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Most SI units are named after great scientists. By this convention their names are immortalised. Below is the list of these scientists


List of the scientists and the SI units

Main unit[1] Derived unit

(color legend)

Name [2],[3] Life Nationality Quantity SI unit[4]
André-Marie Ampère 1775–1836 French Electric current ampere (A)
William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) 1824–1907 British Temperature kelvin (K)
Heinrich Rudolf Hertz 1857–1894 German Frequency hertz (Hz)
Isaac Newton 1643–1727 British Force newton (N)
Blaise Pascal 1623–1662 French Pressure pascal (Pa)
James Prescott Joule 1818–1889 British Energy joule (J)
James Watt 1736–1819 British Power watt (W)
Charles-Augustin de Coulomb 1736–1806 French Electric charge coulomb (C)
Alessandro Volta 1745–1827 Italian Electric potential volt (V)
Michael Faraday 1791–1867 British Capacitance farad (F)
Joseph Henry 1797–1878 American Inductance henry (H)
Georg Simon Ohm 1789–1855 German Electrical resistance ohm (Ω)
Ernst Werner von Siemens 1816–1892 German Conductance siemens (S)
Wilhelm Eduard Weber 1804–1891 German Magnetic flux weber (Wb)
Nikola Tesla 1856–1943 Croatian[5]-American Magnetic flux density tesla (T)
Anders Celsius 1701–1744 Swedish Temperature degree Celsius ( 0C)
Antoine Henri Becquerel 1852–1908 French Radioactivity becquerel (Bq)
Louis Harold Gray 1905–1965 British Absorbed dose gray (Gy)
Rolf Maximilian Sievert 1896–1966 Swedish Dose equivalent sievert (Sv)

Neper and decibel

Neper and decibel are two dimensionless units used to define relative amplitudes in logarithmic scales[6]. They are not SI units. But their usage together with SI units is permitted.

Name Life Nationality Quantity SI unit
Alexander Graham Bell 1847–1922 British (Scottish)-American Magnitude (common logarithmic) bel (B)
John Napier 1550–1617 British (Scottish) Magnitude (natural logarithmic) neper (Np)

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References and notes

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  4. ^ As a rule, the units are written in lowercase letters. But, symbols of units derived from a personal name always begin with a capital letter.
  5. ^ Croatia was a part of Austria in 1856
  6. ^ Decibel is used for power whereas neper is used for voltage, current or pressure


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