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This is an incomplete list of television programmes, past and present, screened on Television New Zealand that were made in New Zealand.



Regular Shows (screened throughout the year)

Show Release Date Notes
20/20 Current affairs documentary show hosted by Miriama Kamo. Reporters are: Pete Cronshaw, Sonya Wilson and Beth Roche.
Breakfast Business Weekday morning Business show hosted by Corin Dann. Reports from Owen Poland, Justine Turner, Michelle King, Lisa Davies and Pushpa Jabin.
Business Weekend Weekend version of the weekday morning show. Hosted by Corin Dann.
Asia Down Under 22 February 2001 A magazine series reflecting the life, concerns and interests of the Asian community in New Zealand. Spin-off of Asia Dynamic. Presented By Melissa Lee.
Attitude Current affairs show regarding the disabled. Presented by Curtis Palmer.
Breakfast 1997 Morning talkshow. Currently hosted by Pippa Wetzell and Paul Henry with news updates by Peter Williams and also featuring Tamati Coffey as the roving reporter and weather presenter.
Country Calendar 1966 New Zealand farming show; the longest running show on New Zealand television. Produced by Frank Torley. Some Reporters include Vivienne Jeffs, Tony Benny and Jerome Cvitanovich.
Close Up Current affairs show hosted by Mark Sainsbury and Paul Henry. Formerly hosted by Susan Wood.
Eye to Eye with Willie Jackson 2006 Current affairs debate talk show hosted by Willie Jackson
Fair Go 7 April 1977 Long running consumer watchdog show. Hosted By Kevin Milne. Current reporters are: Hannah Wallis, Phil Vine, Gordon Harcourt, Ruwani Perera and Libby Middlebrook.
The Erin Simpson Show Daily Teen Affair/Entertainment show hosted by Erin Simpson. The show includes Dares and missions by Will & Dan, Special guests and prizes to give away to veiwers.
Game of Two Halves Sports quiz show hosted by Martin Devlin with Matthew Ridge and Marc Ellis as team "captains". The show was previously hosted by Tony Veitch until Veitch was suspended pending investigation after allegations of serious assault, which he confessed to on national TV. He later resigned from his positions at TVNZ.
Good Morning Talk show hosted by Brendon Pongia, Sarah Bradley and Steve Gray. Former hosts include Liz Gunn and Mary Lambie.
Intrepid Journeys Reality/travel show where celebrities travel to foreign countries and do "as the Romans do"
Mai Time 1996
Marae Maori affairs show. Presented By Shane Taurima. Political reports by Arana Taumata.
ONE News November 1969 News service, regular updates live from 6am weekdays with main bulletin at 6:00 pm everyday. Includes Midday and Tonight.
Police Ten-7 2002 Reality police/criminal series hosted by Graham Bell; Season six started February 2007
Praise Be Christian hymns show. As of 2006 in its 21st season. Currently hosted by Chris Nichol; former host: Graeme Thomson
Rural Delivery Farming affairs show. Presented By Roger Bourne.
Saturday Disney Children's show
Shortland Street 25 May 1992 As of 2009, currently in its 17th season. Soap opera.
Squirt Saturday morning children's show; hosted by Ryan Inglis; former hosts include Dominic Bowden
Studio 2 Weekday children's show hosted by Matt Gibbs and Dayna Vawdrey. Also featuring Vicki Lin.
Sunday Sunday evening current affairs show. Presented by Cameron Bennett. Featuring reports from John Hudson, Ian Sinclair, Janet McIntyre and Simon Mercep.
Tagata Pasifika Pacific Islander affairs show; Hosted by Robbie Magasiva and Beatrice Faueumina; also screened on Maori Television
Te Karere Current affairs show hosted in Te Reo Maori by Scott Morrison. Former host: Tini Molyneaux
The Go Show Weekday toddler show. Similar to Hi-5
Tiki Tiki Maori language children's show; formerly hosted by Te Atirau Paki
Top of the Class 30 April 2006 Reality show putting famous New Zealanders back into school with their younger "clone" version of themselves.
Waka Huia Maori history program. Presenters and reporters are Mereana Kahukura and Meihana Te Huia.
What Now? 1981 As of 2006, currently in its 25th season; the longest running children's show on New Zealand television; Hosted by DJ Richie and Charlie Panapa
XSTV Series highlighting the world of skateboarding, BMX racing and other extreme sports.

