Nathaniel B. Dial 1919–1925 South Carolina Democratic
Charles W. F. Dick 1904–1911 Ohio Republican
Mahlon Dickerson 1817–1824 New Jersey Democratic-Republican
1824–1833 Democratic
Daniel S. Dickinson 1844–1851 New York Democratic
Lester J. Dickinson 1931–1937 Iowa Republican
Philemon Dickinson 1790–1793 New Jersey Federalist
William H. Dieterich 1933–1939 Illinois Democratic
Charles H. Dietrich 1901–1905 Nebraska Republican
Clarence C. Dill 1923–1935 Washington Democratic
William P. Dillingham 1900–1923 Vermont Republican
Everett Dirksen 1951–1969 Illinois Republican
John Adams Dix 1845–1849 New York Democratic
Alan J. Dixon 1981–1993 Illinois Democratic
Archibald Dixon 1852–1855 Kentucky Whig
James Dixon 1857–1869 Connecticut Republican
Joseph M. Dixon 1907–1912 Montana Republican
1912–1913 Progressive
Nathan F. Dixon 1839–1842 Rhode Island Whig
Nathan F. Dixon III 1889–1895 Rhode Island Republican
Thomas J. Dodd 1959–1971 Connecticut Democratic
Augustus C. Dodge 1846–1855 Iowa Democratic
Henry Dodge 1848–1857 Wisconsin Democratic
Bob Dole 1969–1996 Kansas Republican
Elizabeth Dole 2003–2009 North Carolina Republican
Jonathan P. Dolliver 1900–1910 Iowa Republican
Joseph N. Dolph 1883–1895 Oregon Republican
Pete Domenici 1973–2009 New Mexico Republican
Peter H. Dominick 1963–1975 Colorado Republican
A. Victor Donahey 1935–1941 Ohio Democratic
Forrest C. Donnell 1945–1951 Missouri Republican
James R. Doolittle 1857–1869 Wisconsin Republican
Stephen W. Dorsey 1873–1879 Arkansas Republican
Paul Douglas 1949–1967 Illinois Democratic
Stephen A. Douglas 1847–1861 Illinois Democratic
Sheridan Downey 1939–1950 California Democratic
Solomon W. Downs 1847–1853 Louisiana Democratic
Wall Doxey 1941–1943 Mississippi Democratic
Charles D. Drake 1867–1870 Missouri Republican
Irving W. Drew 1918 New Hampshire Republican
John F. Dryden 1902–1907 New Jersey Republican
Henry A. du Pont 1895–1896,
Delaware Republican
T. Coleman du Pont 1921–1922,
Delaware Republican
Fred Dubois 1891–1896 Idaho Republican
1896–1897 Silver Republican
1901–1907 Democratic
Charles E. Dudley 1829–1833 New York Democratic
James H. Duff 1951–1957 Pennsylvania Republican
F. Ryan Duffy 1933–1939 Wisconsin Democratic
John Foster Dulles 1949 New York Republican
David Durenberger 1978–1995 Minnesota Republican
Charles Durkee 1855–1861 Wisconsin Republican
John A. Durkin 1975–1980 New Hampshire Democratic
Henry Dworshak 1946–1949,
Idaho Republican


Senator Years State Party
Thomas Eagleton 1969–1987 Missouri Democratic
Joseph H. Earle 1897 South Carolina Democratic
John Porter East 1981–1986 North Carolina Republican
James Eastland 1941,
Mississippi Democratic
John Eaton 1818–1821,
Tennessee Democratic-Republican
William W. Eaton 1875–1881 Connecticut Democratic
Zales Ecton 1947–1953 Montana Republican
Walter Evans Edge 1919–1929 New Jersey Republican
Alonzo J. Edgerton 1881 Minnesota Republican
J. Howard Edmondson 1963–1964 Oklahoma Democratic
George F. Edmunds 1866–1891 Vermont Republican
Edward I. Edwards 1923–1929 New Jersey Democratic
Elaine S. Edwards 1972 Louisiana Democratic
Henry W. Edwards 1823–1827 Connecticut Democratic
John Edwards 1792–1795 Kentucky Democratic-Republican
John Edwards 1999–2005 North Carolina Democratic
Ninian Edwards 1818–1824 Illinois Democratic-Republican
Davis Elkins 1911,
West Virginia Republican
Stephen Benton Elkins 1895–1911 West Virginia Republican
Allen Ellender 1937–1972 Louisiana Democratic
Christopher Ellery 1801–1805 Rhode Island Democratic-Republican
John Elliott 1819–1825 Georgia Democratic-Republican
Powhatan Ellis 1825–1826,
Mississippi Democratic
Oliver Ellsworth 1789–1796 Connecticut Federalist
Jonathan Elmer 1789–1791 New Jersey Federalist
Franklin H. Elmore 1850 South Carolina Democratic
Clair Engle 1959–1964 California Democratic
James E. English 1875–1876 Connecticut Democratic
John Wayles Eppes 1817–1819 Virginia Democratic-Republican
John Edward Erickson 1933–1934 Montana Democratic
Richard P. Ernst 1921–1927 Kentucky Republican
Sam Ervin 1954–1975 North Carolina Democratic
James B. Eustis 1876–1879,
Louisiana Democratic
Daniel J. Evans 1983–1989 Washington Republican
George Evans 1841–1847 Maine Whig
Josiah J. Evans 1853–1858 South Carolina Democratic
William M. Evarts 1885–1891 New York Republican
Edward Everett 1853–1854 Massachusetts Whig
Thomas Ewing 1831–1837 Ohio National Republican
1850–1851 Whig
William Lee D. Ewing 1835–1837 Illinois Democratic
John J. Exon 1979–1997 Nebraska Democratic


Senator Years State Party
James Graham Fair 1881–1887 Nevada Democratic
Charles W. Fairbanks 1897–1905 Indiana Republican
Lauch Faircloth 1993–1999 North Carolina Republican
John Fairfield 1843–1847 Maine Democratic
Albert B. Fall 1912–1921 New Mexico Republican
Paul J. Fannin 1965–1977 Arizona Republican
James T. Farley 1879–1885 California Democratic
Charles B. Farwell 1887–1891 Illinois Republican
Nathan A. Farwell 1864–1865 Maine Republican
Charles J. Faulkner 1887–1899 West Virginia Democratic
William C. Feazel 1948 Louisiana Democratic
Alpheus Felch 1847–1853 Michigan Democratic
Charles N. Felton 1891–1893 California Republican
Rebecca Latimer Felton 1922 Georgia Democratic
James Fenner 1805–1807 Rhode Island Democratic-Republican
Reuben Fenton 1869–1872 New York Republican
1872–1875 Liberal Republican
Homer S. Ferguson 1943–1955 Michigan Republican
Bert M. Fernald 1916–1926 Maine Republican
Woodbridge Nathan Ferris 1923–1928 Michigan Democratic
Orris S. Ferry 1867–1872 Connecticut Republican
1872–1875 Liberal Republican
1875 Republican
Thomas W. Ferry 1871–1883 Michigan Republican
Simeon D. Fess 1923–1935 Ohio Republican
William P. Fessenden 1854–1856 Maine Whig
William Few 1789–1793 Georgia Democratic-Republican
Richard Stockton Field 1862–1863 New Jersey Republican
William Findlay 1821–1824 Pennsylvania Democratic-Republican
1824–1827 Democratic
Jesse J. Finley 1887 Florida Democratic
Hamilton Fish 1851–1856 New York Whig
1856–1857 Republican
James Fisk 1817–1818 Vermont Democratic-Republican
Graham N. Fitch 1857–1861 Indiana Democratic
Peter Fitzgerald 1999–2005 Illinois Republican
Thomas Fitzgerald 1848–1849 Michigan Democratic
Benjamin Fitzpatrick 1848–1849,
Alabama Democratic
James W. Flanagan 1870–1875 Texas Republican
Ralph E. Flanders 1946–1959 Vermont Republican
Duncan U. Fletcher 1909–1936 Florida Democratic
Frank P. Flint 1905–1911 California Republican
George G. Fogg 1866–1867 New Hampshire Republican
Hiram L. Fong 1959–1977 Hawaii Republican
Samuel A. Foot 1827–1833 Connecticut National Republican
Solomon Foot 1851–1856 Vermont Whig
1856–1866 Republican
Henry S. Foote 1847–1852 Mississippi Democratic
Joseph B. Foraker 1897–1909 Ohio Republican
Wendell H. Ford 1975–1999 Kentucky Democratic
John Forsyth 1818–1819 Georgia Democratic-Republican
1829–1834 Democratic
Addison G. Foster 1899–1905 Washington Republican
Dwight Foster 1800–1803 Massachusetts Federalist
Ephraim H. Foster 1838–1839,
Tennessee Whig
Henry A. Foster 1844–1845 New York Democratic
Lafayette S. Foster 1855–1856 Connecticut Whig
1856–1867 Republican
Murphy J. Foster 1901–1913 Louisiana Democratic
Theodore Foster 1790–1801 Rhode Island Federalist
1801–1803 Democratic-Republican
Joseph S. Fowler 1866–1871 Tennessee Republican
Wyche Fowler 1987–1993 Georgia Democratic
Sheila Frahm 1996 Kansas Republican
Joseph I. France 1917–1923 Maryland Republican
John Brown Francis 1844–1845 Rhode Island Law and Order
Jesse Franklin 1799–1805,
North Carolina Democratic-Republican
James B. Frazier 1905–1911 Tennessee Democratic
Lynn Frazier 1923–1941 North Dakota Republican
J. Allen Frear, Jr. 1949–1961 Delaware Democratic
Frederick Frelinghuysen 1793–1796 New Jersey Federalist
Frederick T. Frelinghuysen 1866–1869,
New Jersey Republican
Joseph S. Frelinghuysen 1917–1923 New Jersey Republican
Theodore Frelinghuysen 1829–1835 New Jersey National Republican
John C. Fremont 1850–1851 California Republican
Bill Frist 1995–2007 Tennessee Republican
Eligius Fromentin 1813–1819 Louisiana Democratic-Republican
William P. Frye 1881–1911 Maine Republican
J. William Fulbright 1945–1975 Arkansas Democratic
Charles W. Fulton 1903–1909 Oregon Republican
William Savin Fulton 1836–1844 Arkansas Democratic


