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Military history

The following is a list of military writers, alphabetical by last name:

Name Details Notable works
Sidney Allinson Canadian military historian The Bantams: The Untold Story Of World War One,
Kruger's Gold: A novel of the Anglo-Boer War
Alberto Bayo Latin American revolutionary A Manual of Guerrilla Warfare
Général d'Armée André Beaufre
Don Bendell Crossbow,
The B-52 Overture,
Valley of Tears,
Criminal Investigation Detachment
Friedrich von Bernhardi
Colonel John Boyd Inventor of the OODA Loop or decision cycle, Energy-Maneuverability Aerial Attack Study,
Discourse on Winning & Losing,
Destruction & Creation
Gary Brecher War Nerd
Ahron Bregman Author of books on the Arab-Israeli conflict
Bernard Brodie
Caleb Carr Military historian Lessons of Terror,
The Devil Soldier

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