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Political parties in Turkey lists political parties in Turkey. Turkey is parliamentary democracy with a multi-party system.


The parties

Major parties are defined as political parties that received more than 10% of the votes in the latest general election (22 July 2007) and/or represented in parliament. Minor Parties are defined as political parties that has fulfilled the requirements of the Supreme Electoral Council (Yüksek Seçim Kurulu in Turkish, abbreviated as YSK) and their names were listed in the ballots.


Parties represented in the current Parliament

Minor parties

Defunct and historical parties

These are some of the parties that were dismantled because of their internal dynamics, mergers, inability to find electoral base or through governmental intervention, for instance following the coups.

Left Wing


  • Liberal Republican Party (Serbest Cumhuriyet Fırkası, dissolved itself) (1929)
  • Liberal Party (1957) (1957-1958) Joined to CHP
  • New Democracy Movement (Yeni Demokrasi Hareketi)



  • National Salvation Party (Milli Selâmet Partisi) Closed 12 September 1980
  • Republican Peasants and Nation Party (Cumhuriyetçi Köylü Millet Partisi), merger of two parties, replaced by MHP
  • National Development Party (Milli Kalkınma Partisi)

Banned parties

These are some of the parties that were banned through extraordinary courts or the Constitutional Court of Turkey.



Kurdish nationalist

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