Senator Years State Party
John Gaillard 1805–1824 South Carolina Democratic-Republican
1824–1826 Democratic
Albert Gallatin 1793–1794 Pennsylvania Democratic-Republican
Jacob H. Gallinger 1891–1918 New Hampshire Republican
Robert J. Gamble 1901–1913 South Dakota Republican
David H. Gambrell 1971–1972 Georgia Democratic
Obadiah Gardner 1911–1913 Maine Democratic
Augustus H. Garland 1877–1885 Arkansas Democratic
Jake Garn 1975–1993 Utah Republican
Frank B. Gary 1908–1909 South Carolina Democratic
Edward James Gay 1918–1921 Louisiana Democratic
Charles Gayarré 1835 Louisiana Democratic
John H. Gear 1895–1900 Iowa Republican
John M. Gearin 1905–1907 Oregon Democratic
James Z. George 1881–1897 Mississippi Democratic
Walter F. George 1922–1957 Georgia Democratic
Obadiah German 1809–1815 New York Democratic-Republican
Peter G. Gerry 1917–1929,
Rhode Island Democratic
Henry S. Geyer 1851–1855 Missouri Whig
1855–1857 Democratic
Charles H. Gibson 1891–1897 Maryland Democratic
Ernest Willard Gibson 1933–1940 Vermont Republican
Ernest W. Gibson, Jr. 1940–1941 Vermont Republican
Paris Gibson 1901–1905 Montana Democratic
Randall L. Gibson 1883–1892 Louisiana Democratic
Abijah Gilbert 1869–1875 Florida Republican
William Branch Giles 1804–1815 Virginia Democratic-Republican
Frederick H. Gillett 1925–1931 Massachusetts Republican
Francis Gillette 1854–1855 Connecticut Free Soiler
Guy Mark Gillette 1936–1945,
Iowa Democratic
Nicholas Gilman 1805–1814 New Hampshire Democratic-Republican
Carter Glass 1920–1946 Virginia Democratic
John Glenn 1974–1999 Ohio Democratic
Otis F. Glenn 1928–1933 Illinois Republican
Guy D. Goff 1925–1931 West Virginia Republican
Nathan Goff, Jr. 1913–1919 West Virginia Republican
Phillips Lee Goldsborough 1929–1935 Maryland Republican
Robert H. Goldsborough 1813–1819 Maryland Federalist
1835–1836 National Republican
George Goldthwaite 1871–1877 Alabama Democratic
Barry Goldwater 1953–1965,
Arizona Republican
Charles Goodell 1968–1971 New York Republican
Benjamin Goodhue 1796–1800 Massachusetts Federalist
Frank R. Gooding 1921–1928 Idaho Republican
Chauncey Goodrich 1807–1813 Connecticut Federalist
James Gordon 1909–1910 Mississippi Democratic
John Brown Gordon 1873–1880,
Georgia Democratic
Albert Gore, Jr. 1985–1993 Tennessee Democratic
Albert Gore, Sr. 1953–1971 Tennessee Democratic
Christopher Gore 1813–1816 Massachusetts Federalist
Thomas Gore 1907–1921,
Oklahoma Democratic
Arthur P. Gorman 1881–1899,
Maryland Democratic
Slade Gorton 1981–1987,
Washington Republican
Charles C. Gossett 1945–1946 Idaho Democratic
Arthur R. Gould 1926–1931 Maine Republican
Bob Graham 1987–2005 Florida Democratic
Frank Porter Graham 1949–1950 North Carolina Democratic
William A. Graham 1840–1843 North Carolina Whig
Phil Gramm 1985–2003 Texas Republican
Elijah S. Grammer 1932–1933 Washington Republican
Rod Grams 1995–2001 Minnesota Republican
Mike Gravel 1969–1981 Alaska Democratic
Dixie Bibb Graves 1937–1938 Alabama Democratic
George Gray 1885–1899 Delaware Democratic
William Grayson 1789–1790 Virginia Democratic-Republican
James S. Green 1857–1861 Missouri Democratic
Theodore F. Green 1937–1961 Rhode Island Democratic
Albert C. Greene 1845–1851 Rhode Island Whig
Frank L. Greene 1923–1930 Vermont Republican
Ray Greene 1797–1801 Rhode Island Federalist
Andrew Gregg 1807–1813 Pennsylvania Democratic-Republican
Robert P. Griffin 1966–1979 Michigan Republican
James W. Grimes 1859–1869 Iowa Republican
Dwight Griswold 1952–1954 Nebraska Republican
Stanley Griswold 1809 Ohio Democratic-Republican
Asle Gronna 1911–1921 North Dakota Republican
James B. Groome 1879–1885 Maryland Democratic
La Fayette Grover 1877–1883 Oregon Democratic
Ernest Gruening 1959–1969 Alaska Democratic
Felix Grundy 1829–1838,
Tennessee Democratic
Joseph R. Grundy 1929–1930 Pennsylvania Republican
Joseph F. Guffey 1935–1947 Pennsylvania Democratic
Simon Guggenheim 1907–1913 Colorado Republican
Walter Guion 1918 Louisiana Democratic
James Gunn 1789–1797 Georgia Democratic-Republican
1797–1801 Federalist
Edward J. Gurney 1969–1974 Florida Republican
John Chandler Gurney 1939–1951 South Dakota Republican
James Guthrie 1865–1868 Kentucky Democratic
William M. Gwin 1850–1855,
California Democratic


Senator Years State Party
Chuck Hagel 1997–2009 Nebraska Republican
John S. Hager 1873–1875 California Democratic
Eugene Hale 1881–1911 Maine Republican
Frederick Hale 1917–1941 Maine Republican
John P. Hale 1847–1848 New Hampshire Independent Democratic
Free Soiler
1856–1865 Republican
Wilton E. Hall 1944–1945 South Carolina Democratic
Morgan C. Hamilton 1870–1873 Texas Republican
1873–1875 Liberal Republican
1875–1877 Republican
William T. Hamilton 1869–1875 Maryland Democratic
Hannibal Hamlin 1848–1856 Maine Democratic
James Henry Hammond 1857–1860 South Carolina Democratic
Wade Hampton III 1879–1891 South Carolina Democratic
Mark Hanna 1897–1904 Ohio Republican
Robert Hanna 1831–1832 Indiana National Republican
Edward A. Hannegan 1843–1849 Indiana Democratic
Henry C. Hansbrough 1891–1909 North Dakota Republican
Clifford P. Hansen 1967–1978 Wyoming Republican
Alexander C. Hanson 1816–1819 Maryland Federalist
Martin D. Hardin 1816–1817 Kentucky Federalist
Benjamin F. Harding 1862–1865 Oregon Democratic
Warren G. Harding 1915–1921 Ohio Republican
Thomas W. Hardwick 1914–1919 Georgia Democratic
James Harlan 1855–1857 Iowa Free Soiler
Robert G. Harper 1816 Maryland Federalist
William Harper 1826 South Carolina Democratic
John W. Harreld 1921–1927 Oklahoma Republican
Fred Roy Harris 1964–1973 Oklahoma Democratic
Ira Harris 1861–1867 New York Republican
Isham G. Harris 1877–1897 Tennessee Democratic
John S. Harris 1868–1871 Louisiana Republican
William A. Harris 1897–1903 Kansas Populist
William J. Harris 1919–1932 Georgia Democratic
Benjamin Harrison 1881–1887 Indiana Republican
Pat Harrison 1919–1941 Mississippi Democratic
William Henry Harrison 1825–1828 Ohio National Republican
Gary Hart 1975–1987 Colorado Democratic
Philip A. Hart 1959–1976 Michigan Democratic
Thomas C. Hart 1945–1946 Connecticut Republican
Vance Hartke 1959–1977 Indiana Democratic
James M. Harvey 1874–1877 Kansas Republican
Floyd K. Haskell 1973–1979 Colorado Democratic
Daniel O. Hastings 1928–1937 Delaware Republican
Carl Hatch 1933–1949 New Mexico Democratic
Henry D. Hatfield 1929–1935 West Virginia Republican
Mark Hatfield 1967–1997 Oregon Republican
Paul G. Hatfield 1978 Montana Democratic
William Hathaway 1973–1979 Maine Democratic
Henry P. Haun 1859–1860 California Democratic
Harry B. Hawes 1926–1933 Missouri Democratic
Albert W. Hawkes 1943–1949 New Jersey Republican
Benjamin Hawkins 1789–1791 North Carolina Federalist
1791–1795 Democratic-Republican
Paula Hawkins 1981–1987 Florida Republican
Joseph R. Hawley 1881–1905 Connecticut Republican
S. I. Hayakawa 1977–1983 California Republican
Carl Hayden 1927–1969 Arizona Democratic
Arthur P. Hayne 1858 South Carolina Democratic
Robert Y. Hayne 1823–1824 South Carolina Democratic-Republican
1824–1831 Democratic
1831–1832 Nullifier
Monroe Hayward 1899 Nebraska Republican
William H. Haywood, Jr. 1843–1846 North Carolina Democratic
George Hearst 1886,
California Democratic
Felix Hebert 1929–1935 Rhode Island Republican
Chic Hecht 1983–1989 Nevada Republican
Howell Heflin 1979–1997 Alabama Democratic
J. Thomas Heflin 1920–1931 Alabama Democratic
H. John Heinz III 1977–1991 Pennsylvania Republican
John Netherland Heiskell 1913 Arkansas Democratic
Henry Heitfeld 1897–1901 Idaho Populist
1901–1903 Democratic
Jesse Helms 1973–2003 North Carolina Republican
James A. Hemenway 1905–1909 Indiana Republican
John Hemphill 1859–1861 Texas Democratic
Charles B. Henderson 1918–1921 Nevada Democratic
James P. Henderson 1857–1858 Texas Democratic
John Henderson 1839–1845 Mississippi Whig
John B. Henderson 1862–1863 Missouri Unionist
1863–1865 Unconditional Unionist
1865–1869 Republican
Thomas A. Hendricks 1863–1869 Indiana Democratic
William Hendricks 1825–1837 Indiana National Republican
Robert C. Hendrickson 1949–1955 New Jersey Republican
Thomas C. Hennings, Jr. 1951–1960 Missouri Democratic
John Henry 1789–1797 Maryland Federalist
Frank Hereford 1877–1881 West Virginia Democratic
Clyde L. Herring 1937–1943 Iowa Democratic
Weldon B. Heyburn 1903–1912 Idaho Republican
Bourke B. Hickenlooper 1945–1969 Iowa Republican
John J. Hickey 1961–1962 Wyoming Democratic
Thomas H. Hicks 1862–1865 Maryland Unionist
Anthony Higgins 1889–1895 Delaware Republican
Benjamin H. Hill 1877–1882 Georgia Democratic
David B. Hill 1892–1897 New York Democratic
Isaac Hill 1831–1836 New Hampshire Democratic
Joshua Hill 1868–1873 Georgia Republican
J. Lister Hill 1938–1969 Alabama Democratic
Nathaniel P. Hill 1879–1885 Colorado Republican
William Luther Hill 1936 Florida Democratic
James Hillhouse 1796–1810 Connecticut Federalist
William Hindman 1800–1801 Maryland Federalist
Frank Hiscock 1887–1893 New York Republican
Gilbert Hitchcock 1911–1923 Nebraska Democratic
Herbert E. Hitchcock 1936–1938 South Dakota Democratic
Phineas Hitchcock 1871–1877 Nebraska Republican
George Frisbie Hoar 1877–1904 Massachusetts Republican
John Sloss Hobart 1798 New York Federalist
John D. Hoblitzell, Jr. 1958 West Virginia Republican
Kaneaster Hodges, Jr. 1977–1979 Arkansas Democratic
Clyde R. Hoey 1945–1954 North Carolina Democratic
Spessard Holland 1946–1971 Florida Democratic
Fritz Hollings 1966–2005 South Carolina Democratic
Henry F. Hollis 1913–1919 New Hampshire Democratic
Rufus C. Holman 1939–1945 Oregon Republican
David Holmes 1820–1825 Mississippi Democratic-Republican
John Holmes 1820–1824 Maine Democratic-Republican
National Republican
Rush D. Holt Sr. 1935–1941 West Virginia Democratic
Albert J. Hopkins 1903–1909 Illinois Republican
Outerbridge Horsey 1810–1821 Delaware Federalist
Andrew J. Houston 1941 Texas Democratic
George S. Houston 1879 Alabama Democratic
Sam Houston 1846–1855 Texas Democratic
1855–1859 American
Guy V. Howard 1936–1937 Minnesota Republican
Jacob M. Howard 1862–1871 Michigan Republican
John E. Howard 1796–1803 Maryland Federalist
Timothy O. Howe 1861–1879 Wisconsin Republican
James B. Howell 1870–1871 Iowa Republican
Jeremiah B. Howell 1811–1817 Rhode Island Democratic-Republican
Robert B. Howell 1923–1933 Nebraska Republican
Benjamin Howland 1804–1809 Rhode Island Democratic-Republican
Roman Hruska 1954–1976 Nebraska Republican
Henry Hubbard 1835–1841 New Hampshire Democratic
Walter Huddleston 1973–1985 Kentucky Democratic
James W. Huffman 1945–1946 Ohio Democratic
Daniel Elliott Huger 1843–1845 South Carolina Democratic
Charles J. Hughes, Jr. 1909–1911 Colorado Democratic
Harold Hughes 1969–1975 Iowa Democratic
James H. Hughes 1937–1943 Delaware Democratic
William Hughes 1913–1918 New Jersey Democratic
Cordell Hull 1931–1933 Tennessee Democratic
Gordon J. Humphrey 1979–1990 New Hampshire Republican
Hubert Humphrey 1949–1964,
Minnesota Democratic
Muriel Humphrey 1978 Minnesota Democratic
Robert Humphreys 1956 Kentucky Democratic
Lester C. Hunt 1949–1954 Wyoming Democratic
John Hunter 1796–1798 South Carolina Democratic-Republican
Richard C. Hunter 1934–1935 Nebraska Democratic
Robert M. T. Hunter 1847–1861 Virginia Democratic
William Hunter 1811–1821 Rhode Island Federalist
Jabez W. Huntington 1840–1847 Connecticut Whig
Eppa Hunton 1892–1895 Virginia Democratic
Paul O. Husting 1915–1917 Wisconsin Democratic
Tim Hutchinson 1997–2003 Arkansas Republican


