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People associated with Bridgeport, Connecticut who achieved great public distinction, listed in the category for which they are best known:




Government service

Entertainers, artists, writers

C.F. Ritchel of Bridgeport riding his dirigible, as seen on the July 15, 1878 cover of 'Harper's Weekly

Business people

Other Key People

  • Alicia Calaway, T.V Reality Show star. Appeared on Survivor: Australian Outback, and also, Survivor: All-Stars
  • Joseph Celli, oboist
  • Chris Gill, sailor and publisher
  • Edward Cardinal Egan, former Roman Catholic bishop of Bridgeport, now heads the Archdiocese of New York
  • Alfred Fones, Bridgeport dentist credited with founding the profession of dental hygiene in 1906
  • George Gintoli, Blackrock native, owner Blackrock & Blue
  • Jin Hi Kim, Korean-born komungo player and composer
  • Roy Neuberger, art collector and donor
  • Reverend Dr. Frederick J. Streets, first Baptist and African-American Chaplain of Yale University and Senior Pastor of the Church of Christ in Yale.
  • Mike Andre, Jukebox Chairman, FYC & played the Cowardly Lion in the 8th Wizard of Oz play by St Ann's School circa 1987.
  • George O'Connell, FYC Vice Commodore '08 & '09 and winner 2009 Halloween Pumpkin Head Costume Contest


Baseball players

These baseball players were born in or lived in the city:[4]

  • Howard Francis Baker, Major League baseball player with Chicago White Sox, New York Giants and Cleveland
  • Cornelius "Neal" Ball, credited with the first unassisted triple play in the major leagues
  • George Bryant, former MLB player for Detroit Wolverines
  • George James Curry, Major League baseball player, known as "Soldier Boy"
  • George "Kiddo" Davis, who in the 1933 World Series against the Washington Nationals, had 7 hits in 19 at bats, and batted .368, helping the New York Giants win the championship
  • Rob Dibble, (Nasty Boy or Officer) pitched for Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox, and Milwaukee Brewers
  • Angel Echevarria, played in National League for Colorado Rockies, Milwaukee Brewers, and Chicago Cubs
  • Ray Keating, pitched for the New York Highlanders, New York Yankees, and Boston Braves in the MLB
  • Kurt Kepshire, or Kurt David Kepshire, pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals
  • Billy Lush, MLB player for Washington Senators, Boston Beaneaters, Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Naps
  • Ernie Lush, or Ernest Benjamin Lush, MLB player with the St. Louis Cardinals
  • Charles Nagy, MLB pitcher, for Cleveland Indians and San Diego Padres
  • Phil Nastu, MLB pitcher for the San Francisco Giants
  • Tricky Nichols, MLB pitcher for the Boston Red Caps, St. Louis Brown Stockings, Providence Grays, Worcester Ruby Legs and Baltimore Orioles
  • John W. O' Rourke, MLB outfielder for the Boston Red Caps, and first baseman with the New York Metropolitans
  • Jim O'Rourke, (James Henry O'Rourke) the first player to be credited with a hit and single in a professional baseball game
  • Queenie O' Rourke, or James Stephen O' Rourke, played a year for the New York Highlanders baseball team
  • John Paul Papa, pitched two years for the Baltimore Orioles
  • Mike Pasquella, or Michael John Pasquella (Toney), played for Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals
  • John 'Pretzel' Pezzullo, pitched two years for the Philadelphia Phillies
  • Ed Rowen, played right field, catcher, shortstop, and third base for the Boston Red Caps, and played catcher, outfield, second base, and third base for the Philadelphia Athletics
  • Dan Shannon, played second base for the Louisville Colonels and the Philadelphia Quakers, and second base and shortstop for the New York Giants and the Washington Senators
  • Johnny Tillman, or John Lawrence Tillman (Ducky) pitched for the St. Louis Browns in American League
  • Ed Wojna, pitched three years for the San Diego Padres and one year for the Cleveland Indians

Basketball players

  • John Bagley, played for eleven seasons in the NBA
  • Manute Bol, played nine years in NBA
  • Jack Kvancz, basketball player and current Director of Athletics at George Washington University
  • Wes Matthews, played in NBA for Washington Bullets, Atlanta Hawks Philadelphia 76ers, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio, and Los Angeles Lakers
  • Frank Oleynick, played two years for NBA in Seattle
  • Charles D. Smith, University of Pittsburgh and New York Knicks

Other athletes

  • Joseph Booth, Pro Soccer Hall of Famer
  • Victor K. Ross, Lacrosse Hall of Famer; graduate of Bridgeport High School, Syracuse University, and Syracuse Law School
  • Sidney Wood, tennis player who won at Wimbledon in 1931 and made it to the Davis Cup finals in 1934.

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