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Swimmers enter water at Spanish beach.

This is a list of social nudity places in Europe for recreation. Includes free beaches (or clothing-optional beaches or nude beaches) and some resorts.


All European locations



  • Bredene, tram stop Bredene Renbaan (Hippodroom): sandy beach (the only nude beach in the country, since 2001)



Czech Republic

A few internet resources follows:



Pärnu, Estonia

Estonian naturist beaches are overseen by NGO Estnat. No tickets are necessary.

  • Tallinn, an unofficial, but tolerated naturist beach. Situated about 3 km north-east of the ferry port, at the very northern end of textiler beach.


  • Helsinki:
    • Pihlajasaari: Has a unisex nudist beach, consisting almost entirely of rocky cliffs, with no sand. Not very suitable for swimming.
    • Seurasaari: Separate nudist beaches for men and women. No unisex nudist area.
  • Pori:
    • Yyteri: A very small part of the main Yyteri beach is designated as a unisex nudist beach. A flat beach covered in sand and much more suitable for swimming than Pihlajasaari.


Naturist beach at Port Leucate (Aude),France, which illustrates the mixed clothing habits on leading French beaches
Cap d'Agde


  • - Search engine for naturism in France, page in English
  • - Search engine for naturism in France and Europe, page in French, English, German


Naturist beach in Germany.
  • Apart from urban areas and official baths, nude bathing is usual in Germany: unofficial nudist areas exist at most lakes and rivers, and other sites, such as abandoned rock quarries.
  • Many designated FKK areas exist at the seaside, at lakes and in baths, especially in the former East Germany, where nudism remains more widespread than in the west.
  • Families especially like to spend their leisure time in naturist areas; sauna bathing is generally practiced in the nude.
  • Even in cities there are clothing-optional areas, e.g. the Schönfeldwiese in the Englischer Garten in Munich, near the city centre; also, the southern part of Feldmochinger See, in the northwestern suburb, the peninsula in Lake Feringasee in the Northeast and the Flaucher at the river Isar south of the city center of Munich.
  • is a very comprehensive and regularly updated German index of nudist areas.
  • Baden-Baden German city located near the French border. This city has many natural mineral springs and numerous clothes free bath houses are located. An excellent starting point in Germany.


Komos Beach on the south coast of Crete, near Matala
  • Naturism is practised widely in the Greek Islands although, strictly speaking, legal only in a relatively few designated locations but almost on all islands there are unofficial nudist beaches; The most comprehensive information about Greek nudist beaches can be found in Captain Barefoot's Naturist Guide. [5]
  • [6] contains list of nudist beaches around Greece, a forum, photos of beaches and general info
  • [7] contains a listing of suitable beaches with photographs.
  • Crete - the beach of Glyka Nera near Loutro
  • Crete - Plakias - south-eastern part of the beach
  • Crete - - North from Matala, a very long nude beach - south part of the beach used by clothed people
  • Crete - Sougia - eastern part of the beach
  • Santorini - Vlychada beach - southern part of the beach
  • Northern Sporades - Skopelos island - Velanio
  • Topfree is tolerated on almost all beaches.


The most significant places:

Smaller ones: Egerszalók, Látóképi-tó, Dunaszekcsö, Omszki-tó, Lupa-tavak (Budakalász), Debreceni-tó (Nyékládháza), Nemesbük, Mindszent, Szalkszentmárton etc.



There are several locations in Ireland for nude recreation. Please see:, for details.


Latvian naturist beaches are overseen by the `Latvian Naturist Association`.

  • Vecāķi official naturist beach. The biggest of Latvia's naturist beaches, situated a little way north of Vecāķi village. To get there from Riga take the Riga-Saulkrasti railway line and get off at Vecāķi or bus Nr200&204.
  • Inčupe naturist beach. A medium sized beach, situated near the Saulkrasti railway line on the southern bank of the Inčupe river about 50 km from Riga.
  • Lielupe beach. A small, unofficial naturist beach, on the left bank of the Lielupe river delta.
  • Ventspils city has an official naturist beach.
  • Liepāja unofficial naturist beach. Also quite small, situated about 3 km south of Liepaja.


Naturist beaches in Lithuania are overseen by local communities.

  • Palanga beach - A small, unofficial naturist beach, about 30 km from the Latvian border. Naturists only use this place at certain hours of the day.
  • Klaipeda naturist beach - A large official naturist beach. Access by ferry going to Delfinarium (Sea Museum) situated on the Curonian Spit.
  • Nida naturist beach - A very large, official naturist beach. Located on the north shore of the Curonian Spit, just a few kilometers east of the border of Russian Kaliningrad enclave.


  • Ada Bojana, the biggest nudist beach in the country
  • Jaz, the southernmost part of the beach used to be declared nudist but was made regular in 2007
  • Ratac, is outside Bar in the direction of Budva
  • Njivice, a village on the south-western shore of the Bay of Hecrg Novi (Boka Kotorska bay) the nudist beach is located on Hotel Riviers's beach


Municipalities with a beach (usually including quiet parts) tend to have a nudist beach; even if the municipality does not like it, it designates a quiet part as such in order to be able to forbid nudity on the rest of the beach.
In the Netherlands tanning top free is legal on almost all beaches.


The beach at Huk.

The Scandinavian Naturist Portal This Naturist Portal covers naturism in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and they have a list of nude beaches along with a Google Earth KZM file.




Nudist beaches at Neptun, Costinesti, 2 Mai and Vama Veche sea resorts, on the Black Sea.

Topfree is tolerated on almost all beaches.





Women sunbathing in monokinis/topfree on a beach in Barcelona, Spain.



Beach in Koktebel.

United Kingdom




  • Topless tolerated on most beaches.

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