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This is a list of rivers in the U.S. state of New York.


By Drainage Basin

This list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries alphabetically indented under each larger stream's name.


Long Island Sound (northern side)

Long Island Sound is shown highlighted in pink between Connecticut (to the north) and Long Island (to the south)
  • Byram River
    • Wampus River
  • Housatonic River (CT)
    • Green River
    • Tenmile River
      • Swamp River
        • Mill River
      • Webatuck Creek
  • Mamaroneck River
    • Sheldrake River
  • Mianus River
  • Norwalk River (CT)
    • Silvermine River
  • Rippowam River
    • Mill River

Long Island

New York Harbor

New York City waterways: 1. Hudson River, 2. East River, 3. Long Island Sound, 4. Newark Bay, 5. Upper New York Bay, 6. Lower New York Bay, 7. Jamaica Bay, 8. Atlantic Ocean

Hudson River Basin

Hudson Drainage Basin

Delaware River Basin

Delaware Drainage Basin
Neversink Drainage Basin

Susquehanna River Basin

Susquehanna Drainage Basin

St. Lawrence River Basin

St. Lawrence/Great Lakes Drainage Basin
  • Saint Lawrence River
    • Brandy Brook
    • Chateauguay River
      • Marble River
    • Chippewa Creek
    • Cranberry Creek
    • Crooked Creek
    • English River
    • French Creek
    • Grass River
      • Harrison Creek
        • Tanner Creek
      • Little River
      • Middle Branch Grass River
      • North Branch Grass River
      • South Branch Grass River
    • Mullet Creek
    • Oswegatchie River
      • Indian Creek
      • Indian River
        • Black Creek
        • Bonaparte Creek
        • Otter Creek
        • West Creek
      • Little River
      • Robinson River
      • West Branch Oswegatchie River
        • Big Creek
        • Middle Branch Oswegatchie River
          • Palmer Creek
Raquette Drainage Basin
    • Raquette River
    • St. Regis River
      • Deer River
        • Trout Brook
        • West Branch Deer River
      • East Branch St. Regis River
        • Osgood River
      • Lake Ozonia Outlet
      • Onion River
      • West Branch St. Regis River
        • Long Pond Outlet
        • Stony Brook
        • Trout Brook
        • Windfall Brook
    • Salmon River
      • Little Salmon River
        • Farrington Brook
      • Pike Creek
    • Sucker Brook
    • Trout River
      • Little Trout River

Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain Drainage Basin

Lake Ontario

Black Drainage Basin
  • Black River
    • Beaver River
      • Black Creek
    • Crystal Creek
    • Deer River
      • West Branch Deer River
    • Independence River
    • Little Black Creek
    • Moose River
      • Middle Branch Moose River
        • North Branch Moose River
      • Pine Creek
      • South Branch Moose River
        • Indian River
          • Cobblestone Creek
        • Otter Brook
        • Red River
    • Otter Creek
    • Roaring Brook
    • Sugar River
      • Moose Creek
      • White River
    • Woodhull Creek
      • Little Woodhull Creek
  • Chaumont River
  • Eighteen Mile Creek
Genesee Drainage Basin
Oswego River Drainage Basin
  • Oswego River
  • Perch River
  • Salmon Creek
    • Otis Creek
  • Salmon River
    • North Branch Salmon River
      • Mad River
  • Sandy Creek (Jefferson County, New York)
    • Gulf Stream
    • North Branch Sandy Creek
    • South Sandy Creek
      • Abijah Creek
      • Grunley Creek
  • Sandy Creek (Monroe County, New York)
  • Sterling Creek
  • Stony Creek

Lake Erie

Ohio River Basin


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