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This is a list of the leading try scorers in Rugby union Test matches, with a minimum of 30 Test tries. Rugby statistician Stuart Farmer of SFMS Limited, which provides an extensive database of international rugby statistics for the ESPN-owned rugby site, gives the following definition of a "Test match":

In Rugby Union it is a game where ONE country awards full test caps for its players, not like cricket when both sides must award caps for it to count. Also, one country may even award caps when the opponents are not even a country (as with Wales against the Barbarians in 1990 and 1996), or even when countries play against another country's second teams or age group sides. For the purposes of completeness games involving the British and Irish Lions (and their forerunners) and the Pacific Islanders have been included, although are not strictly official caps as the games were not for a single country but a combined team.[1]

Players who are still active at international level are in bold. Players who are active in rugby union at club level, but not at international level, are in italics. Some caveats must be noted:

  • Two of the three countries that participate in the Tri Nations, namely Australia and New Zealand, have fairly rigid policies that prohibit the selection of players for Test squads who are not competing in domestic rugby (the Super 14 and/or Air New Zealand Cup). The other Tri Nations participant, South Africa, has a similar though somewhat less rigid policy. Three listed players, New Zealanders Doug Howlett and Jonah Lomu and Australian Chris Latham, are currently ineligible for national selection because they are playing club rugby outside their home countries. Lomu and Latham have declared international retirement. Howlett has not formally declared his international retirement, but has signed a contract extension with his current Magners League club, Munster. Lote Tuqiri of Australia is ineligible for a different reason; he has returned to his original code of rugby league with Wests Tigers in the Australasian NRL.
  • Ben Cohen has not been selected for England since 2006, and Gareth Thomas has not been selected for Wales since 2007, but neither has formally announced his international retirement. Thomas has now left rugby union in favour of league; he will play the 2010 Super League season with Crusaders Rugby League.
  • Daisuke Ohata is the top try scorer in Rugby Union but only a quarter of his tries have come against tier one rugby playing nations. Thus, David Campese is recognised by many as being the rightful holder of this record.
  • Sources differ as to the number of tries scored by Argentina wing José María Núñez Piossek. His national federation, the Argentine Rugby Union (UAR), credits him with 30 tries in 28 Tests.[2] Examining the UAR's record reveals that it does not include his try against the British and Irish Lions in 2005 in his total.[2] Adding that appearance and try would bring his total to 31 tries from 29 Tests. (Note that the sport's international governing body, the International Rugby Board, counted Jonny Wilkinson's point haul from this particular match when it declared him the sport's all-time Test scorer.), following Farmer's definition above, credits Núñez Piossek with 30 tries in 29 Tests, and includes his appearance and try against the Lions.[3] A closer examination of both sources indicates that the difference is due to another match—the Pumas' Test against Chile on 25 April 2004. The UAR credits him with 3 tries in that match,[2] while credits him with only two.[3] Núñez Piossek would qualify for this list with either total; only his exact location in the list is in dispute.

All of the players on this list are backs. The all-time leading try scorer among forwards is Colin Charvis of Wales, who took sole possession of the record on November 24, 2007 against South Africa with his 22nd career try.[4]

Table including matches played through 14 March 2010:

Rank Caps Tries Player International team Position Source(s)
1 58 69 Daisuke Ohata  Japan Wing / Centre [5]
2 101 64 David Campese  Australia Wing [6]
3 76 52 Shane Williams  Wales (50)
British and Irish Lions (2)
Wing [7][8]
4 91 50 Rory Underwood  England (49)
British and Irish Lions (1)
Wing [9]
5 62 49 Doug Howlett  New Zealand Wing [10]
6 58 46 Christian Cullen  New Zealand Fullback [11]
7 60 45 Joe Rokocoko  New Zealand Wing [12]
8 60 44 Jeff Wilson  New Zealand Wing / Fullback [13]
9 103 41 Gareth Thomas  Wales (40)
British and Irish Lions (1)
Utility back [14][15]
10 77 40 Chris Latham  Australia Fullback [16]
11 53 39 Hirotoki Onozawa  Japan Wing [17]
= 106 39 Brian O'Driscoll  Ireland (38)
British and Irish Lions (1)
Centre [18][19]
13 93 38 Serge Blanco  France Fullback [20]
= 89 38 Joost van der Westhuizen  South Africa Scrum-half [21]
15 63 37 Jonah Lomu  New Zealand Wing [22]
16 57 36 Bryan Habana  South Africa Wing [23]
= 74 36 Tana Umaga  New Zealand Wing / Centre [24]
18 63 35 John Kirwan  New Zealand Wing [25]
19 79 34 Ieuan Evans  Wales (33)
British and Irish Lions (1)
Wing [26]
20 69 32 Philippe Saint-André  France Wing [27]
21 57 31 Ben Cohen  England Wing [28]
= 58 31 Will Greenwood  England (31)
British and Irish Lions (0)
Centre [29][30]
= 73 31 Jeremy Guscott  England (30)
British and Irish Lions (1)
Centre [31]
= 29 31 José María Núñez Piossek  Argentina Wing See discussion in lead section
= 46 31 Sitiveni Sivivatu Pacific Islanders (4)
 New Zealand (27)
Wing [32][33]
= 67 31 Lote Tuqiri  Australia Wing / Centre [34]
27 80 30 Tim Horan  Australia Centre [34][35]
= 56 30 Jason Robinson  England (28)
British and Irish Lions (2)
Wing / Fullback [36]
= 86 30 Joe Roff  Australia Wing [34]
= 111 30 Philippe Sella  France Centre [37]
Sources other than those already cited: [1]. Last updated: March 17, 2010.


Players nearing 30 tries

This secondary list is limited to players currently active at international level with at least 25 Test tries.[38] It is also current as of March 14, 2010.

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