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This article is for less prominent villains in the fictional universe of Disney's animated television series Kim Possible.


Adrena Lynn

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Adrena Lynn 1,4(cameo) All the News Rachel Dratch (Adrena Lynn), Jeff Bennett (Adrena Lynn's Cameraman)
A single-episode villain, Adrena Lynn was a TV teen action star who specialized in "extreme" death-defying stunts. In reality, she faked all of her stunts, and was exposed by Kim and Ron when Kim tried to save Lynn from a failed bungee jump stunt only to discover Lynn didn't do the stunt at all and was using a stuffed stunt-double dummy. She also seems to like using the word "freaky" in sentences (she puts emphasis on the eaky, but not the fr).

Adrena Lynn attempted to get revenge on Kim for exposing her as a fraud, but was defeated and sent off to jail after a death-defying battle at an abandoned circus that ended with Adrena Lynn being exposed once again as a coward.

Her name is a play off of the word "adrenaline" (a hormone in the body that would probably be produced in response to such stress).

Adrena Lynn was originally supposed to be a major villain. She was put in many of the shows promotional images and was one of the villains fans were allowed to e-mail on the website (before 2007). However, she did not prove to be popular with audiences and was written out of the series as a result. Currently, her only other appearances was in the video game Disney's Kim Possible: Global Gemini for the Nintendo DS and a cameo in "Graduation".


Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Aviarius 2 Go Team Go Richard Steven Horvitz
A villain with a bird fixation, Aviarius is actually an arch-foe of Team Go. He wears a caped costume with bird-foot-like boots and speaks in an over-the-top, villainous cackle. He has under his command a number of bird-themed weapons, such as flocks of hummingbird-shaped homing missiles and a gigantic robotic flamingo.

Kim Possible ran "a-fowl" of him in Go City as he attempted to steal all of Team Go's powers with a magic sceptre: during their first scrap she accidentally gained Hego's blue super-strength.

His lair, predictably named "The Nest", is located just outside of Go City, atop Go Mountain.


Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Bates 1 Monkey Fist Strikes Jeff Bennett
Bates was Monkey Fist's butler. Desperately loyal, Bates did his job thoroughly to please his master. After gaining mystical monkey power, Monkey Fist began training an army of monkey ninja warriors. Bates has since then not returned; and whether or not he is still employed by Monkey Fist remains to be confirmed. He is defeated in battle by Rufus after Rufus and Ron gain Mystical Monkey Powers of their own and is sent to prison where he presumably remains since he hasn't been seen since.

"Big Daddy" Brotherson

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
"Big Daddy" Brotherson 1, 3 Number One Maurice LaMarche
A morbidly obese man and one of the criminal underworld's number one information brokers. Kim has once commented that if there's any sort of evil deal taking place, Big Daddy will have his fingerprints all over it. Big Daddy has a weakness for playing mind games with his clients, which he expects them to play along with if they want his help.

His first appearance is in Season 1, Number One, when Kim, Ron and Will Du confront him for information regarding Duff Killigan's criminal plans. Big Daddy, however, remains tight-lipped on the topic until Kim offers him a candy bar, after which he provides a piece of information, though not much.

Big Daddy later returns in the Season 3 finale, So the Drama, when Dr. Drakken meets him in the criminal nightclub "The Bermuda Triangle" to collect information regarding Dr. Possible's "Hephaestus Project". Drakken, however, is forced to play Big Daddy's "silly games" before he gets the info he desires.

Chester Yapsby

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Chester Yapsby 3 Roachie Stephen Root
A single-appearance villain who tried to take over Middleton with giant cockroaches via the "roflex", an invention stolen from Professor Akari. He was thwarted with the help of Roachie, one of the giant cockroaches he created (and Ron befriended).

Dr. Fen

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Dr. Fen 2 Grudge Match Tom Kenny
A co-worker of Dr. Possible who works in the robotics department. It is uncertain how he received this position, as he is actually a rather incompetent roboticist. All the robots he makes on his own attack him or try to hurt him.

Dr. Fen claimed a robotic exploration vehicle that he designed had been stolen by his ex-lab assistant Vivian Porter, leading Kim to unwittingly steal a working robot from Dr. Porter and her boyfriend Oliver, which she believed to be the stolen explorer. Dr. Fen was arrested once it was revealed that he had not designed the robot, and Dr. Porter, the robot's true designer, was given his job.

