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Vispathè cinema, in Campi Bisenzio, Italy.

This is a list of movie theaters and cinema chains.


North America

The National Association of Theatre Owners is the largest exhibition trade organization in the world, representing more than 29,000 movie screens in all 50 states, and additional cinemas in 50 countries worldwide. According to their statistics, just three circuits (as of August 8, 2008) account for 14,739 screens, or roughly half the total represented by the group.

  • Regal Entertainment Group; Knoxville,TN ; 6,388 screens in 527 sites
  • AMC Entertainment. Inc.; Kansas City, MO ; 4,664 screens in 324 sites
  • Cinemark USA, Inc.; Plano, TX; 3,687 screens in 289 sites

Cinemark, Inc. also has a sizeable number of screens in 12 countries in Latin America which are not included in the figure above. If all screens in Latin America are included, Cinemark is slightly bigger than AMC Entertainment, but AMC Entertainment is larger if you only count screens in the United States.


United States

  • Alamo Drafthouse - 8 theaters, cinema/restaurant concept, operating in Texas
  • AMC Entertainment Inc - 305 theaters, 4,628 screens as of April 27, 2009 in the United States.[1] - North America's third-largest movie theater company.
  • Allen Theatres- Located in New Mexico and Cortez, Colorado
  • AMC Theatres
  • Loews Theaters - Acquired in 2006.
  • B&B Theatres - Family owned and operated chain in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.
  • Boston Culinary Group - Owned by Joe O'Donnell, BCG owns and operates 20 theatres in New England, New York and New Jersey including one drive-in, the Rustic Tri-View Drive-in in North Smithfield, RI which they bought in June 2008 for just over $1 million.
  • Entertainment Cinemas - 9 locations in New England: 5 in Massachusetts, 2 in New Hampshire, and 1 each in Rhode Island and Connecticut
  • Bow Tie Cinemas - 128 Screens in 16 locations in Connecticut, New York, Maryland and Colorado. Opening Richmond, VA theater in early 2009.
  • Caribbean Cinemas - The largest movie chain located in the US insular territory of Puerto Rico.
  • Carmike Cinemas - 262 theaters, 2,341 screens as of August 8, 2008. [2] - North America's fourth-largest movie theater company.
  • Celebration! Cinema - Grand Rapids, Michigan 135 screens as of March 30, 2007. Owns Studio 28, North America's first 20 screen megaplex.
  • Center Cinemas Inc. - 3 theaters, 15 screens as of September 24, 2007. - Family owned and operated chain in Oklahoma and Arkansas.
  • CineLux Theatres - 7 theaters, 33 screens in and near San Jose, CA, as of January 7, 2010. [3].
  • Cinemark Theatres - 306 theaters, 3,742 screens as of April 27, 2009. [4] - North America's second-largest movie theater company.
  • Cinemark Theatres
  • Cinema Arts Centre- The Cinema Arts Centre mission of the Cinema Arts Centre is to bring the best in cinematic artistry to Long Island, and use the power of film to expand the awareness and consciousness of our community. They are a 3 screen Cinema with an outdoor garden and a cafe area located in Huntington, New York. Cinema Arts Centre
  • Century Theatres - Acquired in 2006.
  • Cinema West Theaters - 12 Theatres, 94 Screens in Northern California, as of December 11, 2009.
  • CinemaStar Luxury Theaters South California and Northwestern Mexico, Oceanside, CA based.
  • Cinemagic Theatres - 8 theaters in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.
  • Cinemagic Stadium Theaters - 5 Stadium theaters in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
  • Classic Cinemas - 12 theaters with 88 screens in Illinois.
  • Clearview Cinemas - 54 movie theatres with 266 screens in the New York metropolitan area. Clearview Cinemas operates theatres in New Jersey, Manhattan, Westchester, Rockland County, Long Island and Pennsylvania.
  • Cobb Theatres - Birmingham, Alabama-based chain that re-entered the theater business in 2000. Has 11 locations with 166 screens as of September 2007. Currently operating in Alabama and Florida, one new location is under construction with 16 additional screens in Georgia.
  • Coming Attractions - As of July 2005, 13 locations in California, Oregon, and Washington state.
  • Dickinson Theatres - Overland Park, Kansas based chain. 337 screens spread over 36 locations in 10 central and lower midwest states, including Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and others.