Senator Years State Party
John James Ingalls 1873–1891 Kansas Republican
John Irby 1891–1897 South Carolina Democratic
James Iredell, Jr. 1828–1831 North Carolina Democratic
Alfred Iverson, Sr. 1855–1861 Georgia Democratic
Irving Ives 1947–1959 New York Republican
Ralph Izard 1789–1795 South Carolina Federalist


Senator Years State Party
Andrew Jackson 1797–1798,
Tennessee Democratic-Republican
Henry M. Jackson 1953–1983 Washington Democratic
Howell E. Jackson 1881–1886 Tennessee Democratic
James Jackson 1793–1795,
Georgia Democratic-Republican
Samuel D. Jackson 1944 Indiana Democratic
William P. Jackson 1912–1914 Maryland Republican
Charles T. James 1851–1857 Rhode Island Democratic
Ollie M. James 1913–1918 Kentucky Democratic
Spencer Jarnagin 1843–1847 Tennessee Whig
Thomas Jordan Jarvis 1894–1895 North Carolina Democratic
Jacob Javits 1957–1981 New York Republican
Jim Jeffords 1989–2001 Vermont Republican
2001–2007 Independent
William E. Jenner 1944–1945,
Indiana Republican
Benning W. Jenness 1845–1846 New Hampshire Democratic
Roger Jepsen 1979–1985 Iowa Republican
Daniel T. Jewett 1870–1871 Missouri Republican
Andrew Johnson 1857–1862,
Tennessee Democratic
Charles F. Johnson 1911–1917 Maine Democratic
Edwin C. Johnson 1937–1955 Colorado Democratic
Edwin S. Johnson 1915–1921 South Dakota Democratic
Henry Johnson 1818–1823 Louisiana Democratic-Republican
1823–1824 National Republican
1844–1849 Whig
Herschel V. Johnson 1848–1849 Georgia Democratic
Hiram Johnson 1917–1945 California Republican
Lyndon B. Johnson 1949–1961 Texas Democratic
Magnus Johnson 1923–1925 Minnesota Farmer-Laborite
Martin N. Johnson 1909 North Dakota Republican
Reverdy Johnson 1845–1849 Maryland Whig
1863–1868 Democratic
Richard M. Johnson 1819–1824 Kentucky Democratic-Republican
1824–1829 Democratic
Robert Ward Johnson 1853–1861 Arkansas Democratic
Waldo P. Johnson 1861–1862 Missouri Democratic
William S. Johnson 1789–1791 Connecticut Federalist
Bennett Johnston 1973–1997 Louisiana Democratic
John W. Johnston 1870–1871,
Virginia Democratic
Joseph F. Johnston 1907–1913 Alabama Democratic
Josiah S. Johnston 1824–1833 Louisiana National Republican
Olin D. Johnston 1945–1965 South Carolina Democratic
Rienzi M. Johnston 1913 Texas Democratic
Samuel Johnston 1789–1793 North Carolina Federalist
Benjamin F. Jonas 1879–1885 Louisiana Democratic
Andrieus A. Jones 1917–1927 New Mexico Democratic
Charles W. Jones 1875–1887 Florida Democratic
George Jones 1807 Georgia Democratic-Republican
George W. Jones 1848–1859 Iowa Democratic
James C. Jones 1851–1856 Tennessee Whig
1856–1857 Democratic
James K. Jones 1885–1903 Arkansas Democratic
John P. Jones 1873–1895 Nevada Republican
1895–1901 Silverite
1901–1903 Republican
Wesley L. Jones 1909–1932 Washington Republican
B. Everett Jordan 1958–1973 North Carolina Democratic
Leonard B. Jordan 1962–1973 Idaho Republican


Senator Years State Party
Elias Kane 1825–1835 Illinois Democratic
David Karnes 1987–1989 Nebraska Republican
Nancy Landon Kassebaum 1979–1997 Kansas Republican
Robert W. Kasten Jr. 1981–1993 Wisconsin Republican
William M. Kavanaugh 1913 Arkansas Democratic
Hamilton Fish Kean 1929–1935 New Jersey Republican
John Kean 1899–1911 New Jersey Republican
Thomas Kearns 1901–1905 Utah Republican
Kenneth Keating 1959–1965 New York Republican
Estes Kefauver 1949–1963 Tennessee Democratic
Frank B. Kellogg 1917–1923 Minnesota Republican
William P. Kellogg 1868–1872,
Louisiana Republican
James K. Kelly 1871–1877 Oregon Democratic
William Kelly 1822–1825 Alabama Democratic-Republican
James P. Kem 1947–1953 Missouri Republican
Dirk Kempthorne 1993–1999 Idaho Republican
John B. Kendrick 1917–1933 Wyoming Democratic
John E. Kenna 1883–1893 West Virginia Democratic
Anthony Kennedy 1857–1863 Maryland American
Ted Kennedy 1962–2009 Massachusetts Democratic
John F. Kennedy 1953–1961 Massachusetts Democratic
Robert F. Kennedy 1965–1968 New York Democratic
Richard R. Kenney 1897–1901 Delaware Democratic
Joseph Kent 1833–1837 Maryland Whig
William S. Kenyon 1911–1922 Iowa Republican
John W. Kern 1911–1917 Indiana Democratic
Francis Kernan 1875–1881 New York Democratic
John L. Kerr 1841–1843 Maryland Whig
Joseph Kerr 1814–1815 Ohio Democratic-Republican
Robert S. Kerr 1949–1963 Oklahoma Democratic
Bob Kerrey 1989–2001 Nebraska Democratic
David M. Key 1875–1877 Tennessee Democratic
Henry W. Keyes 1919–1937 New Hampshire Republican
Harley M. Kilgore 1941–1956 West Virginia Democratic
John Pendleton King 1833–1837 Georgia Democratic
Preston King 1857–1863 New York Republican
Rufus King 1789–1796,
New York Federalist
William H. King 1917–1941 Utah Democratic
William R. King 1819–1844,
Alabama Democratic
William F. Kirby 1916–1921 Arkansas Democratic
Paul G. Kirk 2009–2010 Massachusetts Democratic
Samuel J. Kirkwood 1866–1867,
Iowa Republican
Aaron Kitchell 1805–1809 New Jersey Democratic-Republican
Alfred B. Kittredge 1901–1909 South Dakota Republican
Nehemiah R. Knight 1821–1824 Rhode Island Democratic-Republican
1824–1832 National Republican
1832–1841 Whig
William F. Knowland 1945–1959 California Republican
Philander Chase Knox 1904–1909,
Pennsylvania Republican
Bob Krueger 1993 Texas Democratic
Tom Kuchel 1953–1969 California Republican
James H. Kyle 1891–1901 South Dakota Populist