The spelling of Dr. Fen's name was confirmed by his character's trading card.


Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Electronique 4 Stop Team Go Kari Wahlgren
This villainess was introduced in the episode "Stop Team Go." Electronique is, as Ron Stoppable described her, an "electrical villain". Her evil genius lies in electrical weapons: as a chipper Shego explained, "If it has wires, she can turn it into a weapon. If it's already a weapon, she can make it a better weapon." Her metallic wire-like hair crackles with static electricity, her outfit is festooned with wires and conduits to channel her electrical powers, and she can shoot lightning from her gloved hands. She speaks with a vaguely East-European accent.

At some time in the past she was put in jail by Team Go, back when Shego was still fighting alongside her brothers. As an act of vengeance, she used her electrical skills to modify one of Jack Hench's attitudinator helmets into a "Reverse Polarizer" capable of firing attitude-reversing energy blasts-- and used it on Team Go, turning them into her "evil little henchmen". However, she did not realize Shego had long before already chosen to align herself with evil, and the polarizer blast unintentionally turned her good. After she was defeated by Team Go she began vowing to break out but Ron used the Attitudinator to turn her good and she agreed to serve out her sentence this time.

Electronique may be an homage to the classic Spider-Man electrical-themed villain Electro or Megavolt from Darkwing Duck. Her appearance is also similar to Livewire from Superman.

Embarrassment Ninjas

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Embarrassment Ninjas 2 Blush Unknown
2 silent ninjas employed by Drakken in Blush. Drakken tries to embarrass Kim out of existence and brings in the deadly pair to speed up the process while she's on a date with Josh Mankey. They come close to succeeding, with unintentional help from Jim and Tim Possible, but Kim is saved by Ron at the last minute.

Eric the Synthodrone

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Synthodrone 901 3 So the Drama Ricky Ullman
Eric, also known as Synthodrone #901, "one made to order Syntho-hottie ", is a synthetic villain created by Doctor Drakken during the events of "Kim Possible: So the Drama". His purpose was to keep Kim preoccupied socially so that Drakken's plan to take over the world would not be interrupted.

Eric manages to infiltrate Kim's life and became her boyfriend, thus hindering Kim and Ron's friendship. Due to being displaced by Eric, Ron finally begins to realize his true feelings for Kim, and as a result he develops a strong rivalry with Eric. Eric revealed his true self by knocking out Kim with an electric blast after she had defeated Shego. Upon learning that Eric wasn't human (as well as working for Drakken), Kim began to realize her own feelings for Ron.

In the final battle in "So The Drama", Eric did battle with Ron, and proved to be too much for him, taunting him at the same time. However, Eric made a fatal mistake by insulting Rufus, calling him "gross". When Eric prevented Kim's electromagnetic scrambler from striking Drakken's control tower, a grudge-holding Rufus bites a hole in his foot causing his synthogel to gush out, causing him to drop the scrambler and short-out the tower. Eric's demise marked the first "fatality" of an apparently human character in the franchise (later followed by the apparent deaths of Monkey Fist in "Oh No Yono" and of Warmonga and Warhok in "Graduation").

Evil Eye Trio

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Guy, Larson, Score 3 Dimension Twist
Not really villains, but rather a trio of image consultants who advise villains on the look of their lairs and the style of their costumes. Their cable television show Evil Eye for the Bad Guy is a spoof of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.A sharp viewer of the show will see that the trio are straight men.

Falsetto Jones

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Falsetto Jones 2 Rufus In Show Phil Morris
A dog breeder, famous for his Lithuanian Wolfhounds, and a notorious thief who appeared in a single half length episode. He was first encountered some time after he stole a large diamond from a museum exhibit. Kim and Ron used his annual dog show, with Rufus as an entrant, as cover for recovering the diamond.

Jones also appeared in the game Drakken's Demise, and is known as "Falsetto" after a freak helium accident gave him a permanently high-pitched voice.