  • Dipson Theatres- 38 Screens and 10 theatres. Located in Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania.
  • Douglas Theatre Company - 1 screen in Omaha, Nebraska. It was the 38th largest movie theater chain in the North America before they sold out to Marcus Theatres in 2008.
  • Drexel Theatre - 1 theatre with 3 screens in Bexley, OH
  • Earlann Cinemas - A movie theater chain based in Illinois with 6 locations, 23 screens plus 1 Drive In screen (
  • Edwards Cinemas
  • Elvis Cinemas - 2 Locations, 14 Screens - Discount chain in Denver, Colorado area.
  • Emagine Theatres - 3 Locations, 45 Screens - First chain to deploy digital projection on all screens, first theater to have mobile bar-coded tickets through Mobile Box Office.
  • Fairchild Cinemas - A movie chain based in Moses Lake, Washington. Currently, there is one 10-screen theater in Moses Lake, as well as a 12-screen theater built in Pasco, Washington and opened in April of 2007. The chain features self-service concessions.
  • Film Streams - A nonprofit arts organization opening a two-screen cinema in downtown Omaha in summer 2007. Devoted to the presentation and discussion of film as an art form.
  • Fridley Theatres - locations in Iowa and Nebraska
  • FunAsiA Theaters - Operates the largest Bollywood Theater Chain ( in USA and is part of Pyramid Saimira Group (
  • Galaxy Theaters - Currently 9 theaters with 84 screens in California, Nevada, Texas and Washington. Completely converted to digital projection (DLP)
  • Grandview Theatre - Single screen theatre in Grandview Heights, OH, originally opened in 1926 as a silent theatre.
  • Great Escape Theatres - is a movie theatre chain that operates 277 screens at 24 locations in the United States.
  • Goodrich Quality Theaters - 31 theaters with 268 screens in the Midwest.
  • Harkins Theatres - Arizona based movie theater chain with over 30 theaters and expansion into Oklahoma, California, Colorado and Texas.
  • Hollywood Theaters - 55 theaters, 536 screens as of August 8, 2008. [5] North America's ninth-largest movie theater company. Formerly known as Wallace Theaters.
  • Keim Theatres - 2 theaters with 4 screens locally owned in Jamestown, North Dakota.
  • Kerasotes Theatres - 100 theaters, 941 screens as of August 8, 2008. [6] - North America's seventh-largest movie theater company. - Located in Midwestern and upper Midwestern regions of the United States, including Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Missouri, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
  • Krikorian Premier Theaters in the Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Landmark Theatres - 55 theaters, 224 screens.
  • Malco Theatres - 32 theaters, 326 screens based in Memphis, TN, with locations in Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Kentucky. Founded in 1915. Also operates a four screen drive-in in Memphis.
  • Mann Theatres - 10 theaters, 62 screens in the Los Angeles metro region, as of November 20, 2009.
  • Marcus Theatres - 57 theaters, 766 screens as of August 8, 2008. [7] Located in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Iowa, and Ohio. - It is North America's eighth-largest movie theater company.
  • Marquee Cinemas - A fairly small movie theater chain, operated out of Beckley, West Virginia.
  • Maya Cinemas - Currently 1 theatre operating in Salinas, CA. A second theatre in Bakersfield, CA is set to open July 15, 2009.
  • Megaplex Theaters - 5 theaters, 70 screens along Wasatch Front in Utah, founded by local entrepreneur Larry H. Miller.
  • Metropolitan Theatres Corporation - 21 theatres with 104 screens in California, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and British Columbia. Based in Los Angeles, Metropolitan Theatres Corporation is a privately held company owned by the Corwin family since 1923.
  • MJR Theatres - An eight multiplex theater chain in the Detroit Metropolitan Area.
  • Movies in the Berkshires - Local theatre with 2 theatres. Based in Berkshire County in Massachusetts with locations in the Great Barrington and Pittsfield towns with theaters with different names.
Triplex Cinema
Beacon Cinema
  • Muvico Theaters - United States chain based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
  • NAOS Entertainment - Start-up Alabama chain with 1 theater, 8 screens as of September 10, 2007. - Three additional multiplexes under development. Based in Greenville, Alabama.
