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This is a history of the programming that has aired on Alpha TV (formerly Skai) from Greece:



  • Erasitechnis anthropos (Ερασιτέχνης άνθρωπος) - Comedy
  • Protoselidos bellas (Πρωτοσέλιδος μπελάς) - Comedy
  • Tha Se Tho Sto Ploio (Θα σε δώ στο πλοίο) - Comedy
  • Kato apo tin Akropoli (Κάτω απο την Ακρόπολη) - Drama
  • 10th Entoli (10η Εντολή) - Crime drama
  • Erotas Me Epidotisi O.G.A. (Έρωτας με επιδότηση Ο.Γ.Α.) - Comedy
  • Η Adelfi, tis adelfis tis adelfis mou (H αδελφή, της αδελφής της αδελφής μου) - Drama
  • Kinoumeni Ammos (Κινούμενη άμμος) - Drama
  • Meine Dipla Mou (Μείνε δίπλα μου) - Drama
  • Mystikes diadromes (Μυστικές διαδρομές) - Drama
  • Mou Leipeis (Μου λείπεις) - Drama
  • Archipelagos (Αρχιπέλαγος) - Drama
  • Sto dromo tis kardias (Στο δρόμο της καρδιάς) - Romance
  • Mou to kratas maniatiko (Μου το κρατάς Μανιάτικο) - Comedy
  • Berthemata (Μπερδέματα) - Comedy
  • Gia panta files (Για πάντα φίλες) - Comedy
  • Ach! kai na'xeres (Αχ! Και Να Ξερες) - Comedy
  • Me diafora stithous (Με διαφορά στήθους) - Comedy
  • Patra-Venetia (Πάτρα-Βενετία) - Comedy
  • Chorevodas sth siopi (Χορεύοντας στη σιωπή) - Drama
  • Istoria agapis (Ιστορία αγάπης) - Romance
  • Kala na patheis (Καλά να πάθεις) - Comedy
  • Akrovatodas (Ακροβατώντας) - Drama
  • 504 chiliometra boreia tiw Athinas (504 χιλιόμετρα βόρεια της Αθήνας) - Romance
  • Beloudo apo metaxi (Βελούδο από μετάξι) - Comedy
  • Mou lipeis (Μου λείπεις) - Romance
  • Min masas to paramithi (Μη μασάς το παραμύθι) - Drama
  • Odos Paradeisou 7 (Οδός Παραδείσου 7) - Comedy
  • Teleutaios Paradeisos (Τελευταίος παράδεισος) - Romance
  • Istories tou astinomou Beka (Ιστορίες του αστυνόμου Μπέκα) - Mystery, Drama with Ieroklis Michaelidis
  • An M' Agapas (Αν μ'αγαπάς) - Drama
  • Gia tin kardia enos aggelou (Για την καρδιά ενός αγγέλου) - Drama
  • Zoi Ksana (Ζωή ξανά) - Comedy
  • To Deka (Το Δεκα) - Comedy
  • Pira kokkina gyalia (Πήρα κόκκινα γυαλιά) - Comedy
  • Sfinakia (Σφηνάκια) - Comedy
  • Amore mio - Comedy
  • Exo ena mystiko (Έχω ένα μυστικό) - Drama
  • Exafanisi (Εξαφάνιση) - Drama
  • Matomena Homata - Drama
  • O aggelos mou, o diavolos mou (Ο άγγελος μου, ο διάβολος μου) - Comedy
  • Oi atromitoi (Οι ατρόμητοι) - Comedy
  • Iparxoun andres kai andres (Υπάρχουν άντρες και άντρες) - Comedy
  • Beta Queen (Βέτα Queen) - Comedy
  • Γ4 - Teen drama
  • Alithinoi erotes (Αληθινοί έρωτες) - Drama



