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This article is a list of languages sorted by writing system (by alphabetical order).


Arabic alphabet

Many languages of Russia and Central Asia before replacement with Latin and later Cyrillic

Armenian alphabet

Borama script

Brahmic family and derivatives



Eastern Nagari script (Bengalese/Assamese)

Balinese script

Baybayin script (Tagalog)

Buhid script

Burmese script (Myanmar)

Gujarati script

Gurmukhi script

Hanunó'o script

Javanese script (Hanacaraka)

Kannada script

Khmer script

Lao script

Lepcha script

Limbu script

Lontara script (Buginese)

Malayalam script

Oriya script

'Phags-pa script

Sinhala script

Tagbanwa script

  • Languages of Palawan

Tamil script

Telugu script

Thaana script

Thai script

Tibetan script

Canadian syllabics

Cherokee Script

Coptic alphabet

Cyrillic alphabet

Croatian or Bosnian Cyrillic alphabet (bosančica)

Ge'ez alphabet (Ethiopic)

Georgian alphabet

Glagolitic alphabet

Gothic alphabet

Greek alphabet

Han characters and derivatives


Hebrew alphabet

Kaddare script


  • Japanese plus (kanji)
  • Ainu slightly modified kind of katakana kanas, which enable to represent final sounds which are consonants alone

Khitan scripts

Latin alphabet

Mongolian and related scripts

Old Uyghur alphabet

Mongolian script

Manchu script

Munda scripts

Sorang Sompeng

Ol Cemet'

Varang Kshiti


Naxi script



Osmanya script

Pahawh Hmong

Runic Alphabet

Old Hungarian script

Syriac alphabet


Yi script


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