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This article contains an alphabetical list of all the professional and amateur kickboxing Associations, Organizations, Councils and Federations. Included are all stand-up, striking-oriented martial arts such as Lethwei, Muay Thai, Pradal Serey, Sanshou, Savate and Shoot boxing.


International Federations


Established Name Website
1980 Professional Kickboxing Federation (PKF)
1987 Turkiye Association Kickboxing Organizations ((T.A.K.O.)
1990 Italy FIMT - Federazione Italiana Muay Thai
1991 World Martial Arts Sport Federation (W.M.S.F)
1991 World Martial Arts Federation (W.M.A.F)
World amateur sport Kickboxing organization (WASKO)
1946 Federation Internationale de Savate (FIS)
1946 Hantha1.jpgInternational Bando Federation (IBF)
1988 International Federation of Muay Thai Amateurs (IFMA)
International Kickboxing Association (IKAS)
International Kickboxing Board of Control (IKBC)
1992 International Kickboxing Federation (IKF)
1986 ISKA.jpgInternational Sport Karate Association (ISKA)
1978 Wako.jpgWorld Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO)
2005 World Boxing Council Muay Thai (WBC Muaythai)
1990 World Federation of Kickboxing (WFK)
Women's International Kick Boxing Association (WIKBA)
1976 WKA.jpgWorld Kickboxing Association (WKA)
1976 World Kick Boxing Association (WKBA)
World Kickboxing Federation (WKF)
1996 World Kickboxing Network (WKN)
1996 World Kickboxing Union (WKU)
World Muaythai Council (WMC)
1985 Fight Factory Karate Association (FFKA)
2009 World Kickboxing Council (WKC)
1982 Karate International Council of Kickboxing (KICK)

Continental Associations

Established Name Website
European UnionEuropean Federation of Kickboxing (EFK)
1995 European UnionEuropean Federation of Thaing Bando (and Burmese Boxing) (FETB)
European UnionEuropean Khmer Boran Boxing Association (EKBBA)
European UnionEuropean ISKA (ISKA)
European UnionEuropean WKA (WKA)

National Associations

Established Name Website
1983 Italy AITB - Associazione Italiana Thai Boxing
1985 Japan Martial Arts Japan Kickboxing Federation
1990 Italy FIMT - Federazione Italiana Muay Thai
September 1996 Japan New Japan Kickboxing Federation (NJKF) [1]
1983 Japan Shin Nihon Kickboxing Association (SNKA) [2]
1986 Japan Shoot Boxing Association (SBA) [3]
November 1997 Japan J-NETWORK (J-NET) [4]
July 2001 Japan Nihon Kick Boxing (NKB) [5]
December 2006 Japan UKF Japan [6]
February 2003 Japan R.I.S.E. [7]
Netherlands WAKO Nederland
Argentina Muay Thai Argentina (MTA)
Aruba Aruban Muay Thai Association
Australia Oceania MuayThai Federation (OMF)
Austria Austrian Muay Thai Association
Barbados Unified Martial Art Academy of Barbados (UMMA)
1992 Belarus Muay Thai Belarus
Belgium Belgian Kickboxing & Muay Thai Organisation (BKBMO)
2006 Brazil Brazil Muay Thai Association - BMTA
2005-12-25 Bulgaria Bulgarian National Muaythai Federation (BNMTF)
1991-10-12 Bulgaria Bulgarian Muaythai Federation (BMTF)
Cambodia Cambodian Amateur Boxing Federation (CABF)
Canada Canadian Thai Boxing Sanctioning Body (CASK)
Chile Muay Thai Chile
2008 Brazil Confederação Brasileira de Kickboxing & Thaiboxing - CBKT
Colombia Columbian Muay Thai Association
Croatia Croatian Muay Thai Association
Curaçao Curaçao Martial-Arts Federation (CUMAFE)
Czech Republic Czech Muay Thai Association (CMTA)
Denmark Danish Muay Thai Federation (DMTF)
England England Muay Thai Federation (EMF)
Finland Muay Thai Association of Finland (MTAF)
1985 France French Comite of Bando & Burmese Boxing - FFSCDA (CNBBB-FFSCDA)
2006 France French WKA (Antenne WKA-France)
2007 France French ISKA (Antenne ISKA-France)
2008 France French WFK (Antenne WFK-France)
France French Muaythai Federation (FFMDA)
France French Full Contact Federation (FFFCDA)
France French Savate boxing Federation (FFSBFDA)
France French Contact Sport Federation (FFSCDA)
Germany Muay Thai Germany (MTBD)
Georgia (country) Georgian Thai Boxing Association
Greece Greek Muay Thai Federation (EOMT)
Template:Country data pak Pakistan Muay Thai League (PML)
Hong Kong Hong Kong Muay Thai Association
Hungary Hungarian Muay Thai Association
Indonesia Muay Thai Indonesia (AMI)
Iran Iranian Muay Thai Boran Association (IMBA)
Republic of Ireland Allstyles Kickboxing Association of Ireland (AKAI)
Israel Israel Thai Boxing Association
Italy Italy Muay Thai Federation (FIMT)
1998 Kazakhstan Muay Thai Federation of Kazakhstan
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Muay Thai Federation
Latvia Latvian Kick-Thai Boxing Federation (LKTF)
Lithuania Muay Thai Lithuania
Morocco Moroccan Muay Thai & Kick-Boxing Association
1983 Netherlands Muay Thai Federation Netherlands (MON)
Norway Norwegian Muay Thai Association
Peru Muay Thai Peru (MTP)
2005 Philippines Muay Association of the Philippines (MAP)
Philippines Amateur Thai Boxing Association of the Philippines (ATBAP)
Portugal Portuguese Thai Boxing Association (FPPFF)
Romania Romanian Muay Thai Federation
1992 Russia Russian Thai Boxing Federation (RTBF)
2007 Samoa Samoa Muay-Thai Association (SMTA)
1995 Scotland Scottish Muay Thai Council (SMTC)
Scotland The Scottish Thai Boxing Association (STBA)
Singapore Muay Thai Singapore
South Africa South African Muay Thai Federation
Spain Spanish Muay Thai Association (AEMT)
1990 Sweden Swedish Kickboxing Federation (SKF)
1977 Sweden Swedish Muay Thai Federation (SMTF)
Syria Syrian Muay Thai Association
Thailand The Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT)
1992 Ukraine Ukraine National Thai Boxing Federation of Muay Thai
United States Thai Boxing Association of the USA
2006 Turkey Turkish Muaythai Federation (TMF)
1963 United States American Bando Association (ABA)
United States United States Kick-Boxing Association (USKBA)
1991 United States United States Muay Thai Association (USMTA)
États-Unis Thai Boxing Association of the USA
Uzbekistan Republic Of Uzbekistan Muay Thai Federation
Venezuela Muay Thai Association Of Venezuela
Vietnam Anh Binh Minh Khmer Martial Arts Association
Wales Wales Thaiboxing
France Kick Boxing IDF

Defunct Associations

Established Name Website
July 1987 - August 2009 Japan All Japan Kickboxing Federation (AJKF)

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