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This is a list of the most recent legal executions performed by nations and other entities with criminal law jurisdiction over the people present within its boundaries. Extrajudicial executions and killings are not included. Executions performed in the territory of a current nation when it was a colony or before the nation gained independence are not included. The colours on the map correspond to and have the same meanings as the colours in the charts.

Death Penalty World Map
     Abolished for all crimes      Abolished for crimes not committed in exceptional circumstances (such as crimes committed in time of war)      Abolished in practice      Legal form of punishment



# Country Last execution date Name Crime Method
 Algeria August 1993[1] 7 Islamists terrorism
 Angola never used[2]
 Benin 1987-09-23[3] murder
 Botswana 2009-12-18[4] Gerald Dube murder hanging
 Burkina Faso 1988[3] murder
 Burundi 2000[5] 2 soldiers murder
 Cameroon January 1997[6] unnamed man hanging
 Cape Verde never used[3]
 Central African Republic 1981[7]
 Chad 2003[8]
 Comoros 1997[9]
 Democratic Republic of the Congo 2006-01-09[10] unnamed soldier murder firearm
 Congo October 1982[11] 2 men murder firing squad
 Côte d'Ivoire none since independence 1960-08-07[3]
 Djibouti none since independence 1977-06-27[12]
 Egypt 2006-12-12[13] Hosni Ramadan Mahmud Ahmed and Ramadan Abu al-Magd Azab murder hanging
 Equatorial Guinea 2007[14]
 Ethiopia 2007-08-06[15] Major Tsehaye Woldesellasie murder firearm
 Gabon 1981[16] firing squad
 Gambia 1981-09-30[6] Mustapha Danso murder
 Ghana 1993-07-12[6] 12 men murder and robbery firearm
 Guinea 2001-04-21[3][17] 3 people robbery firearm
 Guinea-Bissau 1986[18]
 Kenya 1987-07-09[6] Hezekiah Ochuka and Pancras Oteyo Okumu treason hanging
 Lesotho 1984[6] 6 people treason
 Liberia November 1995[3] 7 commanders of the Conseil de paix au Libéria war crimes firearm
 Libya 2008-02-16[19] Kojo Blankson and Samuel Ayi Ayitevi murder firearm
 Madagascar none since independence 1960-06-26[20]
 Malawi 1992-09-26[6][21] hanging
 Mali 1980-08-21[3][22] Mamadou Keita and Karuba Coulibaly murder firearm
 Mauritania 1987[3] 3 armed forces officers treason
 Mauritius 1987-10-10[6] Eshan Nayeck murder hanging
 Morocco 1993[23] Mohammed Tabet rape
 Mozambique May 1986[6]
 Namibia May 1988[6] Sagarias Ariseb murder hanging
 Niger 1976[3] Bayéré Moussa, Sidi Mohamed, and Ahmed Mouddour treason
 Nigeria 2006[24] hanging
 Rwanda 1998-04-24[25] Froduald Karamira and at least 21 others genocide firing squad
 Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic 1976
 São Tomé and Príncipe none since independence 1975-07-12[2]
 Senegal 1967-06-15[26][27] Moustapha Lô treason (attempted murder of the president) firing squad
 Seychelles none since independence 1976-06-29[2]
 Sierra Leone 1998-10-19[6] 24 soldiers (23 men, 1 woman) high treason public firing squad
 Somalia 2008-10-27[28] Aisho Ibrahim Dhuhulow adultery stoning
 South Africa 1989-11-14[6] Solomon Ngobeni hanging
 Bophuthatswana 1990-12-13[6][29] Alpheus Sekoboane murder hanging
 Venda 1991-01-31[6] John Tsakani Chauke hanging
 Sudan 2010-01-14[30] 6 unnamed men murder hanging
 Swaziland 1983-07-02[6] Philippa Mdluli murder hanging
 Tanzania October 1994[6] 7 unnamed men, 1 unnamed woman
 Togo 1978[3] M. Adjata Koffi murder
 Tunisia 1991[31]
 Uganda 2003-03-03[6] Richard Wigiri, Kambacho Ssenyonji, and Alfred Okech murder hanging
 Zambia January 1997[6] Abraham Kasongo, Nelson Ngindano, Dennis Chembe, Robert Mulumbi, David Kapunga, John Gombo, Joe Chilada, Christopher Oldfield hanging
 Zimbabwe 2003-06-13[6] Stephen Chidhumo, Elias Chauke, William Mukurugunye, and John Nyamazana murder hanging


