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This is a list of individuals executed in Virginia. Since 1976, a total of 106 individuals have been executed by the Commonwealth of Virginia. All were convicted of capital murder.

No. Name Date of Execution Method of Execution Victim(s) Governor
1 Frank Coppola August 10, 1982 electric chair Muriel Hatchell Chuck Robb
2 Linwood Earl Briley October 12, 1984 electric chair John Gallaher Chuck Robb
3 James Dyral Briley April 18, 1985 electric chair Judy Barton and Harvey Barton Chuck Robb
4 Morris Mason June 25, 1985 electric chair Margaret Hand Chuck Robb
5 Michael Marnell Smith July 31, 1986 electric chair Audrey Jean Weiler Gerald Baliles
6 Richard Lee Whitley[1] July 6, 1987 electric chair Phoebe Parsons Gerald Baliles
7 Earl Clanton, Jr.[2] April 14, 1988 electric chair Wilhemina Smith Gerald Baliles
8 Alton Waye[3] August 30, 1989 electric chair Laverne Marshall Gerald Baliles
9 Richard T. Boggs[4] July 19, 1990 electric chair Treeby Shaw Douglas Wilder
10 Wilbert Lee Evans[5] October 17, 1990 electric chair sheriff deputy William Truesdale Douglas Wilder
11 Buddy Earl Justus December 13, 1990[1] electric chair Ida Mae Moses Douglas Wilder
12 Albert Jay Clozza[6] July 24, 1991[2] electric chair Patricia Ann Bolton Douglas Wilder
13 Derick Lynn Peterson August 22, 1991 electric chair Howard Kauffman Douglas Wilder
14 Roger Keith Coleman May 20, 1992 electric chair Wanda Fay McCoy Douglas Wilder
15 Edward B. Fitzgerald, Sr.[7] July 23, 1992 electric chair Patricia Cubbage Douglas Wilder
16 Willie Leroy Jones[8] September 11, 1992 electric chair Graham Adkins and Myra Adkins Douglas Wilder
17 Timothy Dale Bunch December 10, 1992 electric chair Su Cha Thomas Douglas Wilder
18 Charles Sylvester Stamper[9][10] January 19, 1993 electric chair Franklin Cooley, Agnes Hicks, and Stephen Staples Douglas Wilder
19 Syvasky L. Poyner[11] March 18, 1993 electric chair Joyce Baldwin, Louise Paulett, Chestine Brooks, Vicki Ripple, and Carolyn Hedrick Douglas Wilder
20 Andrew J. Chabrol[12] June 17, 1993 electric chair Lisa Harrington Douglas Wilder
21 Joe Louis Wise, Sr. September 14, 1993 electric chair William Ricketson Douglas Wilder
22 David Mark Pruett[13] December 16, 1993 electric chair Wilma Harvey and Debra McInnis Douglas Wilder
23 Johnny Watkins, Jr. March 3, 1994 electric chair Betty Barker and Carl Buchanan George Allen
24 Timothy Wilson Spencer April 27, 1994 electric chair Susan Tucker, Debbie Davis, Susan Hellams, and Diane Cho George Allen
25 Dana Ray Edmonds January 24, 1995 lethal injection John Elliot George Allen
26 Willie Lloyd Turner May 26, 1995 lethal injection W. Jack Smith, Jr. George Allen
27 Dennis Wayne Stockton September 27, 1995 lethal injection Kenneth Arnde and Ronnie Lee Tate George Allen
28 Mickey Wayne Davidson October 19, 1995 lethal injection Doris Davidson, Mamie Clatterbuck, and Tammy Clatterbuck George Allen
29 Herman Charles Barnes November 13, 1995 lethal injection Clyde Jenkins and Mohammed Afifi George Allen
30 Walter Milton Correll, Jr.[14] January 4, 1996 lethal injection Charles W. Bousman, Jr. George Allen
31 Richard Townes, Jr.[15] January 23, 1996 lethal injection Virginia Goebel George Allen
32 Joseph John Savino III[16] July 17, 1996 lethal injection Thomas McWalters George Allen
33 Ronald B. Bennett[17] November 21, 1996 lethal injection Anne Keller Vaden George Allen
34 Gregory Warren Beaver December 4, 1996 lethal injection state trooper Leo Whitt George Allen
35 Larry Allen Stout December 10, 1996 lethal injection Jacqueline Kooshian George Allen