Frugal Lucre

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Francis Lurman 1, 4 Low Budget Richard Kind
Francis Lurman, AKA "Frugal Lucre", was an employee of the Philadelphia Smarty Mart who, in the episode "Low Budget", threatened (via a video transmission of him with a bad accent and fake beard) to destroy the Internet with a destructive virus unless everyone in the world agreed to pay him a dollar each, thus potentially earning him over six billion dollars. He placed this virus on the barcode of a can of expired Vienna sausages, which would be unleashed when scanned. A cost-conscious, budget-minded villain, Frugal Lucre didn't need henchmen or a lair: He conducted his evil plans from his mother's basement and threatened his foes with a wading pool full of snapping turtles.

Lucre was next seen in cameo appearances in the episodes "Car Alarm" and "The Big Job" as Doctor Drakken's cell mate. He was incessantly chatty, and annoyed Drakken to no end. After Drakken escapes from prison in "Mad Dogs and Aliens" he shares a cell with Drakken's cousin Motor Ed, whose incessant chatter ironically annoys Lucre to no end.

Frugal Lucre, out on parole, showed up at the door of Dr. Drakken's lair in "The Mentor of Our Discontent." His time as Drakken's cell mate apparently made an impression: He requested to be mentored in the villainous arts. Lucre was still just as annoying and chatty as he was in prison, but his knowledge of Smarty Mart's new StockBot systems made him invaluable to Drakken's latest world domination scheme. He made a cameo appearance at the end of "Graduation" along with other villains at award ceremony for Drakken for saving the world. He was the only villain (apart from Shego) who cheered for him.

Closed captioning often misspell his name as "Lukar"


Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Fukushima 2 Exchange Dante Basco.
When Ron was temporarily transferred into the school as part of an exchange program, Fukushima voiced his protest, resentful of an outsider being allowed to enter the school. Afterwards, he is shown hazing Ron and laughing whenever he makes a mistake.

He ends up betraying Yamanouchi to serve Monkey Fist in his attempt to steal the Lotus Blade, telling him the location of the Lotus Blade, and leading Ron into the simian supervillain's trap. The motive behind these actions goes more or less unexplained, but may stem from his earlier resentment of Ron.

Apparently Fukushima intended to become a career ninja, as he was briefly cowed by Ron's assertion that helping a supervillain wouldn't look good on his transcript, and would keep him from entering a good ninja college. However, after Monkey Fist claimed that once he'd led an army of monkey ninjas into battle, he would write Fukushima a letter of recommendation, Fukushima continued to serve.

Later, after Ron and Yori have escaped, and the students of Yamanouchi arrived to fight Monkey Fist and his ninja monkeys, Fukushima engaged in battle with Ron and was easily (and ironically) beaten by Ron who summons his Mystical Monkey Powers to help.

He is one of only two villains whom Kim has not personally confronted.

Gorilla Fist

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Gorilla Fist 3 Gorilla Fist
Gorilla Fist is an alter ego taken on by the recurring villain DNAmy during the episode Gorilla Fist.

Gorilla Fist kidnapped the master of the Yamanouchi ninja school, which Ron attended in Exchange. Believing it to be the work of Monkey Fist, Ron and Yori go off in search of him, unaware that Gorilla Fist is using them to locate Monkey Fist, whom she (DNAmy) is infatuated with.

Hank Perkins

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Hank Perkins 2, 4 Sick Day Rob Paulsen

Hank Perkins' first appearance was in the half-length episode "Sick Day" as a temp worker, hired by Duff Killigan after Doctor Drakken and Shego were incapacitated by the flu. In "Odds Man In" he returned as a "villainy consultant" to improve Dr. Drakken's latest global domination scheme.

A bright, enthusiastic and even cheerful individual, during his first temp assignment with Drakken Hank Perkins discovered the potential of villainous enterprises. He has a degree in law and at some time between appearances became an independent consultant. He probably can't be considered a villain per se: like Jack Hench, he is a businessman exclusively serving the villain community.

Jack Hench

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Jack Hench 1, 3, 4 Ron the Man Fred Willard
As the head of Hench Co. Industries. Jack Hench doesn't really see himself as a villain. After all, he has no evil schemes or plans to take over the world. He actually prefers to think of himself as a simple businessman to caters to an exclusive clientèle. However, considering that clientèle consists of people who do have evil schemes and plans to take over the world, Hench isn't going to be a strong contender for "Humanitarian of the Year" anytime soon. Only the fact that he's never used any of his inventions or weapons himself has managed to keep him safely under everyone's radar and allowed him to stay in business. Considering the nature of that business, Kim would prefer having nothing to do with him at all. She's only come to his aid in the past because it was for the greater good to do so.