# Country Last execution date Name Crime Method
 Afghanistan 2008-11-11[32] 5 unnamed men murder and rape hanging
 Armenia 1991-08-30[33] unnamed man murder single firearm
 Azerbaijan 1992[34]
 Bahrain 2008-06-04[35] Mizan Noor Al Rahman Ayoub Mia murder firearm
 Bangladesh 2010-01-28[30] Syed Faruk Rahman, Mohiuddin Ahmed, Bazlul Huda, A. K. M. Mohiuddin Ahmed, and Sultan Shahriar Rashid Khan murder hanging
 Bhutan 1964[36]
 Brunei none since independence 1984-01-01[6]
 Myanmar 1980s
 Cambodia 1989
 China 2010-01-19[30] Yang Tianqing and Liu Chenghu murder and gangsterism lethal injection
 Taiwan 2005-12-26 Lin Mongkai, Lin Shinhong murder firearm
 Hong Kong 1966-11-16[37] a Vietnamese man named 黃啟基 robbery and murder hanging
 Timor-Leste none since independence 2002-05-20[2]
 India 2004-08-14[6][38] Dhananjoy Chatterjee torture murder hanging
 Indonesia 2008-11-09[32] Imam Samudra, Amrozi, Ali Ghufron mass murder and terrorism firing squad
 Iran 2010-01-30[30] "Masoud" and "Mohammad" rape hanging
 Iraq 2010-01-25[30] Ali Hassan al-Majid mass murder hanging
 Israel 1962-05-31 Adolf Eichmann crimes against humanity, crimes against the Jewish people hanging
 Japan 2009-07-28[39] Hiroshi Maeue, Yukio Yamaji and Chen Detong murder hanging
 Jordan 2006-03-11 Salem bin Suweid and Yasser Freihat murder of U.S. diplomat hanging
 Kazakhstan 2003
 North Korea 2008-10-07[28] 5 unnamed women prostitution firearm
 South Korea 1997-12-30 hanging
 Kuwait 2007-05-20[40] Khan Anwar Islam drug possession hanging
 Kyrgyzstan none since independence 1991-12-25
 Laos 1989[41]
 Lebanon 2004-01-17[42] 3 men murder
 Malaysia 2008[43] hanging
 Maldives none since independence 1965-07-26[6]
 Mongolia 2005[44]
 Nagorno-Karabakh Republic never used
 Nepal 1979[45]
 Oman 2001[46]
 Pakistan 2008-08-19[47] Manzoor Ahmed murder hanging
 Palestinian Authority 2005-06-12[48] 4 unnamed men murder 3 by hanging; 1 by firing squad
 Philippines 2000
 Qatar 2003-03-10[49] Arun Abraham murder
 Saudi Arabia 2010-01-19[30] Sultan Bin Ali Bin Abdullah al-Qahtani murder public beheading by sword
 Singapore 2009-01-09[50] Tan Chor Jin murder hanging
 Sri Lanka 1976-06-23[6] Chardradasa Jayasinghe murder hanging
 Syria 2007-10-25[51] Ridhwan Abdulqadr Hassan Mohammed, Kheiro Khalif al-Fares, Abdulhayi Feisal Abdulhayi, Saleh Boussef Mahmoud, and Hassan Hamed Khalouf murder public hanging
 Tajikistan April 2004[52] Rachabmurod Chumayev, Umed Idiyev, Akbar Radzshabov, and Mukharam Fatkhulloyev
 Thailand 2009-08-24[53] Bundit Jaroenwanit and Jirawat Poompreuk drug offences lethal injection
 Turkmenistan 1997[2]
 United Arab Emirates 2008-02-22[19] "A. H. S." murder firearm
 Uzbekistan 2004-08-10[33] (last known) Azizbek Karimov and Yusuf Zhumayev single firearm
 Vietnam 2008-01-18[54] Tech A. Lang, Du Van Quan, and Hoang Dinh Duc drug possession firearm
 Yemen 2010-01-22[30] Hamid Jabir al-Hamshali and an unnamed man murder firearm


