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This is a list of live CDs. A live CD or live DVD is a CD or DVD containing a bootable computer operating system. Live CDs are unique in that they have the ability to run a complete, modern operating system on a computer lacking mutable secondary storage, such as a hard disk drive.


Rescue and repair live CDs






A large number of live CDs are based on Knoppix. The list of those is in the derivatives section of the Knoppix article.


These are based at least partially on Ubuntu, which is based on Debian:


  • Damn Small Linux – very light and small with JWM and fluxbox, installable Live CD
  • Debian Live - Official live CD version of Debian.
  • DemoLinux (versions 2 and 3) – one of the very first Live CDs
  • Dreamlinux – installable Live CD to hard drives or flash media
  • Finnix – a small system administration Live CD. A PowerPC version is available.
  • Freeduc-cd – an educational live CD using Xfce realized with the help of UNESCO
  • gnuLinEx – includes GNOME
  • GNUstep – works on i386, AMD64, UltraSPARC, and PowerPC
  • grml – installable Live CD for sysadmins and text tool users
  • Kanotix – installable Live CD
  • Knoppix – the "original" Debian-based Live CD
  • MEPIS – installable Live CD
  • sidux[5] based on Debian unstable (Sid), installable Live CD, DVD
  • ULAnux/ULAnix – created in Mérida, Venezuela, and available on CD/DVD and USB forms





Red Hat Linux/Fedora-based


  • PCLinuxOS – installable Live CD for desktop computing use
  • Granular – installable Live CD based on PCLinuxOS, featuring KDE and Enlightenment


  • Austrumi – 50 MB Mini distro
  • BackTrack – a penetration testing toolkit (up to version 3 - Prerelease of version 4 now out, and is based in Ubuntu with KDE now)
  • CDlinux
  • GoblinX
  • NimbleX – under 200 MB
  • SCLive – Development environment dedicated to VHDL, Verilog, SystemC, C++
  • SLAX – a Slackware derivative, modular and very easy to remaster
  • STUX
  • Vector Linux (Standard and SOHO Editions)
  • Zenwalk

Other (Linux-based)


  • OpenSolaris – the official distribution supported by Sun Microsystems
  • MilaX small opensolaris based LiveCD and LiveUSB
  • Nexenta OS – combines the GNU userland with the OpenSolaris kernel.
  • BeleniX – full LiveCD and LiveUSB distribution
  • SchilliX – is the first OpenSolaris Live CD distribution.


Mac OS X-based

Microsoft Windows-based

  • BartPE (Windows XP/2003) – allows the creation of a bootable CD from Windows-install files
  • WinBuilder (Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista) – allows the creation of a bootable CD from Windows-install files
  • Reatogo-X-PE – based on BartPE
  • VistaPE – a Live CD version for Windows Vista
  • UBCD4Win-a WinXP based Live CD with lots of recovery/system tools.
  • Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment

Microsoft representatives have described third-party efforts at producing Windows-based Live CDs as “improperly licensed” uses of Windows, unless you use it solely to rescue your own, properly licensed Installation. However, Nu2 Productions believes the use of BartPE is legal provided that one Windows license is purchased for each BartPE CD, and the Windows license is used for nothing else.[8]

The Microsoft sanctioned MS Windows Preinstallation Environment product is linked above, but only WinPE version 2.0 or newer is available freely for general use as part of the Windows Automated Installation Kit.


  • FreeDOS - the official "Full CD" 1.0 release includes a Live CD portion
  • FUZOMA – a Live CD educational software collection based on FreeDOS

Other operating systems

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