Although Hench usually prefers to act exclusively as a middleman; providing henchmen to others rather than using them himself, he sometimes retains the services of his own men when his business interests are threatened. Notably, this occurred in the Season 4 episode "Grande Size me", in which Hench's henchmen attempted to recover one of his weapons before Kim could deliver it to GJ, and before the franchises regular villains could seize it for themselves.

Jackie Oakes (a.k.a.: Jackie the Jackal)

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Jackie Oakes/Anubis/the Jackal 1 Pain King vs. Cleopatra Bill Barretta
As the Founder, Chairman and Executive Promoter of GWA (the Global Wrestling Association), Jackie Oakes made a fortune bringing his brand of sports entertainment into living rooms all over the world. However, promoting the show wasn't good enough for Jackie. He wanted to be part of the show as an actual wrestler. Unfortunately, because of his small size, none of the other athletes in the locker room (especially his two star performers, Steel Toe and Pain King) would take his request seriously. This caused a great deal of resentment in Jackie until one day, he came across the legend of an unnamed Egyptian amulet. According to myth, the amulet was a gift to Cleopatra herself from a High Priest of Anubis, Egyptian god of the dead. Allegedly, whoever wore the amulet was granted superhuman strength and power.

Seeing it as his chance to finally be a star performer, Jackie arranged a special GWA tour through specific cities so he could steal the amulet, as well as the papyrus scroll which activated its power. This eventually brought the GWA to Middleton, where the amulet was being housed in a museum exhibit. Jackie was able to steal the amulet with relatively little difficulty. However, he ended up getting more than he bargained for when he tried to use it. Upon activation, the amulet infused Jackie with the spirit of Anubis, transforming him into the demonic Jackal, a large, muscular humanoid jackal creature. Feeding off of Jackie's frustration and jealousy of his GWA athletes, The Jackal went on a rampage, attacking not only Steel Toe and Pain King, but also Ron and the GWA audience as well. Although Kim arrived to save the day, she was completely unprepared for The Jackal's power and quickly realized that she was no match for it. Fortunately, with the help of Steel Toe and Pain King, she and Ron were able to keep The Jackal off balance just long enough for Rufus to remove the amulet, turning Jackie human again. Pain King and Steel Toe then beat him up and tossed him into the crowd.

Malcolm Needious

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Malcolm Needious 2 Virtu-Ron Martin Spanjers
Malcolm Needious, also known as "The Wraith Master", is a single appearance villain for the episode "Vir-Tu-Ron". He is a hard-core 'power player' in the popular online game Everlot (a parody of EverQuest). He takes his obsession a bit too far and seeks to dominate the game world, ruling it as his online avatar - the Wraith Master. He also tries, unsuccessfully, to win the affections of Zita Flores.

Jealous of Zita and Ron's relationship, Needious used immersion caps stolen from his father's company, Everlot Inc, to place Ron and Zita directly into the Everlot game, thus ensuring that they need to win the game to leave. Rufus enters Everlot as the Tunnel Lord and battles with the Needious. Malcolm is finally defeated and it appears that there are no hard feelings from the other players; Ron even consoles him (relating to Malcolm's attempts to impress Zita) and suggests joining the Drama Club - since he already "owns the shirts".

Nanny Nane

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Nanny Nane 4 Nursery Crimes Jane Carr
A former head of an English academy for Nannies, her school went out of business as the practice of using strict nannies to raise children became less fashionable. She developed a machine that turned people into super strong babies and began to steal pacifiers, holding them for ransom. Kim was able to defeat Nanny Nane by using her own babysitting skills to pacify her minions, then reverting them to their original age with her machine.She also likes to treat adults like babies.

