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This is a list of locations reportedly haunted by ghosts or other supernatural beings. Reports of haunted locations are part of ghostlore, which is a form of folklore.



  • The Alkimos is a shipwreck of a former U.S. Navy ship from World War II that occurred off the coast of Western Australia in 1964.[1]
  • Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in Beechworth, Victoria is reportedly haunted by several ghosts of departed inmates. Ghost tours are run nightly.[2]
  • Monte Cristo Homestead in Junee, New South Wales. Various ghost groups have reported sightings due to the death of seven people in the 1800s.[3]
  • Port Arthur, Tasmania. A large number of visitors to the site report seeing spectres of past convicts and others wandering through the grounds. Stories of ghostly interactions are recorded from the 1870s to the present day with many of these modern sighting recorded on the nightly ghost tours held at the site.[4]
  • The Old Ballarat Gaol in Ballarat. Thirteen people were executed here. The remains of 7 criminals are still in the grounds. Features in Ballarat Ghost Tours, operating nightly.[5]
  • Princess Theatre, Melbourne, has reported several ghosts since the building opened in 1886. The theatre's best known 'inhabitant' is Frederick Baker, stage name 'Federici', a talented bass-baritone singer who died in March 1888 whilst singing Mephistopheles in Faust - and who was seen by the rest of the cast taking his bows with them shortly thereafter. For years the theatre kept a seat vacant in the dress circle for Federici (only ceasing the practice on economic grounds), and his appearance in the dress circle during rehearsals for a new show is considered a good omen.[6]
  • Lalor House in Richmond, Victoria is reportedly haunted by the ghosts of the family of Peter Lalor.[7]
  • The Mill Hill Hotel in Bondi Junction, New South Wales is allegedly haunted by former workers, including the former hotel-keeper William Phillips.[8]


  • Joelma Building in São Paulo is allegedly haunted by victims of the fire that started on February 1, 1974, after an air conditioning unit on the twelfth floor overheated. The building is famous for the "Mystery of the Thirteen Souls" (People who died inside an elevator when they were trying to escape the fire, and who would still be haunting the building).[9]




  • Bhangarh, Rajasthan: In the first half of the 17th century, Madho Singh of Amber built his capital here with the sanction of an ascetic Baba Balanath, who meditated there, but not without his dire prescription: "Look my dear chap! The moment the shadows of your palaces touch me, you are undone. The city shall be no more!" In ignorance, Ajab Singh, one of the later descendants in the dynasty, raised the palace to such a height that the shadow reached the forbidden place. Hence the devastation.

The second myth is as follows: A tantric battle waged between the lovely queen Ratnavali and the wicked sorcerer Singha Sevra, who was attracted by the queen's beauty. Singha Sevra chhatri can be seen on the top of the hill. Desperately, he tried to trap her in his magical web, and failed every time, as the queen herself was a past-mistress in the tantric art.

The last battle took place on the day when the queen losing eventually her temper, transformed a glass bottle containing the massaging oil into a big rock and flung it towards the hill-top, where sat the devil. In vain he tried to stall this glass missile. It was too late. Sensing his imminent death, concentrating all his powers, he spat his dying curse: "I die! But thou too, thou Ratnavali shall not live here anymore. Neither thou, nor thine kin, nor these walls of the city. None shall see the morning sun!" I suspect, it was after all, the demon who had the last laugh! The night was spent in hastily trying to transfer the palace treasures to the new site of Ajabgarh. In the morning came the tempest levelling everything to the ground.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has put up a signboard at Bhangarh stating (among others): "Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited." Tourists who visit this place say that there is a strange feeling in the atmosphere of Bhangarh, which causes symptoms of anxiety and restlessness.[12]


  • Pelabuhan Ratu - Legend says that Nyai Roro Kidul (Nyi is a Javanese old pronunciation of Madame), daughter of King Prabu Siliwangi, is the Queen of the South Sea. She is supposed to have committed suicide by jumping off the cliff and into the sea. Rumors say that if someone wears green when swimming (the Queen's favorite color), he or she will be pulled by her ghost into the sea. Room 308 at the Samudra Beach Hotel is set aside for the Queen.[13][14]


  • Amiidaji (Temple of Amida) in Dan-no-ura, in the Shimonoseki Strait, is the location of a legendary haunting. It is said that the blind Biwa hōshi Hoichi, a resident of the temple, was visited every night by the ghost of a dead samurai and made to play the biwa in the cemetery, but the priest of the temple soon found out and had the heart sutra painted on every part of Hoichi's body apart from the ears. When the samurai returned one night to take Hoichi to the cemetery, he could only see Hoichi's ears, so he took them instead and Hoichi was left earless. Hoichi is commonly known as "Mimi-Nashi Hoichi", "Hōichi the Earless", due to this event. This legend was famously retold by Lafcadio Hearn in his Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things which was later adapted as part of Masaki Kobayashi's film Kwaidan.[15][16]
  • Aokigahara, the forest at the bottom of Mt. Fuji, is a popular location for suicide. This gives rise to a widespread belief that it is haunted.[17]
  • Okiku's Well at Himeji Castle is often said to be haunted by the ghost of Okiku. She is supposed to rise from the well at night and count to nine before shrieking and returning to the well.[18][19]