Senator Years State Party
Robert M. La Follette, Jr. 1925–1934 Wisconsin Republican
1934–1947 Progressive
Robert M. La Follette, Sr. 1905–1925 Wisconsin Republican
Abner Lacock 1813–1819 Pennsylvania Democratic-Republican
Edwin F. Ladd 1921–1925 North Dakota Republican
William R. Laird, III 1956 West Virginia Democratic
Lucius Q. C. Lamar 1877–1885 Mississippi Democratic
John Lambert 1809–1815 New Jersey Democratic-Republican
Harry Lane 1913–1917 Oregon Democratic
Henry Smith Lane 1861–1867 Indiana Republican
James H. Lane 1861–1866 Kansas Republican
Joseph Lane 1859–1861 Oregon Democratic
John Langdon 1789–1793 New Hampshire Federalist
1793–1801 Democratic-Republican
William Langer 1941–1959 North Dakota Republican
James Lanman 1819–1825 Connecticut Democratic-Republican
Elbridge G. Lapham 1881–1885 New York Republican
Octaviano A. Larrazolo 1928–1929 New Mexico Republican
Milton Latham 1860–1863 California Democratic
Asbury Latimer 1903–1908 South Carolina Democratic
Henry Latimer 1795–1801 Delaware Federalist
John Laurance 1796–1800 New York Federalist
Frank J. Lausche 1957–1969 Ohio Democratic
Paul Laxalt 1975–1987 Nevada Republican
Luke Lea 1911–1917 Tennessee Democratic
Edward L. Leahy 1949–1950 Rhode Island Democratic
Walter Leake 1817–1820 Mississippi Democratic-Republican
Blair Lee I 1914–1917 Maryland Democratic
Joshua B. Lee 1937–1943 Oklahoma Democratic
Richard Henry Lee 1789–1792 Virginia Democratic-Republican
Herbert H. Lehman 1949–1957 New York Democratic
Michael Leib 1809–1814 Pennsylvania Democratic-Republican
Benjamin W. Leigh 1834–1836 Virginia National Republican
Alton Asa Lennon 1953–1954 North Carolina Democratic
Irvine Lenroot 1918–1927 Wisconsin Republican
Dixon Hall Lewis 1844–1848 Alabama Democratic
J. Hamilton Lewis 1913–1919,
Illinois Democratic
John F. Lewis 1870–1875 Virginia Republican
William Lindsay 1893–1901 Kentucky Democratic
Lewis F. Linn 1833–1843 Missouri Democratic
Henry F. Lippitt 1911–1917 Rhode Island Republican
Samuel Livermore 1793–1801 New Hampshire Federalist
Edward Livingston 1829–1831 Louisiana Democratic
Edward Lloyd 1819–1824 Maryland Democratic-Republican
1824–1826 Democratic
James Lloyd of Maryland 1797–1800 Maryland Federalist
James Lloyd of Massachusetts 1808–1813,
Massachusetts Federalist
1824–1826 National Republican
Cyrus Locher 1928 Ohio Democratic
Francis Locke 1814–1815 North Carolina Democratic-Republican
Henry Cabot Lodge 1893–1924 Massachusetts Republican
Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. 1937–1944,
Massachusetts Republican
Scott Loftin 1936 Florida Democratic
George Logan 1801–1807 Pennsylvania Democratic-Republican
John A. Logan 1871–1877,
Illinois Republican
M. M. Logan 1931–1939 Kentucky Democratic
William Logan 1819–1820 Kentucky Democratic-Republican
Augustine Lonergan 1933–1939 Connecticut Democratic
Chester I. Long 1903–1909 Kansas Republican
Edward V. Long 1960–1968 Missouri Democratic
Huey P. Long 1932–1935 Louisiana Democratic
Oren E. Long 1959–1963 Hawaii Democratic
Rose McConnell Long 1936–1937 Louisiana Democratic
Russell B. Long 1948–1987 Louisiana Democratic
William Lorimer 1909–1912 Illinois Republican
Trent Lott 1989–2007 Mississippi Republican
Walter Lowrie 1819–1825 Pennsylvania Democratic-Republican
Daniel B. Lucas 1887 West Virginia Democratic
Scott W. Lucas 1939–1951 Illinois Democratic
Alva M. Lumpkin 1941 South Carolina Democratic
Wilson Lumpkin 1837–1841 Georgia Democratic
Ernest Lundeen 1937–1940 Minnesota Farmer-Laborite
Hall S. Lusk 1960 Oregon Democratic
Lucius Lyon 1837–1839 Michigan Democratic


Senator Years State Party
Willis Benson Machen 1872–1873 Kentucky Democratic
Connie Mack III 1989–2001 Florida Republican
Samuel Maclay 1803–1809 Pennsylvania Democratic-Republican
William Maclay 1789–1791 Pennsylvania Democratic-Republican
Nathaniel Macon 1815–1824 North Carolina Democratic-Republican
1824–1828 Democratic
Warren G. Magnuson 1944–1981 Washington Democratic
Allan B. Magruder 1812–1813 Louisiana Democratic-Republican
William Mahone 1881–1887 Virginia Readjuster
Francis Malbone 1809 Rhode Island Federalist
Stephen Mallory 1851–1861 Florida Democratic
Stephen Mallory II 1897–1907 Florida Democratic
George W. Malone 1947–1959 Nevada Republican
Francis T. Maloney 1935–1945 Connecticut Democratic
Charles F. Manderson 1883–1895 Nebraska Republican
Willie Person Mangum 1831–1833 North Carolina Democratic
1833–1836 National Republican
1840–1853 Whig
Mike Mansfield 1953–1977 Montana Democratic
Lee Mantle 1895–1896 Montana Republican
1896–1899 Silver Republican
William L. Marcy 1831–1833 New York Democratic
William Marks 1825–1831 Pennsylvania National Republican
Humphrey Marshall 1795–1801 Kentucky Federalist
Gilman Marston 1889 New Hampshire Republican
Alexander Martin 1793–1799 North Carolina Democratic-Republican
Edward Martin 1947–1959 Pennsylvania Republican
George B. Martin 1918–1919 Kentucky Democratic
John Martin 1893–1895 Kansas Democratic
Thomas E. Martin 1955–1961 Iowa Republican
Thomas S. Martin 1895–1919 Virginia Democratic
James Edgar Martine 1911–1917 New Jersey Democratic
Armistead T. Mason 1816–1817 Virginia Democratic-Republican
James M. Mason 1847–1861 Virginia Democratic
Jeremiah Mason 1813–1817 New Hampshire Federalist
Jonathan Mason 1800–1803 Massachusetts Federalist
Stevens T. Mason 1794–1803 Virginia Democratic-Republican
William E. Mason 1897–1903 Illinois Republican
William A. Massey 1912–1913 Nevada Republican
Harlan Mathews 1993–1994 Tennessee Democratic
Elisha Mathewson 1807–1811 Rhode Island Democratic-Republican
Charles Mathias, Jr. 1969–1987 Maryland Republican
Spark Matsunaga 1977–1990 Hawaii Democratic
Stanley Matthews 1877–1879 Ohio Republican
Mack Mattingly 1981–1987 Georgia Republican
Samuel B. Maxey 1875–1887 Texas Democratic
Burnet R. Maybank 1941–1954 South Carolina Democratic
Earle B. Mayfield 1923–1929 Texas Democratic
William G. McAdoo 1933–1938 California Democratic
George W. McBride 1895–1901 Oregon Republican
Pat McCarran 1933–1954 Nevada Democratic
Eugene McCarthy 1959–1971 Minnesota Democratic
Joseph McCarthy 1947–1957 Wisconsin Republican
John L. McClellan 1943–1977 Arkansas Democratic
James A. McClure 1973–1991 Idaho Republican
Louis E. McComas 1899–1905 Maryland Republican
William J. McConnell 1890–1891 Idaho Republican
Joseph M. McCormick 1919–1925 Illinois Republican
James B. McCreary 1903–1909 Kentucky Democratic
Thomas C. McCreery 1868–1871,
Kentucky Democratic
Roscoe C. McCulloch 1929–1930 Ohio Republican
Porter J. McCumber 1899–1923 North Dakota Republican
James W. McDill 1881–1883 Iowa Republican
Alexander McDonald 1868–1871 Arkansas Republican
Joseph E. McDonald 1875–1881 Indiana Democratic
James A. McDougall 1861–1867 California Democratic
George McDuffie 1842–1846 South Carolina Democratic
Samuel D. McEnery 1897–1910 Louisiana Democratic
Ernest W. McFarland 1941–1953 Arizona Democratic
Gale W. McGee 1959–1977 Wyoming Democratic
George McGill 1930–1939 Kansas Democratic
George McGovern 1963–1981 South Dakota Democratic
J. Howard McGrath 1947–1949 Rhode Island Democratic
Joseph McIlvaine 1823–1824 New Jersey Democratic-Republican
1824–1826 National Republican
Thomas J. McIntyre 1962–1979 New Hampshire Democratic
Samuel McKean 1833–1839 Pennsylvania Democratic
Kenneth D. McKellar 1917–1953 Tennessee Democratic
John McKinley 1826–1831,
Alabama Democratic
William B. McKinley 1921–1926 Illinois Republican
Louis McLane 1827–1829 Delaware Democratic
Anselm J. McLaurin 1894–1895,
Mississippi Democratic
John L. McLaurin 1897–1903 South Carolina Democratic
George P. McLean 1911–1929 Connecticut Republican
John McLean 1824–1825,
Illinois Democratic
Brien McMahon 1945–1952 Connecticut Democratic
William H. McMaster 1925–1931 South Dakota Republican
James McMillan 1889–1902 Michigan Republican
Samuel J. R. McMillan 1875–1887 Minnesota Republican
Patrick V. McNamara 1955–1966 Michigan Democratic
Charles L. McNary 1917–1918,
Oregon Republican
John R. McPherson 1877–1895 New Jersey Democratic
John J. McRae 1851–1852 Mississippi Democratic
Samuel McRoberts 1841–1843 Illinois Democratic
James M. Mead 1938–1947 New York Democratic
Rice W. Means 1924–1927 Colorado Republican
Edwin L. Mechem 1962–1964 New Mexico Republican
Return J. Meigs, Jr. 1808–1810 Ohio Democratic-Republican
John Melcher 1977–1989 Montana Democratic
Prentiss Mellen 1818–1820 Massachusetts Federalist
David Meriwether 1852 Kentucky Democratic
William D. Merrick 1838–1845 Maryland Whig
Augustus S. Merrimon 1873–1879 North Carolina Democratic
Jesse H. Metcalf 1924–1937 Rhode Island Republican
Lee Metcalf 1961–1978 Montana Democratic
Thomas Metcalfe 1848–1849 Kentucky Whig
Howard Metzenbaum 1974,
Ohio Democratic
Joseph Millard 1901–1907 Nebraska Republican
John Milledge 1806–1809 Georgia Democratic-Republican
Bert H. Miller 1949 Idaho Democratic
Homer V. M. Miller 1869–1871 Georgia Democratic
Jack Miller 1961–1973 Iowa Republican
Jacob W. Miller 1841–1853 New Jersey Whig
John E. Miller 1937–1941 Arkansas Democratic
John F. Miller 1881–1886 California Republican
Stephen D. Miller 1831–1833 South Carolina Nullifier
Warner Miller 1881–1887 New York Republican
Zell Miller 2000–2005 Georgia Democratic
Eugene D. Millikin 1941–1957 Colorado Republican
Elijah H. Mills 1820–1824 Massachusetts Federalist
1824–1827 National Republican
Roger Q. Mills 1892–1899 Texas Democratic
John G. Milton 1938 New Jersey Democratic
William H. Milton 1908–1909 Florida Democratic
Sherman Minton 1935–1941 Indiana Democratic
Charles B. Mitchel 1861 Arkansas Democratic
George J. Mitchell 1980–1995 Maine Democratic
Hugh Mitchell 1945–1946 Washington Democratic
John H. Mitchell 1873–1879,
Oregon Republican
John I. Mitchell 1881–1887 Pennsylvania Republican
John L. Mitchell 1893–1899 Wisconsin Democratic
Stephen Mix Mitchell 1793–1795 Connecticut Federalist
Samuel L. Mitchill 1804–1809 New York Democratic-Republican
Walter Mondale 1964–1976 Minnesota Democratic
Hernando Money 1897–1911 Mississippi Democratic
James Monroe 1790–1794 Virginia Democratic-Republican
Mike Monroney 1951–1969 Oklahoma Democratic
Joseph Montoya 1964–1977 New Mexico Democratic
Blair Moody 1951–1952 Michigan Democratic
Gideon C. Moody 1889–1891 South Dakota Republican
Wyman B. S. Moor 1848 Maine Democratic
Andrew Moore 1804–1809 Virginia Democratic-Republican
A. Harry Moore 1935–1938 New Jersey Democratic
Edward H. Moore 1943–1949 Oklahoma Republican
Gabriel Moore 1831–1833 Alabama Democratic
1833–1837 National Republican
James T. Morehead 1841–1847 Kentucky Whig
Edwin D. Morgan 1863–1869 New York Republican
John Tyler Morgan 1877–1907 Alabama Democratic
Robert B. Morgan 1975–1981 North Carolina Democratic
David L. Morril 1817–1823 New Hampshire Democratic-Republican
Justin S. Morrill 1867–1898 Vermont Republican
Lot M. Morrill 1861–1869,
Maine Republican
Gouverneur Morris 1800–1803 New York Federalist
Robert Morris 1789–1795 Pennsylvania Federalist
Thomas Morris 1833–1839 Ohio Democratic
Cameron A. Morrison 1930–1932 North Carolina Democratic
Dwight Morrow 1930–1931 New Jersey Republican
Jeremiah Morrow 1813–1819 Ohio Democratic-Republican
Wayne L. Morse 1945–1952 Oregon Republican
1952–1955 Independent
1955–1969 Democratic
Jackson Morton 1849–1855 Florida Whig
Oliver H. P. T. Morton 1867–1877 Indiana Republican
Thruston Ballard Morton 1957–1968 Kentucky Republican
Carol Moseley-Braun 1993–1999 Illinois Democratic
George H. Moses 1918–1933 New Hampshire Republican
John Moses 1945 North Dakota Democratic
Frank Moss 1959–1977 Utah Democratic
Alexander Mouton 1837–1842 Louisiana Democratic
Daniel Patrick Moynihan 1977–2001 New York Democratic
Peter Muhlenberg 1801 Pennsylvania Democratic-Republican
Frederick W. Mulkey 1907,
Oregon Republican
Karl Mundt 1948–1973 South Dakota Republican
Abe Murdock 1941–1947 Utah Democratic
Frank Murkowski 1981–2002 Alaska Republican
Edward Murphy, Jr. 1893–1899 New York Democratic
George Murphy 1965–1971 California Republican
Maurice J. Murphy, Jr. 1961–1962 New Hampshire Republican
Richard L. Murphy 1933–1936 Iowa Democratic
James Edward Murray 1934–1961 Montana Democratic
Edmund Muskie 1959–1980 Maine Democratic
Francis J. Myers 1945–1951 Pennsylvania Democratic
Henry L. Myers 1911–1923 Montana Democratic


