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This is a list of notable people who have been killed in road accidents. This list does not include those who were killed competing on closed road events whether in motorsport or in competitive cycling events

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Name Birth Death Occupation Mode of Transport Details
Norifumi Abe 1975 2007 Japanese motorcycle racer Motorcycle Hit by a lorry when he was riding his motorcycle.
Frank Adams 1930 1989 British mathematician Car
Adegoke Adelabu 1915 1958 Nigerian politician Car
Nick Adenhart 1986 2009 American baseball pitcher Car A driver ran a red light in his minivan and hit Adenhart's car, driving it into a light pole.
Adrian Adonis 1954 1988 professional wrestler Car Real name: Keith Franke. Two other passengers in the vehicle he was riding — professional wrestlers Pat Kelly (Victor Arko) and Dave McKigney — died in the same accident, caused when the driver, Mike Kelly (William Arko), struck a moose on a highway near Lewisporte, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It then spun into a tree at over 80 kph.
Duane Allman 1946 1971 American guitarist Motorcycle
Steve Allen 1921 2000 American actor, songwriter, author Car Coronary caused by the accident. His death occurred several hours after the accident, from which he suffered no immediately apparent injuries.
Andrei Amalrik 1938 1980 Russian writer Car
Eric Andolsek 1966 1992 American football player
Jack Anglin 1916 1963 Country music singer Car Died in crash en route to funeral for Patsy Cline
Anna Malle 1967 2006 American adult movie actress Car
Carlos Arruza 1920 1966 Mexican bullfighter Car
Don Ashby 1955 1981 Canadian ice hockey player Car
Georgi Asparuhov 1943 1971 Bulgarian footballer Car
Basil al-Assad 1959 1994 son and heir of president of Syria Car
Astrid of Sweden 1905 1935 Queen of the Belgians Car (passenger)
Reg Armstrong 1926 1979 Irish motorcycle racer motorcycle
Pascale Audret 1936 2000 French actress Car (passenger)
Lauri Aus 1970 2003 Estonian cyclist Bicycle


Name Birth Death Nationality Occupation Mode of Transport Vehicle Accident location Details
Rodney Balfa 1934 1979 United States Cajun guitarist Car With brother Will and other musicians when accident occurred
Will Balfa 19?? 1979 United States Cajun fiddler Car With brother Rodney when accident occurred
Harry Bamford[1] 1920 1958 England Footballer Motorcycle Bristol Collided with a car
Maurice Banach 1967 1991 German footballer Car
Ian Bannen 1928 1999 Scottish actor Car
Gerhard Barkhorn 1919 1983 German World War II Luftwaffe fighter ace Car
Roland Barthes 1915 1980 French philosopher Pedestrian
Jeff Batters 1970 1996 American ice hockey player Car
Chris Bell 1951 1978 American Big Star musician Car
Brad Beckman 1964 1989 American football player Car
Lamont Bentley 1973 2005 American actor Car
Liz Birt[2] 1956 2005 American corporate, tax and health care attorney and lobbyist. Car (passenger)
J. Stuart Blackton 1875 1941 American film producer
Bill Boaks 1904 1986 British political campaigner for road safety Bus (passenger) Whilst exiting a bus
Marc Bolan 1947 1977 British T.Rex musician Car (passenger) Mini Driver was girlfriend Gloria Jones
D. Boon 1958 1985 American The Minutemen musician Van (passenger) Was sleeping on the van when it crashed
Luc Bourdon 1987 2008 Canadian Ice hockey player Motorcycle Lamèque, New Brunswick
Peter "Possum" Bourne 1956 2003 New Zealand Rally driver Car Subaru Forester During course inspection, Bourne collided head on with a Jeep Cherokee of rally driver Mike Barltrop. Barlthrop was later charged for dangerous driving
Dennis Brain 1921 1957 British horn virtuoso Car
Jaime Bravo 1932 1970 Mexican matador Car (passenger)
Nino Bravo 1944 1973 Spanish singer and songwriter Car
Michel Briere 1949 1971 NHL player Car
Rolf Dieter Brinkmann 1940 1975 German poet
Gladys Brockwell 1893 1929 American actress Car (passenger)
Herb Brooks 1937 2003 American Ice hockey coach, most notably of the gold medal-winning 1980 U.S. Olympic ice hockey team. Car Interstate 35 in Washington County, Minnesota Believed to have fallen asleep at the wheel. Was not wearing a seat belt.
Clifford Brown 1930 1956 jazz musician Car (passenger)
Jerome Brown 1965 1992 American football player Car
Jean Bugatti 1909 1939 French automotive designer Car
Brandon Burlsworth 1976 1999 American football player Car
Cliff Burton 1962 1986 American Metallica bass guitarist Tour bus (passenger) European route E4 in Ljungby Municipality, Sweden



