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Special elections to the United States House of Representatives in California are called by the Governor of California when a vacancy arises within a district of the United States House of Representatives. Most special elections are conducted in two rounds. The first is an open primary and the candidate with the most votes must have a majority of the votes plus one to win the seat. If no candidate wins a majority a second round is held with the top candidates for each party.

List of special elections

The dates listed only include the open primary round if no second round was held.[1]

District Congress Date Predecessor Winner
3 52nd November 8, 1892 Joseph McKenna (R) Samuel Hilborn (R)
2 56th November 6, 1900 Marion De Vries (D) Samuel Woods (R)
3 58th November 8, 1904 Victor Metcalf (R) Joseph Knowland (R)
1 59th November 6, 1906 James Gillett (R) William Englebright (R)
10 64th November 7, 1916 William Stephens (R) Henry Benedict (R)
9 67th February 15, 1921 Charles Van de Water (R)[A] Walter Lineberger (R)
6 67th November 7, 1922 John Elston (R) James MacLafferty (R)
5 68th January 23, 1923 John Nolan (R)[B] Mae Nolan (R)
10 68th May 1, 1923 Henry Osborne (R) John Fredericks (R)
2 69th August 31, 1926 John Raker (D) Harry Englebright (R)
5 69th August 31, 1926 Lawrence Flaherty (R) Richard Welch (R)
10 75th May 4, 1937 Henry Stubbs (D) Alfred Elliott (D)
17 77th August 25, 1942 Lee Geyer (D) Cecil King (D)
2 78th August 31, 1943 Harry Englebright (R) Clair Engle (D)
5 81st November 8, 1949 Richard Welch (R) John Shelley (D)
24 83rd November 10, 1953 Norris Poulson (R) Glenard Lipscomb (R)
1 88th January 22, 1963 Clement Miller (D)[C] Donald Clausen (R)
23 88th June 11, 1963 Clyde Doyle (D) Del Clawson (R)
5 88th February 18, 1964 John Shelley (D) Phillip Burton (D)
26 89th December 15, 1965 James Roosevelt (D) Thomas Rees (D)
14 89th June 7, 1966 John Baldwin (R) Jerome Waldie (D)
11 90th December 12, 1967 J. Arthur Younger (R) Pete McCloskey (R)
27 91st April 29, 1969 Ed Reinecke (R) Barry Goldwater, Jr. (R)
24 91st June 30, 1970 Glenard Lipscomb (R) John Rousselot (R)
35 91st June 30, 1970 James Utt (R) John Schmitz (R)
13 93rd March 5, 1974 Charles Teague (R) Bob Lagomarsino (R)
6 93rd June 4, 1974 William Mailliard (R) John Burton (D)
37 94th April 29, 1975 Jerry Pettis (R) Shirley Pettis (R)
11 96th April 3, 1979 Leo Ryan (D)[D] William Royer (R)
30 97th July 13, 1982 George Danielson (D) Matthew Martinez (D)
5 98th June 21, 1983 Phillip Burton (D) Sala Burton (D)
5 100th June 2, 1987 Sala Burton (D) Nancy Pelosi (D)
15 101st September 12, 1989 Tony Coelho (D) Gary Condit (D)
17 103rd June 8, 1993 Leon Panetta (D) Sam Farr (D)
15 104th December 12, 1995 Norman Mineta (D) Tom Campbell (R)
37 104th March 26, 1996 Walter Tucker (D) Juanita Millender-McDonald (D)
22 105th March 10, 1998 Walter Capps (D) Lois Capps (D)
9 105th April 7, 1998 Ron Dellums (D) Barbara Lee (D)
44 105th April 7, 1998 Sonny Bono (R) Mary Bono (R)
42 106th November 16, 1999 George Brown (D) Joe Baca (D)
32 107th June 5, 2001 Julian Dixon (D) Diane Watson (D)
5 109th March 8, 2005 Bob Matsui (D) Doris Matsui (D)
48 109th December 6, 2005 Chris Cox (R) John Campbell (R)
50 109th June 6, 2006 Duke Cunningham (R) Brian Bilbray (R)
37 110th August 21, 2007 Juanita Millender-McDonald (D) Laura Richardson (D)
12 110th April 8, 2008 Tom Lantos (D) Jackie Speier (D)
32 111th July 14, 2009 Hilda Solis (D) Judy Chu (D)
10 111th November 3, 2009 Ellen Tauscher (D) John Garamendi (D)


A Republican Charles Van de Water was elected, but died before the new Congress convened.
B Republican John Nolan was re-elected, but died before the new Congress convened.
C Democrat Clement Miller was re-elected, but died before the new Congress convened.
D Democrat Leo Ryan was re-elected, but was murdered in Jonestown before the new Congress convened.




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