Senator Years State Party
Arnold Naudain 1830–1836 Delaware National Republican
Matthew M. Neely 1923–1929,
West Virginia Democratic
Arthur E. Nelson 1942–1943 Minnesota Republican
Gaylord Nelson 1963–1981 Wisconsin Democratic
Knute Nelson 1895–1923 Minnesota Republican
James W. Nesmith 1861–1867 Oregon Democratic
Maurine Brown Neuberger 1960–1967 Oregon Democratic
Richard L. Neuberger 1955–1960 Oregon Democratic
Harry S. New 1917–1923 Indiana Republican
Truman Handy Newberry 1919–1922 Michigan Republican
Francis G. Newlands 1903–1917 Nevada Democratic
Robert C. Nicholas 1836–1841 Louisiana Democratic
Wilson Cary Nicholas 1799–1804 Virginia Democratic-Republican
Alfred O. P. Nicholson 1840–1842,
Tennessee Democratic
Samuel D. Nicholson 1921–1923 Colorado Republican
Don Nickles 1981–2005 Oklahoma Republican
John Milton Niles 1835–1839,
Connecticut Democratic
George S. Nixon 1905–1912 Nevada Republican
Richard M. Nixon 1950–1953 California Republican
James Noble 1816–1831 Indiana National Republican
Peter Norbeck 1921–1936 South Dakota Republican
George William Norris 1913–1936 Nebraska Republican
1936–1943 Independent
Moses Norris, Jr. 1849–1855 New Hampshire Democratic
William North 1798 New York Federalist
Daniel S. Norton 1865–1870 Minnesota Republican
John Norvell 1837–1841 Michigan Democratic
Thomas M. Norwood 1871–1877 Georgia Democratic
Amos Nourse 1857 Maine Republican
John F. Nugent 1918–1921 Idaho Democratic
Sam Nunn 1973–1997 Georgia Democratic
Gerald P. Nye 1925–1945 North Dakota Republican
James W. Nye 1864–1873 Nevada Republican


Senator Years State Party
Herbert R. O'Conor 1947–1953 Maryland Democratic
W. Lee O'Daniel 1941–1949 Texas Democratic
James Aloysius O'Gorman 1911–1917 New York Democratic
Joseph C. O'Mahoney 1934–1953,
Wyoming Democratic
Barack Obama 2005–2008 Illinois Democratic
Tasker Oddie 1921–1933 Nevada Republican
Aaron Ogden 1801–1803 New Jersey Federalist
Richard James Oglesby 1873–1879 Illinois Republican
Simeon Olcott 1801–1805 New Hampshire Federalist
George T. Oliver 1909–1917 Pennsylvania Republican
Thomas W. Osborn 1868–1873 Florida Republican
Harrison Gray Otis 1817–1822 Massachusetts Federalist
Lee Slater Overman 1903–1930 North Carolina Democratic
John H. Overton 1933–1948 Louisiana Democratic
Robert L. Owen 1907–1925 Oklahoma Democratic


Senator Years State Party
Bob Packwood 1969–1996 Oregon Republican
Algernon Paddock 1875–1881,
Nebraska Republican
Carroll S. Page 1908–1923 Vermont Republican
John Page 1836–1837 New Hampshire Democratic
Elijah Paine 1795–1801 Vermont Federalist
John M. Palmer 1891–1897 Illinois Democratic
Thomas W. Palmer 1883–1889 Michigan Republican
William A. Palmer 1818–1824 Vermont Democratic-Republican
1824–1825 National Republican
Nahum Parker 1807–1810 New Hampshire Democratic-Republican
Richard E. Parker 1836–1837 Virginia Democratic
Albion K. Parris 1827–1828 Maine Democratic
John F. Parrott 1819–1824 New Hampshire Democratic-Republican
1824–1825 National Republican
Frank C. Partridge 1930–1931 Vermont Republican
Samuel Pasco 1887–1899 Florida Democratic
John O. Pastore 1950–1976 Rhode Island Democratic
William Paterson 1789–1790 New Jersey Federalist
David T. Patterson 1866–1869 Tennessee Democratic
James W. Patterson 1867–1873 New Hampshire Republican
John J. Patterson 1873–1879 South Carolina Republican
Roscoe C. Patterson 1929–1935 Missouri Republican
Thomas M. Patterson 1901–1907 Colorado Democratic
John Patton, Jr. 1894–1895 Michigan Republican
Frederick G. Payne 1953–1959 Maine Republican
Henry B. Payne 1885–1891 Ohio Democratic
Thomas H. Paynter 1907–1913 Kentucky Democratic
Roger C. Peace 1941 South Carolina Democratic
James Pearce 1843–1856 Maryland Whig
1856–1862 Democratic
James B. Pearson 1962–1978 Kansas Republican
Henry R. Pease 1874–1875 Mississippi Republican
William A. Peffer 1891–1897 Kansas Populist
Claiborne Pell 1961–1997 Rhode Island Democratic
George H. Pendleton 1879–1885 Ohio Democratic
Isaac S. Pennybacker 1845–1847 Virginia Democratic
Boies Penrose 1897–1921 Pennsylvania Republican
Claude Pepper 1937–1951 Florida Democratic
George W. Pepper 1922–1927 Pennsylvania Republican
Charles H. Percy 1967–1985 Illinois Republican
Le Roy Percy 1910–1913 Mississippi Democratic
Bishop W. Perkins 1892–1893 Kansas Republican
George C. Perkins 1893–1915 California Republican
Kirtland I. Perky 1912–1913 Idaho Democratic
Richard F. Pettigrew 1889–1896 South Dakota Republican
1896–1901 Silver Republican
John Pettit 1853–1855 Indiana Democratic
Edmund Pettus 1897–1907 Alabama Democratic
James D. Phelan 1915–1921 California Democratic
Samuel S. Phelps 1839–1851,
Vermont Whig
Lawrence C. Phipps 1919–1931 Colorado Republican
Timothy Pickering 1803–1811 Massachusetts Federalist
Israel Pickens 1826 Alabama Democratic
Franklin Pierce 1837–1842 New Hampshire Democratic
Gilbert A. Pierce 1889–1891 North Dakota Republican
Austin F. Pike 1883–1886 New Hampshire Republican
Samuel H. Piles 1905–1911 Washington Republican
Charles Pinckney 1798–1801 South Carolina Democratic-Republican
William B. Pine 1925–1931 Oklahoma Republican
William Pinkney 1819–1822 Maryland Democratic-Republican
Key Pittman 1913–1940 Nevada Democratic
Orville H. Platt 1879–1905 Connecticut Republican
Thomas C. Platt 1881,
New York Republican
James Pleasants 1819–1822 Virginia Democratic-Republican
Preston B. Plumb 1877–1891 Kansas Republican
William Plumer 1802–1807 New Hampshire Federalist
George Poindexter 1830–1831 Mississippi Democratic
1831–1835 National Republican
Miles Poindexter 1911–1913 Washington Republican
1913–1915 Progressive
1915–1923 Republican
Luke P. Poland 1865–1867 Vermont Republican
Trusten Polk 1857–1862 Missouri Democratic
William P. Pollock 1918–1919 South Carolina Democratic
Atlee Pomerene 1911–1923 Ohio Democratic
Samuel C. Pomeroy 1861–1873 Kansas Republican
John Pool 1868–1873 North Carolina Republican
James P. Pope 1933–1939 Idaho Democratic
John Pope 1807–1813 Kentucky Democratic-Republican
Alexander Porter 1833–1836 Louisiana National Republican
Augustus S. Porter 1840–1845 Michigan Whig
Thomas Posey 1812–1813 Louisiana Democratic-Republican
Charles E. Potter 1952–1959 Michigan Republican
Samuel J. Potter 1803–1804 Rhode Island Democratic-Republican
Richard Potts 1793–1796 Maryland Federalist
Lazarus W. Powell 1859–1865 Kentucky Democratic
Thomas C. Power 1890–1895 Montana Republican
Daniel D. Pratt 1869–1875 Indiana Republican
Thomas Pratt 1850–1856 Maryland Whig
1856–1857 Democratic
Samuel Prentiss 1831–1836 Vermont National Republican
1836–1842 Whig
Larry Pressler 1979–1997 South Dakota Republican
William C. Preston 1833–1837 South Carolina Nullifier
1837–1842 Whig
Samuel Price 1876–1877 West Virginia Democratic
Oliver H. Prince 1828–1829 Georgia Democratic
Jeter C. Pritchard 1895–1903 North Carolina Republican
Redfield Proctor 1891–1908 Vermont Republican
Winston L. Prouty 1959–1971 Vermont Republican
William Proxmire 1957–1989 Wisconsin Democratic
David Pryor 1979–1997 Arkansas Democratic
Luke Pryor 1880 Alabama Democratic
George E. Pugh 1855–1861 Ohio Democratic
James L. Pugh 1880–1897 Alabama Democratic
William E. Purcell 1910–1911 North Dakota Democratic
William A. Purtell 1952,
Connecticut Republican
Gladys Pyle 1938–1939 South Dakota Republican


