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List of Rulers of the Akan state of Akyem Abuakwa

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Incumbent Notes
c.1500 Foundation of Akyem Abuakwa state (also called Okyeman)
Okyenhene (Rulers)
Asona Dynasty
???? to ???? Ba Kwante, Okyenhene
1704 to April 1727 Ofori Panyin I, Okyenhene
1727 to 1742 Owusu Akyem Tenten, Okyenhene
1742 to 1765 Pobi Asomaning II, Okyenhene
1765 to 1772 Twum Ampofo I, Okyenhene 1st Term
1772 to 1783 Obirikorang Aboree, Okyenhene 1st Term
1783 Twum Ampofo I, Okyenhene 2nd Term
1783 to 1790 Obirikorang Aboree, Okyenhene 2nd Term
1790 to 1801 Twum Ampofo I, Okyenhene 3rd Term
1801 to 1807 Nana Saforo Apraku, Okyenhene
1807 to September 1811 Nana Atta Wusu Yiakosan, Okyenhene
1811 Nana Asare Bediako Kwadwo Kuma, Okyenhene
1811 to 1816 Nana Kofi Asante Bayinyiye, Okyenhene
1816 to 1817 Nana Twum Ampofo II, Okyenhene
1817 to 1835 Nana Afia Dokuaa, Regent
1835 to March 1859 Nana Ofori Atta Panyin, Okyenhene
May 1859 to May 1866 Nana Atta Obuom, Okyenhene
July 1866 to 2 February 1887 Nana Amoako Atta I, Okyenhene In exile at Lagos 14 May 1880 to 8 January 1885
1887 to February 1911 Nana Amoako Atta II, Okyenhene
April 1911 to 26 November 1912 Nana Amoako Atta III, Okyenhene
30 November 1912 to 1927 to 21 August 1943 Nana Ofori Atta I, Okyenhene
1927 to 21 August 1943 Nana Sir Ofori Atta I, Okyenhene
25/27 September 1943 to 13 June 1958 Nana Ofori Atta II, Okyenhene 1st Term
13 June 1958 to 14 April 1959 Nana Kwabena Kena II, Regent
14 April 1959 to 5 December 1966 Nana Amoako Atta IV, Okyenhene
5 December 1966 to 13 September 1973 Nana Ofori Atta II, Okyenhene 2nd Term
1973 to 1 May 1976 Nana Ofori Atta III, Okyenhene
2 August 1976 to 17 March 1999 Nana Kuntunkununku II, Okyenhene
17 March 1999 to 4 October 1999 Osabarima Kena Ampaw II, Regent
4 October 1999 to present Nana Amoatia Ofori Panin II, Okyenhene

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