# Country Last execution date Name Crime Method
 Abkhazia never used
 Albania 1995-06-29[33] hanging
 Andorra 1943-10-18[33] Antoni Areny murder firing squad
 Austria 1950-03-24[33] Johann Trnka murder hanging
 Belarus 2008-02-05[19] (date of report) Sergei Morozov, Valery Gorbaty, and Igor Danchenko multiple murders firearm
 Belgium 1950-08-09[33] Philipp Schmitt war crimes firing squad
 Bosnia and Herzegovina 1975[33] (as a republic of Yugoslavia)
 Bulgaria 1989-11-04[33] murder firing squad
 Croatia 1973 (as a republic of Yugoslavia)[33] firing squad
 Cyprus 1962-06-13[33] Hambis Zacharia, Michael Hiletikos and Lazaris Demetriou murder hanging
 Czech Republic 1989-02-02[33] (as a republic of Czechoslovakia) Vladimir Lulek murder hanging
 Denmark June 1950[33] war crimes firing squad
 Estonia 1991-09-11[33] Rein Oruste murder single firearm
 Finland 1944[33] war crimes firing squad
 France 1977-09-10[33] Hamida Djandoubi torture murder beheading by guillotine
 Georgia 1995[33] murder single firearm
 Germany none since reunification 1990-10-03[33]
 East Germany 1981-06-26[33] Werner Teske treason single firearm
 West Germany 1949-02-18[33][55] Richard Schuh murder beheading by guillotine
 Gibraltar 1944-01-11[33] Luis Lopez Corden-Cuenca and Jose Martin Munoz war crimes hanging
 Greece 1972-08-25[33] Vassils Lymberis murder firing squad
 Guernsey 1854-02-10[33] John Tapner hanging
 Hungary 1988-05-31[33] Vadász Ernő torture murder hanging
 Iceland 1830-01-12[33] Fridrik Sigurdsson and Agnes Magnusdottir murder beheading
 Ireland 1954-04-20[33] Michael Manning murder hanging
 Italy 1947-03-04[33] Giovanni D'Ignoti, Giovanni Puleo, and Francesco La Barbero murder firing squad
 Jersey 1959-10-09[33] Francis Joseph Hutchet murder hanging
 Kosovo none since disputed independence in 2008
 Latvia January 1996[33] Rolans Bertmanus-Lackeus murder single firearm
 Liechtenstein 1785-02-26[33] Barbara Erni theft beheading
 Lithuania 1995-07-12[33] Boris Dekanidze murder single firearm
 Luxembourg 1949-02-24[33] treason
 Macedonia 1988[33] (as a republic of Yugoslavia) murder firing squad
 Malta 1943-07-05[33] Karmnu Zammit and Guiseppi Zammit murder hanging
 Isle of Man 1872-08-01[33] John Kewish patricide hanging
 Moldova none since independence[2]
 Monaco 1847[33] murder beheading by guillotine
 Montenegro none since independence
 Netherlands 1952-03-21[33] W. A. Albrecht war crimes
 Norway 1948-08-29[33] treason firing squad
 Poland 1988-04-21[33] Stanisław Cz. murder hanging
 Portugal 1846-04-22[33] murder hanging
 Romania 1989-12-25[33] Nicolae Ceauşescu and Elena Ceauşescu genocide, crimes against the state firing squad
 Russia 1996-08-02[33] unnamed man murder single firearm
 San Marino 1468[33] hanging
 Serbia February 1992[33] unnamed man murder firing squad
 Slovakia 1989-06-08[33] (as a republic of Czechoslovakia) Stefan Svitek murder hanging
 Slovenia 1957[33] (as a republic of Yugoslavia) murder hanging
 South Ossetia never used
 Spain 1975-09-27[33] José Humberto Francisco Baena Alonso, Ramón García Sanz, José Luis Sánchez-Bravo Sollas, Juan Paredes Manotas, Angel Otaegui Echevarría murder firing squad
 Sweden 1910-11-23[33] Johan Alfred Andersson Ander murder beheading by guillotine
 Switzerland 1944-12-07[33] treason beheading by guillotine
 Transnistria never used
 Turkey 1984-10-25[33] Hidir Aslan murder hanging
 Northern Cyprus never used
 Ukraine 1997-03-11[33] unnamed man murder single firearm
 United Kingdom 1964-08-13[33] Peter Anthony Allen and Gwynne Owen Evans murder in the course of theft hanging
 Vatican City 1870-07-09[33] (as the Papal States) (never used as Vatican City, established 1929-02-11)[56] Agabito Bellomo murder beheading by guillotine