  • Genting Highlands, Pahang. City well known for its amusement park and casino. Several people have committed suicide here. A man has been seen jumping off the hotel rooftop, only to disappear just before he hits the ground. Several rooms in the hotel are never rented, no matter how high the demand for accommodation is. Those who did see the inside of these rooms reported that they were filled with "old Chinese ghost wards", and they would then fall inexplicably ill for days afterwards. Several people staying in the hotel there have had experiences of supernatural phenomena, such as knocking coming from inside a wardrobe that was proven to be empty.[20]
  • Poliklinik Cheras. Formerly the Lady Templer Hospital, the foundation stone was laid by Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent in October 1952. Much of the hospital closed down in 1985, except for a few minor buildings which housed the Poliklinik Cheras. The empty, dilapidated structures were situated on a fairly secluded, leafy hillock, which added to their sinister appearance. One visitor reported that it felt "haunted and bizarre", and it is rumoured that it is haunted by the ghost of a patient who died on the premises. The buildings are currently being torn down to make way for a new rehabilitation hospital.[21]


  • Baguio City - Philippine Military Academy Several ghosts haunt this place, and it considered as the most haunted place in the country. Sometimes late at night a platoon can be heard marching in the parade grounds. A ghost of a cadet dressed in parade uniform and left in one of the lockers still appears. A ghost of a priest who was beheaded during the Japanese occupation period appears here as well as the ghost of a white lady. Aside from the PMA, there are other different haunted places scattered throughout the city, such as in cemeteries, old hotels and sites where populated buildings and structures used to stand until the 1990 earthquake brought them down, injuring and killing the people inside.[22][23]
  • Balete Drive - Balete Drive is a residential area in Cubao, Quezon City famous for the apparition of a white lady. It is told that there was a teenage girl who was raped by a cab driver in the 50s in that area. It is possible that the lady of Balete is seeking revenge.[24]
  • Manila Film Center - When the construction of the Manila Film Center at the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex was rushed in the early 1980s for a film festival, the ceiling scaffolding collapsed during construction, killing several workmen who fell to the orchestra below. Rather than halt construction to rescue survivors and retrieve the bodies of dead workmen, Imelda Marcos, the First Lady and the main financier of the project, ordered cement to be poured into the orchestra, entombing the fallen workmen. Some of them were even buried alive in the orchestra. Various ghostly activities were reported on the site including mysterious sounds, voices and poltergeist activity. In the late 1990s a group called the Spirit Questors began to make visits to the film center in an attempt to contact and appease the souls of the workmen who were killed in the building. Some of these spirits claimed to have moved on but a few allegedly remain.[25] Previously abandoned for its haunted reputation, the building is now currently in use.
  • Ozone Disco - Once there was a disco in Quezon City and it caught on fire.[26] People tried to get out, but due to panicking, no one got out. Some people near the location hear ghostly disco music in their houses at night and see faint people dancing.[27]

Republic of China (Taiwan)

The Hyatt hotel in downtown Taipei is allegedly haunted. The lobby has Chinese calligraphy that is supposed to ward off ghosts.[28]


