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A guard dog's task

A guard dog is a dog that is specially trained to guard the owner's property. It must do this completely on its own, when not in the presence of the owner. It is trained to carry out duties when the owner is not present. That is, if a stranger comes into view, the guard dog will attack if it is an unknown visitor, without warning. If it is a friend, the guard dog will not show aggression or friendliness, but will allow itself to be petted by the owner's friend if the friend wishes.

According to a European German Shepherd Study, males make better guard dogs because of their natural territorial instinct. Females are better suited as personal protection dogs because of their natural instinct to protect their young. This does not, however, mean that females are horrible at the job of guarding; nor are males too brutal as protection dogs.

Below is a list of common guard dogs breeds. The list of Less Common Breeds are in alphabetical order, not in order of best to worst.


Less common




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