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This is a list of sovereign states that existed between 900 BC and 801 BC.

Sovereign States

Sovereign state Years
Aram Damascus 12th century BC-734 BC
Assyria - Neo-Assyrian Empire 934 BC-609 BC
Babylon - Fourth Dynasty 1155 BC-689 BC
Caria 11th-6th century BC
Chen - State of Chen 855 BC-479 BC
Elam 2700 BC–539 BC
Ethiopia - Ethiopian Empire 980 BC-1974
Gojoseon - Ancient Korean kingdom 2333 BCE-108 BCE
Israel - Kingdom of Israel 930s BC-720s BC
Judah - Kingdom of Judah 930s BC-586 BC
Kush - Kingdom of Kush 1070 BC-350
Lower Egypt 1070 BC-664 BC
Lu - State of Lu 856 BC-256 BC
Lycia 1250 BC-546 BC
Lydia 1200 BC-546 BC
Macedonia 8th century BC-146 BC
Phoenicia 1200 BC-536 BC
Phrygia 1200 BC-700 BC
Qin - State of Qin 845 BC-221
Sparta 11th century BC-195 BC
Upper Egypt 1070 BC-664 BC
Urartu - Kingdom of Urartu 860 BC-590 BC
Yan - State of Yan 865 BC-222 BC
Zheng - State of Zheng 806 BC-375 BC
Zhou - Zhou Dynasty 1045 BC-256 BC

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Sovereign States



  • Lu - State of Lu (from around 856 BC)


  • Yan - State of Yan


  • Zhou - Zhou Dynasty


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