Name Birth Death Occupation Mode of Transport Vehicle Accident location Details
Vitaly Daraselia 1957 1982 Soviet footballer
Betty Jack Davis 1932 1953 Country music singer; one half of The Davis Sisters Car Skeeter Davis (no relation), the other half of The Davis Sisters, was seriously injured in the same crash. She recovered and went on to a successful recording career.
Jimmy Davis 1983 2003 Manchester United footballer
James Dean 1931 1955 American actor Car Porsche 550 Spyder near Cholame, California
Mike Darr 1976 2002 American baseball player Car Peoria, Arizona
Roger Delgado 1918 1973 British actor Car Republic of Turkey Died on location in Turkey while shooting the (never-completed) movie Bell of Tibet. Two Turkish film technicians were killed in the same crash.
Kazimierz Deyna 1947 1989 Polish footballer Car BMW San Diego, California
Diana, Princess of Wales 1961 1997 member of British royal family Car 1994 Mercedes-Benz S280 W140 Pont de l'Alma road tunnel, Paris, France Diana's companion, Dodi Fayed, and the driver of the car, Henri Paul, were killed in the same crash; Fayed's bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones survived. Further reading: Death of Diana, Princess of Wales


Name Birth Death Occupation Mode of Transport Vehicle Accident location Details
Edem Ephraim[8] 1959 1995 singer and one half of London Boys Car Austrian Alpine Whilst another car attempted to overtake himself, the other half of the duo, Dennis Fuller and Edem's wife, plus a friend on a dangerous section, a drunk driver collided with them head on, killing all occupants.





Name Birth Death Occupation Mode of Transport Comment
Ben Ineson[14][15] 1990 2009 Downhill racer Car (passenger) Car that he and Tom Rodgers was travelling in left the road and struck into a tree at Mearbeck.
Vernon Isley 1942 1955 singer and original members of The Isley Brothers Bicycle His bicycle was struck by a car near his home in Cincinnati.


Name Birth Death Occupation Mode of Transport Details
James Jabara 1923 1966 Korean War ace pilot Car
Randall Jarrell 1914 1965 American poet Pedestrian
Paul Jarrico 1915 1997 American screenwriter Car
Jack Johnson 1878 1946 American boxer Car
James Weldon Johnson 1871 1938 lawyer and civil rights advocate, on level crossing Car
Ray Jones[16] 1988 2007 English footballer Car (passenger)
Junkyard Dog 1952 1998 professional wrestler Car Real name: Sylvester Ritter




Name Birth Death Nationality Occupation
(or claim to notability)
Mode of Transport Vehicle Accident location Details
Shawn Mackay 1982 2009 Australia Rugby union player Pedestrian Durban, South Africa Died of complications a week after the accident.
Aristide Maillol 1861 1944 French artist car
Sigisfredo Mair 1939 1977 Italian luger car
Stephen Malcolm 1970 2001 Jamaica footballer car
Barry Mannakee 1987 British bodyguard and alleged lover of Diana, Princess of Wales Motorcycle
César Manrique 1919 1992 Spanish architect car
Jayne Mansfield 1933 1967 American actress car (passenger) 1966 Buick Electra U.S. Highway 90 En route to New Orleans, the car crashed into the rear of a tractor-trailer that had slowed down because of a truck spraying mosquito fogger. The automobile struck the rear of the semi tractor and underrode it., killing its front seat occupants Mansfield, her boyfriend Sam Brody and her driver instantly; Her three children including Mariska, who sat at the rear of the car survived with minor injuries.[20]
Lesley Manyathela 1981 2003 South Africa footballer car
Joey Marella 1964 1994 American World Wrestling Federation referee car
Johnny Mauro[21] 1910 2003 United States Racing driver Interstate 70, near Denver Head-on collision


Nationality Name Birth Death Occupation Mode of Transport Vehicle Accident location Details
Norberto Napolitano Argentina 1950 2005 blues and metal/rock musician Motorcycle Harley-Davidson route 5, km 71, Luján, Buenos Aires province
Rudolf Nierlich Austria 1966 1991 Alpine skier Car Sankt Wolfgang im Salzkammergut, Vienna
Ralph Norwood United States 1966 1989 American football player Car Suwanee


