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This article lists some of the shows originally seen on Kids' WB from the block launch in 1995 until the shutdown in 2008.



Beginning February 28, 2005, Kids' WB! added the promo title "AfterToons" to the weekday lineup, and put special promotions in it, such as being able to play a MegaMan: NT Warrior game online, known as "Axess Air". The best players would have their names on the air. This ran until April 15, 2005, and was changed to "AfterToons Show."

AfterToons Show

Beginning April 18, 2005, Kids' WB! changed the weekday lineup promo to "AfterToons Show", and made it look as if the characters were acting in their shows, and the commercial bumpers included Kids' WB! characters doing acts on a stage, and a voice singing things like "Stick around for more AfterToons Show! Kids' WB!" or "We now return to the AfterToons Show! Kids' WB!" and featuring online Xiaolin Showdown games of "Raimundo's Sword of the Storm". During the summer of 2005, Kids' WB! did their second annual "Crash the Backlot Tour", where they tour the country to Six Flags Theme Parks, and kids could audition to be on the AfterToons Show. In August, Kids' WB! ran a contest to "Make a Mini Mucha Movie" where using a certain program, viewers could make a computer movie featuring ¡Mucha Lucha! characters. The top five were shown in the AfterToons Show. The AfterToons Show was discontinued December 30, 2005 with the rest of the weekday lineup.

The theme song for the Kids WB's "Aftertoons Show" was recorded by the band The Big Pill. The musicians: Nick Lewis (guitar), Joey K (vocals and drums), Jake Wilson (sax), Steve W. Knapp (trumpet), Chase Bland (trombone), Corey McCormick (bass), Gabe Velasquez (perc), True:129 (turntables).

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