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Mathematics competitions or mathematical olympiads are competitive events where participants write a mathematics test. These tests may require multiple choice or numeric answers, or a detailed written solution or proof. In the United States, usually only competitions where the participants write a full proof are called Mathematical Olympiads.


International mathematics competitions

Regional mathematics competitions

  • AITMO (Asian Inter-city Teenagers Mathematics Olympiad) — for junior secondary students around the Eastern Asian region
  • APMO (Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad) — Pacific rim
  • Balkan Mathematical Olympiad — for students from 15.5 years old from Balkan area
  • Baltic WayBaltic area
  • ICAS-Mathematics (, formerly Australasian Schools Mathematics Assessment)
  • Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad — for students under 15.5 years old from Balkan area
  • MEMO (Middle European Mathematical Olympiad) — Germany, Croatia, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary
  • NMC (Nordic mathematical competition) — the five Nordic countries
  • Nordic university-level mathematics team-competition — For Nordic undergraduates (
  • OIM (Olimpíadas Iberoamericanas de Matemática) — Spain, Portugal and Latin America (
  • Olimpiada de mayo (competitions for selecting the participants of Olimpiada Matematica Rioplatence) (
  • Olimpiada Iberoamericana de Matematicas para Estudiantes Universitarios (similar to Olimpiada Iberoamericana de Matematica, but it is for collage students)
  • Olimpiada Matematica Rioplatense (similar to Olimpiada Iberoamericana de Matematica, but it is every year in Argentina and participants are organized in levels depending on the age) (
  • Olimpiada Matematica de Centroamérica y del Caribe — Central America and the Caribbean
  • Olimpiada Matematica de Paises del Cono Sur — 8 countries from South America
  • Romanian Master in Mathematics — Europe (
  • SEAMO (SEAMEO Mathematics Olympiad) — South-East Asia
  • SEAMC (South East Asian Mathematics Competition) — South-East Asia (
  • William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition — USA and Canada (
  • APMOPS (Singapore - Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools) — open to Primary Students under 12 in Australia, Brunei, China (Shanghai, Hainan, Xiamen, Wenchou), Hong Kong, Indonesia (Jakarta), Malaysia: (Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor- Petaling Jaya), Penang, Perak- Ipoh, Kedah), New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, The Philippines & India. (
  • ZIMO (Zhautykov International Mathematical Olympiad) — for teams from specialized schools in post-soviet region (
  • Hungary-Israel Mathematical Competition. It was established in 1990. Only this 2 countries participate and one is the host. It is hold in spring. It consist of individual and team contests.
  • Tuymaada Yakut Olympiad. Multidisciplinary competition for students from Romania, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tartastan, Saint Petersburg, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Novokuznetsk, Perm and other Russian cities. It is held in July; few students obtain prizes.
  • Donova Mathematical Olympiad. Olympiad for all countries through which the Danube passes. Held since 2005.
  • Mediterranean Mathematics Olympiad. Olympiad for countries in the Mediterranean zone.
  • PAMO (Pan African Mathematics Olympiad)
  • APMC (Austrian-Polish Mathematics Competition) (last held in 2006)
  • Czech-Polish-Slovak Match. Established in 1995 under the name of Czech-Slovak Match Poland joined in 2001. It is held in June in the IMO format.

National mathematics competitions


  • Olimpiada Kombëtare e Matematikës dhe e Formimit të Përgjithshëm.
  • Olimpiada Kombëtare e Matematikës
  • Konkursi i Pranverës 1(BMO TST)
  • Konkursi i Pranverës 2(IMO TST)


  • OMA (Olimpíada Matemática Argentina,
  • Olimpiada Matematica Ñandu
  • Certamen "El numero de oro"
  • Torneo Computacion y Matematicas
  • Olimpiadas provinciales y Metropolitanas




French-speaking students can compete in the OMB (Olympiade Mathématique Belge) consisting of three categories:

  • Mini (grades 7 and 8)
  • Mide (grades 9 and 10)
  • Maxi (grades 11 and 12)

Dutch-speaking students can compete in the VWO (Vlaamse Wiskunde Olympiade), with two categories:

  • Junior Wiskunde Olympiade (grades 9 and 10)
  • Vlaamse Wiskunde Olympiade (grades 11 and 12)


There are two national competitions in Brazil: the oldest one, OBM, dates back to 1979 and is open to all students, from fifth grade to university.

The other one, OBMEP, was created in 2005 and is open to public school students from fifth grade to high school. In 2008 counted with the participation of 18,3 million students on the first round.

There are also many regional competitions, usually open to all students of a given state.



