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The majority of Clear Channel's syndicated talk and music shows are done through its subsidiary, Premiere Radio Networks. Premiere is a dedicated syndication company that houses dozens of talents, with a marketing division that aggressively sells these shows to stations across the United States, and occasionally Canada. However, several Clear Channel radio shows are syndicated by their flagship stations and regional managers, without the aid of Premiere Radio.

Talk shows are often broadcast through Clear Channel Satellite Services, with the exception of a couple whose distribution rights belong to another company. Music programs, under the name "Premium Choice," are distributed through a company intranet service, and are pre-recorded. These programs are imported with playlists, and local stations insert IDs and spots accordingly. Voicetracked hosts, such as Ed McMann and Lori Bradley, are not included in this list, as they produce a separate show for each station served. Premium Choice jocks air the same content and playlist on each affiliate.

The following is a list of a shows produced by Clear Channel Communications that are syndicated to at least one other radio station, but are not part of the Premiere Radio Networks family.

Show Station Information
Talk Radio Programs
America's Trucking Network with Steve Sommers WLW Currently heard on KWKH Shreveport and Extreme Talk on XM.
Armstrong & Getty with Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty KNEW Syndicates to KSTE, and on tape delay to KFBK.
Bronson and Christine WLTW Syndicates to Austin, Texas.
Dave and Jimmy WNCI Broadcast from Columbus, Ohio, heard in many Ohio cities, as well as Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and upstate New York.
John and Ken KFI Syndicates to KNEW. A compilation show aired Sundays on KSTE. This show used to be syndicated nationally under Cox Radio ownership, but KFI dropped them and the show moved to KABC, then back locally to KFI under Clear Channel. Cable Radio Network also used to carry the show, but no longer does.
Johnjay and Rich KZZP Based in Arizona this show is syndicates to seven stations from Colorado to the west coast. The show has its own 24/7 channel on iHeartRadio.
Kidd Kraddick in the Morning KHKS Originally syndicated internally, Premiere Radio Networks soon managed the show's distribution until it was signed to ABC Radio Networks (now Citadel Media). Clear Channel Radio continues producing the show while Citadel distributes and sells network advertising. The show has its own 24/7 channel on iHeartRadio.
Lex and Terry KEGL This show was signed away from Cox Radio. It's heard on over 40 stations and is distributed by Envision Radio, which carries network-wide advertising. The show has its own 24/7 channel on iHeartRadio.
MJ Morning Show WFLZ-FM Heard mostly in Florida, and in St. Louis, Missouri. The show has its own 24/7 channel on iHeartRadio.
Murphy, Sam, and Jodi KRVE-FM Heard on various Adult Contemporary stations across the southeastern United States.
On Air with Ryan Seacrest KIIS-FM
Paul and Young Ron WBGG-FM Also heard in West Palm Beach, and two stations in the Florida Keys.
Ramsey Lewis Morning Show WNUA Syndicated to various affiliates.
Rover's Morning Glory WMMS This show was signed away from CBS Radio, and retained a couple non-CBS affiliates.
Dan Sileo WFLF Heard on stations in Florida.
The Schnitt Show WFLA Originally distributed internally through Clear Channel, the show was signed by Jones Radio Networks (now Dial Global), and after a year changed distributors to Compass Media Networks. It's heard on over 25 stations nationwide. The show carries network advertising.
Sean Valentine in the Morning KBIG Syndicated to seven other western stations.
The War Room with Quinn and Rose WPGB Syndicates mostly to the northeast, but is also heard on stations in the south and midwest.
The Travel Show with Larry Gelwix KNRS Syndicated from Salt Lake City to stations in the Intermountain West region.
Premium Choice Programs
Bama, Rob, & Heather KASE-FM
Big Rig WXTB
Billy the Kidd KHKS
Doc Reno WBGG-FM
Holmes and the Freak Show WSNX-FM
Java Joel WAKS-FM
John "The B-Man" Beaulieu WTUE
Katie Sommers WFLZ-FM
Laura Steele WFBQ
Maria Milto WAXQ
Ratboy & Staypuff WFLZ-FM
Randi West WDCG
Sisanie KIIS-FM
Boytoy Jesse KIIS-FM
JoJo on the Radio KIIS-FM

Former shows:

Except for shows whose sales and distribution is handled by a third party, none of these shows have immense affiliate bases. In many cases, these shows were syndicated to other stations as a cost-cutting measure within the company. In others, the talent requested they be syndicated to a certain number of stations as a condition to work for, or continue working with, Clear Channel. It is rare that these shows get syndicated to large markets besides the one they're based out of, instead being syndicated to smaller market stations. Also, unlike Premiere and any shows listed otherwise, these shows do not carry required network advertisements, instead leaving all advertising open for the local stations to sell.



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