Senator Years State Party
Joseph V. Quarles 1899–1905 Wisconsin Republican
Matthew S. Quay 1887–1899,
Pennsylvania Republican
Dan Quayle 1981–1989 Indiana Republican


Senator Years State Party
George L. P. Radcliffe 1935–1947 Maryland Democratic
Samuel M. Ralston 1923–1925 Indiana Democratic
Alexander Ramsey 1863–1875 Minnesota Republican
Jennings Randolph 1958–1985 West Virginia Democratic
John Randolph of Roanoke 1825–1827 Virginia Democratic
Theodore Fitz Randolph 1875–1881 New Jersey Democratic
Joseph E. Ransdell 1913–1931 Louisiana Democratic
Matt W. Ransom 1872–1895 North Carolina Democratic
Robert Rantoul, Jr. 1851 Massachusetts Democratic
Joseph L. Rawlins 1897–1903 Utah Democratic
Charles A. Rawson 1922 Iowa Republican
Isidor Rayner 1905–1912 Maryland Democratic
George Read 1789–1793 Delaware Federalist
Jacob Read 1795–1801 South Carolina Federalist
John H. Reagan 1887–1891 Texas Democratic
Alfred E. Reames 1938 Oregon Democratic
Clyde M. Reed 1939–1949 Kansas Republican
David A. Reed 1922–1935 Pennsylvania Republican
James A. Reed 1911–1929 Missouri Democratic
Philip Reed 1806–1813 Maryland Democratic-Republican
Thomas Buck Reed 1826–1827,
Mississippi Democratic
David S. Reid 1854–1859 North Carolina Democratic
Hiram Rhodes Revels 1870–1871 Mississippi Republican
W. Chapman Revercomb 1943–1949,
West Virginia Republican
Robert Rice Reynolds 1932–1945 North Carolina Democratic
Samuel W. Reynolds 1954 Nebraska Republican
Robert Rhett 1850–1852 South Carolina Democratic
Abraham A. Ribicoff 1963–1981 Connecticut Democratic
Benjamin F. Rice 1868–1872 Arkansas Republican
1872–1873 Liberal Republican
Henry Mower Rice 1858–1863 Minnesota Democratic
Harry A. Richardson 1907–1913 Delaware Republican
William Alexander Richardson 1863–1865 Illinois Democratic
George R. Riddle 1864–1867 Delaware Democratic
Harrison H. Riddleberger 1883–1889 Virginia Readjuster
Henry M. Ridgely 1827–1829 Delaware Democratic
Donald Riegle 1977–1995 Michigan Democratic
William C. Rives 1832–1834,
Virginia Democratic
1841–1845 Whig
William N. Roach 1893–1899 North Dakota Democratic
William H. Roane 1837–1841 Virginia Democratic
Chuck Robb 1989–2001 Virginia Democratic
Asher Robbins 1825–1836 Rhode Island National Republican
1836–1839 Whig
Jonathan Roberts 1814–1821 Pennsylvania Democratic-Republican
A. Willis Robertson 1946–1967 Virginia Democratic
Edward V. Robertson 1943–1949 Wyoming Republican
Thomas J. Robertson 1868–1877 South Carolina Republican
Arthur R. Robinson 1925–1935 Indiana Republican
John M. Robinson 1830–1841 Illinois Democratic
Jonathan Robinson 1807–1815 Vermont Democratic-Republican
Joseph Taylor Robinson 1913–1937 Arkansas Democratic
Moses Robinson 1791–1797 Vermont Democratic-Republican
John M. Robsion 1930 Kentucky Republican
Julius Rockwell 1854–1855 Massachusetts Whig
Caesar A. Rodney 1822–1823 Delaware Democratic-Republican
Daniel Rodney 1826–1827 Delaware National Republican
Edward H. Rollins 1877–1883 New Hampshire Republican
Elihu Root 1909–1915 New York Republican
Joseph Rosier 1941–1942 West Virginia Democratic
Edmund G. Ross 1866–1871 Kansas Republican
James Ross 1794–1803 Pennsylvania Federalist
Jonathan Ross 1899–1900 Vermont Republican
William V. Roth, Jr. 1971–2001 Delaware Republican
John Rowan 1825–1831 Kentucky Democratic
Warren Rudman 1981–1993 New Hampshire Republican
Benjamin Ruggles 1815–1824 Ohio Democratic-Republican
1824–1833 National Republican
John Ruggles 1835–1841 Maine Democratic
Thomas Jefferson Rusk 1846–1857 Texas Democratic
Donald S. Russell 1965–1966 South Carolina Democratic
Richard Russell, Jr. 1933–1971 Georgia Democratic
John Rutherfurd 1791–1798 New Jersey Federalist