National competitions hosted by Mathematica - The Mathematics Contest Centre:

Multiple Choice:

  • Newton Contest (9th grade students)
  • Lagrange Contest (8th grade students)
  • Euler Contest (7th grade students)
  • Pythagoras Contest (6th grade students)
  • Fibonacci Contest (5th grade students)
  • Byron-Germain Contest (4th grade students)
  • Thales Contest (3rd grade students)

National competitions hosted by The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing:

Full Solutions:

  • Euclid (12th grade students)
  • Hypatia (11th grade students)
  • Galois (10th grade students)
  • Fryer (9th grade students)

Multiple Choice:

  • Fermat (11th grade students)
  • Cayley (10th grade students)
  • Pascal (9th grade students)
  • Gauss (7th and 8th grade students)

Other competitions hosted by The Canadian Mathematical Society:

MATHChallengers (formerly MathCounts BC) is called MathChallengers since 2005. It is hosted by APEGBC.


  • CMO (China Mathematics Olympiad 中国数学奥林匹克)
  • CWMO (Western China Mathematics Olympiad)
  • CGMO (China Girl Mathematics Olympiad) — for female secondary students
  • CSMO (South-eastern China Mathematics Olympiad) — for secondary 4 students
  • CNMO (China Northern Mathematics Olympiad)
  • National high school math League 全国高中数学联赛
  • QAIS (Qingdao American International School 青岛美国国际学校) stock market trading, bridge building and siege engines Grades 7 - 12


  • OCM (Colombian Mathematics Olympiad)
  • OCMU (Colombian Mathematics Olympiad university)

Web site:


Czech Republic




  • Θαλής (Thales) - first round
  • Ευκλείδης (Euclides) - second round
  • Αρχιμήδης (Archimedes) - third round
  • Λευκοπούλειος Διαγωνισμός Πιθανοτήτων και Στατιστικής - "Leukopouleios" Contest on Probabilities And Statistics - a competition that is not related to IMO, organised by ESI (National Statistic Institut)
  • Math Kangaroo Competition

Seen also Hellenic Mathematical Society

Hong Kong


  • Miklos Schweitzer Competition
  • Nemzetközi Kenguru Matematika Verseny (3rd to 12th grade students)Homepage:
  • Kalmár László Országos Matematika Verseny (3rd to 8th grade students)
  • Zrínyi Ilona Országos Matematika Verseny (3rd to 8th grade students)
  • Varga Tamás Matematika Verseny (7th and 8th grade students)
  • Bátaszéki Matematika Verseny (3rd to 8th grade students)
  • Középiskolai Matematikai Lapok (a year-long contest, each month you have to submit solutions to some problems, 9th-12th grade, Homepage in English: )
  • ADMV (Arany Dániel Matematika Verseny, 9th and 10th grade students)
  • Gordiusz Matematika Tesztverseny (9th to 12th grade students)
  • OKTV (Országos Középiskolai Tanulmányi Verseny, 11th and 12th grade)
  • Kürschák József (first year university students or below)


Proof-based Mathematics Olympiads

  • Regional Mathematical Olympiads held in every region. Leads to participation in Indian National Mathematical Olympiad, held every year as a part of selection process for International Mathematical Olympiad.[1]
  • National Mathematics Talent Exams conducted by The Association of Mathematics Teachers of India, Chennai (For Vth to XIIth)
  • National Genius Search Examination (NGSE) conducted by National Genius Search Foundation for Class V to X

Application-based Mathematics Contests



  • Preliminary Mathematics Olympiad, which successful applicants compete against one another on Iranian Olympiad Level 2 competitions, then they proceeded to compete for top six places in the country so they could participate in the International Mathematics Olympiad as representatives of Iran.


  • Irish Mathematical Societies Association Intervarsities. An annual event in which teams representing the mathematical societies of their respective colleges compete in an Olympiad styled event.
  • The Irish Mathematical Olympiad (IrMO), an annual competition held in May each year ( Students that perform well in the Junior Certificate are invited to take part in training programmes, leading up to the competition.
  • Problem Solving for Irish Second Level Mathematicians (PRISM), a competition for secondary school students, organised by NUI Galway but held in the students' own schools. There are two competitions - one for junior students, and another for seniors (
  • Team Math is held annually for secondary school students.



