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Political parties in Japan lists political parties in Japan.


Major parties

Party Diet Representation Party Chairman Comments
Representatives Councillors
Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)
Minshutō 民主党
Yukio Hatoyama PM Reps. The DPJ is Japan's largest party. It was formed in the late 1990s as a result of the merger of several anti-LDP parties. Its membership covers a broad spectrum of political beliefs, but it is generally perceived as a center-left party.[1]
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
Jiyū Minshu-tō 自由民主党,
or Jimin-tō 自民党
Sadakazu Tanigaki Reps. The LDP is Japan's second largest political party. It is a conservative party and is made up of various conservative and centrist factions. Before 2009, the LDP had been in power almost continuously since 1955, when it was formed as a merger of early postwar Japan's two conservative parties, the Liberal Party of Japan, Occupation, and the Democrat Party of Japan, Occupation.

Third parties

Party Diet Representation Party Chairman Comments
Representatives Councillors
New Komeito (NKP)
Komeitō 公明党
Natsuo Yamaguchi Coun. The Shin Komeito Party (Japanese name for the New Komeito) is Japan's third largest party. It was formerly known as the Clean Government Political Assembly and the Komeito. At its foundation, the party was center-left, but it has trended rightwards as a participant in the LDP's governing coalitions. It is supported by the Buddhism-based new religious movement Sōka Gakkai.
Japanese Communist Party (JCP)
Nihon Kyōsan-tō 日本共産党,
or Kyōsan-tō 共産党
Kazuo Shii Reps. The Japanese Communist Party is Japan's fourth largest party. It is a communist party of the left-wing.
Social Democratic Party (SDP)
Shakai Minshutō 社会民主党,
or Shamin-tō 社民党
Mizuho Fukushima Coun. SDP is a leftist[2] political party. It is a successor of Japan Socialist Party, which had been Japan's largest opposition party in the 55-year system.
People's New Party (PNP)
Kokumin Shintō 国民新党,
or Kokumin-Shin 国民新
Shizuka Kamei Reps. Conservatism, Anti-Postal Privatization
Your Party (YP)
Minna no Tō みんなの党
Yoshimi Watanabe Reps. Centrism, Conservative liberalism, Economic liberalism
House of Representatives Election in 2009
House of Councilors Election in 2007

Minor parties


Existing national parties currently represented in the Diet

Existing national parties represented in the Diet in the past

Current political parties that used to be in the Diet but aren't currently represented:

Other parties

Japan has other minor parties not represented in Parliament (which have never been represented before), some are new, others with communist and socialist ideologies, as well as a few nationalist, reformist, and far right-wing parties. Some of them include:

Regional parties

Some of the main regional parties represented in regional assemblies:

Defunct parties

Ways to browse Wikipedia for political parties are by name of the party, country, ideology or by membership of internationals and through the category system: especially by country and ideology.

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