  • National Amusements - 83 theaters, 1,047 screens as of August 8, 2008. - North America's sixth-largest movie theater company.
  • Cinema De Lux
  • The Bridge: Cinema De Lux
  • Multiplex Cinemas
  • Showcase Cinemas
  • Phoenix Theatres - Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, is a six year old theater operating company formed by Phil Zacheretti, former executive with Regal Cinemas, Inc. They have 11 theaters nation-wide.
  • Premiere Cinemas - Based in Texas where most of its theaters reside. Also located in Gadsden, Alabama, and Orlando, Florida. Locations under construction in Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama.
  • Rave Motion Pictures - 31 theaters with 486 screens as of September 4, 2009. - North America's tenth-largest movie theater company. Based in Dallas TX, Rave operates theaters in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.
  • Reading Cinemas - 286 screens in 44 theatres in Australia, New Zealand, and United States. They are associated with Reading International INC.
  • Regal Cinemas - One of the three chains part of the 2002 consolidation.
  • Sawmill Theaters - Six Screen multiplex located in Payson, Arizona.
  • United Artists Theatres - One of the three chains part of the 2002 consolidation.
  • Edwards Theatres - One of the three chains part of the 2002 consolidation.
  • Hoyts Cinemas - US locations were acquired in 2003 and rebranded as Regal Cinemas. (Hoyts still exists as an independent entity in Australia and New Zealand)
  • Eastern Federal Theatres - Acquired in 2005 and rebranded as Regal Cinemas.
  • Consolidated Theatres - Acquired in 2008 for $210 million in cash and rebranded as Regal Cinemas.
  • Rogers Cinemas - 10 theaters, 48 screens in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.
  • Santikos Theatres - Owned by entrepreneur John Santikos, it is based in San Antonio, with 8 total theaters, including two restaurant cinemas, an original drive-in theater, an arthouse theater, a unique Digital 3-D and Digital Projection theater, and a brand new 18-screen megaplex with two IMAX screens. Two new theaters will premiere in 2007, including one in Houston.
  • Sawmill Theatres - An independent six screen stadium seating multiplex located in Payson, Arizona.
  • Southern Theatres - 18 theaters, 241 screens. Located in Southeastern United States, created through a merger of Grand Theaters of New Orleans, Louisiana and AmStar Cinemas of Birmingham, Alabama. Based in New Orleans the chain has locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas.
  • Speakeasy Theaters - An independent movie theater that serves beer, wine and food at their snackbar. Locations in Oakland, CA and in El Cerrito, CA..
  • Star Cinema - Small premium chain with 97 screens in Wisconsin and Iowa.
  • Starplex Cinemas - Currently operates 24 theaters and 222 screens across the United States.
  • Stone Theatres - 3 theater chain based in the Carolinas with current locations in Durham, NC, Myrtle Beach, SC and Hope Mills, NC. They are in the process of expanding to more locations.
  • Studio Movie Grill - 8 theaters, cinema/grill concept, operating in Texas and expanding across the U.S., best in class. [10]
  • Trademark Cinemas - Operates 6 theaters and 43 screens that are scattered across the eastern U.S. in New York, Rhode Island, Georgia, and Florida.
  • Thomas Theatre Group - Two theaters, 16 total screens in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
  • Warren Theatres - Owned and operated by Bill Warren, it is based in Wichita, Kansas, and operates four theaters under the Warren Theatres name, three in Wichita and 1 in Moore, Oklahoma. They also operate two under the Palace Theatre name of which one is located in Springfield, Missouri and the other in Wichita. They also operate a small theater in the Towne West Square Mall in Wichita Kansas, called the Movie Machine. The Warren Theater in Old Town Wichita, Kansas is a main venue for the Tallgrass Film Festival, an international, independent film festival.
  • Wehrenberg Theatres - Oldest American theater chain (established 1906), located in the St. Louis metropolitan area.
  • Westates Theatres - 19 theaters and about 100 screens operating in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Idaho, primarily in small urban areas and towns.
  • Wildwood Theatres - 4 theaters, in Wisconsin.
  • York River Crossing Cinemas - One location in Gloucester, VA. Eight screens.