Name Nationality Birth Death Occupation Mode of Transport Vehicle Accident location Details
Berry Oakley American 1948 1972 bass guitarist
Metin Oktay Turkish 1936 1991 footballer
Mel Ott American 1909 1958 Baseball Hall of Famer
Willem van Otterloo Dutch 1907 1978 Conductor Automobile St Kilda East, Victoria, Australia


Name Nationality Birth Death Occupation Mode of Transport Vehicle Accident location Details
Carlos Paião Portugal 1957 1988 Singer-songwriter Automobile Van
Michelle Parma USA 1975 2002 Actress Automobile Jeep Passenger in vehicle.[23]
Simon Patterson England 1982 2006 Footballer Automobile BMW 328i
George S. Patton USA 1885 1945 General Automobile 1939 Cadillac Series 75 Near Mannheim, Germany Passenger in vehicle. Died from complications 12 days after accident.
Alan J. Pakula USA 1928 1998 Film producer Automobile 1995 Volvo [24]
Mike Parkes UK 1931 1977 Auto racer
Henri Paul France 1956 1997 Chauffeur Automobile Mercedes-Benz S280 Pont de l'Alma tunnel, Paris See also Death of Diana, Princess of Wales.
David Penhaligon British 1944 1986 Politician Automobile Rover SD1 Truck Fork, Probus, Cornwall
Dražen Petrović Croatia 1964 1993 Basketball player Automobile Volkswagen Golf Bundesautobahn 9 near Denkendorf, Bavaria, Germany Passenger in vehicle.
Bobby Phills USA 1969 2000 Basketball player Automobile 1997 Porsche 993 Cabriolet Charlotte, North Carolina [25]
Mark Philo English 1984 2006 footballer car Vauxhall Astra
Andrea Pininfarina Italian 1957 2008 engineer and manager, CEO of Pininfarina scooter Vespa GT60
Ja'far Pishevari 1947 founder and chairman of short-lived Azerbaijan People's Government car
Vasek Polak American 1914 1997 racing team owner car 1997 Porsche 993 Turbo S Died later from injuries sustained in an accident in a German autobahn[26][27]
Jackson Pollock American 1912 1956 artist car 1950 Oldsmobile 88 convertible [28]
Cozy Powell British 1947 1998 drummer with Whitesnake car Saab 9000
Richie Powell 1931 1956 jazz musician car (passenger)
Steve Prefontaine American 1951 1975 athlete car MG MGB
Rajesh Pilot Indian 2000 Indian Minister and politician from Congress party car
Audie Pitre 1970 1996 Bassist of music group Acid Bath car
Buford Pusser 1937 1974 Sheriff of McNairy County, Tennessee car Chevrolet Corvette
Toše Proeski Macedonian 1981 2007 pop star car (passenger) Volkswagen Touareg


Name Birth Death Nationality Occupation Mode of Transport Vehicle Accident location Details
Eric Qin 1967 1993 United States experimental music composer Bicycle Upper West Side, Manhattan


Name Birth Death Nationality Occupation Mode of Transport Vehicle Accident location Details
Manjural Islam Rana 1984 2007 Bangladeshi cricketer Motorcycle
Joe Ranft 1960 2005 United States animator Car California State Route 1, Mendocino County, California
Razzle 1960 1984 United Kingdom Hanoi Rocks drummer Car (passenger) De Tomaso Pantera Car was driven by its owner, Vince Neil who crashed whilst driving intoxicated as well was speeding
Clay Regazzoni 1939 2006 Swiss Retired racing driver Car Chrysler Voyager A1 Autostrada, near Parma
Don Rich 1941 1974 United States Country music singer; member of Buck Owens' Buckaroos Motorcycle Near Bakersfield, California Struck a guardrail after losing control of his motorcycle on Highway 99 north of Bakersfield, while traveling to Morro Bay for a family vacation.
Kenny Robinson 1969 1999 United States Major league baseball pitcher Car Tucson, Arizona
Tom Rodgers[14][15] 1987 2009 British Downhill racer Car Peugeot 306 Mearbeck Car that he and Ben Ineson was travelled in left the road and struck into a tree
Joe Rollino[29] 1905 2010 United States Strongman Pedestrian 1999 Ford Windstar Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, New York Crossing street 40 ft (12 m) from nearest crosswalk.
Jean Rondeau 1946 1985 France racing driver and race car builder Car Champagné Attempted to drive through a closed level crossing to follow a police car and was struck by a train
Darrell Russell 1976 2005 United States American footballer Car Pontiac Grand Prix (2004) Los Angeles, California Car was driven by former teammate Michael Bastianelli, who was also killed[30]
Porfirio Rubirosa 1909 1965 Dominican Republic Dominican diplomat Car Ferrari Paris, France Crashed into a tree whilst driving intoxicated


