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This is a list of programs currently and soon to be broadcast on CBS.

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  • Things A Man Should Never Do Past 30: from executive producer/director Barry Sonnenfeld, the Tannenbaum Co. and Sony Pictures TV. The project mostly is based on the personal experiences of David Katz and Esquire editor at large A. J. Jacobs. The show is about a guy working at men's magazine who is reluctant to embrace adulthood and his friend who is an immersion journalist. Al Higgins (Malcolm in the Middle), is set to serve as showrunner/Head Writer if the project is picked up. [17]
  • My World and Welcome To It: Executive Producers are Jay Kogen, Kim Tannenbaum, Barry Sonnenfeld & Mitch Hurwitz. Comedy based on humorist James Thurber's collection of essays about being a dad in the 1960s. Production: Sony Pictures Television & Tantamount. [18]
  • Untitled Mike Birbiglia: from Mike Birbiglia, Andrew Secunda, Gina Mathews, Grant Scharbo, and Rob Greenberg. Birbiglia stars as a stand-up comedian who lives with his girlfriend in Brooklyn and struggles in his efforts to be a grown up, have a relationship, and do the right things in his daily life. Cast: Mike Birbiglia, Christine Woods, Bob Odenkirk, Phil Hendrie, Frances Conroy.
  • Heckle-U: expected to roll out in February 2009 with Tom Arnold and Owen Benjamin (Punk'd) in starring roles. The 10-episode shortform series, which will be distributed across the CBS Audience Network, will have product integration from Procter & Gamble. The series is about a underachieving slacker (Benjamin) who excels at heckling during college basketball games with the help of his bartender uncle (Arnold). NuMedia Studios is producing with Michael Kernan and Huntley Ritter as executive producers and Jeff Lambert as writer.[19]
  • Good Girls: a femme buddy comedy from CBS Paramount Network TV and Ashton Kutcher's Katalyst Films banner about two childhood friends who try to reinvent themselves after making some youthful mistakes. Sherri Bilsing-Graham and Ellen Kreamer wrote the script and will exec produce with Kutcher and Katalyst's Karey Burke and Jason Goldberg. [20]
  • The Fish Tank: from scribes Cathy Yuspa and Josh Goldsmith. Laffer centers on a teen who suddenly gets his parents' house to himself five days a week. His family home is in Philadelphia, but his parents commute to work in New York City and Washington D.C., repectively. As a result, Fish has the house to himself five days a week, giving him the ultimate teen dream life. However, he determines to not abuse this incredible power. Starring Drake Bell. Sony Pictures TV is behind the cast-contingent pilot. [21]
  • Waiting to Die: from Will Sasso & Chad Kultge (Less than Perfect). Centering on three guys in their thirties who are apathetic, regardless of appearances. Crew: Mitch Hurwitz, Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum, Danielle Allman, Julie Ashton. Production: Sony Pictures TV, Tantamount, CBS Paramount TV
  • Tick Tock: from Bill Kunstler & Matt Skrobalak (The War at Home). Centers on an unconventional single mom in her 30s who decides to focus all of her energy on finding love.
  • At Last: Created by Shana Goldberg-Meehan. About Lucy and James, in their mid-30s, who decide to get married but realize they have a lot of baggage, friends, ex-lovers. Think: a modern version of The King of Queens. Crew: Lesli Gelles & Greg Orson.
  • The Big D: created by Jackie Filgo & Jeff Filgo. Comedy revolves around a New York couple who move to Dallas, where the man's southern mother clashes with her east coast daughter-in law. Cast includes Chris Parnell, Deanne Dunagan & Missy Pyle. Production: Warner Bros. Television
  • The Karenskys: Created by Linwood Boomer & directed by Pamela Fryman. multi-camera comedy about a daughter's return to the fold of her large, eccentric, ethnic family after her husband takes a job in her hometown. Starring Annie Potts, Desi Lydic, Jack Thompson, Mather Zickel, Sasha Alexander, Tinsley Grimes, & Todd Stashwick. Production/Producers: Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun, Ken Miller, Nikki Valko; BermanBraun & Universal Media Studios.
  • Ace in the Hole: Executive Producers are Jimmy Kimmel, Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun, Kevin Hench, Daniel Kellison and James Dixon. Stars Adam Carolla as a husband and father who works as a driving instructor/thwarted inventor with an opinion about everything and everyone, starting with his unemployed stepson in junior college. (Think: Americanized Less Than Kind). From CBS Paramount TV, BermanBraun, Jackhole Industries.
  • Holly Gale: Created by Tom Wolfe. Single-camera comedy about a former cheerleading star who returns to her hometown to take over as head cheerleading coach, becoming a dubious mentor to her teen charges. Production: Sony Pictures Television & Timberman-Beverly Productions
  • Untitled Anthony Edwards Project: Stars Anthony Edwards
  • Easy Steps: Satirical look at the self-help industry co-written by Miriam Trogdon.
  • The Rulers of The Ages: Lives of those between the ages of 50 & 80. Updated version of The Golden Girls.
  • The Thin Red Line: The ongoings of a small city firehouse.
  • Happiness Isn't Everything: A hybrid comedy about parents who are too involved in the lives of their grown children. From Mitch Hurwitz, Jim Vallely, Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum, and Andy Ackerman. Cast: Jason Biggs, Richard Dreyfuss.
  • Untitled CK & Adlon Project: about a married couple who have been together too long and have too many children. Starring Louis C.K. and Pamela Adlon.
  • Untitled Bee & Jones Project: the behind-the-scenes world of a celebrity chef and the two women who run his cooking empire. Starring/Creators: Jason Jones & Samantha Bee.
  • The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud: from ABC Studios, CBS Paramount Network TV, and Jeff Greenstein. Former literary genius has an awakening and decides to pursue optimism instead of cynicism.
  • 1321 Clover: from CBS Paramount Network Television, Paul Corrigan, Brad Walsh, Walt Becker. Documentary-style comedy about a typical suburban American family. Think: Roseanne meets The Office.
  • My Best Friend's Girl: from Sony Pictures Television, Mike Sikowitz, and Chris Koch. The relationship between two male best friends becomes complicated when one starts dating the other's ex-wife. Cast: Tim Peper, Josh Cooke, Kristin Booth, and Eric Ladin.
  • Ex Men: from Rob Greenberg. Newly single guy is taken under the wing of a group of more "experienced" guys.
  • Atlanta: from Paul Reiser. Centers on a man and a woman who meet at a funeral and cannot seem to stay away from each other.


  • America's Strongest American: Michael Davies (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?) shot a one-hour pilot in Las Vegas. It will differ from the strongman competitions (UFC) seen on ESPN, where professional muscleheads compete for weightlifting titles. The challenges will be scaled to suit a more average physique. Ben Bailey (Cash Cab) and Michele Merkin (Celebrity Drive-By) are signed as hosts. [22]
  • Arranged Marriage: four singles — all anxious to get married — enter into a marriage arranged by their friends and family. Created by Dan Cutforth & Jane Lipsitz. Production: Magical Elves Productions
  • Live Like You're Dying: From Mark Burnett (Mark Burnett Productions), Denise Cramsey & Jeff Probst.It takes a person who has been given a terminal diagnosis and gives them the last adventure of their life
  • Missing You: Created by Shaun Cassidy & Ned Nalle. A team of investigators takes on a different missing-persons case each week

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