South Korea

Macau, China


  • Regional Competition
  • Republic Competition (different problems for each grade)
  • JMMO (Junior Macedonian Maths Olympiad) (all students younger than 15.5 years have same questions)
  • MMO (Macedonian Maths Olympiad) (all students older than 15.5 years have same questions)

Official web-site (in Macedonian):


  • OMK (Olimpiad Matematik Kebangsaan / National Mathematical Olympiad), an annual competition organized by the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society,


  • MMO (Mexican Mathematical Olympiad ( ) in Spanish
  • Mathcounts - held annually at the American school of Puebla and open to ASOMEX students.
  • ONMAS (Olimpiada nacional de matematicas para alumnos de secundaria)
  • Canguro Matematico (Math Kangaro)
  • Pierre Fermat Contest organized by IPN
  • Olimpiada de Mayo(The selective exam for Olimpiada Rioplatense de Matematias)



New Zealand


  • Niels Henrik Abels matematikk-konkurranse (Norwegian Mathematical Olympiad, website available both in Norwegian and English at


  • In 2006 almost 4,000,000 students from 41 countries played the game world-wide. The world "Kangaroo" center, which coordinates the competition in the various countries, was founded in 1994 in Paris. In Pakistan, the competition was first organized in 2005 by the Pakistan kangaroo Commission. For further information visit [2]


  • National Mathematic Olympiad - ONEM (Olimpiada Nacional Escort de Mathematical)

It's the official Olympiad, organized by the Ministry of Education and the Peruvian Mathematical Society in 4 phases. The final phase takes place near to Lima usually in November. Website available in Spanish: hmm


  • Philippine Mathematics Olympiad
  • Metrobank-Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP)-Department of Education (DepEd) Math Challenge for Grade School and High School Students
  • Annual Nationwide Search for the Math Wizard (College Level) - University of the Philippines Mathematics Club [3]
  • Mathematics Trainer's Guild (MTG)
  • mathematics festival
  • MATHirang MATHibay - University of the Philippines Mathematics Majors' Circle
  • MATHira MATHibay and STATstruck - Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila - Mathematical Society
  • PUP MathMax


  • Polish Mathematical Olympiad (Website)



Russian Federation


  • Mathematical competition's in Serbia [4]



South Africa






United Kingdom

  • Most competitions are organised by the UK Mathematics Trust.
  • The Primary Mathematics Challenge (for primary school pupils) is organised by the Mathematical Association.
  • The Junior Mathematical Challenge is a multiple-choice competition for students up to year 8 in England and Wales, year S2 in Scotland, year 9 in Northern Ireland. High scorers in the JMC are invited to compete in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad.
  • The Intermediate Mathematical Challenge is a multiple-choice competition for students up to year 11 in England and Wales, year S4 in Scotland, year 12 in Northern Ireland. High scorers in the IMC are invited to compete in the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad and Kangaroo (for the highest scorers) and in the European Kangaroo (another multiple-choice competition, for other high scorers).
  • The Senior Mathematical Challenge (formerly National Maths Contest) is a multiple-choice competition for students up to year 13 in England and Wales, year S6 in Scotland, year 14 in Northern Ireland.
  • High scorers in the SMC are invited to compete in the British Mathematical Olympiad (
  • There is a Team Maths Challenge for students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland; Scotland has its own Enterprising Mathematics Competition organised by the Scottish Mathematical Council.
  • The UCL Maths Challenge is a competition for Year 6 primary school pupils from London organised by UCL student volunteers (

United States

Generally, registering for these contests is based on the grade level of math at which the student works rather than the age or the enrolled grade of the student.

National elementary school competitions (grades K-6)

  • ABACUS International Math Challenge[5] (grades 3-8)
  • American Math Challenge, incorporating the MATHCOUNTS Foundation Online Challenge [6] (ages 9 -14)
  • Continental Mathematics League[7] (grades 2 - 9, Calculus and Computer)
  • Kumon Math Challenge[8] (grades 1-10)
  • Math Kangaroo Competition[9] (grades 2-12)
  • Math League (grades 4-12)
  • Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS) (grades 4-6 and 7-8)
  • MathFax[10] (grades 3-12)
  • MathWizz[11] (grades K-12)
  • Monthly Math Challenge Problems[12] (grades K-2)
  • Noetic Learning Math Contest[13] (grades 2-5)
  • Online Math League[14] (grades 2-9)
  • SBU Math Contest[15] (grades 3-8)
  • The Math & Logic Contests[16] (grades 2-6)

National middle school competitions (grades 6-8)

National high school competitions (grades 9-12)

National college competitions

Regional competitions

See List of United States regional mathematics competitions.

United States external links



  • Vietnam Mathematical Olympiad — Official National Contest for mathematics talents.
  • 30/4 Olympiad for Mathematics — Regional Olympiad in the Southern Vietnam (for students in provinces from Quang Tri to Ca Mau).

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