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Part of page four of the original Constitution, showing the signatures of the delegates.

Thirty-nine of the fifty-five delegates, who attended the Constitutional Convention, signed the United States Constitution on September 17, 1787, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. No delegate from Rhode Island signed the document, since the state declined to send a representative.[1] In addition to the 39 delegates, the convention's secretary William Jackson also signed the document, not as a delegate, but in attestation of the document's signing.

Several notable politicians of the time did not attend the convention, including Thomas Jefferson and John Adams (both of whom were overseas working as diplomats), as well as Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine, and Patrick Henry (who considered the previous system of government acceptable).[1]

Jonathan Dayton at the age of 26 was the youngest signer whereas Benjamin Franklin at the age of 81 was the oldest.[1]



Order Name State represented
1 Washington, GeorgeGeorge Washington Virginia
2 Read, GeorgeGeorge Read[a] Delaware
3 Bedford, Jr., GunningGunning Bedford, Jr. Delaware
4 Dickinson, JohnJohn Dickinson[b] Delaware
5 Bassett, RichardRichard Bassett Delaware
6 Broom, JacobJacob Broom Delaware
7 McHenry, JamesJames McHenry Maryland
8 Jenifer, Daniel of St. ThomasDaniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Maryland
9 Carroll, DanielDaniel Carroll[b] Maryland
10 Blair, JohnJohn Blair Virginia
11 Madison, Jr., JamesJames Madison, Jr. Virginia
12 Blount, WilliamWilliam Blount North Carolina
13 Dobbs, KnightKnight Dobbs North Carolina
14 Williamson, HughHugh Williamson North Carolina
15 Rutledge, JohnJohn Rutledge South Carolina
16 Pinckney, Charles CotesworthCharles Cotesworth Pinckney South Carolina
17 Pinckney, CharlesCharles Pinckney South Carolina
18 Butler, PiercePierce Butler South Carolina
19 Few, WilliamWilliam Few Georgia
20 Baldwin, AbrahamAbraham Baldwin Georgia
21 Langdon, JohnJohn Langdon New Hampshire
22 Gilman, NicholasNicholas Gilman New Hampshire
23 Gorham, NathanielNathaniel Gorham Massachusetts
24 King, RufusRufus King Massachusetts
25 Johnson, William SamuelWilliam Samuel Johnson Connecticut
26 Sherman, RogerRoger Sherman[a][b][c] Connecticut
27 Hamilton, AlexanderAlexander Hamilton New York
28 Livingston, WilliamWilliam Livingston New Jersey
29 Brearley, DavidDavid Brearley New Jersey
30 Paterson, WilliamWilliam Paterson New Jersey
31 Dayton, JonathanJonathan Dayton New Jersey
32 Franklin, BenjaminBenjamin Franklin[a] Pennsylvania
33 Mifflin, ThomasThomas Mifflin Pennsylvania
34 Morris, RobertRobert Morris[a][b] Pennsylvania
35 Clymer, GeorgeGeorge Clymer[a] Pennsylvania
36 Fitzsimons, ThomasThomas Fitzsimons Pennsylvania
37 Ingersoll, JaredJared Ingersoll Pennsylvania
38 Wilson, JamesJames Wilson[a] Pennsylvania
39 Morris, GouverneurGouverneur Morris[b] Pennsylvania


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