  • The Old Changi Hospital in Singapore is reportedly one of the most haunted places in the country. Built in the 1930s together with an A/E opposite the road and several blocks of commando barracks cum Changi prison nearby, is located at Netherveron Road in Changi Village. The hospital survived the dreadful World War II, where the POW were held. The torture chambers in the hospital is one of the most haunted areas in the hospital itself where Prisoners of War were tortured to death. Spirits of different races and nationalities could be seen wandering around the compound.[29]
  • Old Changi Commando Barracks - abandoned military barracks located near Old Changi Hospital.[30]
  • Old Ford Motor Factory - When Ford Motor Works decided to build a new factory at Bukit Timah to replace their old premises on Anson Road, they were making history. The new Art Deco factory was the first car assembly plant in Southeast Asia. But History of a less salubrious kind was also made at the Ford Factory – on 15 February 1942, the Head of the Allied forces, Lt General A. E. Percival, surrendered to general Yamashita of the Japanese Forces there, who made Ford factory their HQ during WW2.Great battles were fought around the areas of the Ford Factory. Of the battles fought in Bukit Panjang, Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Batok and Bukit Timah, the Ford factory remains the one place untouched by the advancement of Time & Civilization.There's also been lots of report about strange lights coming from the Old Ford Motor Factory.According to the stone-tape theory of ghost appearance ,it shows that once provoked, the fierce ghosts will kill, everything, like how they once killed themselves.[31][32]
  • Fort Canning Park - Fort Canning is the most historic part of Singapore. The Fort was named in 1861 in the honor of Viscount Charles John Canning, the first Viceroy of India. The hill underwent several name changes. The Malays called it Bukit Larangan (Forbidden Hill) for several possible reasons.It reputedly contains the tomb or keramat of Sultan Iskandar Shah, the Malay ruler of the Kingdom of Singapura, who is said to have forbidden ordinary people to come to the hill because his concubines and wives used to bath at a spring there.The Malays were fearful of climbing the hill as they thought the palace of their ancestor kings had once stood there.The site had sightings of fabled lion for which Sri Tri Buana, ruler of Temasek, later named the island Singapura (Lion City).Besides the fabled lion, the Malays believed that the hill is haunted by many other ghosts and spirits.[33]
  • Old Commando Jetty (near Changi Beach) - Alleged sightings of "Pontianak" within the vicinity.[34]

United Kingdom


This is a list of the most famous haunted locations in England, there are likely to be hundreds of thousands more that are only locally known.

  • Airfields around the country are said to have paranormal activity arising from the spirits of airmen who died in World War II.[35] Airfields include:
  • Arundel Castle in Sussex is often said to be home to just four ghosts but there are more ghostly goings on between its ancient walls than first meets the visitor. The spirit of the first Earl of Arundel, who originally built the castle, is said to still haunt the Castle's Keep. Another spirit is said to be of a young woman who, stricken with grief from a tragic love affair, took her own life by jumping to her death from one of the towers. Seen by some, she is said to still haunt the castle on moonlit nights dressed in white. Another spirit is that of a 'Blue Man' who has been seen within the library since the 1630s and it is thought that he could be a Cavalier due to his time period seeming to be from King Charles I's reign. Another notable 'spirit' is that strangely of a white owl like bird. Legend tells that if the white bird is seen fluttering in one of the windows, it is an imminent warning of a death of a Castle resident or someone closely associated. It's interesting to note here that Dukes used to keep a colony of white American Owls here at the castle before its restoration. There is also mention of a servant lad who once lived at the castle who was treated very badly until beaten to his death. He is said to now haunt the kitchen area and has been seen scrubbing pots and pans. Another strange sighting was more recent in 1958 by a footman. Working late one night on the ground floor the footman was walking near the servant's quarters and saw what he thought to be a man walking in front of him when he thought he had been alone. As he got closer to the apparition the man faded and then was gone.[40]
  • Bochym Manor is residence to two ghosts, the short pink lady, and an unnamed ghost who stands at one of the bedroom windows.[41]
  • Belgrave Hall in Leicester, attracted attention in 1999 when a white figure was captured on CCTV. One theory is it is the daughter of a former owner.[42]
  • 50 Berkeley Square is reputed to be the most haunted house in London.[43][44]
  • Blue Bell Hill in Kent, specifically the A229. This has been the site of a female phantom hitchhiker. Cars have stopped to pick up a female hitchhiker, only for her to vanish to the drivers' disbelief.[45]
  • Borley Rectory in the village of Borley, Essex, England. Many sightings have been reported since 1885. The house burned down in 1939, and remains a huge source of controversy.[46]
  • Brislington, once an attractive Somerset village but now a neighbourhood in Bristol, has many ghosts in pubs and hotels, houses old and new, and public spaces.[47]
  • Bruce Castle in Tottenham, North London is haunted by the ghost of a woman who allegedly appears every 3 November. The ghost is thought to be Lady Coleraine, who was kept locked in a chamber within the castle by her husband.[44]
  • Chingle Hall in the village of Goosnargh, near Preston, England. Chingle Hall, previously known as Singleton Hall, was built in 1260 by Sir Adam de Singleton. It is reputably haunted by more than one spirit.[48]
  • Crowley Hall in the north of England, is supposedly haunted by the spirit of Dr. Bernard Leys. Leys ran the hall for a number of years before dying under mysterious circumstances in 1952. Sightings of ghosts have been reported since the 1970s.[49]
  • Dartmouth, Devon, ancient maritime town has many modern and traditional ghost stories including (in its hinterland) some recently discovered spirits from the Bronze Age.[50]
  • In Dorset an axe wielding ghost riding a horse, bareback is described by witnesses as looking like a stone age warrior.[51]
  • Hampton Court Palace, home of King Henry VIII of England, whose fifth wife, Catherine Howard, is supposed to be heard screaming in the "Haunted Gallery". On December 21, 2003, CCTV footage allegedly showed someone in 16th century clothes and no face closing a fire door that, though locked, was constantly being opened without anyone near it.[52]
  • Minsden Chapel in Hertfordshire is reported to be haunted by a monk climbing stairs which no longer exist.[53][54]
  • The Old Bailey, London's main criminal court. A figure (of unclear sex) supposedly appears in the building during important trials. These appearances have been allegedly witnessed by judges, barristers and policemen.[55]
  • Pluckley in Kent is listed in the 1998 edition of the Guinness Book of Records as the most haunted village in England. Ghosts include a phantom coach and horses, a colonel and a highwayman.[56]
  • The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall has been sighted quite a few times over the years. She is so called because of the brown brocade dress she is supposedly seen wearing while wandering the halls and staircase. In 1849 a Major Loftus and a friend named Hawkins claimed to see the ghost one night after retiring to bed, saying they were amazed by the old-fashioned clothing she wore. The next night Loftus claimed to see the figure once again, saying he took note of her empty eye-sockets. The incident resulted in several members of staff resigning and a full investigation of Raynham Hall involving local detectives.[57]
  • Samlesbury Hall in Preston, Lancashire, is supposedly haunted by Lady Dorothy Southworth, known as the "White Lady". Weeping is often heard, and her ghost has been seen wandering near where her lover was buried.[58]
  • Temple Newsam is reported to be the most haunted house in Yorkshire, with the most famous ghost being Mary Ingram, commonly known as "the Blue lady", who in her life became deranged after an attack by highwaymen. Ghosts linked with the more famous residents of Temple Newsam include "the White lady": this is said to be the ghost of the "nine days queen", the unfortunate Lady Jane Grey. She was executed by Mary I.[59][60]
  • Windsor Castle — home of English and British royalty for 1,000 years. Numerous ghosts are supposed to have been seen, including Queen Elizabeth I. Her mother, Anne Boleyn, is also said to haunt Windsor castle and supposedly runs down a corridor screaming. Among those who claimed to have seen the ghost, who sometimes is said to be carrying her head, are King George VI, William Ewart Gladstone and Andrew, Duke of York.[61][62]
  • Muncaster Castle in the Lake District National Park, Ravenglass [63]