  • Cinémas Guzzo - As of 2005, 13 locations in the Montreal area.
  • Cinema City - A discount movie chain in Western Canada (recently absorbed into cineplex entertainment)
  • Ciné Entreprise - Independent theatre chain based in rural Québec
  • Cineplex Entertainment - North America's fifth-largest movie theater company.
  • Empire Theatres - 59 locations, 403 screens - Leading chain of movie theaters in the Atlantic Canadian provinces and second largest in Canada.
  • Encore Cinemas - A small Canadian chain with two locations.
  • Landmark Cinemas - A chain in Western Canada, consisting primarily of older, smaller theatres formerly owned by the big chains, but also containing newer multiplexes.
  • AMC Theatres - 7 theatres in Canada, 5 in the GTA, 1 in Ottawa, and 1 in Montreal
  • Rainbow and Magic Lantern Cinemas

Latin America


  • Cine Center


  • Arcoíris Cinemas
  • Afa Cinemas
  • Box Cinemas
  • Cinemark
  • Cinematográfica Araújo
  • Cineart
  • Cinemais
  • Centerplex Cinemas
  • GNV Cinemas
  • Moviecom
  • Orient Cinemas
  • Playarte
  • Hoyts
  • UCI Cinemas
  • Unibanco Arteplex
  • Cinemas Severiano Ribeiro
  • Kinoplex


Costa Rica

  • CCM Cinemas
  • Cinépolis
  • Cinemark
  • Citi Cinemas
  • Multicines Liberia
  • Teatro Variedades
  • Plaza Paraíso




  • Cinemark
  • Cineplanet
  • Cine Star
  • UVK Multicines




  • Cines Unidos
  • Cinex


Hong Kong

  • AMC Theatres (also in Japan, manage in HK by Suntech Ltd, Edko Films' company)
  • Broadway Circuit (manage by Edko Films Ltd.)
  • Golden Harvest (also in Mainland China, Singapore and Taiwan)
  • UA Cinemas (manage by Lark Holding Int'l Ltd.)
  • Newport Circuit (manage by Newport Entertainment HK Ltd.)



  • 21 Cineplex[11] - Indonesia's largest cinema operator.
    • Cinema 21 - Indonesia's largest cinema network.
    • Cinema XXI - An upscale cinema network designed with the latest technology located only in major cities.
    • The Premiere - The most exclusive cinema network in Indonesia showcasing the latest movies with only thirty six seats in each venue.
  • Blitzmegaplex[12] - The latest chain with Four theaters in Jakarta and Bandung , each with over ten screens.
  • MPX Grande - The only cinema in Indonesia that showcase Bollywood movies.
  • Surya M2 - The Only Cinema in Indonesia that showcase Chinese movies

Iran (Persia)




  • SM Cinemas
  • Ayala Cinemas
  • Robinson's Movieworld


South Korea



  • Major Cineplex – The largest cinema group in Thailand. The group includes (by brands):
  • SF Cinema Group – More than 150 screens in 22 locations.
    • SF World Cinema - an up-scale and innovative cinema
    • SFX Cinema
    • SF Cinema
    • SF Multiplex
  • Major Hollywood - 3 locations;Suksawad, Chaengwattana, Ramkhamhaeng
  • Century The Movie Plaza - 1 location;Victory Monument
  • Thana Cineplex
  • Coliseum Cineplex
  • APEX
  • UMG
  • House - two-screens show art/indy movies
  • Other

United Arab Emirates




New Zealand


  • Ster-Kinekor - Operating in South Africa, it has the largest market share there.
  • Nu Metro Cinemas - 27 locations in South Africa and significant interest in cinemas in other African countries such as Kenya.

Reportedly the Islamic Courts of Somalia do not allow cinemas.

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