Sheldon Director (a.k.a.: Gemini)

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Sheldon Director 2, 4 The Ron Factor Maurice LaMarche
Sheldon Director is the brother of Betty Director (known as Dr. Director). The evil head of WEE (the Worldwide Evil Empire), Gemini has dedicated his existence to the extermination of the espionage group, Global Justice (GJ). He seeks this goal despite the fact that he is actually the fraternal twin brother of Dr. Director, the leader of GJ. While Gemini claims to be Dr. Director's "evil twin", his true motive for evil is that because he was born first ("by four minutes", says Dr. Director), he wanted her to treat him like an older brother and she never did. Thus, Gemini chose to become evil and founded WEE just to spite her. He first encountered Kim and Ron when he learned that GJ was investigating a phenomenon called "The Ron Factor" (essentially, the chaos Ron seems to trigger wherever he goes, which GJ theorized was the true reason for Kim's success at saving the world). Upon learning this, Gemini kidnapped Ron and tried to make him a member of WEE. Kim was knocked out by a falling laser, but fortunately, she recovered and was able to rescue Ron along with Dr. Director and together, they were able to defeat Gemini.

As villains go, Gemini can be quite fierce. His main weapon is a bionic hand that can shoot infinite stores of missiles from his fingertips. His hand can also generate devastating electric shocks, which Ron and Rufus turned back on him when they caught him in a Chinese finger trap, causing him to stun himself. When it comes to running WEE, Gemini seems to be quite organized on the surface (despite his penchant for naming all his henchmen after letters in the Greek alphabet). But upon closer inspection, he does have a few bad habits that really keep him down. He is fiercely dedicated to his pet chihuahua Pepe (who has a hissy fit whenever someone utters the words "Global Justice"). He can also be very impatient and immature at times. The first time a henchman fails, Gemini immediately dispatches him (either through a trap door or an ejection seat) and moves on to the next one. He also has a habit of reverting to the mentality of a 6-year-old when in the presence of Dr. Director (although anyone who's seen an argument between them will see that Dr. Director doesn't exactly have the high ground on maturity either). Despite that, Gemini is one of the more competent supervillains on the show.

After his debut episode, Gemini was long forgotten until the Season 4 episode Grande Size Me, where he appears at a HenchCo product auction. He has no speaking role in this episode, but Ron does comment that he "hadn't seen Gemini in a while". He also makes a cameo appearance in Graduation

He also appears in two of the Kim Possible video games Drakken's Demise and Global Gemini, the latter in which he served as the game's main villain.


Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Snowy 2 Day of the Snowmen Phil Morris
He is the original snowman. An accident, a freak blizzard gives life to him and get a toxic powers and the nickname "Toxic Snowmen". It is discovered that a newsanchor named Summer Gale used a weather machine to cause a snowstorm so that she would get more air time. However she created the storm using water from Lake Wannaweep, which is known for creating mutants. Kim and Ron must get to the weather and stop all the Mutant Snowmen before it is too late.

Summer Gale

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Summer Gale 2 Day of the Snowmen Hallie Todd
Summer Gale is a newsanchor who was getting less and less time on television due to her age. She managed to gain some temporary fame covering a blizzard that hit Middleton. Middleton was hit with a different threat: Snowy. The snowmen attacked Summer Gale while she was on the air. Kim managed to rescue her. It was later revealed that Summer Gale had used a weather machine to create the blizzard with hopes of more air time. She also used the toxic water from Lake Wannaweep, which caused the snowmen. Kim and Ron disabled the weather machine. It is unknown if Summer Gale is still on the air.

Sumo Ninja

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Sumo Ninja 3 So the Drama Kevin Michael Richardson
A hulking ninja who combines the size and weight of a sumo wrestler with the speed and agility of a ninja. He usually speaks in a deep, threatening voice. While working for Dr. Drakken, attempting to kidnap Mr. Nakasumi, he is knocked down by Kim Possible and receives an atomic wedgie from Ron Stoppable. Days or weeks later, he is still speaking in a high, squeaky voice as a result, though he has lost none of his speed or agility. Weakened by exposure to Kim's patent knockout gas, he is knocked unconscious by an inadvertent punch from Ron.

The Fashionistas

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Chino, Espadrille, Hoodie 4 Fashion Victim Charlie Schlatter (Chino), Tara Strong (Espadrille), Gwendoline Yeo (Hoodie)
Chino (the male), Espadrille (female with short, black hair), and Hoodie (in the hood), that are collectively known as The Fashionistas, a group of a Fashion-obsessed criminals.