Northern Ireland

  • Ballygally Castle Hotel is reputed to be haunted by the ghost of a Madame Nixon who lived there in the 18th century. After she died it was said that she haunted the castle, wandering the passages at night dressed in a silk dress and amusing herself by knocking on the doors of different rooms. Her fleeting appearances have recently been confined to a room in a corner turret.[64]


  • Dryburgh Abbey Hotel is haunted by the Grey Lady, who drowned herself in the nearby River Tweed after the murder of her lover, a monk at the (now ruined) neighbouring Abbey.[65]
  • Edinburgh Castle is perhaps one of the most haunted places in Scotland as it is connected to the Royal Mile by a network of underground tunnels. Many years ago a piper was sent to explore the tunnels and was told to keep playing so his progress could be tracked. However, halfway down the Royal Mile, the music suddenly stopped and the piper was never found. It is said the piper still walks the Royal Mile and sometimes the faint sound of music can often be heard from within the castle..[66] It is believed the castle is also haunted by a drummer who only appears when the castle is about to be attacked.[67]
  • Mary King's Close is a now underground close in the Old Town area of Edinburgh where legend says that plague victims were trapped by the local councilmen and left to starve to to death in an attempt to stop the spread of the plague.[68]
  • Greyfriars Kirkyard is reportedly haunted with the evil spirit of George Mackenzie. The lawyer, who earned the nickname "Bluidy Mackenzie" vigorously pursued Covenanters and tortured them. Since 1990 the church has been the site of unexplained events two days after a "vagrant" had broken into his tomb to find shelter.[69]


