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Political parties in Spain lists political parties in Spain.

Spain has a system similar to a two-party system, which means that there are two dominant political parties, with extreme difficulty for anybody to achieve electoral success under the banner of any other party. Regional parties can be strong in the autonomous communities like Catalonia and the Basque Country and are essential for government coalitions, which makes the party system a multi-party system.


Political parties in Congress

Party Ideology Results (2008) Seats in Congress
Spanish Socialist Workers' Party Social Democracy, Third way, Social Progressivism, Centre-Left 11,288,698 votes, 43.87% of the electorate 169
People's Party Conservatism, Liberal conservatism, Christian democracy, Neoliberalism 10,277,809 votes, 39.94% of the electorate 154
United Left Communism, Eurocommunism, Democratic socialism, Green politics, Republicanism 969,871 votes, 3.77% of the electorate 2
Convergence and Union Catalan nationalism,Conservatism, Liberal conservatism, Christian democracy 779,425 votes, 3.03% of the electorate 10
Basque Nationalist Party Basque nationalism,Conservatism, Liberal conservatism, Christian democracy 306,128 votes, 1.19% of the electorate 6
Union, Progress and Democracy Anti-terrorism enforcement, Secularism, Anti-nationalism, Public School enforcement 306,078 votes, 1.19% of the electorate 1
Republican Left of Catalonia Catalan nationalism,Communism, Green politics, Republicanism 298,139 votes, 1.16% of the electorate 3
Galician Nationalist Bloc Galician nationalism,Communism, Republicanism 212,543 votes, 0.83% of the electorate 2
Canarian Coalition Canarian nationalismLiberalism 174,629 votes, 0.68% of the electorate 2
Nafarroa Bai Basque nationalism 62,398 votes, 0.24% of the electorate 1
Navarrese People's Union Conservatism, Christian democracy, liberal conservatism, Navarrese regionalism, centre-right Formerly associated with the People's Party, didn't run for general elections

Political Parties represented in regional parliaments but not at the Congress



Party Ideology Seats (Total Seats: 67)
Aragonese Party (Partido Aragonés) Centrism, Aragonese regionalism, Aragonese nationalism 9
Aragonese Council (Chunta Aragonesista) Democratic socialism,
Aragonese nationalism,

Balearic Islands

Party Ideology Seats (Total Seats: 59)
Bloc per Mallorca Catalan nationalism,Communism, Green politics, Republicanism 5
Eivissa pel Canvi Catalan nationalism,Socialism, Green politics, Republicanism 2

Basque Country

Party Ideology Seats (Total Seats: 75)
Aralar Party Socialism,Basque nationalism,Left-wing nationalism, Abertzale 4
Eusko Alkartasuna Social democracy, Basque nationalism, Separatism, Centre-left 1
Ezker Batua - Berdeak Communism, Eurocommunism, Democratic socialism, Green politics, Republicanism 1


Party Ideology Seats (Total Seats:39)
Cantabrian Regionalist Party (Partido Regionalista de Cantabria) Regionalism 12

Castilla y León

Party Ideology Seats (Total Seats:83)
Leonese People's Union (Unión del Pueblo Leonés) Leonese regionalism 2


Party Ideology Seats (Total seats: 135)
Citizens – Party of the Citizenry (Ciutadans - C's) Antinationalism, Social liberalism 3


Party Ideology Seats (Total Seats: 99)
Valencian Nationalist Bloc (Bloc Nacionalista Valencià) Valencian nationalism,Progressivism 3

La Rioja

Party Ideology Seats (Total Seats: 33)
Riojan Party (Partido Riojano) Regionalist 2


Party Ideology Seats (Total Seats: 50)
Nafarroa Bai Basque nationalism 12
Navarrese People's Union (Unión del Pueblo Navarro) Conservatism 22
Democrats Convergence of Navarre (Convergencia de Demócratas de Navarra) Christian democracy 12

Political Parties without any representation

Illegalized parties

(* Note: Batasuna is legal in France; it is however an association and not a political party)

Batasuna is in the list of terrorist organisations of US and EU.

Defunct major parties

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