In chronological order, their first appearance is in "Fashion Victim", where they hire fellow fashion lover Camille Leon to steal Club Banana's newest designs. In personality, they all are generally arrogant, snobby and dismissive. While Chino and Espadrille are generally non-combatants, Hoodie is clearly skilled in martial arts and was seen in Fashion Victim to be on par with Kim. They are defeated by Kim and Monique (who joins Kim on her mission and acts as her sidekick) and are arrested by the Fashion Police.

Their second and last appearance is in the episode "Clothes Minded", where Kim and Ron visit the villainous trio in the prison in hopes of convincing them to design Kim's new mission outfit. They design the new clothes for her, but refuse to give up the outfit when Kim turns down a trade, their freedom from prison.

The Knights of Rodigan

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
The Knights of Rodigan 1 Royal Pain
Long ago, the kingdom of Rodigan was run by a ruthless monarch, who was so despotic that even his knights hated him. Ever since then the knights have followed an ancient prophesy predicting that the King's lineage will end with Prince Wallace III.

The knights were first encountered by Kim in the episode Royal Pain, when she was contracted to protect the prince from the knights, who sought to assassinate him, as prophesied.

As an organization, the knights wear medieval armor, and retain many of their old traditions and customs, but they have fully embraced modern technology and use a modern mega corporation to finance and conceal their operations. They fight with high tech weapons styled after their medieval equivalents, and have an orbital weapons satellite.

Although the prince survived the knights assassination attempts, with Kim's help, their prophecy was still fulfilled. After experiencing an election at Kim's school, Prince Wallace decided to step down as heir to the throne, and to convert Rodigan into a democracy. Thus bringing the royal lineage to an end.

The Mathter

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
The Mathter 4 Mathter and Fervent Brian Stepanek
The Mathter first appeared in the Season 4 episode Mathter and Fervent. He is one of the three known foes of Team Go, a 1970s cartoon-styled villain whose name is a combination of the words "math" and "master".

According to Hego, he became bent on revenge against Go City after officials denied him funding for his twisted mathematical experiments. Most of his 'weapons' are based on mathematical terms such as Pi or the number 3, as well as the phrases he uses. During battle, when his weapons fail, he relies on his henchmen, called 'The Co-Efficients', to fight for him.

When the Mathter first encountered Kim Possible, he got angry when Ron's tape recorder deflected one of his number projectiles aimed at Hego. Therefore, he planned on revenging himself upon Ron by first deleting all information on him. Then, outside Smarty Mart, he used his Calculaser to turn Ron into a walking amount of antimatter; everything he touches disintegrates.

When, Kim, Hego, Ron (contained in a matter-antimatter sphere) and his father confront the Mathter, the villain reveals that he created an 'Infinity Dome' where he could use his Math prowess as a weapon so that he could battle Team Possible. He was eventually defeated by Ron's dad who manages to hit him with a blast of energy knocking him out.

Vinnie Wheeler

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Vincent Wheeler 2 Triple S Rob Paulsen.
Vinnie Wheeler was hired by Señor Senior, Senior as a financial consultant to instill in his son a measure of financial responsibility. But Vinnie was actually a con man: He convinced Señor Senior Junior to grant him power of attorney, then stole their entire fortune, leaving The Seniors destitute.

However Senior gets revenge by robbing him of several valuables and then Junior turned in his father for the $2B reward for his capture. The Seniors may have used the reward to successfully sue Wheeler to regain their fortunes.

He is one of only two villains whom Kim Possible has not personally confronted.


Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Warhok 4 Graduation Ron Perlman
A leader in the Lorwardian Army and Warmonga's hot-tempered battlemate.

Warhok made his screen debut in the penultimate episode of Season 4 when he and Warmonga attack Earth during Kim Possible's High School Graduation as revenge for Drakken deceiving, and Kim defeating, Warmonga.

Warhok abducts Drakken and Kim and launches an invasion of powerful alien tripods to take over the world. Warhok's plan comes off the rails when Ron, Rufus and Shego manage to rescue Kim and Drakken before disabling his ship's power core, causing it to fall out of orbit and into Earth's atmosphere.

