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The following is a list of full-power, FCC-licensed radio stations in the U.S. state of Montana which can be sorted by their call signs, frequencies, cities of license, owners, and programming formats.

Call sign Frequency City of License [1][2] Owner Format [3]
KAAK 0098.9 FM Great Falls
KAAR 0092.5 FM Butte
KAFH 0091.5 FM Great Falls
KALS 0097.1 FM Kalispell
KANA 0580 AM Anaconda
KAPC 0091.3 FM Butte
KATL 0770 AM Miles City
KATQ 1070 AM Plentywood
KATQ-FM 0100.1 FM Plentywood
KBAZ 0096.3 FM Hamilton
KBBB 0103.7 FM Billings
KBBZ 0098.5 FM Kalispell Bee Broadcasting, Inc.
KBCK 1400 AM Deer Lodge
KBEV-FM 0098.3 FM Dillon
KBGA 0089.9 FM Missoula
KBIL 0089.7 FM Park City
KBLG 0910 AM Billings
KBLL 1240 AM Helena
KBLL-FM 0099.5 FM Helena
KBLW 0090.1 FM Billings
KBMC 0102.1 FM Bozeman
KBOW 0550 AM Butte
KBOZ 1090 AM Bozeman Reier Broadcasting Company
KBOZ-FM 0099.9 FM Bozeman Reier Broadcasting Company
KBQQ 0106.7 FM Pinesdale
KBSR 1490 AM Laurel
KBUL 0970 AM Billings
KBXI 092.5 FM Park City
KBZM 0104.7 FM Big Sky
KCAP 1340 AM Helena
KCGM 0095.7 FM Scobey
KCMM 0099.1 FM Belgrade
KCTB-LP 0094.1 FM Lonepine Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes Disaster and Emergency Services Classic Country
KCTJ-LP 0107.1 FM Finley Point Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes Disaster and Emergency Services Classic Country
KCTR-FM 0102.9 FM Billings
KDBM 1490 AM Dillon
KDBR 0106.3 FM Kalispell Bee Broadcasting, Inc.
KDTR 0103.3 FM Florence
KDWG 0090.9 FM Dillon
KDXT 0097.9 FM Lolo
KDZN 0096.5 FM Glendive
KEIN 1310 AM Great Falls
KEMC 0091.7 FM Billings
KENR 0107.5 FM Superior
KERR 0750 AM Polson Anderson Radio Broadcastin Inc Country
KEZQ 0092.9 FM West Yellowstone
KFLN 0960 AM Baker
KFRD 0088.9 FM Butte
KFRW 0091.9 FM Great Falls
KGCX 0093.1 FM Sidney
KGEZ 0600 AM Kalispell
KGFA 0090.7 FM Great Falls
KGFC 0088.9 FM Great Falls
KGGL 0093.3 FM Missoula
KGHL 0790 AM Billings
KGHL-FM 0098.5 FM Billings
KGLE 0590 AM Glendive
KGLM-FM 0097.7 FM Anaconda
KGLT 0091.9 FM Bozeman
KGPR 0089.9 FM Great Falls
KGRZ 1450 AM Missoula
KGVA 0088.1 FM Fort Belknap Agency
KGVO 1290 AM Missoula
KGVW 0640 AM Belgrade
KHDN 1230 AM Hardin
KHDV 0107.9 FM Darby
KHKR-FM 0104.1 FM East Helena
KHLN 0098.5 FM Montana City CCR-Helena IV, LLC Soft Adult Contemporary
KHLV 0090.1 FM Helena
KHNK 0095.9 FM Columbia Falls Bee Broadcasting, Inc.
KIBG 00100.7 FM Bigfork Anderson Radio Broadcasting Inc Gold Based Adult Contemporary
KIKC 1250 AM Forsyth
KIKC-FM 0101.3 FM Forsyth
KIKF 0104.9 FM Cascade
KINX 0107.3 FM Great Falls
KISN 0096.7 FM Belgrade GapWest Broadcasting
KJCD 0095.9 FM Fort Benton Montana Christian Radio Association
KJFT 0090.3 FM Arlee
KJJM 0100.5 FM Baker
KJJR 0880 AM Whitefish Bee Broadcasting, Inc.