36 Lem Davis Tuggle, Jr. December 12, 1996 lethal injection Jessie Geneva Havens George Allen
37 Ronald Lee Hoke December 16, 1996 lethal injection Virginia Stell George Allen
38 Michael Carl George February 6, 1997 lethal injection Alexander Sztanko George Allen
39 Coleman Wayne Gray February 26, 1997 lethal injection Richard McClelland George Allen
40 Roy Bruce Smith July 17, 1997 lethal injection Manassas police officer John Conner George Allen
41 Joseph Roger O'Dell III July 23, 1997 lethal injection Helen Schartner George Allen
42 Carlton Jerome Pope August 19, 1997 lethal injection Cynthia Gray George Allen
43 Mario Benjamin Murphy September 17, 1997 lethal injection James Radcliff George Allen
44 Dawud Majid Mu'Min November 13, 1997 lethal injection Gladys Nopwasky George Allen
45 Michael Charles Satcher December 9, 1997 lethal injection Ann Borghesani George Allen
46 Thomas H. Beavers, Jr. December 11, 1997 lethal injection Marguerite Lowery George Allen
47 Tony Albert Mackall February 10, 1998 lethal injection Mary Elizabeth Dahn Jim Gilmore
48 Douglas McArthur Buchanan, Jr. March 18, 1998 lethal injection Douglas Buchanan, Sr., Donald Buchanan, J.J. Buchanan, and Geraldine Buchanan Jim Gilmore
49 Ronald L. Watkins March 25, 1998 lethal injection William McCauley Jim Gilmore
50 Angel Francisco Breard[18] April 14, 1998 lethal injection Ruth Dickie Jim Gilmore
51 Dennis Wayne Eaton June 18, 1998 lethal injection state trooper Jerry Hines, Walter Custer, Jr., Ripley Marston, Sr., and Judith MacDonald Jim Gilmore
52 Danny Lee King July 23, 1998 lethal injection Carolyn Rogers Jim Gilmore
53 Lance Antonio Chandler, Jr. August 20, 1998 lethal injection Billy Dix Jim Gilmore
54 Johnile L. DuBois August 31, 1998 lethal injection Philip Council Jim Gilmore
55 Kenneth Manual Stewart, Jr. September 23, 1998 electric chair Cynthia Stewart and Jonathan Stewart Jim Gilmore
56 Dwayne Allen Wright October 14, 1998 lethal injection Saba Tekle Jim Gilmore
57 Ronald Lee Fitzgerald October 21, 1998 lethal injection Coy H. White and Hugh Morrison Jim Gilmore
58 Kenneth Wilson November 17, 1998 lethal injection Jacqueline Stephens Jim Gilmore
59 Kevin Wayne Cardwell December 3, 1998 lethal injection Anthony Brown Jim Gilmore
60 Mark Arlo Sheppard January 20, 1999 lethal injection Richard Rosenbluth and Rebecca Rosenbluth Jim Gilmore
61 Tony Leslie Fry February 4, 1999 lethal injection Leland A. Jacobs Jim Gilmore
62 George Adrian Quesinberry, Jr.[19] March 9, 1999 lethal injection Thomas L. Haynes Jim Gilmore
63 David Lee Fisher March 25, 1999 lethal injection David William Wilkey Jim Gilmore
64 Carl Hamilton Chichester April 13, 1999 lethal injection Timothy Rigney Jim Gilmore
65 Arthur Ray Jenkins III April 20, 1999 lethal injection Floyd Jenkins and Lee H. Brinklow Jim Gilmore
66 Eric Christopher Payne April 28, 1999 lethal injection Ruth Parham and Sally Fazio Jim Gilmore
67 Ronald Dale Yeatts April 29, 1999 lethal injection Ruby Meeks Dodson Jim Gilmore
68 Tommy David Strickler July 21, 1999 lethal injection Leann Whitlock Jim Gilmore
69 Marlon DeWayne Williams August 17, 1999 lethal injection Helen Bedsole Jim Gilmore
70 Everett Lee Mueller September 16, 1999 lethal injection Charity Powers Jim Gilmore
71 Jason Matthew Joseph October 19, 1999 lethal injection Jeffrey Anderson Jim Gilmore
72 Thomas Lee Royal, Jr. November 9, 1999 lethal injection Hampton police officer Kenny Wallace Jim Gilmore
73 Andre L. Graham December 9, 1999 lethal injection Sheryl Stack, Richard Rosenbluth, and Rebecca Rosenbluth Jim Gilmore
