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Political parties in Russia lists political parties in Russia. Presently there are four parties that make up the State Duma (parliament). In addition there are many minor ones.


The parties

Major parties in the Russian State Duma

  • United Russia (Единая Россия, Yedinaya Rossiya)
  • Communist Party of the Russian Federation (Коммунистическая партия Российской Федерации, Kommunisticheskaya partiya Rossiyskoy Federatsii)
  • Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (Либерально-Демократическая Партия России (ЛДПР), Liberal’no-Demokraticheskaya Partiya Rossii (LDPR))
  • A Just Russia (Справедли́вая Росси́я: Ро́дина/Пенсионе́ры/Жизнь, Spravedlivaya Rossiya: Rodina/Pensionery/Zhizn)

Other prominent parties

Historical and unregistered parties

Historical minor parties


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