Seasonal Shows

Show Release Date Notes
2 Tube 2008 Show where viewers send in their own home movies. Similar to America's Funniest Home Videos.

Hosted By Millen Baird.

Animal House 9 March 2005 Series highlighting the New Zealand SPCA.
Artsville 2005 Documentary arts series;
Auction House 30 April 2006 Reality show about auctioneers and real estate.
Best in Show Reality show about New Zealand dogs and their owners.
Border Patrol Reality show, Narrated by Tim Balme.
Coastwatch Similar to Border Patrol. Narrated by Jason Hoyte.
Dancing with the Stars 2005 Reality television show; Season two began in May 2006; Hosted by Jason Gunn and Candy Lane.
Eating Media Lunch 2003 Hosted by Jeremy Wells
Frontseat 2005 Arts show hosted by Oliver Driver
How Clean Is Your House? 2005 Hosted by Carolyn Jones and Evon Blackwell-Chin.
Kiwifruit Gay magazine show starring Amanda Rees, Kevin Alexander and Matu Ngaporo; replacement of QueerNation
Learner Drivers 1998 Reality show following the trials of people getting their driver licenses.
Let's Get Inventin' Children's invention show
Mitre 10 Dream Home 1999 Reality show where two couples compete to build the house of their dreams with the winner taking away the house and the second place team given the option to buy the house. Hosted by Jayne Kiely
Motorway Patrol 2001 Reality series
Mucking In 2003 Lifestyle/makeover series hosted by presenter Jim Mora and gardener Tony Murrell
My House, My Castle Hosted by Robert Harte
Neighbours at War 2006 Reality series
New Zealand Surf League Sports show showcasing the New Zealand Ironman finals. Hosted by Cory Hutchings
New Zealand's Brainiest Kid Children's quiz show hosted by Bernadine Oliver-Kirby
Orange Roughies May 2006 Drama series;.
Piha Rescue 2005 Reality show about Lifeguards at Aucklands Piha Beach. Narrated By John Sumner.
QTV 2005 Children's science show
Raise My Kids 2005 Reality show seeing if couples who want children can raise someone else's children for a week.
Redemption Hill 2006 Reality television show about delinquent children; Season 1 ended April 2006
Secret New Zealand
Sensing Murder Psychic crime investigations show hosted by Rebecca Gibney. Spans New Zealand and Australia. Currently in its second season (2007). The psychics are Deb Webber, Sue Nicholson and Kelvin Cruickshank.
Shock Treatment 2006 Reality television show where celebrities are surprised and put through the wringer.
Special Investigators 8 May 2006 Documentary series about the New Zealand Government Accident Compensation Investigators.
SportsCafe Original run 2003–2005 on TV2 and returned to air in 2008. Sports variety show; Originally started on SKY Sport in 1995, moved to TV2 in 2003 and ended after the celebrity drug scandal of 2005. Returned to air in July 2008.
10 Years Younger Hosted by Fiona MacDonald, New Zealand version of the UK show.
The Lost Children Period drama series
The Singing Bee 2008 New Zealand version of a show where the first few lines of a popular song is sung when the music stops the contestant must continue singing the lyrics. Hosted by Jordan Vandermade. The show was negatively panned by the public.
The Zoo Reality show set in Auckland Zoo
Top Town 1976–1990 and returned in 2009 Show where locals from towns around New Zealand competed in various challenges against locals from other towns. The 2009 Version was Hosted By

Marc Ellis and Hayley Holt.

