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India has a multi-party system with a predominance of small regional parties. National parties are those that are recognized in four or more states. They are accorded this status by the Election Commission of India, which periodically reviews the election results in various states. This recognition helps the political parties to claim unique ownership of certain identities, such as the party symbol, until the next review of their status. Below are national parties as of October 2004.

The Constitution of India stipulates that India be a federal polity with a central government in New Delhi, and state governments for the various states and Union territories. Consequently, political parties in India are classified as national and state (regional) parties based on their realms of influence.


National parties

Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha is composed of representatives of the people chosen by direct election on the basis of the adult suffrage. The maximum strength of the House envisaged by the Constitution is 552, which is made up by election of up to 530 members to represent the States, up to 20 members to represent the Union Territories and not more than two members of the Anglo-Indian Community to be nominated by the Hon'ble President, if, in his opinion, that community is not adequately represented in the House. The total elective membership is distributed among the States in such a way that the ratio between the number of seats allotted to each State and the population of the State is, so far as practicable, the same for all States.


State parties

Parties that have received certain amount of votes or seats in a state might be recognized as a state party by the Election Commission. Recognition as a state party given the party the possibility to reserve a particular election symbol in the concerned state. A party might be recognized in more than one state. A party recognized in four states is automatically recognized as a national party. Below is the list of recognized state parties ahead of the Gujarat & Himachal Pradesh state assembly elections in December 2007.[1] The states where the party has gained recognition is also stated, although the party may very well be active in more states and territories than that.

Indian state governments led by various political parties as of 2007

Other parties represented in the Lok Sabha

Other parties represented in the Rajya Sabha

Registered unrecognized parties

A large number of political parties are registered at the Election Commission, without having gained any recognition as National or State parties. In many cases registrations remain, although the party in question might have disbanded or merged into another formation several years ago. Below is the list of 730 registered unrecognized parties as published by the Election Commission in ahead of October 2005 elections:


  • Antash Chetan
  • Akhand Bharti
  • Akhil Bharatiya Aman Committee
  • Akhil Bharatiya Ashok Sena
  • Akhil Bharatiya Bharat Mata–Putra Paksha
  • Akhil Bharatiya Bhrastachar Nirmoolan Sena
  • Akhil Bhartiya Berozgaar Party
  • Akhil Bharatiya Congress Dal (Ambedkar)
  • Akhil Bharatiya Desh Bhakt Morcha
  • Akhil Bharatiya Dastkar Morcha
  • Akhil Bharatiya Dalit Utthan Party
  • Akhand Bharat Ekta Andolan
  • Akhil Bharatiya Gareeb Party
  • Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League
  • Akhil Bharatiya General Labour Party
  • Akhil Bharatiya Garib Mazdoor Kisan Party
  • Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha
  • Akhil Bharatiya Sena
  • Akhil Bharatiya Janata Congress
  • Akhil Bharatiya Jan Sangh
  • Akhil Bhartiya Janata Vikas Party
  • Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Mazdoor Morcha
  • Akhil Bharatiya Lokraj Party
  • Akhil Bharatiya Lok Tantrik Alp-Sankhyak Jan Morcha
  • Akhil Bhartiya Loktantrik Congress
  • Akhil Bharatiya Loktantra Party
  • Akhil Bharatiya Manav Adhikar Dal
  • Akhil Bharatiya Muslim League (Secular)
  • Akhil Bharatiya Manav Seva Dal
  • Akahand Bharat Maha Sangh Sarvahara Krantikari Party
  • Akhand Bharat National Party
  • Ambedkarbadi Party
  • Akhil Bharatiya Rashtriya Azad Hind Party
  • Akhil Bharatiya Rajivwadi Congress (Dubey)
  • Akhil Bharatiya Ram Rajya Parishad (Prem Ballabh Vyas)
  • Akhil Bharatiya Rajarya Sabha
  • Akhil Bharatiya Revolutionary Shoshit Samaj Dal
  • Akhil Bharatiya Sangharsh Dal
  • Akhil Bharatiya Shivsena Rashtrawadi
  • Akhil Bharatiya Sindhi Samaj Party
  • Apna Bharat
  • Apna Dal
  • Anndata Party
  • Agar Jan Party
  • All Party Hill Leaders Conference(Armison Marak Group)
  • Apna Hindu Ram Bhakat Party
  • All India Athithanar Makal Katchi
  • All India Babu Jagjivan Ram Saheb National Congress
  • Advait Ishwasyam Congress
  • All India Christian Democratic and Backward People's Party
  • All India Dance Party
  • All India Dalit Welfare Congress
  • All India Forward Bloc (Subhasist)
  • All India Gareeb Congress
  • All India Homeless People Congress
  • All India Indira Congress (Secular)
  • All India Krantikari Congress
  • All India Lok Raj Party
  • All India Minorities Front
  • All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen
  • All India Muslim Forum
  • All India Moovendar Munnani Kazhagam
  • All India Mahila Raj Party
  • All India Progressive Janata Dal
  • All India People's Party
  • All India Rajiv Krantikari Congress
  • All India Shiromani Baba Jiwan Singh Mazhabi Dal
  • All India Sadguna Party
  • All India Tribes and Minorities Front
  • All India Tafsili United Party
  • Ajeya Bharat Party
  • All J & K Peoples Patriotic Front
  • Akhand Jharkhand People's Front
  • Alpjan Samaj Party
  • All Jharkhand Students Union
  • Akhil Jan Vikas Dal
  • All Kerala M.G.R. Dravida Munnetra Party
  • Adarsh Lok Dal
  • Amra Bangalee
  • Anaithindhia MGR Katchi
  • Ambedkar National Congress
  • Andhra Nadu Party
  • Ati Pichhra Jan Dal
  • Ambedkar Peoples Movement
  • Andhra Pradesh Navodaya Praja Party
  • Adarsh Political Party
  • Ambedkar Pragatisheel Republican Dal
  • Ambedkarist Republican Party
  • Arya Sabha
  • Akhil Rashtrawadi Party
  • Ali Sena
  • Autonomous State Demand Committee
  • Ambedkar Samaj Party
  • Anna Telugu Desam Party
  • Anaithinthiya Thamizhaga Munnetra Kazhagam
  • Adarshwadi Dal








