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This is a list of awards that are, or have been, given out to writers of poetry, either for a specific poem, collection of poems, or body of work.

Thousands of poetry awards and prizes are given throughout the world, ranging from the very well-respected to those that are little more than cons scamming would-be poets of their money (usually in the form of entrance fees), so called Vanity Poetry Contests.[1]


Major international awards


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Governor General's Awards

English language:

French language:




  • Dong Suh Literary Prize, poetry category
  • Kim Su-yông Contemporary Poetry Award
  • Korean Literature Prize
  • Sowol Poetry Award

New Zealand

Spanish (language)

  • Premio Adonais
  • Premio de la Poesía Fernando Paz Castillo
  • Premio de Poesía Hermanos Argensola

United Kingdom

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United States

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(in alphabetical order)

Awards given by the Academy of American Poets

(in order of decreasing monetary value)

Awards given by the Poetry Society of America

Awards given by the American Academy of Arts and Letters

  • American Academy of Arts and Letters Gold Medals for Poetry — given every six years to honor the distinguished career of a poet; considered the highest honor of the American Academy of Arts and Letters
  • Academy Award of the American Academy of Arts and Letters — In 1941 the Academy established awards to encourage creative work in the arts. Now $7500 each, Academy Awards are given annually: five to artists, eight to writers, four to composers, and three to architects.
  • Arthur Rense Prize — In 1998, the $20,000 award was established to honor "an exceptional poet" once every third year.
  • Michael Braude Award for Light Verse — The $5,000 biennial award is given "for light verse written in English regardless of the country of origin of the writer".
  • Benjamin H. Danks Award — The $20,000 award is given in rotation to a composer of ensemble works, a playwright, and a writer (fiction, non-fiction, poetry). Since 2002 the Academy has administered the prize established by Roy Lyndon Danks in honor of his father, Benjamin Hadley Danks.
  • American Academy of Arts and Letters Award of Merit — The Award of Merit, a medal and $10,000, is given each year, in rotation, to an outstanding person in America representing one of the following arts: Painting, the Short Story, Sculpture, the Novel, Poetry, and Drama.
  • Morton Dauwen Zabel Award — $10,000 biennial award is given every third year to a poet. In the other years it goes to a writer of fiction or critic.
  • Metcalf Awards — The Willard L. Metcalf Award in Art and the Addison M. Metcalf Award in Literature are biennial awards of $10,000.
  • Rome Fellowship in Literature — (annual) subsidizes two young writers for a one-year residence at the American Academy in Rome.
  • Witter Bynner Poetry Prize — established by the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1980 to support the work of a young poet.

Indian Poetry Awards

Indian Literature Golden Jubilee Poetry Awards

India hosts two literary (National)awards 1) Sahitya Akademi Award 2) Jnanpith Award

On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of Indian Literature, the official journal of Sahitya Akademi, India's National Academy of Letters, the following prizes were given away for outstanding works of poetry in translation from Indian languages.

Mr Rana Nayar, Professor in English ( Panjab University, Chandigarh ) won the first prize for his translation of the verses of the Sikh saint Baba Farid from Punjabi.

Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan, Member of Faculty, Reserve Bank of India won the second prize for the English translation of his own Oriya poems "Equation", "Kalahandi" and "The Hour of Coming".

The third Prize was won by Ms Paromita Das for the poems "If Life be Lost" and "Life Awakens" - which were English translations of Parbati Prasad Barua's poems in Assamese.

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  1. ^ the League of Canadian Poets

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