North America and Caribbean

# Country Last execution date Name Crime Method
 Antigua and Barbuda 1991-02-02[6] Tyrone Nicholas murder hanging
 Bahamas 2000-01-06[6] David Mitchell murder hanging
 Barbados 1984-10-10[6] Noel Jordan, Melvin Inniss, and Errol Farrell hanging
 Belize 1985-06-19[6] Kent Bowers murder hanging
 Bermuda 1977-12-03[6] Erskine Burrows and Larry Tacklyn murder hanging
 Canada 1962-12-11[6] Ronald Turpin and Arthur Lucas murder hanging
 Costa Rica 1859
 Cuba 2003-04-11[57] 3 men ferry hijacking (with intent of sailing to Florida)
 Dominica 1986-08-08[6] Frederick Newton murder resulting from attempted coup hanging
 Dominican Republic 1966
 El Salvador 1973[58]
 Grenada 1978-10-17[6] Charles Ferguson murder hanging
 Guatemala 2000-06-20[59] Tomás Cerrate Hernández and Luis Amílcar Cetino Pérez murder lethal injection
 Haiti 1972[60]
 Honduras 1940[61]
 Jamaica 1988-02-18[6] Nathan Foster and Stanford Dinnal murder hanging
 Mexico 1961[62] Isaías Constante Laureano murder firing squad
 Nicaragua 1930[63]
 Panama 1903[64]
 Saint Kitts and Nevis 2008-12-19[65] Charles Laplace murder hanging
 Saint Lucia 1995-10-17[6] Joseph Solomon murder hanging
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1995-02-13[6] Douglas Hamlet, Franklin Thomas, and David Thomas murder hanging
 Trinidad and Tobago 1999-07-28[6] Anthony Briggs murder hanging
 Turks and Caicos Islands never used

