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Political parties in Finland lists political parties in Finland. Finland has a multi-party system, with three strong parties, in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments.


Registered political parties

Under Finnish law, a political association that fulfils certain conditions may become an officially registered party. A registered party may nominate candidates in all national and local elections, and a party that is represented in parliament is entitled to a government subsidy relative to its number of seats. To qualify as a registered party, an association must have bylaws guaranteeing democratic internal organization and must be able to present 5,000 supporters who are eligible to vote. A party that fails to win a single seat in two consecutive parliamentary elections is stricken from the register but may apply again. (In contrast, a voluntary association has a requirement of 20,000 supporters and is not eligible for party subsidy.)

Registered political parties as of 2007 and their leaders:

in English
in Finnish
in Swedish
abbr. Leader MPs
political parties in parliament
National Coalition Party Kansallinen Kokoomus Samlingspartiet Kok. Jyrki Katainen 51
Christian Democrats in Finland Kristillisdemokraatit Kristdemokraterna KD Päivi Räsänen 7
True Finns Perussuomalaiset Sannfinländarna PS Timo Soini 5
Swedish People's Party Ruotsalainen kansanpuolue Svenska folkpartiet RKP Stefan Wallin 9 (+ MP from Åland)
Centre Party Suomen Keskusta Centern i Finland Kesk. Matti Vanhanen 51
Social Democratic Party of Finland Suomen Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue Finlands Socialdemokratiska Parti SDP Jutta Urpilainen 45
Left Alliance Vasemmistoliitto Vänsterförbundet Vas. Paavo Arhinmäki 17
Green League Vihreä liitto Gröna förbundet Vihr. Anni Sinnemäki 14
other registered political parties
Independence Party Itsenäisyyspuolue Självständighetspartiet IPU Antti Pesonen
For Peace and Socialism - Communist Workers Party Rauhan ja Sosialismin puolesta – Kommunistinen Työväenpuolue För Fred och Socialism – Kommunistiska Arbetarpartiet KTP Hannu Harju
Communist Party of Finland Suomen kommunistinen puolue Finlands kommunistiska parti SKP Yrjö Hakanen
Senior Citizens Party of Finland Suomen Senioripuolue Finlands Seniorparti SSP Esko A. Repo
Workers Party of Finland Suomen työväenpuolue Finlands Arbetarparti STP Juhani Tanski
Pirate Party Piraattipuolue Pasi Palmulehto

Stricken from the register:

Seven parties were stricken from the register after 2007 elections, e.g. Finnish People's Blue-whites.

Historical political parties

Parties in Åland

The autonomous region of Åland has its own party system. These parties are listed in the following table:

e • d  Summary of the 19 October 2003 Parliament of Åland election results
Parties Votes % Seats
2003 +/– 2003 +/– 2003 +/–
Åland Centre (Åländsk Center) 2,980 –312 24.1 –3.2 7 –2
Liberals for Åland (Liberalerna på Åland) 2,970 –493 24.1 –4.7 7 –2
Åland Social Democrats (Ålands Socialdemokrater) 2,340 +913 19.0 +7.1 6 +3
Freeminded Co-operation (Frisinnad Samverkan) 1,677 –73 13.6 –0.9 4 ±0
Non-aligned Coalition (Obunden Samling) 1,163 –374 9.4 –3.3 3 –1
Future of Åland (Ålands Framtid) 800 +800 6.5 +6.5 2 +2
Åland Progress Group (Ålands Framstegsgrupp) 416 –164 3.4 –1.4 1 ±0
Total turnout 67.6%) 12,346       30  

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