KKBR 0097.1 FM Billings
KKGR 0680 AM East Helena
KKMT 0099.7 FM Pablo Anderson Radio Broadcasting Inc Hot Adult Contermporary
KKQX 0105.7 FM Manhattan
KKVU 0104.5 FM Stevensville
KLAN 0093.5 FM Glasgow
KLCB 1230 AM Libby
KLCM 0095.9 FM Lewistown
KLEU 0091.1 FM Lewistown
KLFM 0092.9 FM Great Falls
KLKM 0088.7 FM Kalispell
KLMT 0089.3 FM Billings
KLRV 0090.9 FM Billings
KLSK 0100.3 FM Great Falls
KLTZ 1240 AM Glasgow
KLYQ 1240 AM Hamilton
KMBR 0095.5 FM Butte
KMCJ 0099.5 FM Colstrip
KMHK 0095.5 FM Hardin
KMMR 0100.1 FM Malta
KMMS 1450 AM Bozeman GapWest Broadcasting
KMMS-FM 0095.1 FM Bozeman GapWest Broadcasting
KMON 0560 AM Great Falls
KMON-FM 0094.5 FM Great Falls
KMPT 0930 AM East Missoula Progressive Talk
KMSM-FM 0107.1 FM Butte Montana Tech of the Univeristy of Montana College Radio
KMSO 0102.5 FM Missoula
KMTA 1050 AM Miles City
KMTX 0950 AM Helena
KMTX-FM 0105.3 FM Helena
KMXE-FM 0099.3 FM Red Lodge
KMZK 1240 AM Billings
KMZL 0091.1 FM Missoula
KMZO 0090.3 FM Hamilton
KNMC 0090.1 FM Havre
KOBB 1230 AM Bozeman Reier Broadcasting Company
KOBB-FM 0093.7 FM Bozeman Reier Broadcasting Company
KOFI 1180 AM Kalispell
KOJM 0610 AM Havre
KOPR 0094.1 FM Butte
KOZB 0097.5 FM Livingston Reier Broadcasting Company
KPGB 0088.3 FM Pryor
KPLG 0091.5 FM Plains
KPLN 0106.7 FM Lockwood
KPQX 0092.5 FM Havre
KPRK 1340 AM Livingston GapWest Broadcasting
KQBL 0105.1 FM Billings
KQDI 1450 AM Great Falls
KQDI-FM 0106.1 FM Great Falls
KQLR 0089.7 FM Whitehall
KQLU 0090.9 FM Belgrade
KQJZ 001340 AM Evergreen Anderson Radio Broadcasting Inc Smooth Jazz
KQJZ-FM 00103.5 FM Evergreen Anderson Radio Broadcasting Inc Smooth Jazz
KQRK 0092.3 FM Ronan Anderson Radio Broadcasting Inc Rock
KQRV 0096.9 FM Deer Lodge
KRKX 0094.1 FM Billings
KRPM 0107.5 FM Billings
KRSQ 0101.9 FM Laurel
KRVO 0103.1 FM Columbia Falls Bee Broadcasting, Inc.
KRYK 0101.3 FM Chinook
KRZN 0096.3 FM Billings
KSAM 1240 AM Whitefish Bee Broadcasting, Inc.
KSEN 1150 AM Shelby
KSPL 0090.9 FM Kalispell
KTHC 0095.1 FM Sidney
KTNY 0101.7 FM Libby
KTZZ 0093.7 FM Conrad
KUFM 0089.1 FM Missoula
KUFN 0091.9 FM Hamilton
KUHM 0091.7 FM Helena
KUKL 0089.9 FM Kalispell
KURL 0730 AM Billings
KVCK 1450 AM Wolf Point
KVCK-FM 0092.7 FM Wolf Point
KVCM 0103.1 FM Helena
KVVR 0097.9 FM Dutton
KVWE 101.5 FM Frenchtown
KWMY 00105.9 FM Joliet
KWOL-FM 0105.1 FM Whitefish Bee Broadcasting, Inc.
KWYS 0920 AM West Yellowstone
KXDR 0098.7 FM Hamilton
KXEI 0095.1 FM Havre
KXGF 1400 AM Great Falls
KXGN 1400 AM Glendive
KXLB 0100.7 FM Livingston GapWest Broadcasting
KXLO 1230 AM Lewistown
KXTL 1370 AM Butte
KYJK 0105.9 FM Missoula
KYLT 1340 AM Missoula
KYLW 1450 AM Lockwood
KYPR 0090.7 FM Miles City
KYSS-FM 0094.9 FM Missoula
KYUS-FM 0092.3 FM Miles City
KYWH 0088.9 FM Lockwood
KYYA-FM 0093.3 FM Billings
KZIN-FM 0096.7 FM Shelby
KZMN 0103.9 FM Kalispell
KZMT 0101.1 FM Helena
KZMY 0103.5 FM Bozeman GapWest Broadcasting
KZOQ-FM 0100.1 FM Missoula
KZUS 0101.7 FM Highwood College Creek Media, LLC




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