Name Nationality Birth Death Occupation Mode of Transport Vehicle Accident location Details
Silvester Sabolčki[31] Croatian 1979 2003 footballer Car Audi A3 Varaždin, Croatia The vehicle, driven by Sabolčki, was torn apart upon hitting two light poles and traffic signs at high speed. Sabolčki and two other passengers in the vehicle were ejected from it and killed instantly.
Stephane Sallaz[32][33] French 1975 1999 racing driver Car
Salvador Sanchez Mexican 1959 1982 boxer
Richard Sanders American 1945 1972 amateur wrestler
Jessica Savitch American 1947 1983 journalist
Josef Schnitzer[34]. German 1939 1978 racing driver and founder of Schnitzer Motorsport Car
Henry Schultz American 1893 1938 economist
Gaetano Scirea Italian 1953 1989 footballer
Malik Sealy American 1970 2000 basketball player
W. G. Sebald German 1944 2001 writer and academic
Mihail Sebastian Jewish Romanian 1907 1945 writer
Donald Sellers American 1974 2001 football player
Mike Sharperson 1961 1996 Baseball player
Alexis Gewertz Shepard 1969 1998 folk singer-songwriter
Alexander Fu Sheng Hong Kong 1954 1983 martial arts actor
Gene Shoemaker American 1928 1997 astronomer
Karen Silkwood American 1946 1974 labor activist
Wayne Simmons American 1969 2002 American football player
Peter Slaghuis Nederland 1961 1991 DJ, producer and remixer Car
Bessie Smith American 1894 1937 blues singer
Horace Smith-Dorrien British 1858 1930 soldier
Ronnie Smith British 2003 motorcycle racer and journalist Scooter
Dan Snyder Canadian 1978 2003 ice hockey player
Bahattin Sofuoğlu Croatian 1978 2002 motorcycle racer
François Sterchele Belgian 1982 2008 soccer player
Lynn Strait American 1968 1998 vocalist with Snot
Italo Svevo Italian 1861 1928 writer



Name Birth Death Occupation Mode of Transport Vehicle Accident location Details
José Uribe 1959 2006 Dominican former Major League baseball player Car Juan Baron, Palenque, Dominican Republic
Joe Unser[35][36] 1896 1929 Indycar driver, 1st Gen. member of the Unser racing family Car FWD Coleman Special US85 highway, Littleton, Colorado Killed whilst testing for the Indianapolis 500
Javier Urruticoechea 1952 2001 Spanish footballer (goalkeeper) Car Mercedes Benz B-20 or Ronda de Dalt, Barcelona, Spain impacted central barrier between exits 14 and 15


Name Nationality Birth Death Occupation Mode of Transport Vehicle Accident location Details
Vivian Vachon 1951 1991 professional wrestler Car near Montreal, Quebec Her daughter, a passenger in Vachon's vehicle, also died in the crash
Ivo Van Damme Belgian 1954 1976 middle distance runner (athletics) Car Marseille, France
Michael Ventris British 1922 1956 the decipherer of Linear B Car


Name Nationality Birth Death Occupation Mode of Transport Vehicle Accident location Details
Billy Walker American 1929 2006 country singer tour van Interstate 65, Fort Deposit Three passengers in Walker's vehicle — his wife, Bettie, and two members of his band — were also killed. A fourth passenger survived with serious injuries.
Wang Donglei China 1985 2008 footballer car Nanjing, Jiangsu
Chris von Wangenheim Germany 1942 1981 fashion photographer car
Mary Ward Ireland 1827 1869 Scientist possibly the world's earliest road accident fatality
John L. Wasserman American 1938 1979 columnist
Dottie West 1932 1991 country singer
Nathanael West American 1903 1940 writer
Bluey Wilkinson Australia 1911 1940 motorcycle speedway rider motorcycle
Whayne Wilson Costa Rica 1975 2005 footballer
Bob Wollek French 1943 2001 race car driver bicycle
Freda Wright-Sorce 1955 2005 radio personality
Rolf Wütherich German 1927 1981 mechanic car Honda Civic Kupferzell Notable as James Dean's passenger during his fatal crash. DUI when Wütherich fatally crashed.
N.C. Wyeth American 1882 1945 artist and illustrator




Name Birth Death Occupation Mode of Transport Details
Hicham Zerouali 1977 2004 Moroccan footballer
Aleksandr Zhirov 1958 1983 Russian alpine skier
Yegor Ivanovich Zolotarev 1847 1878 Russian mathematician


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