Senator Years State Party
Dwight M. Sabin 1883–1889 Minnesota Republican
Frederic M. Sackett 1925–1930 Kentucky Republican
Ken Salazar 2005–2009 Colorado Democratic
Pierre Salinger 1964 California Democratic
Leverett Saltonstall 1945–1967 Massachusetts Republican
Newell Sanders 1912–1913 Tennessee Republican
Wilbur F. Sanders 1890–1893 Montana Republican
Nathan Sanford 1815–1821 New York Democratic-Republican
1826–1831 National Republican
Terry Sanford 1986–1993 North Carolina Democratic
Rick Santorum 1995–2007 Pennsylvania Republican
Paul Sarbanes 1977–2007 Maryland Democratic
Aaron Augustus Sargent 1873–1879 California Republican
Jim Sasser 1977–1995 Tennessee Democratic
Eli M. Saulsbury 1871–1889 Delaware Democratic
Willard Saulsbury, Jr. 1913–1919 Delaware Democratic
Willard Saulsbury, Sr. 1859–1871 Delaware Democratic
Alvin Saunders 1877–1883 Nebraska Republican
Frederick A. Sawyer 1868–1873 South Carolina Republican
Philetus Sawyer 1881–1893 Wisconsin Republican
William B. Saxbe 1969–1974 Ohio Republican
Thomas D. Schall 1925–1935 Minnesota Republican
Harrison Schmitt 1977–1983 New Mexico Republican
Andrew F. Schoeppel 1949–1962 Kansas Republican
James Schureman 1799–1801 New Jersey Federalist
Carl Schurz 1869–1871 Missouri Republican
1871–1875 Liberal Republican
Karl C. Schuyler 1932–1933 Colorado Republican
Philip Schuyler 1789–1791,
New York Federalist
Henry H. Schwartz 1937–1943 Wyoming Democratic
Richard Schweiker 1969–1981 Pennsylvania Republican
Lewis B. Schwellenbach 1935–1940 Washington Democratic
Hugh Scott 1959–1977 Pennsylvania Republican
John Scott 1869–1875 Pennsylvania Republican
Nathan B. Scott 1899–1911 West Virginia Republican
W. Kerr Scott 1954–1958 North Carolina Democratic
William L. Scott 1973–1979 Virginia Republican
James G. Scrugham 1942–1945 Nevada Democratic
Fred A. Seaton 1951–1952 Nebraska Republican
William K. Sebastian 1848–1861 Arkansas Democratic
Theodore Sedgwick 1796–1799 Massachusetts Federalist
James Semple 1843–1847 Illinois Democratic
Ambrose H. Sevier 1836–1848 Arkansas Democratic
William H. Seward 1849–1855 New York Whig
1855–1861 Republican
William J. Sewell 1881–1887,
New Jersey Republican
Horatio Seymour 1821–1824 Vermont Democratic-Republican
1824–1833 National Republican
John F. Seymour 1991–1992 California Republican
John F. Shafroth 1913–1919 Colorado Democratic
William Sharon 1875–1881 Nevada Republican
James Sheafe 1801–1802 New Hampshire Federalist
William P. Sheffield 1884–1885 Rhode Island Republican
Ether Shepley 1833–1836 Maine Democratic
Morris Sheppard 1913–1941 Texas Democratic
John Sherman 1861–1877,
Ohio Republican
Lawrence Y. Sherman 1913–1921 Illinois Republican
Roger Sherman 1791–1793 Connecticut Federalist
James Shields 1849–1855 Illinois Democratic
1858–1859 Minnesota
1879 Missouri
John K. Shields 1913–1925 Tennessee Democratic
Henrik Shipstead 1923–1941 Minnesota Farmer-Laborite
1941–1947 Republican
Benjamin F. Shively 1909–1916 Indiana Democratic
Samuel M. Shortridge 1921–1933 California Republican
Hugh Ike Shott 1942–1943 West Virginia Republican
George L. Shoup 1890–1901 Idaho Republican
Nathaniel Silsbee 1826–1835 Massachusetts National Republican
Furnifold M. Simmons 1901–1931 North Carolina Democratic
James F. Simmons 1841–1847 Rhode Island Whig
1857–1862 Republican
Joseph Simon 1898–1903 Oregon Republican
Paul Simon 1985–1997 Illinois Democratic
Alan K. Simpson 1979–1997 Wyoming Republican
Milward L. Simpson 1962–1967 Wyoming Republican
James H. Slater 1879–1885 Oregon Democratic
James M. Slattery 1939–1940 Illinois Democratic
John Slidell 1853–1861 Louisiana Democratic
George Smathers 1951–1969 Florida Democratic
William H. Smathers 1937–1943 New Jersey Democratic
Benjamin A. Smith II 1960–1962 Massachusetts Democratic
Daniel Smith 1798,
Tennessee Democratic-Republican
Delazon Smith 1859 Oregon Democratic
Ellison D. Smith 1909–1944 South Carolina Democratic
Frank L. Smith 1926–1928 Illinois Republican
Gordon Smith 1997–2009 Oregon Republican
H. Alexander Smith 1944–1959 New Jersey Republican
Israel Smith 1803–1807 Vermont Democratic-Republican
James Smith, Jr. 1893–1899 New Jersey Democratic
John Smith 1804–1813 New York Democratic-Republican
John Smith 1803–1808 Ohio Democratic-Republican
John Walter Smith 1908–1921 Maryland Democratic
Marcus A. Smith 1912–1921 Arizona Democratic
Margaret Chase Smith 1949–1973 Maine Republican
M. Hoke Smith 1911–1921 Georgia Democratic
Nathan Smith 1833–1835 Connecticut National Republican
Oliver H. Smith 1837–1843 Indiana Whig
Perry Smith 1837–1843 Connecticut Democratic
Ralph Tyler Smith 1969–1970 Illinois Republican
Robert C. Smith 1991–2003 New Hampshire Republican
Samuel Smith 1803–1815,
Maryland Democratic-Republican
1824–1833 Democratic
Truman Smith 1849–1854 Connecticut Whig
William Smith 1816–1823 South Carolina Democratic-Republican
1826–1831 Democratic
William Alden Smith 1907–1919 Michigan Republican
Willis Smith 1950–1953 North Carolina Democratic
Reed Smoot 1903–1933 Utah Republican
Pierre Soulé 1847,
Louisiana Democratic
Samuel L. Southard 1821–1823 New Jersey Democratic-Republican
1833–1837 National Republican
1837–1842 Whig
John Sparkman 1946–1979 Alabama Democratic
Jesse Speight 1845–1847 Mississippi Democratic
John S. Spence 1836–1840 Maryland Whig
George E. Spencer 1868–1879 Alabama Republican
G. Lloyd Spencer 1941–1943 Arkansas Democratic
Selden P. Spencer 1918–1925 Missouri Republican
William B. Spong, Jr. 1966–1973 Virginia Democratic
John Coit Spooner 1885–1891,
Wisconsin Republican
Peleg Sprague 1829–1835 Maine National Republican
William Sprague III 1842–1844 Rhode Island Whig
William Sprague IV 1863–1873 Rhode Island Republican
1873–1875 Liberal Republican
Presley Spruance 1847–1853 Delaware Whig
Watson C. Squire 1889–1897 Washington Republican
Robert Stafford 1971–1989 Vermont Republican
Robert N. Stanfield 1921–1927 Oregon Republican
William A. Stanfill 1945–1946 Kentucky Republican
Leland Stanford 1885–1893 California Republican
Augustus O. Stanley 1919–1925 Kentucky Democratic
Joseph Stanton, Jr. 1790–1793 Rhode Island Democratic-Republican
Benjamin Stark 1861–1862 Oregon Democratic
Ozora P. Stearns 1871 Minnesota Republican
Daniel F. Steck 1926–1931 Iowa Democratic
Frederick Steiwer 1927–1938 Oregon Republican
John C. Stennis 1947–1989 Mississippi Democratic
Hubert D. Stephens 1923–1935 Mississippi Democratic
Isaac Stephenson 1907–1915 Wisconsin Republican
Thomas Sterling 1913–1925 South Dakota Republican
Ted Stevens 1968–2009 Alaska Republican
Adlai Stevenson III 1970–1981 Illinois Democratic
John W. Stevenson 1871–1877 Kentucky Democratic
David Stewart 1849–1850 Maryland Whig
David W. Stewart 1926–1927 Iowa Republican
Donald W. Stewart 1978–1981 Alabama Democratic
John W. Stewart 1908 Vermont Republican
Tom Stewart 1939–1949 Tennessee Democratic
William M. Stewart 1864–1875,
Nevada Republican
1893–1901 Silver Republican
1901–1905 Republican
Francis B. Stockbridge 1887–1894 Michigan Republican
John P. Stockton 1865–1866,
New Jersey Democratic
Richard Stockton 1796–1799 New Jersey Federalist
Robert F. Stockton 1851–1853 New Jersey Democratic
Montfort Stokes 1816–1823 North Carolina Democratic-Republican
David Stone 1801–1807,
North Carolina Democratic-Republican
Richard B. Stone 1975–1980 Florida Democratic
William J. Stone 1903–1918 Missouri Democratic
Clement Storer 1817–1819 New Hampshire Democratic-Republican
Thomas M. Storke 1938–1939 California Democratic
Robert Strange 1836–1840 North Carolina Democratic
Caleb Strong 1789–1796 Massachusetts Federalist
Charles E. Stuart 1853–1859 Michigan Democratic
Daniel Sturgeon 1840–1851 Pennsylvania Democratic
Patrick J. Sullivan 1929–1930 Wyoming Republican
William V. Sullivan 1898–1901 Mississippi Democratic
Charles Sumner 1851–1857 Massachusetts Free Soiler
1857–1872 Republican
1872–1874 Liberal Republican
Thomas Sumter 1801–1810 South Carolina Democratic-Republican
John E. Sununu 2003–2009 New Hampshire Republican
George Sutherland 1905–1917 Utah Republican
Howard Sutherland 1917–1923 West Virginia Republican
Claude A. Swanson 1910–1933 Virginia Democratic
Benjamin Swift 1833–1836 Vermont National Republican
1836–1839 Whig
George R. Swift 1946 Alabama Democratic
Stuart Symington 1953–1976 Missouri Democratic
Steven Symms 1981–1993 Idaho Republican


Senator Years State Party
Horace Tabor 1883 Colorado Republican
Kingsley A. Taft 1946–1947 Ohio Republican
Robert Taft 1939–1953 Ohio Republican
Robert Taft, Jr. 1971–1976 Ohio Republican
Thomas Taggart 1916 Indiana Democratic
Charles Tait 1809–1819 Georgia Democratic-Republican
Isham Talbot 1815–1819,
Kentucky Democratic-Republican
1824–1825 National Republican
Jim Talent 2002–2007 Missouri Republican
James Taliaferro 1899–1911 Florida Democratic
Nathaniel P. Tallmadge 1833–1839 New York Democratic
1839–1844 Whig
Herman Talmadge 1957–1981 Georgia Democratic
Benjamin Tappan 1839–1845 Ohio Democratic
Josiah Tattnall 1796–1799 Georgia Democratic-Republican
Glen H. Taylor 1945–1951 Idaho Democratic
John Taylor of Caroline 1792–1794,
Virginia Democratic-Republican
John Taylor 1810–1816 South Carolina Democratic-Republican
Robert Love Taylor 1907–1912 Tennessee Democratic
Waller Taylor 1816–1824 Indiana Democratic-Republican
1824–1825 National Republican
Henry Tazewell 1794–1799 Virginia Democratic-Republican
Littleton W. Tazewell 1824–1832 Virginia Democratic
Henry Moore Teller 1876–1882,
Colorado Republican
1897–1901 Silver Republican
1901–1909 Democratic
John C. Ten Eyck 1859–1865 New Jersey Republican
Joseph M. Terrell 1910–1911 Georgia Democratic
John Milton Thayer 1867–1871 Nebraska Republican
Charles S. Thomas 1913–1921 Colorado Democratic
Craig Thomas 1995–2007 Wyoming Republican
Elbert D. Thomas 1933–1951 Utah Democratic
Jesse B. Thomas 1818–1824 Illinois Democratic-Republican
1824–1829 National Republican
John W. Thomas 1928–1933,
Idaho Republican
J. W. Elmer Thomas 1927–1951 Oklahoma Democratic
Philip Thomas 1867–1868 Maryland Democratic
Fountain L. Thompson 1909–1910 North Dakota Democratic
Fred Thompson 1994–2003 Tennessee Republican
John Burton Thompson 1853–1857 Kentucky Whig
1857–1859 American
Thomas W. Thompson 1814–1817 New Hampshire Federalist
William Henry Thompson 1933–1934 Nebraska Democratic
William Howard Thompson 1913–1919 Kansas Democratic
John R. Thomson 1853–1862 New Jersey Democratic
John R. Thornton 1910–1915 Louisiana Democratic
Buckner Thruston 1805–1809 Kentucky Democratic-Republican
Allen G. Thurman 1869–1881 Ohio Democratic
Strom Thurmond 1954–1956,
South Carolina Democratic
1964–2003 Republican
John Thurston 1895–1901 Nebraska Republican
Edward John Thye 1947–1959 Minnesota Republican
Isaac Tichenor 1796–1797,
Vermont Federalist
Edward Tiffin 1807–1809 Ohio Democratic-Republican
Benjamin Tillman 1895–1918 South Carolina Democratic
John Tipton 1832–1839 Indiana Democratic
Thomas Tipton 1867–1873 Nebraska Republican
1873–1875 Liberal Republican
Charles W. Tobey 1939–1953 New Hampshire Republican
Gideon Tomlinson 1831–1837 Connecticut National Republican
Robert Toombs 1853–1855 Georgia Whig
1855–1861 Democratic
Robert Torricelli 1997–2003 New Jersey Democratic
Isaac Toucey 1852–1857 Connecticut Democratic
John Tower 1961–1985 Texas Republican
Charles A. Towne 1900–1901 Minnesota Democratic
Charles E. Townsend 1911–1923 Michigan Republican
John G. Townsend, Jr. 1929–1941 Delaware Republican
Uriah Tracy 1796–1807 Connecticut Federalist
Park Trammell 1917–1936 Florida Democratic
Paul S. Trible, Jr. 1983–1989 Virginia Republican
William A. Trimble 1819–1821 Ohio Democratic-Republican
James F. Trotter 1838 Mississippi Democratic
George Troup 1816–1818 Georgia Democratic-Republican
1829–1833 Democratic
Harry S. Truman 1935–1945 Missouri Democratic
Jonathan Trumbull, Jr. 1795–1796 Connecticut Federalist
Lyman Trumbull 1855–1857 Illinois Democratic
1857–1872 Republican
1872–1873 Liberal Republican
Paul Tsongas 1979–1985 Massachusetts Democratic
James M. Tunnell 1941–1947 Delaware Democratic
John V. Tunney 1971–1977 California Democratic
Thomas B. Turley 1897–1901 Tennessee Democratic
George Turner 1897–1901 Washington Silver Republican
1901–1903 Democratic
James Turner 1805–1816 North Carolina Democratic-Republican
Hopkins L. Turney 1845–1851 Tennessee Democratic
David Turpie 1863,
Indiana Democratic
Joseph D. Tydings 1965–1971 Maryland Democratic
Millard Tydings 1927–1951 Maryland Democratic
John Tyler 1827–1833 Virginia Democratic
1833–1836 National Republican
Lawrence D. Tyson 1925–1929 Tennessee Democratic