After abandoning ship, Warhok battles with Drakken, Shego and Team Possible, who manage to overcome his robots using Drakken's new found mutant vine powers. Just as it appears that he has been defeated, he breaks free of Drakken's vines and incapacitates Kim; planning to take her back to his home world and to mount her on his wall as a trophy. This ultimately leads to his downfall however, as the thought of Kim being in mortal danger proves to be the catalyst that Ron needs to tap into his dormant Mystical Monkey Powers. With full control over his powers, Ron proceeds to engage both Warhok and Warmonga in close combat, defeating them easily. Warhok is last seen being thrown by Ron, into his spaceship, which then explodes.

Although it was never explicitly stated what became of Warhok, the series ending indicates that he was either killed in the impact or by the ensuing explosion.


Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Warmonga 4 Mad Dogs and Aliens Kristen Johnston
A nine-foot-tall, green-skinned warrior woman from the planet Lorwardia. Warmonga arrived on Earth seeking "The Great Blue", a legendary leader to whom she would pledge her allegiance and her arsenal of advanced weaponry. She is extremely strong, a fierce fighter, and is very eager-to-please, though she can be very literal-minded when following orders. Warmonga's name is a play off the word "Warmonger", while the name her home planet, Lorwardia, is based on the word "warlord".

Warmonga is first seen breaking Doctor Drakken out of prison early in Season 4 after his appearance on American Star maker (Rappin' Drakken) cause her to believe that he is the Great Blue, but she turns on him after Jim and Tim trick her into believing that they are the Great Blue. She reappears in the penultimate episode of Season 4, where she and her battlemate Warhok commands an army of alien tripods in their attempt to get revenge and invade Earth.

Warmonga is finally defeated when Ron Stoppable manages to tap into his dormant Mystical Monkey Powers and defeats her and Warhok in single combat; throwing them headlong into their crashing spacecraft just before it explodes. Her ultimate fate was never confirmed, though it is intimated that she was killed.

White Stripe

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Rudolph Farnsworth 2 The Fearless Ferret John C. McGinley
Rudolph Farnsworth, also known as "White Stripe" is a single appearance villain who appeared in Season 2.

Farnsworth was an actor on the defunct children's super hero show "The Fearless Ferret" (styled after the 1960s TV incarnation of Batman). However, he became delusional and was eventually unable to separate himself from his character, the villainous Skunkman "White Stripe".

Years after his show was canceled, Farnsworth came out of retirement and donned his White Strip costume once more when he learned fellow actor Timothy North (a pun on the name of Batman actor Adam West), had begun training Ron to be the new "Fearless Ferret"; the character that North had played in the show, and whom North, also suffering from delusions, likewise believed himself to be.

In the guise of White Stripe, Farnsworth captured Ron and attempted to gas him and thousands of others at a Fearless Ferret convention. After incapacitating Kim, his plans were foiled by Ron, who managed to maneuver the carnival balloon containing his gas out of the convention center where it was able to disperse harmlessly into the air.

After his defeat, Farnsworth came realized that he was just an actor who had played White Stripe, rather than the villain himself. He then reconciled with Timothy North and gave up being a criminal.

Since the episode was a parody of the 1960s Batman as well as references to Batman Beyond (in which Will Friedle [Ron] starred) White Stripe may be a composite of the Joker, Penguin, and the Riddler.

Yono the Destroyer

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Yono the Destroyer 4 Oh No! Yono Clancy Brown
A new villain introduced in the Season 4 episode Oh No! Yono. Released by Monkey Fist to help him find the "weapon". After making a pact, Yono went to Yamanouchi where he easily took care of Kim, Rufus, and Master Sensei, turing them to stone. When Hana beat Monkey Fist, everyone was returned to normal and Monkey Fist was turned to stone himself and sucked into the earth as he followed the "Path of the Yono". The Yono never appeared again and his whereabouts/fate is unknown.

Zorpox The Conqueror

Name Season Debut Portrayed by
Zorpox The Conqueror 3, 4 Bad Boy Will Friedle
Zorpox the Conqueror is a villainous alter ego of Ron Stoppable, who has appeared on two occasions when Ron was temporarily turned evil by the Attitudinator. The name "Zorpox the Conqueror" was chosen from Issue 97 of the "Villain's League of Evil Villains"; a comic owned by Wade. Zorpox has a distinctive musical theme: "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" by Johann Sebastian Bach.


