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This article lists political parties in Norway.

Norway has a multi-party system with numerous parties in which no one party has a big chance of gaining power alone. Parties may cooperate to form coalition governments.


The parties


Parliamentary parties

English party name Norwegian party name Associated ideology Current leader International affiliation Representation
Parliament County councils
Norwegian Labour Party Det norske Arbeiderparti (bokmål)
Det norske Arbeidarparti (nynorsk)
Social democracy Jens Stoltenberg Socialist International 64 236
Progress Party Fremskrittspartiet (bokmål)
Framstegspartiet (nynorsk)
Right-wing populism Siv Jensen none 41 141
Conservative Party Høyre (bokmål)
Høgre (nynorsk)
Liberal conservatism Erna Solberg International Democrat Union 30 120
Socialist Left Party Sosialistisk Venstreparti Socialism Kristin Halvorsen Nordic Green Left Alliance 11 46
Centre Party Senterpartiet Agrarianism, Centrism Liv Signe Navarsete none 11 73
Christian Democratic Party Kristelig Folkeparti (bokmål)
Kristeleg Folkeparti (nynorsk)
Christian democracy Dagfinn Høybråten Centrist Democrat International 10 54
Liberal Party Venstre Social liberalism Lars Sponheim Liberal International 2 37

Non-parliamentary parties

Party name Associated ideology Current leader International affiliation 2009 Parliamentary election County council representation
Red (Rødt) Revolutionary Socialism Torstein Dahle none 1.3% 8
Pensioners Party (Pensjonistpartiet) Pensioners' interests Ragnar Dahl none 0.4% 5
Christian Unity Party (Kristent Samlingsparti) Christian right Ørnulf Nandrup none 0.2% 0
Green Party (Miljøpartiet De Grønne) Green Sondre Båtstrand
Hanna Marcussen
European Green Party 0.3% 0
Coastal Party (Kystpartiet) Conservativism Kjell Ivar Vestå none 0.2% 3
Democrats (Demokratene) Social conservatism Vidar Kleppe none 0.1% 1
Communist Party of Norway
(Norges Kommunistiske Parti)
Marxism-Leninism Zafer Gözet none 0.0% 0
Liberal People's Party (Det Liberale Folkeparti) Classical liberalism Vegard Martinsen none 0.0% 0
Contemporary Party (Samtidspartiet) Muslims' interests Ghuffor Butt none 0.0% -
Center Alliance (Sentrumsalliansen) Centrism, Western Norway's interests Merete Andreassen none 0.0% -
Abortion Opponents' List
(Abortmotstandernes Liste)
Pro-life Ludvig Nessa none 0.0% -
Society Party (Samfunnspartiet) Anarchism Øystein Johannessen none 0.0% 0
One (Written) Language (Ett (skrift)språk) Anti-Nynorsk Einar Smørdal none 0.0% -
Non-Partisan Deputies (Tverrpolitisk folkevalgte) none Harald O. Haram none 0.0% -
Norwegian Republican Alliance
(Norsk Republikansk Allianse)
Republicanism Erland Skattem none 0.0% -

Inactive parties

Defunct parties

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