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This is a list of senior officers of the Royal Navy.


Lord High Admirals, 1413–1628

Lords High Admiral and First Lords of the Admiralty, 1628–1709

First Lords of the Admiralty, 1709–1964

Admirals of the Fleet, 1795–1827

First Sea Lords and Chiefs of the Naval Staff, 1828–present

Deputy First Sea Lords

  • Admiral Sir Charles Kennedy-Purvis 29 July 1942–1946

Deputy/Vice Chiefs of the Naval Staff

Second Sea Lords

  • Admiral Sir Charles Little 30 September 1938–1 June 1941
  • Vice-Admiral Sir William Whitworth 1 June 1941–8 March 1944
  • Vice-Admiral Sir Algernon Willis 8 March 1944–?
  • Admiral Sir Arthur John Power 27 Feb 1946–1948
  • Vice-Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent January 2003–October 2005
  • Vice-Admiral Sir Adrian Johns CBE October 2005–July 2008
  • Vice-Admiral Sir Alan Massey July 2008–present

Third Sea Lords

Fourth Sea Lords

Fifth Sea Lords



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