  • Local legend talks of a ghost ship that haunts the coast near Abergele, North Wales, allegedly Prince Madoc's Gwennan Gorn. Sightings have been reported by present day locals and tourists.[70]
  • Beaumaris Castle in Anglesey, North Wales is said to be home to strange echoes of chanting which have been caught on audio recording equipment by visitors to the small chapel area. The feeling of being watched has also been felt in the long dark corridors and an over-all sense of loneliness can be felt.[71]
  • Caerphilly Castle in South Wales is said to be haunted by a ghost known as the Green Lady.[72][73][74][75]
  • Maes Artro Heritage Museum in Llanbedr was formally a RAF base and fighter training base in World War II and is now a heritage museum with re-creations of life from the 1900s. The owner of the museum has reported sightings of two RAF men that haunt the site. Manifestations and unexplained shadows have also been seen on many investigations by paranormal experts. The ghost of a dog is also said to haunt the area as well as unexplained voices. Poltergeist activity has been recorded here as well, ranging from moving chairs to items going missing. It is believed many of the spirits that haunt the museum are those of men who died in crashes at the base or in training accidents.<
  • The Llindir Inn in Henllan, [Denbighshire]] is said to be haunted by a ghost in a long blue gown named Sylvia, who dates back to the 18th Century. Local legend has it that Sylvia and her lover were murdered by her husband, a sea captain, who caught them in bed together.[76]
  • Llandegla's Bodidris Hall is alleged to be haunted by a monk, a soldier, a boy, a well-dressed woman and a dog.[76]
  • It's claimed that Newton House in Dinefwr Park, near Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire is haunted.[77]
  • In Llanfihangel Crucorney, The Skirrid Mountain Inn, one of the oldest public houses in Wales, is reputed to be home to several ghosts. These include the spirit of a 32 year old woman who died of consumption, and the shade of a man climbing a staircase. The hauntings have been linked to mass executions carried out at the Inn during the 17th Century, following the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685.[78]
  • Guests at the Hand Hotel in Llangollen have reported the sensation of being followed during their stay, only to turn around to find no-one there. One room is said to contain the spirit of a lady who died in childbirth, while in another a figure has been seen sitting at an organ. Guests at another hotel in the town, the Britannia Inn (allegedly built in the 13th Century), have also reported paranormal activity. In the latter case, the spirits of monks from the nearby Valle Crucis Abbey have been seen walking through the car park, the bar area, and appearing in the bedrooms in the middle of the night.[76]
  • The ruins of Valle Crucis Abbey itself are said to be haunted. Set in the countryside near the River Dee, a number of events are said to have occurred at the Abbey; the manifestation of mysterious floating lights, supernatural voices, and apparitions including Welsh prince Owain Glyndwr. One report from the 1930s describes the appearance of golden figures bathed in bright light.[76]
  • Llancaiach Fawr, a Tudor manor house near Nelson in the Caerphilly County Borough is allegedly haunted by a number of ghosts. These includes a spectre who appears to be a 19th Century housekeeper known as "Mattie", a young boy who fell to his death from one of the upper rooms, a man usually seen in deep contemplation, and a figure who walks the grounds, but not within the Manor.[79] In 2007, the Guardian listed Llancaiach as one of the top ten haunted places in the United Kingdom.[80]
  • The Penrhyn Old Hall in Penrhyn Bay has had many witnesses to paranormal. Many people have claimed to see an old lady sitting by the large fireplace and a feeling of being watched in the functions room. The main building was established in 1590 but the baronial hall which is now the dance floor is believed to originate from the 12th century, which caused much interest from paranormal investigators who claim they experienced fluctuations in temperature and dizzyness.[81]
  • Port Talbot's Margam Castle is a Victorian mansion house said to be haunted by many spirits including Lord Talbot and his daughter Emily Charlotte.[82]

