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This is a list of rivers of Finland. Listing begins with rivers flowing into the Baltic sea, from the north, that is from the Swedish border. Tributaries are listed down the page in an an upstream direction.

Water flows from Finland directly to the Baltic Sea, which is divided here into the Gulf of Bothnia and Gulf of Finland, and the Archipelago Sea between them. Some rivers flow to Russia, ending either to Gulf of Finland or to the White Sea, and a few to the Arctic Ocean trough Russia or Norway.

There are a lot of lakes in Finland and so this listing includes also several lakes through which the rivers flow or begin from. Due to the great number of lakes especially in the Finnish Lakeland, where watercources tend to consist of chains of lakes rather than long rivers, some rivers with a large catchment area can also be quite short or there may only be a short rapid between large lakes, like for example Tammerkoski in Tampere.


Rivers flowing to the Gulf of Bothnia

Rivers flowing to the to the Archipelago Sea

Rivers flowing to the Gulf of Finland

Rivers flowing to Russia, to the Gulf of Finland

Water from these rivers flows through Lake Ladoga and Neva River to the sea.

Rivers flowing to Russia, to the White Sea

Rivers flowing to Russia or Norway, to the Arctic Ocean

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