United States

# State Last execution date Name Crime Method
 United States Federal Government 2003-03-18 Louis Jones, Jr. aggravated murder lethal injection
 United States military 1961-04-13 John A. Bennett rape and attempted murder hanging
 Alabama 2009-06-11[66] Jack Trawick aggravated murder lethal injection
 Alaska never used[67]
 Arizona 2007-05-23 Robert Comer aggravated murder lethal injection
 Arkansas 2005-11-28 Eric Nance aggravated murder lethal injection
 California 2006-01-17 Clarence Ray Allen aggravated murder lethal injection
 Colorado 1997-10-13 Gary Lee Davis aggravated murder lethal injection
 Connecticut 2005-05-13 Michael Bruce Ross aggravated murder lethal injection
 Delaware 2005-11-04 Brian Steckel aggravated murder lethal injection
 Florida 2010-02-16 Martin Grossman aggravated murder lethal injection
 Georgia 2009-10-20[68] Mark Howard McClain aggravated murder lethal injection
 Hawaii never used
 Idaho 1994-01-06 Keith Wells aggravated murder lethal injection
 Illinois 1999-03-17 Andrew Kokoraleis aggravated murder lethal injection
 Indiana 2009-12-11[4][69] Matthew Eric Wrinkles aggravated murder lethal injection
 Iowa 1962-09-06[70] Charles A. Kelly murder hanging
 Kansas 1965-06-22 George York and James Latham murder hanging
 Kentucky 2008-11-21[32] Marco Allen Chapman aggravated murder lethal injection
 Louisiana 2010-01-07[30][71] Gerald J. Bordelon aggravated murder lethal injection
 Maine 1885-11-21 Daniel Wilkinson murder hanging
 Maryland 2005-12-05 Wesley Baker aggravated murder lethal injection
 Massachusetts 1947-05-09[72] Philip Bellino and Edward Gertson murder electric chair
 Michigan never used
 Minnesota 1906-02-13[73] William Williams murder hanging
 Mississippi 2008-07-23 Dale Leo Bishop aggravated murder lethal injection
 Missouri 2009-05-20[74] Dennis Skillicorn aggravated murder lethal injection
 Montana 2006-08-11 David Thomas Dawson aggravated murder lethal injection
 Nebraska 1997-12-02 Robert E. Williams aggravated murder electric chair
 Nevada 2006-04-26 Daryl Linnie Mack aggravated murder lethal injection
 New Hampshire 1939-07-14 Howard Long murder hanging
 New Jersey 1963-01-22 Ralph Hudson murder electric chair
 New Mexico 2001-11-06 Terry D. Clark aggravated murder lethal injection
 New York 1963-08-15 Eddie Mays murder electric chair
 North Carolina 2006-08-18 Samuel Russell Flippen aggravated murder lethal injection
 North Dakota 1905-10-17[75] John Rooney murder hanging
 Ohio 2010-01-07[30][71] Vernon Smith aggravated murder lethal injection
 Oklahoma 2010-01-14[30][71] Julius Ricardo Young aggravated murder lethal injection
 Oregon 1997-05-16 Harry Charles Moore aggravated murder lethal injection
 Pennsylvania 1999-07-06 Gary M. Heidnik aggravated murder lethal injection
 Rhode Island 1845-02-13 John Gordon murder hanging
 South Carolina 2009-05-08[74] Thomas Treshawn Ivey aggravated murder lethal injection
 South Dakota 2007-07-11 Elijah Page aggravated murder lethal injection
 Tennessee 2009-12-02[4][76] Cecil Johnson, Jr. aggravated murder lethal injection
 Texas 2010-01-12[30][71] Gary Johnson aggravated murder lethal injection
 Utah 1999-10-15 Joseph Mitchell Parsons aggravated murder lethal injection
 Vermont 1954-12-08 Donald DeMag murder electric chair
 Virginia 2009-11-17[77][78] Larry Bill Elliott aggravated murder electric chair
 Washington 2001-08-28 James Homer Elledge aggravated murder lethal injection
 West Virginia 1959-04-03 Elmer Brunner aggravated murder electric chair
 Wisconsin 1851-08-21 John McCaffary murder hanging
 Wyoming 1992-01-22 Mark Hopkinson aggravated murder lethal injection


# Country Last execution date Name Crime Method
 Cook Islands none since self-government
 Fiji none since independence 1970-10-10[6]
 Kiribati none since independence 1979-07-12 [6]
 Marshall Islands none since independence 1986-10-21[79]
 Micronesia none since independence 1986-11-03[80]
 Nauru none since independence 1968-01-31[6]
 New Zealand 1957-02-17[6] Walter James Bolton murder hanging
 Niue never used
 Palau none since independence 1994-10-01[2]
 Papua New Guinea none since independence 1975-09-16[6][81]
 Samoa none since independence 1962-01-01[6]
 Solomon Islands none since independence 1978-07-07[6]
 Tonga 1982-09-07[6] Flatoti Sole, Livingi Sole, and Fili Esau murder hanging
 Tuvalu none since independence 1978-10-01[6]
 Vanuatu none since independence 1980-07-30[6]


# Country Last execution date Name Crime Method
 Government of Australia 1951-06-12 Takuma Nishimura war crimes hanging
 Australian Capital Territory never used
 New South Wales 1939-08-24[6] John Kelly murder hanging
 Northern Territory 1952-08-07[6] Jaroslav Koci and Jan Novotnywere murder hanging
 Queensland 1913-09-22[6] Ernest Austin murder hanging
 South Australia 1964-11-24[6] Glen Sabre Valance murder hanging
 Tasmania 1946-02-14[6] Frederick Thompson murder hanging
 Victoria 1967-02-03[6] Ronald Ryan murder hanging
 Western Australia 1964-10-26 Eric Edgar Cooke murder hanging

South America

# Country Last execution date Name Crime Method
 Argentina 1916[82]
 Bolivia 1974[83]
 Brazil 1855[84]
 Chile 1985[85] Carlos Topp Collins and Jorge Sagredo murder firearm
 Colombia 1909[86]
 Ecuador 1884[87]
 Guyana August 1997[6] Michael Archer and Peter Adams murder hanging
 Paraguay 1928[88]
 Peru 1979[89]
 Suriname 1982-03-13[90][91] Wilfred Hawker treason firing squad
 Uruguay 1905[92]

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