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This is a list of the world's seaports, arranged by their respective seas and oceans:


Atlantic Ocean


Adriatic Sea

Aegean Sea

Azov Sea

Baltic Sea

See Ports of the Baltic Sea.

Bay of Biscay

Black Sea

Caribbean Sea

Chesapeake Bay

English Channel

Great Lakes

Irish Sea

Sea of Marmara

Mediterranean Sea

Gulf of Mexico


North Sea


Ottawa River/Saint Lawrence River

Gulf of Paria

Tyrrhenian Sea

Arctic Ocean

Indian Ocean

Gulf of Aden

Arabian Sea

Bay of Bengal

Hooghly River

Straits of Malacca

Gulf of Martaban

Gulf of Oman

Persian Gulf

Port Phillip

Red Sea

Pacific Ocean

Drake Passage, Beagle Channel and Strait of Magellan

SacramentoSan Joaquin rivers

Gulf of Alaska

Arafura Sea

Bering Strait

Bohai Gulf

Gulf of Carpentaria

Coral Sea

Korea Bay

East China Sea

Yangtze River / Chang Jiang

Sea of Japan

Puget Sound/Strait of Georgia

San Francisco Bay

South China Sea

Pearl River / Zhujiang

Tasman Sea

Gulf of Thailand

Yellow Sea

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