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Ships of the
United States Navy

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This is a list of frigates of the United States Navy, sorted by hull number. It includes all of the hull classification symbols FF and FFG. Prior to the 1975 ship reclassification, ships that are now classified as FF or FFG were classified as DE or DEG (destroyer escort). The FFG-7 class frigates are slowly being removed from active duty in the Navy to be eventually replaced by the Littoral Combat Ship.

For age-of-sail era frigates, see List of sailing frigates of the United States Navy. For PF (Patrol Frigate) ships, see List of patrol vessels of the United States Navy.


Bronstein class FF

USS McCloy FF-1038 (ex DE-1038). June 1968.

2 ships 1963

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Garcia class FF

10 ships 1964 to 1968

Knox class FF

USS Knox (FF-1052)

46 ships 1969 to 1974

Glover class AGFF

1 ship 1965

  • USS Glover (FF-1098) Garcia class modified for research use, commissioned as AGDE-1 in 1965, redesignated AGFF-1 in 1975, and redesignated FF-1098 in 1979.

Brooke class FFG

USS Brooke (FFG-1)

6 ships 1966 to 1968

Oliver Hazard Perry class FFG

USS Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG-7) underway during a Great Lakes cruise.

51 ships 1977 to 1989

Freedom class LCS

First unit to commissioned 2006

Independence class LCS


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