74 Douglas Christopher Thomas January 10, 2000 lethal injection James Baxter Wiseman and Kathy J. Wiseman Jim Gilmore
75 Steve Edward Roach January 13, 2000 lethal injection Mary Ann Hughes Jim Gilmore
76 Lonnie Weeks, Jr. March 16, 2000 lethal injection state trooper Jose M. Cavazos Jim Gilmore
77 Michael David Clagett July 6, 2000 electric chair Lam Van Son, Wendell G. Parish, Jr., Karen Sue Rounds, and Abdelaziz Gren Jim Gilmore
78 Russell William Burket August 30, 2000 lethal injection Katherine Tafelski and Ashley Tafelski Jim Gilmore
79 Derek Rocco Barnabei September 14, 2000 lethal injection Sarah Wisnosky Jim Gilmore
80 Bobby Lee Ramdass October 10, 2000 lethal injection Mohammed Kayani Jim Gilmore
81 Christopher Cornelius Goins December 6, 2000 lethal injection Robert Jones, Nicole Jones, David Jones, Daphne Jones, and James Randolph Jim Gilmore
82 Thomas Wayne Akers March 1, 2001 lethal injection Wesley Brant Smith Jim Gilmore
83 Christopher James Beck October 18, 2001 lethal injection Florence Marie Marks, David Kaplan, and William Miller Jim Gilmore
84 James Earl Patterson March 13, 2002 lethal injection Joyce Snead Aldridge Mark Warner
85 Daniel Lee Zirkle April 2, 2002 lethal injection Christina Zirkle and Jessica Shiflett Mark Warner
86 Walter Mickens, Jr. June 12, 2002 lethal injection Timothy Jason Hall Mark Warner
87 Mir Aimal Kasi November 14, 2002 lethal injection Frank Darling and Lansing Bennett Mark Warner
88 Earl Conrad Bramblett April 9, 2003 electric chair Blaine Hodges, Teresa Hodges, Winter Hodges, and Anah Hodges Mark Warner
89 Bobby Wayne Swisher July 22, 2003 lethal injection Dawn McNees Snyder Mark Warner
90 Brian Lee Cherrix March 18, 2004 lethal injection Tessa Van Hart Mark Warner
91 Dennis Mitchell Orbe March 31, 2004 lethal injection Richard Burnett Mark Warner
92 Mark Wesley Bailey July 22, 2004 lethal injection Katherine Bailey and Nathan Bailey Mark Warner
93 James Bryant Hudson August 18, 2004 lethal injection Stanley Cole, Walter Cole, and Patsy Cole Mark Warner
94 James Edward Reid September 9, 2004 lethal injection Annie Mae Lester Mark Warner
95 Dexter Lee Vinson April 27, 2006 lethal injection Angela Felton Tim Kaine
96 Brandon Wayne Hedrick July 20, 2006 electric chair Lisa Yvonne Crider Tim Kaine
97 Michael William Lenz July 27, 2006 lethal injection inmate Brent H. Parker Tim Kaine
98 John Yancey Schmitt November 9, 2006 lethal injection Earl Shelton Dunning Tim Kaine
99 Kevin Green May 27, 2008 lethal injection Patricia L. Vaughan Tim Kaine
100 Robert Yarbrough June 25, 2008 lethal injection Cyril Hugh Hamby Tim Kaine
101 Kent Jermaine Jackson July 10, 2008 lethal injection Beulah Mae Kaiser Tim Kaine
102 Christopher Scott Emmett July 24, 2008 lethal injection John Fenton Langley Tim Kaine
103 Edward Nathaniel Bell February 19, 2009 lethal injection Winchester police officer Ricky Timbrook Tim Kaine
104 John Allen Muhammad November 10, 2009[3] lethal injection Dean Harold Meyers Tim Kaine
105 Larry Bill Elliott November 17, 2009 electric chair Dana Thrall and Robert Finch Tim Kaine
106 Paul Warner Powell March 18, 2010 electric chair Stacie Reed Bob McDonnell

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  1. ^ This was the last execution held at the Virginia State Penitentiary in Richmond, which closed the following day. (Citation needed)
  2. ^ This was the first execution held at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt. (Citation needed)
  3. ^ Josh White and Maria Glod (2009-11-10). "D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad is executed in Va.". The Washington Post. 

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