United States

  • Alcatraz is a former maximum security prison on an island in San Francisco Bay in the United States. It is no longer used as a prison. Visitors and tour guides have made claims of hearing screams, slamming cell doors,banjo music,and footsteps.[83]
  • Andleberry Estate in Clovis, California, is a mansion that used to be part of a sanitarium. The mansion, which is allegedly haunted by ex-residents of the sanitarium, will soon be transformed into a haunted hotel called The Wolfe Manor Hotel. The owner, Todd Wolfe, has reported hearing ghosts walking and talking and even breathing on him. LiveSciFi.TV sent a group to spend the night inside the mansion, during which some unexplained phenomenon reportedly happened, including a door that slammed shut by itself. A local news station did an over-night investigation for Halloween of 2007 and recorded an EVP. Several other EVPs and orbs have been caught on audio and video by investigators.[84]
  • Aquia Church in Stafford, Virginia, is said to be one of the most haunted churches in Virginia. Legend says that the church and the church graveyard which has graves dating back to 1738 are both home to paranormal activity that has taken place for over 200 years.[85][86]
  • Athens, Ohio, is claimed to have many ghosts, and Ohio University is considered by some to be haunted, as is the former state hospital, Athens Lunatic Asylum, located right near campus.[citation needed]
  • Ball's Bluff Battlefield and National Cemetery in Leesburg, Virginia was the site of a Civil War battle in October 1861 and is said to be haunted by those who died during the fighting here.[87][88][89]
  • Belcourt Castle, a French Renaissance-style château in Newport, Rhode Island, is alleged to be the location of numerous paranormal phenomena and events, including moving chairs, moving armor, ghostly apparitions, a possessed statue and various other sightings.[90]
  • Big Bay Point Light, in Big Bay, Michigan, is reputedly haunted by the red-haired ghost of its first keeper, Will Prior.[91]
  • The Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona. Dating back to the 1880s, there have been reports of laughter, yelling, and strange music.[92]
  • The Bissman Building, in Mansfield, Ohio, is reputedly haunted by many spirits that roam the 5 floors of the building. The building was also featured in the Shawshank Redemption as the Brewer Hotel and Portland Daily Bugle.
  • The Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburg, West Virginia Is a grand hotel that was built in the late 1800s and is reported to be haunted by several ghosts.[93][94]
  • Bobby Mackey's Music World, a country-western nightclub in Wilder, Kentucky (in the Cincinnati, Ohio metro area) is reputed to be "a gateway to Hell."[95]
  • The Boston Athenæum is said to be haunted by the scholarly Rev. Harris, who was seen there by Nathaniel Hawthorne.[96]
  • The Brinton Lodge in Douglassville, Pennsylvania is a reputedly haunted house. The original structure, built in the early 1700s, was a one-room building which was operated as a tavern/roadhouse stop along the Schuylkill River Canal System. It was later expanded into a summer home, then remodeled into a gentlemen's club, and today is operated as a bar and restaurant. Legend has it that at least five spirits inhabit this property, including Caleb Brinton, "Dapper Dan," an older woman, and a "lady in white."[97]
  • The Brown Grand Theatre in Concordia, Kansas has stories of a ghost that haunts the theatre, especially during the opening season.[98]
  • Castillo De San Marcos in St Augustine, Florida is allegedly haunted by the Spanish soldiers who once inhabited the fort 400 years ago.[99]
  • Cinema 1-2-3 in Visalia, California has had accounts of over 300 spirits inhabiting the theater.[100]
  • Chestnut Lodge in Rockville, Maryland, was a private facility treating mental patients for over one-hundred years. Closed in 2001 and now under renovation for resale as upscale condominiums, separate recent investigations claim paranormal of June 2009 the building has burned down there has been speculation that arson is involved.[101]
  • Cincinnati Music Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio is a theater that was built over a potter's field. Reports of spirits on the property date back to 1876 and continue through modern times. In 1988, during the installation of an elevator shaft, bones of adults and children were exhumed from under the hall.[102]
  • Civil War battlegrounds in various states—including the Gettysburg Battlefield, the Battle of Fredericksburg, the Battle of Antietam and many others—presumably owing to the magnitude of emotion, intensity of effort, and abruptness of the many, often gruesome and painful deaths, offer numerous anecdotes—with a growing number dating to the present day—including reported recordings, pictures and sightings of "ghostly apparitions," audible sensations (battle cries, cavalry, cannon fire) and other paranormal effects of every manner.[103]
  • Engineered Piping Products: a Baltimore, Maryland based reseller of Industrial Pipe, valves and fittings. The building is built upon the site of an old residential neighborhood. All of the activity tends to happen at the site of the Old Deboser home. A local paranormal group, Pasadena Paranormal, has cumulatively logged over 100 EVPs from this location. They have experienced buzzing sounds that fly by their heads and recently one employee had his coat tugged from behind when he was in the building alone. This site has been submitted to the Syfy's Ghost Hunters Great American Ghost Hunt for their consideration.[104]
  • The The Devil's Tree in Bernards Township, New Jersey is said to be one of the old headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan in New Jersey. An area surrounding the tree is said to give off unnatural warmth where snow doesn't seem to stick in the dead of winter.[105][106]
  • In Exeter, Rhode Island, there are a few buildings formerly known as the Ladd School, a school for the mentally disabled that was founded by Dr. Joseph H. Ladd in 1907 and officially closed in 1994.[107] The school reportedly mistreated students and there are stories today of ghost sightings of the children who suffered, noises, and electronic malfunctions. The Exeter Job Corps Academy was built over the Ladd School's ground, with many of the older buildings still intact and reportedly "haunted."[108]