Treasure Island Reality television show; Survivor-like, only mainly with celebrities.
Unauthorised History of New Zealand 2005 Hosted by Jeremy Wells

Cancelled/Ended programs

Show Screened Notes
10AM 1990 Arts and lifestyle magazine program
14 Days on Trial 1989/90 Documentary about New Zealand pioneers
3.45 Live 1989–1990 Older children's and teenagers' after-school show hosted by Ricky Morris and Fenella Bathfield in 1989 and Phil Keoghan and Hine Elder in 1990.
5.30 with Jude Talk show hosted by Jude Dobson
60 Minutes 1993–2001 Current affairs show. Rights bought by TV3
AA Torque Show 2005
A Dog Show 1980s Rural New Zealand show where South Island farmers compete against North Island farmers to round up sheep with their dog only using a dog whistle. The winner received a trophy, show presented by John Gordon.
After 2 1989–1991 Children's show aimed at preschoolers and younger school children replaced the earlier part of After School (TV Series) while 3.45 Live replaced the later part. Was hosted by Jason Gunn and Thingee.
After School 1983–1988 Children's after-school show originally hosted by Olly Ohlson and in 1988 Jason Gunn and Thingee.
April's Angels 1998 Hosted by April Ieremia, the team every week take place in a community project.
A Question of Sport 1988 - 1991 Sports Quiz show where two teams of New Zealand sporting personalities competed against each other. The winning team each week had the choice of charity to donate prize money to.
Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old? 2007
A Taste of New Zealand Cooking Show. Hosted by Peta Mathias.
The Billy T. James Show 1983–1985 Comedy show, starring Billy T. James. Show later screened on TV3 in 1990 a year before his death.
Blind Date 1989–1990 Dating match show, hosted by Dave Jamieson and Suzy Aitken
Bumble Toddler show featuring Bumble the Bee and his friends
Carters DIY Dads Reality show
Changing Rooms 1998 - 2002 New Zealand version of TV show where two households redecorate each others houses. Hosted by Kerry Smith and Andy Dye.
Chic Chat Children's program hosted by Chic Littlewood and Alma Woods.
Close to Home 1975–1987
Close Up 1980s Weekly current affairs show screened Thursday nights on TV1 this show has no connection to the show of the same name screening on weeknights on TV1 today.
Country GP Period soap which succeeded Close to Home.
Crime Scene 1997 - 2000
Crime Watch 1980s-1996 Show presented by the New Zealand Police showing reconstructions, security footage and other details of recent unsolved crimes. Superseded by Crime Scene and now Police Ten 7.
DIY Rescue 2001–2003 Reality show where the team come and fix DIY disasters or unfinished DIY work. Presented by Lisa Manning.
Facelift 2005 Comedy show that made fun of current events, politics and anything else on New Zealand television using characters dressed with scuplted face to resemble a various politicians and TV stars.
Face the Music 1992–1994 Quiz show about music hosted by Simon Barnett
Finding J. Smith 2003 Game show where teams had to find a certain J. Smith (the most common name) in New Zealand. Had the largest prize in New Zealand of NZ$250,000 for a game show and was used to heavily promote the then new Vodafone Live! service.
FlipSide 2002–2004 Youth news and entertainment talk show hosted by Mike Puru.
Foreign Correspondent 1980s - 1990s Current affairs show featuring overseas stories presented by TVNZ Foreign Correspondents.
Fresh and Fancy Fare
Country Fare
1985–1986 Cooking series narrated by Gordon Jackson.
Frontier Of Dreams 2005 Series about the history of New Zealand
Frontline 1988-1995 News and current affairs show screened Sunday nights on TV1.
Fun Factory 1979 Children's program hosted by Mike Wilson.
Ghost Hunt Reality show hunting famous New Zealand ghosts
Give It a Whirl 2005 - 2006 Documentary music show.
Gliding on 1980s Adapted from Roger Hall's Glide Time play, a sitcom about workers in a government department.
Gloss 1987–1990 Soap set in the world of fashion publishing, starring Ilona Rodgers. Also featured notable New Zealand actors Danielle Cormack and Geeling Ng.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? 1998 Reality show hosted by Suzanne Paul
Headliners 2004–2005 Entertainment news show hosted by Jason Reeves and Renee Wright. Cancelled at end of 2005 for a ONE News revamp.