Initially, Zorpox the Conqueror was a fictional comic book villain within the Kim Possible universe (see Fictional fictional character). His name and trademark black and red costume were used by Ron Stoppable, during Season 3, as part of an attempt to infiltrate the Tri-City villains' convention. However, during the course of the convention, Ron became involved in a struggle with Drakken and Shego, which resulted in a device on display there; known as "Attitudinator", transferring Drakken's "bad energies" (villainous tendency) into him.

Initially, Ron was unaware of what has happened, and the device appeared to have had no effect. However, as the day progressed, Ron's attitude steadily changed. He readopted a leather jacket-wearing "bad boy" look that he had unsuccessfully tried to pull off earlier in the episode (in the belief that "girls are attracted to bad boys"), and began to fixate on the idea of getting revenge on his cousin Shawn.

Soon afterward, Ron's skin turned blue, and he took to wearing the Zorpox costume and regarding Kim as an enemy. He also began to display a number of abilities and traits traditionally associated with a mad scientist type villain, including a strong mechanical and scientific aptitude which was clearly shown and quoted by several characters in the episode to have been superior to Drakken's. This number of abilities allowed him to develop a number of high tech weapons such as an "all terrain plasma catapult" and a weather machine.

Eventually, with the transformation complete, Ron made a double play for world domination. Using one villainous scheme as a decoy in order to prevent Kim from interfering with his true plan, he attempted to disrupt the world's weather in an effort to force the global community to surrender its supply of Nacos. This was the only time a decoy plan was used by a villain in the series until So the Drama. The plan even confused Shego and later dismayed her when she found out. She said it wouldn't hurt to be kept in the loop.

Ron/Zorpox was eventually stopped by Drakken, who placed a newly repaired "Attitudinator" on Ron's head, restoring both him and Drakken to their original selves once more.

Ron's villainous alter ego did not surface again during Season 3, and release notes for Season 4 do not include him as a character. However, Zorpox's personality makes a small reappearance in Stop Team Go, again under the influence of the Attitudinator, where he proceeded to battle the evil Team Go, showing amazing martial arts abilities while defeating a small army of Wegos, and helping to defeat Electronique. When Ron became evil again, Hego didn't think of him as much of a threat, but Shego mentioned that he'd "be surprised".


Zorpox's personality is essentially Ron's personality; primarily, his inquisitive and hyperactive nature, a bit of childish humor, and his unusual perspective of scales (for example, demanding a ransom of 'the world's supply of Nacos'), but with the addition of several elements which are more normally associated with a stereotypical "mad scientist" type villain, such as Drakken. These elements include penchant for dramatics, a sense of smugness, and camp villainy.

Despite being an amalgam of Ron and Drakken, Zorpox also demonstrated a number of traits that neither is usually credited with possessing. Among these traits were a high level of forethought, and an appreciation of the importance of learning from Drakken's past failures/Kim's past successes. As such Zaorpox was one of the few Kim Possible villains to use a decoy- a bogus doomsday weapon- in order to distract Kim from his true plans (until "So the Drama", he was the only villain to do so), or to realize that Kim typically received last minute mission updates from Wade, prior to going in, thus providing a signal that could be used to locate her.

Zorpox also took a harder line with Shego than Drakken had done. He insisted on his authority, employing a belt that enabled him to repel Shego's energy blasts - which Drakken owned but never figured out how to use - and the lair's traps, in order to intimidate her and remind her as to who was in charge and who was the sidekick. Shego was effectively shocked, unnerved, and subdued -- for probably the only time in the series canon.

Zorpox retained and utilized a modified version of Ron's trademark "Booya", which Zorpox worked into a villainous laugh ("Booyahahahaha"). Owing to his forethought and more logical approach to problems as well as his superior technical talents, Zorpox has been argued to be a superior villain in the franchise.

Zorpox was never referred to as such by any of the characters in the show except himself (while still good and incognito at the Villain's Convention) and Jack Hench, who never knew of Zorpox's true identity outside of the convention. Rather, he was called by his normal appellation.



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