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High School Fraternities

Fraternity Founded Located Scope
Alpha Gamma Psi (ΑΓΨ) September 2008 Durham, NC Local
Alpha Mu Tau (AMT) 2000 Baton Rouge, Louisiana National
Alpha Omega Theta (ΑΩΘ) October 16, 1946 Brooklyn, New York National
Alpha Sigma Phi (ΑΣΦ) 194? Long Island, NY National
Alpha Phi Psi (ΑΦΨ) February 14,1965 A.H. Parker High School - Birmingham, Alabama Local
Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA) 1923 Omaha, NE International
Beta Alpha Sigma 1991 Newark, NJ National
Betan Elite Society (BΣ) 1950 San Beda College,  Philippines
Chi Epsilon Beta Fraternity Inc.(X.E.B.)(Club Eligible Bachelors) 1985 Birmingham, AL National
Club Excello(M.E.B.)(Alpha Omicron) 1985/86 Birmingham, AL Local
COMUS 1909 Long Beach Polytechnic High School Local
Delta Gamma Rho (ΔΓΡ) 197? Long Island, NY National
Delta Sigma (ΔΣ) 1896 Mobile, Alabama Local
Delta Sigma (ΔΣ) September 1897 Chicago, Illinois National
Delta Phi Sigma (ΔΦΣ) ?? Long Island, New York Local
Gamma Delta Psi (ΓΔΨ) April 13, 1879 Hillhouse High School, New Haven, Connecticut International
Kappa Delta Nu (KΔN) ?? Valley Stream South, New York Local
Kappa Phi Delta (KΦΔ) February 2, 1969 Columbia, Tennessee Local
Kappa Psi Phi (KΨΦ) April 10, 1969 Ramsey High School - Birmingham, Alabama Local
Knights of the Gallant Leaders (KGL) 1990 Nueva Ecija, Philippines National
Phi Kappa (ΦK) February 3, 1900 Southern University Preparatory School, Greensboro, Alabama National
Omega Gamma Delta (ΩΓΔ) June 22, 1902 Brooklyn, New York National
Omega Phi (ΩΦ) July 13, 1996 A.H Parker High School,

Birmingham, Alabama

Omega Phi Kappa (ΩΦK) Restablished 1969 at A.H Parker and Ullman High ,Originally Est.1967 Phi Kappa stated at West End High School Birmingham, Alabama Local
Omega Psi (ΩΨ) April 2, 2004 Camden, New Jersey Local
Phi Eta Sigma (ΦΗΣ) July 5, 1959 Yauco, Puerto Rico National
Phi Lambda Epsilon (ΦΛΕ) 1892 Clinton Academy, Clinton, Missouri National
Phi Sigma Chi (ΦΣX) May 19, 1901 Zanesville, Ohio National
Sigma Beta Xi(ΣBΞ) 1995 Rialto,California Local
Sigma Lambda Phi - Junior Lambdans (ΣΛΦ) August 3, 1933 Far Eastern University Manila,  Philippines International
Sigma Phi Omega (ΣΦΩ) June 4, 1904 Sewanee, Tennessee National
Sigma Kappa Delta (ΣKΔ) 1904 Hudson, New York National
Sphinx Fraternal Brotherhood (SFB) 1909 Long Beach Polytechnic Highschool Local
Sigma Alpha Rho (ΣAP) 1917 West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania International
Scouts Royale Brotherhood (SRB) September 22, 1975 San Sebastian College Manila,  Philippines International
Theta Phi Psi (ΘΦΨ) January 7, 1991 Durham & Raleigh, North Carolina Local
Tau Gamma Phi - Junior Triskelion  (ΤΓΦ) 1975 San Beda College Manila,  Philippines National
Theta Kappa Omega (ΘKΩ) November 13, 1872 Palo Alto, California National
Theta Xi Omega (ΘΞΩ) 2008 Staten Island, New York Local
Upsilon Lambda Phi (ULPs) April 5, 1917 Newark, New Jersey National
Zeta Mu Gamma (ZMΓ) March 12, 1943 Mayagüez, Puerto Rico Local
Zeta Phi Order (ZΦ) 2008 Siegel High School, Murfreesboro, Tennessee Local

High School Sororities

Sorority Founded Located Scope
Alpha Nu Gamma ??? Oceanside, NY Local
Alpha Phi Sigma (ΑΦΣ) 1975 West Hempstead & Island Park, NY Local
Alpha Sweethearts February 14,1965 Birmingham, Alabama Local
Barefoot Babes George Washington High School (Danville, Virginia) Local
Beta Delta Tau (BΔT) 2004 Baton Rouge, Louisiana National
Beta Sigma Chi (ΒΣX) Mobile, Alabama Local
Bogarsettes 1969 Griffin, Georgia Local
Chi Iota Delta (ΧΙΔ) July 11, 1992 Birmingham, Alabama Local
Gamma Tau Epsilon - Gamma Girls (GTE) 1981 Birmingham, Alabama Local
Delta Beta Sigma (ΔΒΣ) 1903 Columbia, Tennessee National
Gamma Psi Nu Musical Fraternity Inc. (ΓψΝ) 1992 Detroit, MI National
Iota Gamma Phi (Iota) [[Jewish high school sorority National
Joy Seekers 1952 Mayagüez, Puerto Rico Local
Les Trente Amies (LTA) [[Dreher High School Columbia, South Carolina Local
Les Petite TerpsichoreLPT Columbia, South Carolina Local
Knights of the Gallant Leaders (KGL) 1990 Nueva Ecija,  Philippines National
Les Petite TerpsichoreLPT Columbia, South Carolina Local
Los Pinoy Gang (LPG) [[Paaralan nh San Andres Bukid Manila, Philippines Local
Nu Omega Lambda 1992 Newark, New Jersey Local
Omega Prep (ΩP) 2002 Hattiesburg, Mississippi Local
Order of the Chevrons 2004  Philippines National
Phi Delta Kappa (ΦΔK) 1958 Yauco, Puerto Rico National
Scarabs Welfare Sorority 1924 Long Beach, California Local
Scouts Royale Sisterhood (SRS) September 22, 1975 Manila,  Philippines International
Sigma Alpha Pi Athens, Georgia Local
Sigma Nu Beta April 23, 2009 Greensboro, Alabama Local
Sigma Pi Sigma (SiPSi) [[Jewish high school sorority National
The Society of the Black Lion Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts Local
The Sub-Debs George Washington High School (Danville, Virginia) Local
Tau Gamma Sigma - Junior Lady Triskelion  (ΤΓΣ) 1975 Manila,  Philippines National
Tau Epsilon Chi (TEX) 1921 Atlantic City, New Jersey National
Theta Phi Delta 1996 Durham, North Carolina Local
Xi Lambda Omega (XLO) 1950s New Orleans, Louisiana Local
Xi Sisterhood Sorority Long Beach, California Local
Zayn Welfare Sorority Long Beach Polytechnic High School Local




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