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This is a list of military divisions of all nationalities organised by number. Divisions may be infantry, airborne, cavalry, mechanized, armoured or aviation.

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1st to 5th

1st Division 
2nd Division 
3rd Division 
4th Division 
5th Division 

6th to 10th

6th Division 
7th Division 
8th Division 
9th Division 
10th Division 

11th to 20th

11th Division 
12th Division 
13th Division 
14th Division 
15th Division 
16th Division 
17th Division 
18th Division 
19th Division 
20th Division 

21st to 30th

21st Division 
22nd Division
23rd Division 
24th Division 
25th Division 
26th Division 
27th Division 
28th Division 
29th Division 
30th Division 

31st to 40th

31st Division 
32nd Division 
33rd Division 
34th Division 
35th Division
36th Division 
37th Division 
38th Division 
39th Division 
40th Division 

41st to 50th

41st Division 
42nd Division 
43rd Division 
44th Division 
45th Division 
46th Division 
47th Division 
48th Division 
49th Division 
50th Division 

51st to 60th

51st Division 
52nd Division 
53rd Division 
54th Division 
55th Division 
56th Division 
57th Division 
58th Division 
59th Division 
60th Division 

61st to 70th

61st Division 
62nd Division 
63rd Division 
64th Division 
  • German 64th Infantry Division
  • Imperial Japanese 64th Infantry Division
  • Soviet 64th Rifle Division
  • Philippine Commonwealth 64th Armored Division
  • Philippine Commonwealth 64th Cavalry Division
  • Philippine Commonwealth 64th Infantry Division
  • U.S. 64th Air Division
  • U.S. 64th Cavalry Division
65th Division 
66th Division 
67th Division 
  • Philippine Commonwealth 67th Armored Division
  • Philippine Commonwealth 67th Cavalry Division
  • Philippine Commonwealth 67th Infantry Division
  • U.S. 67th Infantry Division
68th Division 
  • Philippine Commonwealth 68th Armored Division
  • Philippine Commonwealth 68th Cavalry Division
  • Philippine Commonwealth 68th Infantry Division
69th Division 
70th Division 

71st to 80th

71st Division 
72nd Division
73rd Division 
  • Philippine Commonwealth 73rd Armored Division
  • Philippine Commonwealth 73rd Cavalry Division
  • Philippine Commonwealth 73rd Infantry Division
74th Division 
75th Division 
76th Division 
77th Division 
78th Division 
79th Division 
80th Division 

81st to 90th

81st Division 
82nd Division 
83rd Division 
84th Division 
85th Division 
86th Division 
87th Division 
88th Division 
89th Division 
90th Division 

91st to 100th

91st Division 
92nd Division 
93rd Division 
94th Division 
95th Division 
96th Division 
97th Division 
98th Division 
99th Division 
100th Division 

101st to 110th

101st Division 
102nd Division 
103rd Division 
104th Division 
105th Division 
106th Division 
107th Division 
108th Division 
109th Division 
110th Division 

111th Onwards

111th Division 
112th Division 
114th Division 
121st Division 
123rd Division 
126th Division 
130th Division 
139th Division
141st Division 
148th Division 
150th Division 
153rd Division 
169th Division 
180th Division 
183rd Division 
184th Division
188th Division
193rd Division
200th Division 
201st Division 
216th Division 
212th Division 
242nd Division
245th Division 
252nd Division
273rd Division 
292nd Division 
299th Division
305th Division
324th Division 
334th Division 
383rd Division 
562nd Division 
840th Division 
999th Division 


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