Heartland 1993 - 1995 Presented by Gary McCormick. Each week Gary followed the locals in a different community in New Zealand.
Holmes 1989–2004 Moved to Prime Television New Zealand; current affairs show hosted by Paul Holmes
Hudson and Halls 1976–1985 Cooking and entertainment show.
Hunter's Gold 1977 Scott Hunter tries to track down his father in New Zealand's gold-prospecting country in 1860.
I Like That One Two 1986 Viewers choice show, featuring clips from TV shows that viewers had requested by postal mail. A similar show was also screened in 1989 called Your Choice.
Insider's Guide To Love 2004 Drama series
Internet Island 2001 New Zealands worst reality show where a group of people were placed in a house and had to survive with nothing but an Internet connected computer.
It's in the Bag 1970s–1990 Originally on radio and hosted by Selwyn Toogood the show moved to TV during the 1970s and was hosted by John Hawkesby during the 1980s.
Jackson's Wharf 1999–2000 Drama series set in the fictional town of Jackson's Wharf
Jandals Away 11 March 2006 Sitcom; Starring David Fane; Season 1 ended May 2006; Moved to the afternoon, season 2 began July 2006. Also featuring Dancing With The Stars singer Bella Kololo.
Jeopardy 1992–1993 Quiz show where constestants are given the answer and have to match the question, hosted by Mark Leishman
Just Kidding 1995 - 1996 Hosted by Marcus Lush, a show similar to Candid Camera.
Karaoke High 2006 New Zealand drama show screened during the summertime as a replacement for Shortland Street. Featured New Zealand actress Miriama Smith.
Kiwi Video Show 1995–1998 The successor to New Zealand's Funniest Home Videos.
Krypton Factor 1987–1991 Challenge between four contestants having to compete in Mental Agility, Observation, Physical Ability, Intelligence and General Knowledge tests. Hosted by Dougal Stevenson
Last Man Standing 2005 Jointly made Australian–New Zealand drama series. Cancelled after one season
Living the Dream 2004 Licensed version of Joe Schmo. A reality TV show featuring several actors pretending to be contestants in a game show and one man who thinks it's all real.
M2 2000–2003 Music show that ran from midnight until 6 a.m. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays; Hosted by Dominic Bowden, Jacquie Brown and Joe Cotton.
Making Italy Home 2005 Reality show about the Waters family who relocate from Havelock North to Italy.
Marc & Matthew's Rocky Road 2005–2006 Hosted by Marc Ellis and Matthew Ridge
Market Forces Sequel to Gliding On, covered the change from government department to state-owned enterprise.
Marlin Bay 1992 Drama series, starring Ilona Rodgers and Andy Anderson.
McDonald's Young Entertainers Children's variety show hosted by Jason Gunn
McPhail and Gadsby 1980s Satirical sketch show, centring on politics, starring David McPhail and Jon Gadsby, and written by the pair with A. K. Grant.
Mercy Peak Drama series. Featured actress Theresa Healey.
Miss Popularity Canned after one season. Hosted by Vadim Dale.
Mitre 10 Mega: The Fence Reality show
Mortimer's Patch 1980–1984 Police drama, starring Terence Cooper.
NewsNight 1994 Late night news show on TV2 presented by Marcus Lush, targeted towards a younger audience.
New Zealand's Funniest Home Videos 1990–1993 Hosted by Ian Taylor (1990), Kerry Smith (1991–2), Jason Gunn (1993), based on the format of America's Funniest Home Videos.
New Zealand Idol 2004 - 2006 Hosted by Dominic Bowden, New Zealand version of Pop Idol or American Idol
New Zealand's Worst Driver 2005 Based on the UK series, eight very bad drivers participate in various driving challenges with the most improved driver taking home a new car and the loser given the title of New Zealand's Worst Driver and having his vehicle crushed. Hosted by D'Arcy Waldegrave.
No Opportunity Wasted 12 November 2006 Created by Phil Keoghan, 26 contestants are given 72 hours, $3,000 and the opportunity to fulfill a long-held dream or desire.
On the Mat Wrestling show.
Police College 11 April 2006 Reality show following the recruits of the New Zealand Police College
Popstars 1999 Created True Bliss. Only ran for one season but the format was taken overseas and many more manufactured groups were created around the world.
Press for Service 1980s In time slot, the A. K. Grant-created successor to Gliding on. Lasted one season.