Senator Years State Party
William B. Umstead 1946–1948 North Carolina Democratic
Joseph R. Underwood 1847–1853 Kentucky Whig
Oscar Underwood 1915–1927 Alabama Democratic
Thomas R. Underwood 1951–1952 Kentucky Democratic
William Upham 1843–1853 Vermont Whig
Robert W. Upton 1953–1954 New Hampshire Republican


Senator Years State Party
Martin Van Buren 1821–1824 New York Democratic-Republican
1824–1828 Democratic
Nicholas Van Dyke 1817–1824 Delaware Federalist
1824–1826 National Republican
Frederick Van Nuys 1933–1944 Indiana Democratic
Peter Van Winkle 1863–1867 West Virginia Unconditional Unionist
1867–1869 Republican
Charles Van Wyck 1881–1887 Nebraska Republican
Zebulon Baird Vance 1879–1894 North Carolina Democratic
Arthur H. Vandenberg 1928–1951 Michigan Republican
James Vardaman 1913–1919 Mississippi Democratic
William S. Vare 1927–1929 Pennsylvania Republican
Joseph Bradley Varnum 1811–1817 Massachusetts Democratic-Republican
Abraham B. Venable 1803–1804 Virginia Democratic-Republican
George Graham Vest 1879–1903 Missouri Democratic
George Vickers 1868–1873 Maryland Democratic
William Freeman Vilas 1891–1897 Wisconsin Democratic
John M. Vining 1793–1798 Delaware Federalist
Daniel W. Voorhees 1877–1897 Indiana Democratic


Senator Years State Party
Benjamin Wade 1851–1856 Ohio Whig
1856–1869 Republican
Bainbridge Wadleigh 1873–1879 New Hampshire Republican
James W. Wadsworth, Jr. 1915–1927 New York Republican
George A. Waggaman 1831–1835 Louisiana National Republican
Robert F. Wagner 1927–1949 New York Democratic
Frederic C. Walcott 1929–1935 Connecticut Republican
John Wales 1849–1851 Delaware Whig
Freeman Walker 1819–1821 Georgia Democratic-Republican
George Walker 1814 Kentucky Democratic-Republican
Isaac P. Walker 1848–1855 Wisconsin Democratic
James D. Walker 1879–1885 Arkansas Democratic
John Walker 1790 Virginia Federalist
John Williams Walker 1819–1822 Alabama Democratic-Republican
Robert J. Walker 1835–1845 Mississippi Democratic
Walter Walker 1932 Colorado Democratic
Garret D. Wall 1835–1841 New Jersey Democratic
James Walter Wall 1863 New Jersey Democratic
William A. Wallace 1875–1881 Pennsylvania Democratic
Monrad Wallgren 1940–1945 Washington Democratic
Malcolm Wallop 1977–1995 Wyoming Republican
Arthur Walsh 1943–1944 New Jersey Democratic
David I. Walsh 1919–1925,
Massachusetts Democratic
Patrick Walsh 1894–1895 Georgia Democratic
Thomas J. Walsh 1913–1933 Montana Democratic
Herbert S. Walters 1963–1964 Tennessee Democratic
Edward C. Walthall 1885–1894,
Mississippi Democratic
George Walton 1795–1796 Georgia Federalist
Matthias Ward 1858–1859 Texas Democratic
Nicholas Ware 1821–1824 Georgia Democratic-Republican
John Warner 1979–2009 Virginia Republican
Willard Warner 1868–1871 Alabama Republican
William Warner 1905–1911 Missouri Republican
Francis E. Warren 1890–1893,
Wyoming Republican
William B. Washburn 1874–1875 Massachusetts Republican
William D. Washburn 1889–1895 Minnesota Republican
Charles W. Waterman 1927–1932 Colorado Republican
Arthur V. Watkins 1947–1959 Utah Republican
Clarence W. Watson 1911–1913 West Virginia Democratic
James Watson 1798–1800 New York Federalist
James Eli Watson 1916–1933 Indiana Republican
Thomas E. Watson 1921–1922 Georgia Democratic
William R. Webb 1913 Tennessee Democratic
Daniel Webster 1827–1833 Massachusetts National Republican
John W. Weeks 1913–1919 Massachusetts Republican
Sinclair Weeks 1944 Massachusetts Republican
Lowell Weicker 1971–1989 Connecticut Republican
Adonijah Welch 1868–1869 Florida Republican
Herman Welker 1951–1957 Idaho Republican
John B. Weller 1852–1857 California Democratic
Ovington E. Weller 1921–1927 Maryland Republican
George L. Wellington 1897–1903 Maryland Democratic
John S. Wells 1855 New Hampshire Democratic
William H. Wells 1799–1804,
Delaware Federalist
Paul Wellstone 1991–2002 Minnesota Democratic
J. Rodman West 1871–1872 Louisiana Republican
1872 Liberal Republican
1872–1877 Republican
William S. West 1914 Georgia Democratic
James Westcott 1845–1849 Florida Democratic
George P. Wetmore 1895–1907,
Rhode Island Republican
Jesse Wharton 1814–1815 Tennessee Democratic-Republican
Burton K. Wheeler 1923–1947 Montana Democratic
Kenneth S. Wherry 1943–1951 Nebraska Republican
James Whitcomb 1849–1852 Indiana Democratic
Albert S. White 1839–1845 Indiana Whig
Edward D. White 1891–1894 Louisiana Democratic
Francis S. White 1914–1915 Alabama Democratic
Hugh Lawson White 1825–1835 Tennessee Democratic
1835–1836 National Republican
1836–1840 Whig
Samuel White 1801–1809 Delaware Federalist
Stephen M. White 1893–1899 California Democratic
Wallace H. White, Jr. 1931–1949 Maine Republican
Jenkin Whiteside 1809–1811 Tennessee Democratic-Republican
Washington C. Whitthorne 1886–1887 Tennessee Democratic
William Pinkney Whyte 1868–1869,
Maryland Democratic
Louis T. Wigfall 1859–1861 Texas Democratic
Leonard Wilcox 1842–1843 New Hampshire Democratic
Alexander Wiley 1939–1963 Wisconsin Republican
Xenophon P. Wilfley 1918 Missouri Democratic
William Wilkins 1831–1834 Pennsylvania Democratic
Morton S. Wilkinson 1859–1865 Minnesota Republican
Calvin Willey 1825–1831 Connecticut National Republican
Waitman T. Willey 1861–1863 Virginia Unionist
1863–1871 West Virginia Republican
Abram P. Williams 1886–1887 California Republican
George Henry Williams 1865–1871 Oregon Republican
George Howard Williams 1925–1926 Missouri Republican
Harrison A. Williams 1959–1982 New Jersey Democratic
Jared W. Williams 1853–1854 New Hampshire Democratic
John Williams 1815–1823 Tennessee Democratic-Republican
John J. Williams 1947–1970 Delaware Republican
John Sharp Williams 1911–1923 Mississippi Democratic
John Stuart Williams 1879–1885 Kentucky Democratic
Reuel Williams 1837–1843 Maine Democratic
Thomas Hickman Williams 1838–1839 Mississippi Democratic
Thomas Hill Williams 1817–1824 Mississippi Democratic-Republican
1824–1829 Democratic
Ben M. Williamson 1930–1931 Kentucky Democratic
Frank B. Willis 1921–1928 Ohio Republican
Raymond E. Willis 1941–1947 Indiana Republican
David Wilmot 1861–1863 Pennsylvania Republican
Ephraim K. Wilson II 1885–1891 Maryland Democratic
George A. Wilson 1943–1949 Iowa Republican
Henry Wilson 1855 Massachusetts Free Soiler
1855–1856 American
1856–1873 Republican
James F. Wilson 1883–1895 Iowa Republican
James J. Wilson 1815–1821 New Jersey Democratic-Republican
John L. Wilson 1895–1899 Washington Republican
Pete Wilson 1983–1991 California Republican
Robert Wilson 1862–1863 Missouri Unionist
William Windom 1870–1871,
Minnesota Republican
Paine Wingate 1789–1793 New Hampshire Democratic-Republican
Robert C. Winthrop 1850–1851 Massachusetts Whig
Timothy E. Wirth 1987–1993 Colorado Democratic
Garrett L. Withers 1949–1950 Kentucky Democratic
Robert E. Withers 1875–1881 Virginia Democratic
Harris Wofford 1991–1995 Pennsylvania Democratic
Thomas A. Wofford 1956 South Carolina Democratic
Edward O. Wolcott 1889–1901 Colorado Republican
Josiah O. Wolcott 1917–1921 Delaware Democratic
William Woodbridge 1841–1847 Michigan Whig
Levi Woodbury 1825–1831,
New Hampshire Democratic
John D. Works 1911–1917 California Republican
Thomas Worthington 1803–1807,
Ohio Democratic-Republican
George G. Wright 1871–1877 Iowa Republican
Joseph A. Wright 1862–1863 Indiana Democratic
Robert Wright 1801–1806 Maryland Democratic-Republican
Silas Wright, Jr. 1833–1844 New York Democratic
William Wright 1853–1859,
New Jersey Democratic
Louis C. Wyman 1975 New Hampshire Republican


Senator Years State Party
Ralph W. Yarborough 1957–1971 Texas Democratic
Richard Yates 1865–1871 Illinois Republican
Lafayette Young 1910–1911 Iowa Republican
Milton R. Young 1947–1981 North Dakota Republican
Richard M. Young 1837–1843 Illinois Democratic
Stephen M. Young 1959–1971 Ohio Democratic
David Levy Yulee 1845–1851,
Florida Democratic


Senator Years State Party
Edward Zorinsky 1977–1987 Nebraska Democratic

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