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The TurkeyKurdistan Workers' Party conflict is between the Republic of Turkey and the militant ethnic separatist Kurdish guerrilla group.[1][2] The conflict is located in the East and Southeast Anatolia and Northern Iraq. The campaign of armed violence began in 1978, the rural-based insurgency began in 1984 with the urban terrorism throughout this period.

Kurdistan Workers Party supporters in London, April 2003

May 22, 2007: A suicide bombing hits Ankara, killing eight and wounding over 100. This attack was attributed to the PKK and the Turkish army decided to launch a military action against them.[3]

May 27, 2007: The US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Turkish foreign minister Abdullah Gül discussed the possible outbreak of Turkish-Kurdish hostilities. Immediately after American troops and civilians begin evacuating from northern Iraq.

May 30, 2007: American and Kurdish forces sign an agreement transferring the security of Iraqi Kurdistan to the Peshmerga. American forces are evacuated from all Kurdish areas except Kirkuk.

May 31, 2007: The Turkish military announced they were prepared to launch an incursion into Iraq. Leader of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani announced that the Peshmerga will defend itself in case of a Turkish incursion.

June 2, 2007: American troops and civilians have withdrawn from all of Iraqi Kurdistan. Massoud Barzani again warns the Turkish military that any incursion will be fought against by the Peshmerga. An estimated 100,000 Turkish troops are mobilized on the border between Turkey and Iraq.

June 4, 2007: A PKK suicide bomber kills seven soldiers and wounds six at an army base in Tunceli.[4]

June 5, 2007: There are reports of limited shelling and air strikes by the Turkish army attacking PKK bases in Iraqi Kurdistan.

June 7, 2007: Several hundred Turkish troops cross into Iraq on a "hot pursuit" raid against Turkish rebels.[5] Turkey declares a three month martial law in Kurdish areas near the Iraq border and bans civilian flights to the area. It has been confirmed that 3 Turkish soldiers have been killed by a PKK landmine.

October 7, 2007: Yüksekova incident. 27 Turkish soldiers and 33 PKK militants are killed.

Oct 17, 2007: Turkish Grand National Assembly approves a government request for their troops to cross the Iraqi border to attack Kurdish rebels.[6][7] Action was delayed on request by the US government on the condition that "swift steps" were taken to deal with the militants.

Oct 21, 2007: 12 Turkish troops killed in PKK ambush on their army post, less than three miles from the Iraq border.

A demonstration against the PKK in Kadıköy, İstanbul on October 22, 2007

October 24, 2007: Turkish fighter jets bombed several PKK targets on the Iraqi side of the border.[8]

February 21, 2008: Turkey launches a ground incursion into northern Iraq, sending 10,000 troops across the border supported by air assets.[9] A total of 27 Turkish soldiers and 724 PKK militants are killed.

July 27, 2008: Turkey blames the PKK for two bombings in Istanbul which kill 17 and injure 154.

August 7, 2008: The PKK claimed responsibility for the explosion that halted the operation of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline.[10]

October 1, 2008: One Turkish security force soldier was killed, with another one wounded, in an attack staged by PKK militants in southeastern Turkey.[11]

October 4, 2008: Fifteen Turkish soldiers were killed, with another 20 also wounded, after a PKK attack from northern Iraq with the firing of heavy weapons at a military outpost in the Semdinli region bordering Iraq and Iran. At least 23 members of the PKK were also killed.[12]

December 7, 2009: Seven Turkish soldiers were killed and three wounded in an ambush in Resadiye, Northern Turkey. The gunmen are suspected Kurdish militants, but their identities have not yet been confirmed.

  • A statement issued after an emergency meeting of the Counter Terrorism Higher Board, chaired by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said: "Our struggle against terrorism will be pursued under all conditions and above all other concerns through effective cooperation between state bodies and every measure will be implemented with determination."[13]
  • The British foreign office said: "The United Kingdom utterly condemns Friday's terrorist attack in Hakari, Turkey. There can be no excuse for the use of violence to achieve one's aims. The UK stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Turkey in its fight against terrorism and strongly supports ongoing efforts between the Turkish and Iraqi authorities to prevent the PKK from using northern Iraq as a base from which to mount attacks against Turkey."[14][15]
  • The European Union also condemned the on the gendarmerie station in a statement released by the Union’s French presidency, saying: "Europe expresses its complete solidarity with the Turkish authorities and offers its condolences to the families and friends of the victims."[16]

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