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This article lists people who have been featured on United States postage stamps. Since the United States Post Office issued its first stamp in 1847, over 4,000 stamps have been issued and over 800 people featured. Many of these people (especially the earlier Presidents) have been featured on multiple stamps. The following entries list the name of the person, the year they were first featured on a stamp, and a very short description of their notability.

For the purpose of this list, "featured" may mean:

  1. The likeness of a person,
  2. The name of a person, or
  3. People who have neither their likeness or name on a stamp, but are documented by the United States Postal Service as being the subject of a stamp (see Reference).

This list is complete through all announced 2009 issues [1].

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John Quincy Adams on a 1938 stamp
Jane Addams on a 1940 stamp
Louisa May Alcott on a 1940 stamp
Dante Alighieri on a 1965 stamp
Johnny Appleseed on a 1966 stamp
Susan B. Anthony on a 1955 stamp
John James Audubon on a 1940 stamp


John Barry and John Paul Jones as featured on a postage stamp
Clara Barton on a 1948 stamp
Elizabeth Blackwell on a 1974 stamp
Alexander Graham Bell on a 1940 stamp
Montgomery Blair on a 1963 stamp
Luther Burbank on a 1940 stamp


Andrew Carnegie on a 1960 stamp
George Washington Carver on a 1948 stamp
Mary Cassatt on a 1966 stamp
Willa Cather on a 1973 stamp
Winston Churchill on a 1965 stamp
Henry Clay, 1902 stamp
Grover Cleveland on a 1923 stamp
Calvin Coolidge on a 1938 stamp
Nicolaus Copernicus on a 1973 stamp
Davy Crockett on a 1966 stamp


John Dewey on a 1968 stamp
Walt Disney on a 1968 stamp
Frederick Douglass on a 1967 stamp
John Foster Dulles on a 1960 stamp
Paul Laurence Dunbar on a 1975 stamp


Thomas Eakins on a 1967 stamp
Amelia Earhart on a 1963 stamp
George Eastman on a 1954 stamp
Albert Einstein on a 1966 stamp
Dwight D. Eisenhower on a 1970 stamp
Leif Ericson on a 1968 stamp


Millard Fillmore on a 1938 stamp
Henry Ford on a 1968 stamp
Peter Francisco on a 1975 stamp
John C. Fremont on an 1898 stamp
Robert Frost, 1974
Benjamin Franklin on the first US stamp, 1847
Robert Fulton on a 1965 stamp


Albert Gallatin on a 1967 stamp
Walter F. George on a 1960 stamp
Amadeo P. Giannini on a 1973 stamp
Robert H. Goddard on a 1964 stamp
Samuel Gompers on a 1950 stamp
Horace Greeley on a 1961 stamp
David Wark Griffith on a 1975 stamp


Nathan Hale on a 1925 stamp
Dag Hammarskjöld on a 1962 stamp
William Christopher Handy on a 1969 stamp
Benjamin Harrison on a 1902 stamp
William Harnett on a 1969 stamp
Oliver Wendell Holmes, on a 1968 stamp
Herbert Hoover, on a 1965 stamp
Mark Hopkins on a 1940 stamp
Sam Houston on a 1963 stamp
Elias Howe, on a 1940 stamp
Charles Evan Hughes on a 1962 stamp
Cordell Hull on a 1964 stamp


Washington Irving on a 1940 stamp


Thomas Jefferson on a 1922 stamp
Andrew Jackson on a 1967 stamp
Lyndon B. Johnson on a 1973 stamp
Chief Joseph on a 1968 stamp


Kamehameha I of Hawaii on a 1937 stamp
John F. Kennedy on a 1964 stamp


Fiorello LaGuardia on a 1972 stamp
Sidney Lanier on a 1972 stamp
Robert E. Lee on a 1955 stamp
Abraham Lincoln on a 1960 stamp
Juliette Gordon Low on a 1948 stamp
Sybil Ludington on a 1975 stamp


Clara Maass, on a 1976 stamp
Ramon Magsaysay, on a 1957 stamp
George Catlett Marshall on a 1967 stamp
Edgar Lee Masters on a 1970 stamp
Ephraim McDowell, on a 1959 stamp
Brien McMahon on a 1962 stamp
Moina Michael on a 1948 stamp
John Bassett Moore on a 1965 stamp
Grandma Moses on a 1969 stamp
  • Horace Moses (1984) Junior Achievement founder
  • Lucretia Mott (1948) Civil Rights advocate
John Muir on a 1964 stamp


James Naismith on a 1961 stamp
Ethelbert Nevin on a 1940 stamp


Adolph S. Ochs on a 1976 stamp
Eugene O’Neill on a 1967 stamp


Thomas Paine on a 1969 stamp
Franklin Pierce on a 1938 stamp
Pocahontas on a 1907 stamp
Salem Poor on a 1975 stamp
Kazimierz Pułaski on a 1931 stamp
Ernest Taylor Pyle on a 1971 stamp



Sam Rayburn on a 1962 stamp
Ernst Reuter on a 1958 stamp
Paul Revere on a 1958 stamp
Eleanor Roosevelt on a 1963 stamp
Franklin D. Roosevelt on a 1945 stamp
Theodore Roosevelt on a 1922 stamp


Haym Salomon on a 1975 stamp
William Shakespeare on a 1938 stamp
William Tecumseh Sherman on an 1893 stamp
John French Sloan on a 1971 stamp
Edwin M. Stanton on an 1871 stamp
Adlai Stevenson on a 1965 stamp
Lucy Stone on a 1968 stamp


Robert A. Taft on a 1960 stamp
Henry Ossawa Tanner on a 1973 stamp
Henry David Thoreau on a 1967 stamp




Booker T. Washington on a 1940 stamp
George Washington on 1847 stamp
Martha Washington on an 1923 stamp
Daniel Webster on an 1890 stamp
Walt Whitman on a 1940 stamp
Frank Lloyd Wright, 1966



Sun Yat-sen on a 1961 stamp



"We cannot put the face of a person on a stamp unless said person is deceased. My suggestion, therefore, is that you drop dead." -- J. Edward Day, Postmaster General, 1962. Day was replying to a request from an individual to be honored with a stamp. The letter was never mailed.


  • United States Postal Service (2004). The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps (31st ed.). Washington, D.C.: HarperResource. ISBN 0-06-052826-5.

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