  • Fayetteville, North Carolina hosts ghosts such as "The Lady in Black" who haunts the Sandford House (formerly called the Slocumb House).[109] Her apparition first appeared in the late 1800s and has been sighted recently by members of The Woman's Club of Fayetteville.[110]
  • Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a former prison built in 1829. It is well known as the jail to hold Al Capone. Paranormal reports are, sounds of lonely wails in the corridors, an evil cackling in cellblock 12, sounds of footsteps in some of the cells, and a shadowy figure standing in the watch tower looking down at the prison.
  • Georgia Lunatic Asylum [8] in Milledgeville, Georgia [111]
  • Harpers Ferry in Jefferson County, West Virginia[112]
Hollywood Sign
  • Hollywood, California, has numerous sites that are believed to be inhabited by the spirits of deceased celebrities. For example, the ghost of actress Peg Entwistle, who committed suicide by jumping off the Hollywood Sign, has reportedly been seen near the sign. Some apparitions have been reported as being sighted at more than one location in Hollywood.[113]
  • Hot Lake Hotel is a supposedly haunted hotel in eastern Oregon. The hotel is known for a fire, suicides, and hauntings from ghosts during its days as a sanatorium.[114]
  • Hotel Chelsea in Manhattan, New York City is said to be haunted by multiple ghosts; Dylan Thomas, Eugene O'Neill, Thomas Wolfe, and former Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious supposedly haunts the elevator.[115]
  • Huntress Hall of Keene State College located in Keene, New Hampshire is supposedly haunted by its namesake, Harriet Huntress. One of the schools residence halls, students often report strange noises coming from the building's attic, where Huntress' wheelchair remains to this day.[116]
  • Old St. Johns County Jail in St Augustine, Florida. Built in 1891 and closed in 1953, this jail has seen more than its fair share of violence, misery and death, including 8 official hangings on the jail compound. Over the years apparitions have been seen frequently as well as voices and various noises being heard. Objects being moved and temperature spikes have also been witnessed. Guests and staff have also been reportedly touched, poked and even pushed. A number of Paranormal Investigative Teams have investigated the facility and it has been the subject of a number of televised investigations.[citation needed]
  • Old Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston, Texas, has long been a popular spot for local ghosthunters. The existing building was completed in 1925, allegedly on the site of a mid-19th century cemetery, and has recently been remodeled into apartments.[117]
  • Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri - There are said to be sightings, sounds, and lights flickering on and off in the arena late at night from a former WWF wrestler named Owen Hart who died in 1999 by falling 78 feet (24 m) to his death from the ceiling of the arena. There are also said to be sightings of him still in his Blue Blazer suit at the top of the arena looking down with the cable hooked up to him.[118]
  • The Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in the United States. Four members of the Lemp family killed themselves, three in the mansion. There are said to be apparition sightings, glasses flying off of the bar, pianos playing by themselves, etc. The mansion is now open as a restaurant and bed and breakfast.[119]
  • The Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts, which is now a bed and breakfast, is claimed to be the most haunted house in the USA. It is the site of a double murder, one of the most famous in US history, claimed ghost sightings and noises.[120]
  • Manassas National Battlefield Park in Manassas, Virginia – There have been many reports of paranormal activity around the battlefield. An unfinished railroad located within the battlefield which was ordered by Robert E Lee to be constructed during the Civil War is said to be a hotspot for paranormal activity.[121][122]
  • Montgomery House Bed and Breakfast in Kalama, Washingon, was once a hospital, bordello, and medical clinic, built on land formerly occupied by the Cowlitz Indian Nation. The land was site to tens of thousands of Native American deaths, and full body spectres are reported both in the B & B's back yard and within the home. This location was the subject of the 2009 feature film documentary "Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting", directed by Psychic Danielle Egnew. [123]
  • The Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton, New Hampshire. Room 314 is allegedly haunted by the wife of the original owner. It has also been investigated by Ghost Hunters.[124]
  • Moon River Brewing Company in Savannah, Georgia is considered very haunted by angry spirits. Staff members have reported physical attacks, possessions, and mysterious dark figures.[125][126]
  • Ohioville, Pennsylvania - A mile long stretch of Kelly Road, nick-named Mystery Mile by former residents, is reported to be the site of supernatural activity. Animals along this road turn from docile to violent without explanation, often chasing after people and each other. The thick forest that the road cuts through is known for unexplained noises and white apparitions. The origin of these events is unknown, and speculation ranges from some kind of curse on the land to cult activity once tied to this region.[127]
  • Old Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky, reputed to be "America's Most Haunted Neighborhood,"[128] is one of the largest historic preservation districts in the country - and supposedly the largest Victorian neighborhood in the nation. It is also said to be home to dozens of haunted mansions and local ghost stories.[129]
  • Pennhurst State School and Hospital is reported to have numerous accounts of paranormal activity and was even included in the paranormal TV show Extreme Paranormal.[130]