Pulp Comedy Stand-Up comedy show
Ready Steady Cook 1999 Cooking show where two teams of celebrities compete to cook the best meal in a certain time.
Renters 2003 and 2005 This reality show follows several Rental Property Managers showing houses badly treated by tenants and dealing with tenants who are late in paying their rent.
Queer Nation 1993–2005 Longest running queer issues show in the world.
Radio with Pictures Late-night music program.
Risk 2001 Game show and Lottery show hosted by Matthew Ridge and Marc Ellis, replaced TeleBingo in 2001 and did even worse in the ratings.
RTR Countdown
Video Hits
1975–2006 Long running music show; ended 2006
Ride with the Devil 4 September 2007 at 23:00 of TV2
Roche 1985 Dramas in a family-owned trucking firm.
Romper Room 1977 Children's show, which included Yvonne Moore as one of its hosts.
Rookie Vets Reality show that follows students at Massey University who are aspiring become vets
Sale of the Century 1989–1993 Quiz show hosted by Steve Parr and Jude Dobson.
Scarfie Days 2007 A look at the lives of students studying at the University of Otago.
Seven Periods With Mr. Gormsby 2005 - 2006 Satirical comedy series
Shark in the Park 1989–1990 Action–drama series set in a Wellington police station, starring Jeffrey Thomas and Nathaniel Lees.
Showstoppers Variety show
So You Wanna Be a Popstar? Celebrity music singing contest similar to New Zealand Idol
Son of a Gunn 1992–1994 Children's show hosted by Jason Gunn & Thingee
Soup 2002 Clay animation children's TV series
Spot On 1970s - 1988 Youth related news and entertainment show.
Street Legal Law drama series starring Jay Laga'aia
Strip Search Reality show fronted by ManPower Australia founder, Billy Cross in finding a male revue show in New Zealand. Created KiwiFire.
TeleBingo 1996–2001 Quiz and lottery show, rated well until 2001 when the show was shifted to a later time slot. Presented by Simon Barnett and Ingrid Mole.
Terry Teo Children's show
The Bugs Bunny Show
The Cartoon Company
1991–1994 Looney Tunes cartoon show hosted by Fenella Bathfield and then Fiona Anderson
The Market
The Mole Reality show
The OUTHouse 2005 Magazine show aimed at gays and lesbians. Ran for a trial ten episodes as a possible QueerNation replacement.
To Catch a Thief 2005 Two ex-thieves Abraham Pehi and Veronica Jacomb, find a house that is an easy target for thieves and teach the occupants a lesson by organising to break into the house and take as many possession possible. They then help to fix the security flaws in the house. This series was rescreened in January 2008.
Top of the Pops 2004–2006 Live music show hosted by Bede Skinner; Ended in 2006 after 3 seasons. Picked up by C4 in May 2006
Trading Places 1998–1999 Reality show where two contestants must swap occupations for a day.
Treasure Hunt 1990 Hosted by Nick Tansley, contestants in a studio had to guide Nick (who travelled between locations in a helicopter) to the hidden treasure using clues given before a certain time.
Two on One 1980–1982 Variety show, starring Ray Woolf.
University Challenge 1976–1989 Quiz show between teams of students representing Universities around in New Zealand
Under the Mountain 1982 The mini-series based on a novel by Maurice Gee. It was seen in the United States on The Third Eye on Nickelodeon.
W3 1980s Children's quiz show hosted by Selwyn Toogood.
Weddings 1995 - 2000 Presented by Jayne Kieley this reality series followed a couples wedding and preparation for the wedding.
Wheel of Fortune Original run 1991–1996 and returned 2008-2009 Originally hosted in the 1990s by Phillip Leishman and with Lana Coc-kroft as the token blonde who turned around the letters. This show returned to New Zealand television in 2008 now hosted by Jason Gunn and Sonia Gray.

Sonia Gray was temporarily replaced by Greer Robson when she went on maternity leave. However, in an unexpected move, the series was cancelled on the 2nd May 2009 due to low ratings, decreased advertising revenue and high production costs.

A Week of It 1970s Satirical sketch show.
Your Choice 1989 Viewers choice show, featuring clips from TV shows that viewers had requested by postal mail. A similar show was also screened in 1986 called I Like That One Two.

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