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This article lists political parties in Brazil.

Brazil has a multi-party system with numerous political parties sharing the vote, in which no single party has a chance of gaining power alone, so that they must work with each other to form coalition governments. The ideologies of the different parties should be taken with a grain of salt, as many of them are in fact loose coalitions of local and individual leaderships.

Above the broad range of political parties in Brazilian Parliament since there is no election threshold, the Workers' Party (PT), the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) and the Democrats (DEM) together control the absolute majority of seats in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies[1], and effectively have dominated Brazilian political landscape since the returning of democracy in 1985. Smaller parties often make alliances with at least one of these four major parties.


Summary of parliamentary parties

Since 1982 Brazilian political parties are given a number to make easier for illiterate people to vote. Initially, it was a one-digit number: 1 for PDS, 2 for PDT, 3 for PT, 4 for PTB, and 5 for PMDB. When it became clear that there was going to be more than nine parties, a two-digit number was assigned, with the first five parties having a "1" added to their former one-digit number (PDS becoming number 11, PDT 12, PT 13, PTB 14, and PMDB 15). Often political parties change their names but retain their number.

Major parties

Siglum Name (Portuguese) Name (English) Ideology Number Members[2]
PT Partido dos Trabalhadores Workers' Party Democratic socialism, Social democracy 13 1 110 323
PMDB Partido do Movimento Democrático Brasileiro Brazilian Democratic Movement Party Centrism, Populism 15 2 025 781
PSDB Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira Brazilian Social Democracy Party Centrism, Social democracy 45 1 142 588
DEM Democratas Democrats Christian democracy, Liberal conservatism 25 944 507

Medium-size parties

Siglum Name (Portuguese) Name (English) Ideology Number Members[2]
PR Partido da República Republic Party Populism, Conservatism 22 682 051
PP Partido Progressista Progressive Party Conservatism, Liberal conservatism 11 1 230 395
PSB Partido Socialista Brasileiro Brazilian Socialist Party Democratic socialism, Social democracy 40 361 488
PDT Partido Democrático Trabalhista Democratic Labour Party Social democracy, Populism 12 975 401
PTB Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro Brazilian Labour Party Centrism, Populism 14 955 588
PPS Partido Popular Socialista Socialist People´s Party Social democracy, Social liberalism 23 383 798
PV Partido Verde Green Party Green politics 43 219 610
PCdoB Partido Comunista do Brasil Communist Party of Brazil Communism, Marxism-Leninism 65 209 908
PSC Partido Social Cristão Christian Social Party Christian democracy, Populism 20 234 194

Minor parties

Siglum Name (Portuguese) Name (English) Ideology Number Members[2]
PSOL Partido Socialismo e Liberdade Socialism and Freedom Party Socialism, Trotskyism 50 22 764
PMN Partido da Mobilização Nacional Party of National Mobilization Nationalism, Centrism 33 173 363
PTC Partido Trabalhista Cristão Christian Labour Party Christian democracy, Populism 36 127 811
PHS Partido Humanista da Solidariedade Humanist Party of Solidarity Centrism, Christian democracy 31 93 920
PSDC Partido Social Democrata Cristão Christian Social Democratic Party Christian democracy 27 110 269
PTdoB Partido Trabalhista do Brasil Labour Party of Brazil Centrism, Populism 70 114 661
PRB Partido Republicano Brasileiro Brazilian Republican Party Centrism, Populism 10 92 332
PRP Partido Republicano Progressista Progressive Republican Party Populism, Conservatism 44 168 472
PSL Partido Social Liberal Social Liberal Party Social liberalism, Centrism, Populism 17 144 495
PRTB Partido Renovador Trabalhista Brasileiro Brazilian Labour Renewal Party Centrism, Populism 28 76 240
PTN Partido Trabalhista Nacional National Labour Party Centrism, Populism 19 81 533
PSTU Partido Socialista dos Trabalhadores Unificado United Socialist Workers' Party Trotskyism 16 13 202
PCB Partido Comunista Brasileiro Brazilian Communist Party Communism 21 14 790
PCO Partido da Causa Operária Workers' Cause Party Trotskyism 29 3 112

Non-registered parties

Waiting for registration in the Electoral Court (Tribunal Superior Eleitoral)

Siglum Name (Portuguese) Name (English) Ideology
PF Partido Federalista Federalist Party Federalism, Liberal conservatism, Libertarianism
PH Partido Humanista Humanist Party Humanist Movement
LIBER Libertários Libertarians Libertarianism
PCML Partido Comunista Marxista-Leninista Marxist-Leninist Communist Party Communist
PNC Partido Nacional do Consumidor National Consumers' Party Consumer protection
PSN Partido da Solidariedade Nacional National Solidarity Party Centrism

Recently absorbed or merged parties

Siglum Name (Portuguese) Name (English) Ideology Merged in Year
PSD Partido Social Democrático Social Democratic Party Centrism, Social democracy PTB 2002
PGT Partido Geral dos Trabalhadores General Party of the Workers Centrism, Social democracy PL 2002
PST Partido Social Trabalhista Social Labour Party Centrism PL 2002
PAN Partido dos Aposentados da Nação Party of the Nation's Retirees Centrism PTB 2006
PL Partido Liberal Liberal Party Centrism, Populism PR 2006
PRONA Partido da Reedificação da Ordem Nacional Party of the Reconstruction of the National Order Nationalism, Populism PR 2006

Historical parties

Siglum Name (Portuguese) Name (English) Ideology Lifetime
PCB Partido Comunista Brasileiro Brazilian Communist Party Communism 1922-1992
AIB Ação Integralista Brasileira Brazilian Integralist Action Integralism, Fascism 1933-1938
PRP Partido de Representação Popular Popular Representation Party Integralism, National conservatism 1938-1966
PTB Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro Brazilian Labour Party Nationalism, Populism 1945-1966;
PSD Partido Social Democrático Social Democratic Party Conservatism, Populism 1945-1966
UDN União Democrática Nacional National Democratic Union Conservatism 1945-1966
PSP Partido Social Progresista Progressive Social Party Conservatism, Populism 1947-1966
ARENA Aliança Renovadora Nacional National Renewal Alliance Party Conservatism, Nationalism 1966-1979
MDB Movimento Democrático Brasileiro Brazilian Democratic Movement Centrism 1966-1979
PDS Partido Democrático Social Democratic Social Party Conservatism 1979-1993
PDC Partido Democrata Cristão Christian Democratic Party Christian democracy, Conservatism 1945-66; 1985-1993
PPR Partido Progressista Reformador Reform Progressive Party Conservatism, Christian democracy 1993-1995
PRN Partido da Reconstrução Nacional National Reconstruction Party Centrism, Populism 1989-2000


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