  • Allaxe To - Lifestyle and design program that shows viewers how to change their personal space. The show follows the makeover from start to finish and also gives a look at family members and their feelings on the changes taking place. Hosted by Spiros Soulis.
  • Apo Kardias - Talkshow that deals with social issues affecting everyone. Various issues are discussed and attempts are made to help people solve their problem. Monetary gifts will be given to those, judged by the audience, to be in most need. Hosted by Andreas Mikroutsikos.
  • Auto Mas Elipe - Variety show that looks to inform and entertain. Features various guests from political figures to actors and athletes who liven up the mood. Also a look at the Movie and theatre scene as well as social functions. Hosted by Sofia Alberti
  • Eikones - Travel program that takes the viewer to far off places and gives them a look at the people, their culture and the geography. It aired for four seasons, hosted by Taso Dousi
  • Η Κouzina Tis Mamas, entertaining show that seeks to teach viewers, in a fun way, about cooking and eating healthy. Host Εutuxis Bletsas travels the country visiting as many homes- and moms, as he can to find out their special tips or secret recipes and to educate everyone about how and why we should eat properly. Along the way, he gives his special tips and tricks as well as information on health and diet. Eutuxis also entertains everyone with music and singing. (2005-2009) [Originally aired on ET3]
  • Koita Ti Ekanes - Variety show, with music, dance, laughs and more. With a live band and theatrical performances, this show keeps viewers and guests alike entertained. Hosted by Semina Digeni
  • Kous kous to Mesimeri - Entertainment show that features entertainment, music and more. Now in its 3rd year on Alpha, hosted by Katerina Karavatou, Dimitris Papanotas, Nikos Moutsinas and others
  • Mes Stn Kali Hara - Weekend variety show, informative and entertaining. Hosted by Natalia Germanou & Sissi Hristidou
  • Ola- Comedy Show with Themos Anastasiadis (2000-2006); it was cancelled after 2005-2006 season, but has now moved to ANT1, going by the name of Ola 7even.
  • Ne i ou ? (Yeah or nope ?) gameshow hosted every Friday afternoon by Petros Phillipidis (2006-???).
  • Pame Paketo (The package), hosted by Vicky Handjivasileiou.
  • Siga Mhn Katso Na Skaso, talkshow presented by Fotis Sergoulopoulos and Maria Bakodimou. Features news, stories and celebrities from the Greek entertainment scene.
  • TV Stars, Parousiaste! (TV Stars, present!), a reality game show featuring a quest to find the best new presenter in Greece. Hosted by Betty Maggira and featuring Ilias Psinakis, Natalia Germanou and Kostantis Spyropoulos as judges.
  • Tha peis kai ena tragoudi(You will say a song), a show presented by Andreas Mikroutsikos based on the American Singing bee.



  • 7 Meres Alpha - A look back at all the top news stories of the past week. The program examines the headlines from the world of politics, the economy, sports and entertainment. Hosted by Βασιλική Παναγιωτοπούλου.
  • Anazitiseis - Current affairs program that features journalists who investigate relevant issues also reports on missing person cases. Hosted by Spiros Karatzaferis, airs Sundays at 11:45pm.
  • Antignomies - Current affairs program that the issues that are making headlines. Features a live discussion with various guests in studio. Hosted by Nikos Hadjinikolaou.
  • Documento - News magazine that focuses public life and the key issues surrounding it as well as analysis and discussion on the problems facing everyday people. Hosted by Nikos Manesis
  • Kalimera sas (Goodmorning), morning show featured discussion with in-studio guests and news from all over Greece and abroad. The show was hosted by Giorgos Aftias and Maria Nikoltsiou
  • H Mixani Tou Xronou - Examines stories that made the headlines in past years and investigates them further to undcover hidden truths. Now in its 3rd year, hosted by Xristo Vasilopoulo
  • Pera Apo Ton Orizonta - Current affairs program that focuses on International news. Topics of discussion include Politics, social issues, Breaking news stories as well as a look at the customs and cultures of differen countries around the world. Pera apo ton Orizonta is now in its 9th year, hosted by Demi Karagianni and Petros Gatzias.
  • Prosopa (Faces) - One on one discussion with various figures from public life. Guests include Political figures, famous sports figures and those from the arts. Hosted by Nikos Hadjinikolaou.
  • Proines Selides - Morning show for the weekend. Features news and sports as well as a recap of the top stories from the week that past. Hosted by Giorgos Ekonomeas.
  • Studio Alpha - Weekend morning program focusing on current affairs, news, discussion, panel of guests answering viewer questions and more. It aired for 8 seasons and was hosted by Nikos Manesis
  • To Kouti Tis Pandoras (Pandoras Box) - Documentary series that investigates various issues and attempts to uncover that story behind the story. Reports on events that have made headlines at some point, past or present.


  • Alpha Protathilma - Live coverage of A' Ethniki, the Greek soccer league. 3 games live every week on Saturday, Sunday & Monday.
  • Paixte Bala - News, highlights and in-depth reports from the world of soccer. Join host Pavlo Papadimitriou as he looks back at the weekends games from the Greek first division as well as other leagues across Europe. Viewers also have a chance to win great prizes. (No longer airs)


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