  • Indian Bahujan Samajwadi Party
  • Indian Christian Front
  • Indian Christian Secular Party
  • Indian Ekta Party
  • Indian Justice Party
  • Indian Liberation Front
  • Ikkiya Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam
  • Indian National Green Party
  • Indian National League
  • Indian National Labour Party
  • Indian People's Congress
  • Islam Party Hind
  • Indian Peace Party
  • Indian Republican Front
  • Indian Secular Congress
  • Indian Union Muslim League
  • Indian Victory Party
  • indian people's front








  • Quami Janta Dal
  • Quami Party


  • Rajyadhikara Party
  • Rashtriya Aikta Manch
  • Rashtriya Bahujan Congress Party
  • Rashtriya Bahujan Ekta Party
  • Rashtriya Bhrasthachar Virodhi Morcha
  • Rashtravadi Communist Party
  • Revolutionary Communist Party of India (Rasik Bhatt)
  • Rashtriya Dehat Morcha Party
  • Rashtriya Dharmanirpeksha Nava Bharat Party
  • Rashtriya Deshbhakt Party
  • Rajasthan Dev Sena Dal
  • Rashtriya Garib Dal
  • Rashtriya Gurujan Party
  • Rashtriya Gramin Party
  • Rajdal Haryana
  • Rashtriya Hith Congress
  • Rashtriya Hamara Dal
  • Rashtriya Hindu Sangathan
  • Rashtriya Indira Party
  • Rashtriya Janadhikar Party
  • Rashtriya Janta Congress
  • Rashtriya Janandholan Paksha
  • Rashtriya Janata Janardan Party
  • Rashtriya Jan Kalyan Party
  • Republican Janata Party
  • Rashtriya Jan Sangam
  • Rashtriya Jansevak Parishad
  • Rashtriya Jantantrik Dal
  • Rajasthan Vikas Party
  • Rashtriya Krantikari Dal
  • Rashtriya Komi Ekta Party
  • Rashtriya Kisan Party
  • Rashtriya Krantikari Samajwadi Party
  • Rashtriya Kamjor Varg Party
  • Rashtriya Lok Seva Morcha
  • Rashtriya Manav Adhikar Party
  • Rashtriya Mazdoor Ekta Party
  • Rashtriya Manav Kalyan Sangh
  • Rashtriya Matrabhoomi Party
  • Rashtriya Mahasangh
  • Rajiv Makkal Congress
  • Rashtriya Nayay Party
  • Rashtrotthan Party
  • Rashtriya Praja Congress (Secular)
  • Rashtriya Parivartan Dal
  • Republican Movement
  • Republican Party of India
  • Republican Party of India (Athvale)
  • Republican Party Of India (Democratic )
  • Republican Party Of India(Khobragade)
  • Republican Party of India (Kamble)
  • Republican Party of India (Sivaraj)
  • Republican Presidium Party of India
  • Rashtriya Rajdhani Congress Delhi
  • Rashtriya Raksha Dal
  • Ramrajya Marg
  • Rashtra Shakti
  • Rashtriya Saf Niti Party
  • Rashtriya Swabhimaan Party
  • Rashtriya Samajwadi Congress
  • Rashtriya Sawarn Dal
  • Rashtriya Garima Party
  • Rashtriya Swajan Party
  • Rashtriya Sakar Party
  • Rashtriya Samanta Dal
  • Rashtriya Samadhaan Party
  • Rajasthan Samajik Nyaya Manch
  • Rashtriya Samajik Nayak Paksha
  • Rashtriya Samajwadi Party (United)
  • Revolutionary Socialist Party of Kerala (Bolshevik)
  • Rashtriya Samajwadi Party 'Pragatisheel'
  • Rashtriya Samaj Paksha
  • Ram Sena Rashtravadi
  • Rashtriya Surajya Parishad
  • Rashtriya Samaj Sevak Dal
  • Rashtriya Samaj Sudhar Party
  • Rashtriya Kranti Party
  • Rashtriya Party
  • Rashtra Suraksha Parishad
  • Rashtriya Unnatisheel Dal
  • Rashtravadi Vikas Dal
  • Rashtravadi Janata Party
  • Rashtriya Vikas Party
  • Rajasthan Veer Sena
  • Rashtrawadi Samaj Party
  • Rashtriya Yuva Loktantrik Party
  • Rashtriya Republican Party







  • Youth Brigade
  • Yuva Gantantra Party
  • Yuva Jan Jagriti Party
  • Youth and Students Party
  • Youth For Equality

Other parties

Many political parties in India are never registered at the Election Commission.

Parties from the past


Since 1990, the Indian electorate has consistently thrown fragmented verdicts both at the state and national levels. This has led parties with small (and sometimes fundamental) ideological differences to come together as a loose federation of parties to stake claim for power. The following are coalitions of political parties in India.

Distribution of seats in the Fourteenth Lok Sabha

 [Communist Party of India (Marxist)]]–43

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