  • Point Lookout Lighthouse, at the southern-most tip of Maryland's western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, has seen numerous shipwrecks, bodies washed ashore, and plenty of paranormal activity, as documented over the centuries.[131]
  • The Polish Museum of America in Chicago, Illinois is believed to be haunted by ghost of famous pianist Ignace Paderewski. The staff recounts a number of incidents related by a number of people, including the cleaning crew who have claimed to experience ghostly-related phenomena late at night. The Ghost Research Society was even brought in by the museum staff to investigate these claims.[132]
  • The Riddle House in West Palm Beach, Floridais haunted by a ghost named Karl Riddle who allegedly hung himself in the attic after being falsely accused of a crime. Shortly after, a fire mysteriously started in the attic and since then, people have reported physical attacks, possessions, and objects moving mysteriously.[133]
  • The RMS Queen Mary docked in Long Beach, California is reported to be haunted and currently serves as a haunted attraction for Halloween.[134][135][136]
  • The Regent Theater in Allegan, Michigan is said to be haunted, and witnesses claim to have seen moving forms and felt physical touching.[137]
  • The Rosewell (plantation) in Gloucester County, Virginia is a mansion constructed in 1725 that has been home to numerous accounts of paranormal activity.[138][139]
  • Scranton, Pennsylvania's Psychic Theater tells of 'the legend of a long-ago murder victim that still haunts the 100-year-old building(1433 N. Main Avenue)... that have been featured on the Travel Channel." According to a Pennsylvania Department of Tourism Pursuit Magazine article of the top ten most haunted places, "one should be ready for a "true scare... and is "not for the timid or weak of heart."[140]
  • The Stickney House in Bull Valley, Illinois, has a unique design due to Stickney's belief in Spiritualism. It is thought that he and his wife wished to communicate with their dead children. Today the house is the local police department, and it is claimed that police report strange sounds, objects moving around, lights turning off, and door knobs turning and doors opening by themselves. Other homes in the area are also rumored to be haunted. The nearby Holcombville cemetery includes tombs of the Stickney children and a person killed in the crash of American Airlines Flight 191.[141][142]
  • At the Story Inn in Story, Indiana, a guest room is supposedly haunted by a ghost known as "the Blue Lady". Little is known of who she might be, or why she might haunt that room, but her alleged presence is mentioned in many separate guestbook entries. According to some, she seems more likely to appear if a certain table-lamp is turned on.[143][144][145][146]
  • In Sunnyvale, California many Toys "R" Us employees have reported seeing unusual rearranging of toys in the aisles, and reported sightings of a man in his thirties dressed in old clothing. His name is believed to be Johan, and is believed to be a farmer who used to live on the site of the Toys "R" Us and is just keeping "an eye on the old place". The store still remains open today; most customers are completely unaware of this legend.[147][148][149]
  • The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, West Virginia is purported by its owners and visitors to be haunted by the spirits of patients who died there.[150]
  • Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut (said also to be seen in Bridgeport, Connecticut), which dates back to the 1600s, is touted as one of the most haunted cemeteries not only in Connecticut, but in the entire country. Many haunts have been said to exist on the grounds of the cemetery. Several visitors who have photographed the cemetery are later surprised to see orbs, light rods, ectoplasmic mists, and on rare occasions even full apparitions appear in their photographs that were not visible at the time the photo was taken. The most well-known haunt is a spirit known as "The White Lady". The identity of the spirit is not known, but sightings of her didn't occur until the late 1940s; meaning she must have died sometime before then. People have photographed and even videotaped her. Not only have people seen her with their own eyes, but some passers-by have even "hit" her with their cars as they drove past the cemetery.[151][152][153]
  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky - A former tuberculosis hospital, Waverly Hills has been of strong interest with paranormal investigators, some calling it "the most haunted place on Earth". There are unconfirmed reports of more than 60,000 deaths at the site(Though the real amount is estimated to be about 8,000), and the property owners, workers, and investigators have claimed that at almost anytime you can see strange lights, phantasms and shadows moving around the corridors and rooms of the building.[154]
  • West Virginia State Penitentiary in Moundsville, West Virginia – The Penitentiary was built in 1867 during the Civil War Era and has been called one of the "Most Haunted Places in America."[155][156][157]
  • The Whaley House in San Diego, California[158] - Built by the Thomas Whaley family in the mid 1800s, the home once hosted the town courthouse, general store, granary, theater, and morgue. It evolved into a commercial hub of early San Diego before "new town" was developed several miles south where today's downtown stands. This national historic landmark, now a museum, was also built on a one-time town gallows as well. The hauntings of this house are internationally famous with the US Commerce Department promoting its haunted reputation.[159]
  • The White House in Washington, D.C. is filled with stories of different hauntings, Abigail Adams's apparition has been spotted in the East Room, Dolley Madison is found lurking around the Rose Garden,[160] Mamie Eisenhower's apparition is seen in the kitchen,[161] and Abraham Lincoln's ghost has been seen in the Lincoln Bedroom.[162]
  • The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, is supposedly haunted by the ghost of its eccentric builder, Sarah Winchester. Ironically, she is said to have built the rambling mansion to protect her from the spirits of all those killed with her late husband's famous line of rifles.[163]

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